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Loin share to TPLF? Hell NO!!! (Biruk Nigatu)

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By Biruk Nigatu
TPLFIf you carefully observe or investigate you would see that the economic sector is predominately controlled by TPLF-Tigre. Ask your self, Ethiopia? Who owns most of exports and imports agencies? Who owns the majority of hotels in Ethiopia? Who owns the huge and fertile agricultural land in Ethiopia? Who owns cement factories? Who owns construction companies? Who take million and upon millions of dollar worth of contracts without any bidding offer? Who owns majority of banks? Who owns the majority of share in most of the banks in Ethiopia? Who has been taking loan from Ethiopian banks without any collateral or assets to show for and hugely benefited from this? You are right! TPLF-Tigre. Go out and look around any high-end restaurants and hotels in Addis and elsewhere. Who do you think you see spending unthinkable amount of money and enjoying themselves selfishly? You guessed it, TPLF-Tigre (however, all Tigre are not beneficiaries; only the corrupted one percent of 6.1 percent of Ethiopians)!!!
It is every Ethiopian experience to observe injustice in every sector of TPLF-Tigre regime. This injustice includes the economic, security-intelligence, military, and political sectors. Ethiopians have voiced their concern for 23 years that this injustice is wrong. But, who would listen? TPLF-Tigre? Never? Instead, TPLF-Tigre behavior repeatedly demonstrated that they wouldn’t listen when concerned Ethiopians asked in every democratic way possible. They don’t speak the language of democracy, but iron and blood, which has been their tool to control power and still they wouldn’t let it go for democracy. Now, the consequence of giving deaf ear to Ethiopians would come to haunt TPLF-Tigre.
You have been observing helplessly for 23 years while TPLF-Tigres are selfishly looting and squandering Ethiopians’ resources. You have seen all these for the last 23 years and voiced your concern in one way or another; however, this insensitive TPLF-Tigre regime has given you deaf ear arrogantly. Ethiopia, you have to stand up and reject such kind of injustice inflicted by TPLF once and for all!!! For how long would you carry such kind of filth (TPLF-Tigre)? Not any longer, Ethiopia!!! You graduated from colleges only to work on cobblestone while TPLF-Tigre junta sends their sons and daughters to the best colleges and universities in Europe and USA and let them own their own businesses or work in the best position available? Hell No!!!
When we look at the security-intelligence sector starting from the top rank to the team leader it is totally controlled by TPLF-Tigre. Of course, people working with them are uncomfortable and some even reject this myopic TPLF-Tigre and leave them and subsequently exposed all their filth. Do you think TPLF-Tigre care about anyone’s opinion? Never. They think that they are invisible for now. Proverb 18:12 stated that arrogance precede destruction.
The leadership in the military is also controlled more than 99 percent by incompetent TPLF-Tigre “generals.” Even the lower rank military personnel are controlled by TPLF-Tigre. Do you think the soldiers don’t comprehend what is going on around them? Oh, they know it very well. TPLF-Tigre regime these days are talking about throwing some money to lull soldiers’ heart, but they are tired of crumbs of bread. The end is near. The downfall of TPLF is inevitable. It is here. Take heart and stand up for your right.
When people has had enough and going out to challenge the status quo the arrogant TPLF regime don’t listen their grievances instead people has been rounded up and has been subjected to torture and inhuman and degrading treatment by TPLF-Tigre dominated Maeklawi as well as Agazi or federal police. TPLF-Tigre’s timidity manifests itself by their knee jerk reaction when Ethiopians stand up for their God given right and challenge TPLF-Tigre enforced injustice. If you complain about this statement then go in and look who is torturing in Maeklawi or who is infliction degrading and inhuman treatment in prisons, jails, and even in various concentration camps, which are hate filled vengeance machines. You got it!!! TPLF-Tigre. I am stating the obvious; I am calling a spade a spade. Not any longer, Ethiopia!!! Hell no!!! Organize, mobilize, unified, and push in every way you think fit to dismantle TPLF-Tigre regime.