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Like a Little Boy, Abay Tsehaye is Hiding behind Helen’s Skirt

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abay Tsehay
By LJDemissie September 13, 2016
To keep a grip on the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) power and throne, Abay Tsehaye – an executive member of the Central Committee for many years – is running a disinformation campaign in the wake of the Amhara’s peaceful protests in Gondar. To discredit and humiliate the Gondar protesters, he claimed the protesters selectively attacked Tigrayans who were residing in Gondar and forced them to leave the region. To agitate Tigrayans, he compared the protesters acts with the Rwandan genocide against the Tuts. He implied that Ethiopia would disintegrate if the TPLF would be forced to lose its grip on power. And the situation would turn out to be a civil war like Syria’s turmoil.
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