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Letter writing campaign to your Senators and Representatives in the US Congress

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Dear Senator  …

Since you are my Senator, I beg you to consider the following facts regarding the crisis in Ethiopia.

  • This Junta, this gang of some 147 criminals, now hiding in underground fortresses in Tigray Region, had ruled Ethiopia for twenty-seven years, with its knee on the neck of the people.
  • This Junta from a minority tribal group (only 1/6 of Ethiopia) purposely divided Ethiopia into ten Tribal Regions based exclusively on tribal identity and then added the poison pill of “freedom to sucede at will”. Thus, from the start, the aim of the Junta was to divide & rule Ethiopia forever or to make Ethiopia a failed state like Somalia, Yemen or Syria… if the Junta is not on top.
  • On the back of a three-year wave of popular protest and revolt, the Junta finally elected Dr. Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister, believing that the Junta would always be able to control him.
  • When Prime Minister Abiy brought sweeping reform and change, the Junta undermined all his efforts by plotting killings, tribal unrest and forced displacements of people.
  • With Ethiopia’s proud history of unity and strong foundation of being “Ethiopian first”, even colonial powers with their policy of divide and rule in Africa, they never turned Ethiopia into a colony. In 2018, the Junta finally realized that its autocratic rule has ended.  Instead of making a peaceful transfer of power, it took everything and retreated to the fortress it built for 27 years.
  • In November 2020, the Junta boasted on TV to the whole world how it completely “neutralized” the entire Federal Defense Forces stationed in Tigray Region “in a lightening strike that lasted only 45 minutes”. Thus the Junta hijacked Ethiopia’s missiles, tanks, artillery… and massacred unarmed defenseless soldiers.
  • Since before the Ethio-Eritrea war (it started in 1998 and peace was signed only in 2018 when Prime Minister Abiy came to power) this National Defense Force was stationed near the Eritrean border. For some twenty-five years, the troops had settled in Tigray, intermarried, formed families and had become one with their community.  They helped farmers bring in the harvests.  They built roads, schools, clinics…  they fought locust plagues ….
  • On or around November 3, 2020, when the troops came back tired from helping out in the fields, the Junta representatives organized a reception to honor the troops. They thanked them for their service and feasted them.  Then, “in a lightening strike”, they rounded up and shot the Amhara soldiers they knew would oppose and fight them.  These soldiers were defenseless.  They were completely disarmed when they went out to help the farmers.  Other tribes were also  singled out and stabbed, or hacked to death as they slept.  Thus the Junta forces hijacked Ethiopia’s missiles, tanks, artillery and other weapons “in less than 45 minutes”.  This was Ethiopia’s “Day of Infamy”.   Within weeks, the Junta started launching missiles against civilians in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
  • America did not flinch for a second when its soldiers were killed and its Air Force and Navy wiped out in a “lightening strike” on Pearl Harbor.  President Roosevelt  called it a “Day of Infamy” and immediately declared war.  President Bush did not blink an eye when hijackers destroyed the Twin Towers, attacked the Pentagon and missed the US Congress or the White House just because heroic passengers fought back the hijackers and the plane crashed in Pennsylvania on its way to DC.  President Bush immediately declared an all-out war on terrorism.  Abraham Lincoln also had to declare war to save the Union and to abolish slavery.
  • As the Nobel Peace Prize proves, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is a man of peace. He brought peace to the Horn of Africa.   Inside Ethiopia, he welcomed rebel fighters to put down their weapons and sit around the conference table to build a prosperous Ethiopia with him.  He freed thousands of political prisoners.   He kept negotiating with the Junta all the way to the Day of Infamy when the Junta massacred the Ethiopian Defense Forces in Tigray Region and hijacked Ethiopia’s missiles, tanks, artillery…  Thus, it was the Junta that declared war by these treacherous acts of high treason.
  • As Prime Minister Abiy has said, Tigray is the “womb that created Ethiopia”. Heroic Tigreans together with other Ethiopians have kept their country united, independent and in peace for three thousand years.  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed deserved a free transfer of power after 27 years of complete control by a Junta that has kept its knee on the neck of the people.
  • All Ethiopia wants is to remain one united country and to bring some 147 members of the criminal Junta to justice. Amnesty International has proved that young followers of the Junta, together with its militia and police have massacred more than six hundred day laborers in Mai-Kadra..   As the Junta bragged on TV, it has massacred unarmed soldiers when it neutralized in a “lightening strike” the Ethiopia’s Defense Forces in the Tigray Regionn “in less than 45 minutes” and hijacked missiles, tanks, artillery… from the Federal government and thus committed high treason.
  • As Prime Minister Abiy said, Tigray is the “womb that created Ethiopia”. Heroic Tigre fathers and mothers, together with other Ethiopians, have kept Ethiopia united and independent for more than three thousand years, keeping its great history and culture intact.   The Junta is trying  to make Ethiopia a failed state like Somalia, Yemen or Syria… if the Junta does not stay on top.


As my Senator, I beg you to do all in your power to save Ethiopia from a criminal Junta that is trying to turn Ethiopia into another failed state.  The root cause of the crisis in Ethiopia was the refusal by the Junta to transfer power peacefully, after ruling Ethiopia for 27 years with its knee on the neck of the people.



Your name, signature and date


  • After the Junta elected Abiy Ahmed, it refused to make a peaceful transfer of power. Armed to the teeth, with missiles, tanks, artillery it hijacked, the Junta tried to bring the Federal government to its knees.   Since that failed, it is trying to break off and turn Ethiopia into a failed state like Somalia, Yemen, Syria…
  • After thirteen years of communist rule, when the party of this Junta marched on Addis Abeba in 1991 to overthrow the communist regime, the US, Canada and the European powers put pressure on Colonel Mengistu to abandon power and retire in Zimbabwe. Thus Addis Ababa and Ethiopia were spared the ravages of war.  History is repeating itself.  Western powers, Russia and China included can persuade the Junta, surrounded in Mekele, to surrender.   The Junta must  to be tried for genocide and other crimes against humanity.  If the Court finds them innocent, they will be set free.
  • On November 13, the Junta started launching missiles against innocent civilians in Ethiopian and Eritrea.