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Open Letter to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

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Open Letter to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia
Image: Foreign minister Gedu speaking to reporters on June 2020

To        :           Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia
From     :          Concerned Ethiopian living abroad

Dear Minister


/Officer/ of the Ministry of Foreign Affairsof Ethiopia
Addis Abeba , ETHIOPIa
e-mail: [email protected]


Re:  removed Amharic language forms by Eth.  embassy offices abroad

This is a complaint from a concerned Ethiopian living in USA regarding the complete removal of the various forms in Amharic language that were uploaded on the respected embassy websites and made available for Ethiopians at the various embassy offices of Ethiopia abroad.

I have checked some other Ethiopian Embassy offices in some major European countries and in most cases, sadly, they are removed. Is this done by a directive from the ministry or by the good choice /authority of the individual ambassador ??  These forms are legal, constitutional and most importantly are purposeful when they were made to be available on the websites. It helps you to do your preparations before you go to the Embassy for any of your case. These forms were available for example in Washington DC during Ambassador  Kassahun Ayele, Ambassador Samuel Assefa, Ambassador Girma Birru  and Ambassador Kassa Teklebirhan. Now there  is Ambassador Fitsum Arega.

The forms in Amharic language like the authorization form, the visa application form, the passport form the travel forms…etc were available online on the websites of the embassies. Now they are completely removed. There is none. What does this mean?

I do not think that neither the sector minister nor the prime minster are aware of this sabotage.

Looking forward for the reuploading of the relevant Amharic forms on the respective Ethiopian Embassy websites, I remain,


Mekonnen Gizaw

[email protected]