Liberating Oromo Muslims from Christian Ethiopia ???

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is the wish of those who are preaching” empowering ” the “Oromo Muslims” they claim which is 80 percent of the Ethiopian Muslims. This is a big lie to instigate a major ethnic and religious warfare. Jawar Mohamed an Oromo Muslim Extremist should be challenged by all Ethiopians. If he really meant what he says he should be on battle field somewhere in “Oromia” not in Minneapolis in Western suit.
Some Minneapolis young Somalis went and died fighting for Al Shabab despite the fact that they were educated in America. Jawar Mohamed is on his way to be a spiritual leader of “Oromo Muslims” calling as we hear on the youtube link above to liberate “Oromo”. He claims a liberation of Oromo means a liberation of “Muslims” in Ethiopia.

Another Muslim leader disagreed with Jawar saying that prophet Mohamed is not subscribing to ethnicity, “Gosa”. Muslim is Muslim wherever he comes from he said. The young Jawar Mohamed which we have seen him on recent footage is going on very dangerous road of ethnic and religious hatred. I wonder why he is wasting his time in America . Western way of life is incompatible with Jawar’s ethnic and religious rhetoric.
Ethiopian Muslims whose one more than half year struggle is being sabotaged by demagogues like Jawar Mohamed from his comfort distance n America. Ethiopian Muslims struggle for religious freedom shattered ethnic and religous division to get the support of all Ethiopians back home and hear in the diaspora. The Blue Party/Semayawi part last Month rally and today Gonder and Dessie rally both were labelled by ruling mafia/Woyane as “Muslim extremists” sympathizers.
It seems clear now Jawar Mohamed and Woyane are speaking and acting in the same manner. Is Jawar Mohamed work on behalf of Woyane as undercover ?
Tedla Asfaw


  1. Tedla Asfaw,
    We know what Moresh puppies, like you, are trying to do to Oromo political aspirations in Ethiopia and within Ethiopia. No democratic Amhara takes Oromo issue out of context to use it to resurrect Imiye Ethiopia of yours. To tell you frankly, the end of TPLF rul;e will not be the return of Amhara Hegemony. The targeting of Oromo intelectuals by Amhara political puppies will not change the trajectory of Oromo politics. We are out of your touch.

  2. Little Jawar,
    I think he has a dream of creating strong Oromian Islamic State in Ethiopia. As an Oromo Christian, I will stand against this. I don’t even support race related struggle. If he has a gut, it would be good for him to go to the Harer mountains and spend a day in the bush. He will then get a lesson. The mountains don’t know men in clad, neither do they have bottled water. This guy is going down the hill from a young activist to a young chauvinist. Can someone help him to get his sense? This must be the work of Weyane!!

    • Totally fiction speech made by Jawar. There is one saying in Amhric “Aweku Bila Yesheku lij quran atebech.

  3. All Ethiopian muslims, don’t let this kid named Jawar inject ethnicity in your struggle and disintegrate you. The muslim struggle in Ethiopia is strong precisely because none of this ethnic crap had a place in it.
    Islam sees no ethnic boundaries. This is why Malcolm X turned muslim.
    Jawar, you definately need to get yourself rid of such ethnocenterism. It is 2013.
    PS: there is no Gondere who preaches ethnic politics to Oromos. Your friend is not from Gondar!

  4. Thank you my fellow Ethiopian Tedla Asfaw. I share your innocent comment over the OLF junta Jawar. People called him as a scholar and historical annalist but for me he has no ground to be called such rank based on his comments and analysis given in different times. He has no a firm stand concerning his Oromo tribes. As member of the OLF at the beginning his standing was to form an Oromia state which is impossible, and now is also he changes his OLF mind and orchestrates the ethnical ideology of Weyane as Oromian first and Ethiopian next. As we see now this kind of ideology waged for 22 years of Weyane rule doesn’t bring any better things except danger to the country. It’s very shame when Jawar reflects such kind of Weyane’s failed ideology.

  5. Here is now what Jawar is said clearly about the struggle of Muslims. As he said it is to build mosques in Axum, Gonder and other Christian based areas. This means totally Muslims to get dominate the countries first Christian religion as well as to take the countries power from Christians. This is a great lesson to Christian Ethiopians who support it with out knowledge of its hidden agenda. Now, the two Muslim agents are make it prove what the government is saying about their hidden agenda. Tamagn and other activists have to consider this Muslim’s obscure agenda before they shamed in the future of the rising of Muslims radicals like Jawar.

  6. Wow Jawar,
    I indeed come to know that what you are talking is baseless beyond fact. Can anyone who supports Jawar give me any reference about the history he mentioned in his speech. I can argue that he is false my reference is written by Henze book entitle ‘ Layers of time’ Please do not worry the writer is not Amhara he is from western. As Oromo did not any a single ancient historian b/c they did not know how to write their name forget about history. I do not blame Amhara for not teaching Oromos how to write Oromigna as they did not know it. The only thing that Amhara should be blamed was to teach Oromos how to write thier names in Amharigna.
    Anyways Jawar come back to your sense Please read first before teaching your followers otherwise your followers will know history that did not be written by anyone except you and finally they will get them selves at lose.
    Jawar it is never to late to make it teach truth even if you did not have such culture in your organization.

    • I can give you enough historical reference but I bet u not interested in that you just want to mention that to sound rational for people to accept ur insult and shout with you kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
      u people need another centure to understand the basic principle of demcracy freedom and majority voice

    • when someone try to lie they take words out of context then try to feed the haters,and most people just buy in to it without asking few question like you just ask, helen your a smart person keep up.Now i don’t agree with this ethnicity but most people who say there nothing wrong with oromo people in the past or now in Ethiopia is either they are very stupid or clueless about reality.

  7. “Angetachewn bemencha enqortalen” (= we cut their (non Muslims) neck with a machete) said Jawar Mohamed. How do we define Muslim extremist/terrorist?? This arrogant blabs as if all Oromos are Muslim. I am confused. Is he saying that in his version of Oromia there will be no Christian Oromo? Non sense!

    • @ Guta, THta is my questions too. This will have an impact for those non Muslim Oromos to join them. If you clearly see his idea that is his wish. I guess he will a good for nothing for his even ethinic group except his religion

  8. Jawar:
    These days you sound more like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood?
    Why do you mix religion (spiritual) with Politics (secular)? Is this because you are now importing Muslim brotherhood’s politics to Ethiopia? Do you got a new job offer from them? I used to sense your affinity or inclination to Muslim brotherhood? Now you became openly one of them. Worst of all, you become a divisive force at all levels, alas! This is the beginning of your demise in politics.

  9. Pray for tedla asfaw because he is still in a dark. Jawar represent the oromos in large and muslims in particular. Thank u jawar for speaking out. The nationalist should understand the plight of this two groups….

  10. Ethnic politicking had had its toll in Ethiopia for the last 21 years.Now ,ethnicity and religious fanaticism are infused by a young messenger of the arch enemy
    of the Ethiopian state.This is extremely dangerous and must be disclaimed by Muslim religious leaders and politicians.

  11. It is very, very sad still amhara – oromo questions is going on. When the elephants fight it is the grass which gets hurt. The enemy of Ethiopia is tplf/woyane regime. The so called intelectuals are flocking arround and talk about Oromo problem.Oromos have never been problem for the country. The Oromos sucrified most than any other folk group for Ethiopia. The problem of Ethiopia today is the false intelectuals who are bought by the enemy. To hide their treason, they talk about the Oromos.
    There is no any alternative for Ethiopia, except these groups (amharas-oromos) must work together or go to hell.

  12. Tazabiw
    It is amazing to see people who agitate others and let us to stay in conflict- now a new one religious. Christaians are trying to help the struggle of muslims and you see these gruops stabbing us from behind.

  13. Dear
    We all are jawar mohamed,the question in ethiopia is first about freedom of the different nations.Then all options are open.self determination,federation,cessession.
    Jawar is Che Guevarra

  14. One thing that Jawar doesn’t know is extremisem is unacceptable with many people
    he has to watch what is going on in Egypt and all North Africa.
    ” Bemncha angetun ne yeminelew” I don’t surprise by this word. some body have to file him in the court.50 million muslims is totali exaturating.
    We all christian’s the time has come for us to unite and work together. WE HAVE TO TAKE CARE OUR COUNTRY. Tell every body to watch this video.

  15. this gay is must be narrow mind woyanne with out doubt if he’s not he wouldn’t tell us this in 21 century

  16. At Mamo
    what jawar is preaching to most father is a hatrade! I even wonder how religious father who told us yesterday we are one, and christian and muslime in Ethiopia are one, listened to this crasy and new blood trusty boy. I see in jara that he wish to war, he si directly or indirectly and trigering and promoting war, hate, by trying to tell some fabribated falses. For instance, when he repeatdely tell about the pressure of Yohannes and or Tewodros to the oromo people, he never ever tell about what oromos did to the notrthern christian. Indeed, war can come, no one is going to fear that. It was there before, and even i have seen it some 20 years back. chen one church burn one mosque burnt. We both never benefited from it. I think, we have to stand this time in particular as oromo people, and watch jawar and we should stop him dividing our people. I am oromo, but i and my like never wished what jawar wish. This is pure hate.

  17. please, Jawar, firstly, I will advise you to listen carefully what you addressed. Secondly, you have to separate politics from religion. Finally, Ethiopia is a country which muslims and christians live in harmony. i conclude, my opinion with this tip, do not repeat again your emotional or hidden political agenda for personal interest.

  18. Mr I know it all , As Un Oromo i am ashemed to see this fabricated story , Jowar speak for yor self, that will be your day dream.

  19. ONe thing the fanatic oromo will never see in ethiopian land is , realgion war , Mr jowar and the so call supporters you can talk the way you want wish what ever you want but you know when it comes to fighting you are no were to be found or . Just sit and listen your mr jowar the so call oromo intelctual , if he ashemed of amhara why is he speaks the languge to you why not he uses his own languge . I am so ashemed to see you all oromos in that hotel . Sad but our Ethiopia always will be a land of peace and we strugle in a peasefull manner but we will never be partener with your kind of people , thank God you are not represent me as an Oromo but i am ethiopian before I become oromo shame on you

  20. In my opinion ESAT has to come clean on these two dangerous guys. Because ESAT has given them plenty of air time in the past calling them a young scholar, Muslims leader etc without making any checks and balances what so ever. ESAT has to call these guys to the studio and ask to explain their speeches in public. They must be interrogated not by any one else but only by SIsay Agena. He is the one who can corner them regarding their motives. Living them in the dark is not the answer. Give the same plat form as before one more time and ask to explain themselves without any ambiguity.

  21. Preaching violence/killing by saying “በሜንጫ እንለዋለን” meaning “we cut them (i.e. Christians) with a machete)” is a serious terrorist act. I am not sure if he has any connection with terrorist groups operating in Somalia and Yemen, but he was praising a guy by the name Jarra, founder of IFLO, who resided in Yemen (Jarra is dead now). Some one needs to alert authorities about his activities, so they investigate and find out who exactly he works for. We need to help USA authorities by translating and posting his speeches; there are many in Oromifa.
    To the Muslim sisters and brothers: please avoid giving platform to such an extremist, hateful individuals. The opposition also need to be careful not to let their true causes be high jacked by extremists.

  22. This guy Jawar fires off a lot of historical time periods, but he is twisting them to his advantage. The Portugese did NOT come to Ethiopia with the sole intention of destroying Oromos- they came to help Ethiopia defend it’s country from Mohammed Gragn & his Radical Islamist militant forces! …Jawar isn’t an idiot, he knows some stuff & i appreciate his enthusiasm, but he needs to stop trying to re-write history. If i were him, i would speak about the current economic/political situations affecting his people and focus on that instead of talking about Atse intina zemen Atse ekele zemen- that doesn’t help anyone right now.

  23. Long live Jawar. long live Oromia. You see how little are the Amhara media and elite are? They, the Amhara media and elites ostencibly argu about Jawar’s idea where they actually opened war on 45million Oromo.
    Jawar is the voice of 40 million independent and rational Oromos regardless of religion. I am born from Christain family and I prefer to be killed by my Oromo muslim brother than to be led by Amhara and woyanee. Let me tell you one thing loud and clear. We the Oromo people are not Anesha and we are not Ethiopian. Ethiopia is imposed on us against our will. We are Oromos and Oromumma is not only come by being born of Oromo parents. It is far beyond that. it is an identity, it is an ideology it is spirit. Some pig amharas and sons of debtera recently heard saying I am Oromo. that doesn’t qualify them to the statuse of Oromo.
    I swere the Oromo people won’t let the amhara to hold power in that country again. Never ever. Do you know the Amhara are the most hated peoplein that empire? can any one tell me any ethnic group that like Amahar? they don’t have relative. they are hodamoch and ena balegewoch yemaitamenu they don’t have friend. thus why they are kick out from ever where. they blame Melese for this, I have never seen a single Tigree or Gurage or Somali who insult or undermine others. the amhara are full of negetive and suffer from inferiorty complex like to point their fingure at others. they never ask them selves what went wrong and what wrong we have done. isn’t this colloective stupidity as the Eritrean call them?

    • Don’t full yourself that never exist oromiya as a nation in east africa , trash it kotu mentality in the place originally where u from . Abisinians welcome oromo people with theirs cattles including donkeys & canes (dula). East africa belongs to abisinia not for kotu .

    It is Christian Ethiopians who sheltered and saved pro Muhammed, when he was wanted criminal in Middle East.

  25. እልልልልልልልል
    ጃዋር ከጠበቅኩት ቀድማ ራሷን ገላለበች!….
    እንኳን ለኢትዮጵያ ለዘረኛው ኦሮሞም የማይበጅ አደገኛ መሰሪ ነው ስል ነበር ደጋግሜ … በቅርብ ስለማውቀው ነበር እንደዛ ማለቴ:: ግን ከጠበቅኩት ቀድሞ ማንነቱን አፍረጠረጠው:: እንግዲህ ገዳንና እስልምናን ምን እንደሚያገናኛቸው ለኦሮሞ ብሄርተኞቹ እተውላቸዋለሁ::
    ለሶስተኛ ጊዜ እደግመዋለሁ
    ኦነግ በ50 ዓመት እድሜው የሰራት አንዲት ብቸኛ ስራ ጃዋርን የመሰለ ዘረኛና የሃይማኖት ጽንፈኛ ኮትኩቶ ማሳደጉ ነው::
    አላስ … ከዛሬ ወዲያ ጃዋር በኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ ቦታ የላትም!

  26. We, Ethiopians are brothers regardless our religion and ethic background. Our struggle has been hijacked by the enemies of Ethiopia using men like Jawar. This guy is defiantly has hidden agenda. He is either paid by woyanne or Egypt who like to see Ethiopia turned to Somalia. All Oromo and Muslim Ethiopians should condemn this guy and what he stands for. Our freedom should be religion and ethnic blind and should see all Ethiopians as equals. This guy is doing what woyanne is doing which is start religious war and bring outsiders to our country and turn the country to a blood bath.I have seen what people doing to each other in Syria. You can go and see it on You Tube. We don’t want that kind of hate and killing in our beloved Ethiopia. We, Christians and Muslims should protect this country from the enemies within who preach hate and war and outsiders who want to bring bloodshed we see in other parts of the world. We only need a country where people live in harmony and respect and love each other and the right of all people is protected. Muslims should reject people like Jawar and Haji Nejib and stand together with their Christians bothers to get rid of woyanne and create democratic Ethiopia where the right of all religions is respected.

    Only foolish extemists will dare to dreamer such foolish dream, regardless we Ethiopians will never surrender to back Islam. To be ruled by outdated expired religion like Islam means is Ethiopia going backward 2000 years.

  28. we all are Ethiopians and we should live together as we live but we need Democracy all over our country unless we all fail together as nation and it will be big disaster to all of us.It is shame to blame each others,Our number one issue is to bring Democracy in our land.Then everything is gonna be O right.One country and one love to all.

  29. Jawar must be crazy or he has hidden agenda that to distract innocent Ethiopians life maybe subsidized by fanatics Arabs those are messing the world with their trash mentality. The thing he is not understand is we as a Christian not let u cut off our necks by mencha, i want to assure u the mencha u mentioned will b your neck if you mess with the Christians .

  30. Thanks the Habesha for exposing these bastards and radicals who are trying to hijack our just Oromo people’s agenda to serve their fanatic cause!!

  31. i really want him to meet at war field .let him come and start doing what he need i my self will b at there.we shall c the victory of jawwar or mine. Jawar dont fir just come over here atleast around the border. and let us show for urs followers and for the people of Abisinya . who is a man i or u. b harry dont blet i hope u r the man of urs dream.come here . we can talk with a very clear languge.

  32. Why are barking like the mad dog day and night? Do you think Oromoos scare and stop their struggle? I saw as you are foolish and illiterate men. Talk about your Morish Amhara party and other Amhara parties. Don’t worry about us. Otherwise hang yourselves .

  33. “Gud saysema meskerem aytebam” yilal amara sitert.
    jawar is talking lie after lie after lie after lie. What makes me laugh is when he claimed that oromos went to Harar to defend the city from Christians.
    Dood, if you have a brain and can understand me, I will tell you the truth, Harares built the wall to keep out the tree worshiping oromos/ Galas.
    what surprised me is the clappings of the herd for this moron.

  34. Extremists like the so called jawar narrow minded are propagate outdated religion that rooted & expanded by killing none muslims in the desert land of Arabs. Think twice, God doesn’t say kill in any circumstances by saying ” alah Akbar” which is the saitanic words of Islam. Jesus teach us peace love & humanity rather than killing human being with sharp mencha.

  35. JAWUAR MOHAMED, I am cristian from wollega. you said that to cut cherstian neck by mecha. I am sorry . You are a fenatics moslume. I have moslem relatives and they do not know your type of hatter on cherstian. are you normal? are you intelectual? do you like blood? try to cut the cherstian neck. we will see at Nekemet? who is kill me in my birth place of Nekemet?Poeple are waiting you.I shame about you since you are from Oromo people. we never see such type of type huter from my ethenics oromo. any ways you can shout and no one listen your arogant speaking.

  36. Oromo was not is not & will never exist as a nation in Abyssinia land , don’t even dream which is impossible in the ground.

  37. Jawuar Mohmed is disgrace to all Oromo people and muslim.This guy is an opportunist who is trying to make trouble for Oromo.Anyone who advice to cut other people with Mech needs to be checked mentally.I think this man lost it

  38. Juwaren kef kef yaderegut midia nachewu…specialy ESAT ena some socila media in Diaspora.
    Tamage Beyene, one of his partner to collected money for ESAT fund. lezehulu teteyaki. 1.Tamage beyene, 2 ESAT . even Tamage said angeten le seife estalhu.belowal…
    eneze ye ezebe ena ye hager telat nachewu,.
    JUWAR associated himself with muslim G7 (DR.Birhanu nega,) they r big enemy of ethiopia and ethiopiawian.

  39. The amhara fishkas crying about on what jawwwaar has to say. The extrim chirsitains of the north were not friendly with the oromo whom where ,waqeefata,muslims and chirstians as well when they murdered 5 million in anole of arsii,and calaqnqoo of harraargee just occupy the land of oromo.. They cut the breast of female .. now they want us to talk ,act, think ,behave like Ethiopia. I answer them just by saying” dream on”. it will not happen.. jawwaar has all right to empower the oromo muslims, the oromo young generations, the oromo struggle.. you can shout as much you want but stoping oromo struggle is what you can not do. it is beyond your reach…. instead shut up and go get educated on academics… for you tedla asfaw, you are old dog.. you bark but cant bite. oromia is anation not gosa or tribe..

  40. In deed whoever against Jawhar Mohamed, he is an Oromo National and citizen there is no any hesitate to talk out the realty of Horn of Africa specially Oromo cause from 18 century to present time. Also Jawhar he is not muslim extremest he is a normal muslim like other billion muslim in the world seemed to me he didn’t did any wrong however, some people against him because his background Oromo.

  41. Thank u Jawhar, we know your hidden agenda.You are TERRORIST. We will see what will happen in the future.Pls go to school.

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