Letter to Secretary Pompeo by U.S. House of Representatives requesting Foreign Assistance not be Cut

September 3, 2020

The Honorable Mike Pompeo
Department of State
2201 C St. NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Pompeo:

We write to you with grave concerns over the reported cuts to U.S. foreign assistance to Ethiopia. Any such cuts would not only serve to degrade our relationship with a trusted partner but also undermine our position as an honest broker in the fragile ongoing negotiations between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The construction of the GERD is the product of years of small dollar donations and advanced engineering by the Ethiopian people. The project is a point of national pride for Ethiopians and holds the potential to stimulate economic growth in the region by providing assured access to electricity to millions of Ethiopians. The 6,000 megawatts of power the dam is projected to generate will revolutionize the Ethiopian grid and make Ethiopia the largest exporter of electricity in Africa.

The U.S.-Ethiopian relationship dates back more than a hundred years and have resulted in a diaspora of more than a quarter of a million Ethiopians living in the United States. Our foreign assistance programs in Ethiopia are predominantly humanitarian initiatives focused on addressing healthcare and food insecurity needs, however Ethiopia is also a critical security partner in the region. They are key contributors to the African Union Mission in Somalia and an invaluable ally in combating terrorist groups like al-Shabab. Cuts to U.S. foreign assistance to Ethiopia would run contrary to U.S. interests in the region and would degrade the strong relationship that our two nations have cultivated over the last century.

We recognize that the controversies surrounding the GERD — including Nile water rights for upstream countries — are exceedingly complex. However, the Administration’s reported cuts to foreign assistance clearly favor one side in a manner that betrays our nation’s commitment to being an impartial observer, undermines Ethiopia’s sovereignty, and subverts the work of African Union diplomats. We believe that the United States must stay true to our commitment to being an independent mediator for this dispute in order to ensure an amicable resolution.

Therefore, we request that you halt any cuts in foreign assistance to Ethiopia and pursue a strategy of impartial mediation to resolve regional disputes related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.



  1. ILHAN OMAR yay!!!

    The next step is for the full house of representatives to order the state department to continue the funding as it was previously before the cut!

  2. Subject: “Letter to Secretary Pompeo by U.S. House of Representatives requesting Foreign Assistance not be Cut” by ZeHabesha September 4, 2020

    Commentary, 4 Sept 2020

    QUOTE: “The construction of the GERD is the product of years of small dollar donations and advanced engineering by the Ethiopian people.” UNQUOTE


    THAT IS THE GREATEST COMPLIMENT and RECOGNITION OF FACT. That is what it should be — a country to be itself for its own LIVING by its own PEOPLE; and always establishing equal reciprocal harmony with the WORLD.

    An Honest Addendum
    With apology for my daring opinion, may I say that Ethiopia manages to be ITSELF with its enviable HISTORY and stay away from internal fracturing, based on religion, region, racial and all sorts of destructive steps against the interest of an ANCIENT AFRICAN COUNTRY, WITH ADMIRABLE HISTORY — ETHIOPIA. MAY ETHIOPIA BE ALSO HUMBLE EXAMPLE FOR OTHER FRATERNAL AFRICAN COUNTRIES. AMEN – – INSHALLAH

  3. There will be one new name added to the list for the bigots’ battle cry ‘Down Down’ blah blah. You will see bigots lambast ‘Down Down Ilhan!’ She will be accused of betraying her Cushitic heritage. She will be maligned as an ‘Abyssinia Hugger’. She will be made to pay at the ballot box in November if she is on the ticket. Bigots in Colorado and San Francisco will be rallying up their blind brigands against these wise congressmen/women. First sore loser led bigots in Minnesota will send a delegation to the good office of Representative Ilhan to try at pushing her to change her mind. A few ‘chosen’ bigots will be congregating in Seattle these days to conduct an intense military drill to engage the ‘N’ and ‘Neo-Gobena’ system of the ‘Abyssinian Empire’ and destroy it militarily. And they have el-Sisi on their side. Abiy’s army will have no chance in the face of this mighty fighting force from Minnesota led by those who grew up scavenging at missionary canteens. The only sensible choice Abiy has or will have is to hand over his administration and himself to the Bigots Liberation Army(BLA) from Minnesota!!!!. BLA’S self-ordained leader is the former leader of the UN and has the authority and power to force the UN members and oust the Abyssinian Empire from the organization. He has a new nom de guerre after he dumped the Abyssinia imposed name of the ‘N’ people. He will be known as ‘Al-Abd Lencho’. At one point there were more Lenchos than the entire population of the black mane lion on the massive Ahmar Mountains, Chercher and Bale highlands. Al-Abd is so befitting of self assurance as a ‘house nigger’ at the Ol’ Cap’n Cotchipee’s (el-Sis’s) big house. Ok Abiy! All those big guns captured from the ‘Woyane’ army in 1992-93 are now all trained at you. What you gonna do now? There is no place to hide for you. Poor boy, you better hand over Finfine on a silver platter and run for your life!!!

  4. The US-Ethiopian relationship was a mercenary for hire (TPLF) and mercenary employer relationship. The now Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was a peacekeeper hired mercenary with exaggerated undeserved Lt. Colonel post years ago.

    Now USA do not need to hire mercenary so it is over. In the last three decades most of the “aid money” did not reach the Ethiopian ordinary people. The “aid money” was intended for the mercenary compensation who fought the proxy war , actually what this “aid money” compensation for the mercenaries did was widen the income gap in Ethiopia creating mass economic migration out of Ethiopia because only the Ethiopian mercenaries and elites had access to benefit from the “aid money” being able to afford the cost of living with the devaluated birr while the majority of Ethiopians are encouraged to go in exile or to involve themselves in violent crimes, since the white collar crimes is monopolized according to ethnic affiliation of the elites.

    Especially Within Addis Ababa the cost of living is unbearable for those who don’t get their hands on “aid money”. Plus lately Addis Ababa people are loosing faith in getting affordable housing condominiums, if International aid is not cut with the ever growing income disparity this “aid money” creates, then Addis Ababa is doomed to turn into the crime capital of Africa soon, so cutting this aid is needed , USA is doing Ethiopians a big favor .

    To make life affordable for hard working Ethiopians who depend on income from their hard work only :
    -All foreign donors should cut aid money.
    -Boycott Ethiopian Airlines
    -Boycott sending remittance money from diaspora
    – Practice Civil disobedience

  5. Great job by member of congress!! Truth flourish.

    One day Ethiopia may not beg & seek such Aid if Western countries; like America truly support on introducing good governance, democracy & justice and by avoiding indirect colonization of poor country.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!

  6. Thank you, the Magnificent Six. Thank you, Your Honours. It is great to know there is sanity in the American political establishment!

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