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Let’s help our Tigray Ethiopian People to get rid off TPLF!

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these fascist thugs from tigray are the ones running and ruining ethiopia today watch and listenThe opportunistic and parasitic TPLF (Tigray  People’s Liberation Front) which  has been  led by few elites family members have been using and trading the Tigray  Ethiopian people for their evil act on Ethiopians. Majority of Tigray Ethiopian people who live in the rural Tigray  suffer from TPLF’s cruel dictatorship and harsh ruling  from theses elites and their top down cadres.
The majority of  innocent Tigray Ethiopian people have  been denied of the slim right that the rest of oppressed Ethiopian people have during the last 27 years. They  have no option except to support TPLF otherwise they face ostracism, dispossession, imprisonment, torture death and migration. Those who dare to question TPLF have been  thrown in under ground jails in the mountains which are not yet  known by the Federal government.
The innocent Tigray Ethiopian  mothers and fathers had  been crying  during the 17 years  war as the  élites of TPLF used their children under forceful conscription for war effort  against their fellow Ethiopian brothers. They lost many of their children  to put on power a dictatorial TPLF regime which  killed and tortured so many  Ethiopians.
TPLF has ruled Ethiopians through hate, fear, divide and rule policies. It has monopolised the economy, military, foreign affair, security and all sector of the society. It has killed, tortured, imprisoned, looted, destabilised large sector of Ethiopian society principally the Amhara and Oromo people.
TPLF  created a delusional federal system in Ethiopia with puppets figure heads while its operatives rule under iron fist. It continued its divide and rule policy by fermenting  and  waging violence among different ethnicities, nationalities  and religious members. Its inflammatory polices have made Ethiopians displaced, homeless, dispossessed, unemployed and to flee from their country.
The sufferings of  innocent Tigray Ethiopian  people  haven’t been well acknowledged by most Ethiopians and global audience. This is partly because  of the false perception  that most of us  associating them with  ruling regime as TPLF use their name;  They live in a TPLF spy webs where there is no breathing space;  Geographically they are far away from the centre  and  other Ethiopians don’t live  there which  created  a medium to hide all the TPLF cruel treatments without any exposure. The Poor Tigray Ethiopian  people suffered double oppression, sandwiched between the rest of Ethiopians false impression about them  and   TPLF cruel treatment.  They are falsely  associated with regime or ignored by most of their Ethiopian brothers.
There are many Tagaru who benefited from the 27 year dictatorial rule of TPLF in Ethiopia. These are mainly the  Tagaru who live outside Tigray, in Addis Ababa,  the rest of Ethiopia and in Diaspora. These group have enriched themselves by the direct opportunity TPLF arranged specifically for them. They are the current millionaires, business owners, property owners, military generals, security heads,  powerful people with mighty finances. They have looted government properties, finance of public organisations,  public properties, state banks and lands of Ethiopians. Every successful business from non TPLF Ethiopians have been transferred to TPLFits and their supporters under the pretext of non tax payment. The regime created an environment even for some to induce  fear and intimidation among  Ethiopians by mere boasting and associating themselves with regime and using Tigrigna language in public places as means of superiority.
These élite groups which amassed unbelievable wealth have been  defending  the TPLF’s dictatorial  rule in Ethiopia from any Ethiopian and Opposition group.  They have supported the TPLF’s killings and cruel treatment against Ethiopians and participated as spy, spy master, security and military bosses , minsters, ambassadors in all important sector of the Ethiopian society to maintain and prolong TPLF regime.  These opportunistic group will continue to stand with TPLF by hook or crook as TPLF   is the source of their finance and adverse influence against  Ethiopians. They are few  when compared to the majority innocent Tigray Ethiopian people but the are rich and powerful with  big mouth and means.
The Ethiopian people 27 years  struggle against TPLF  has  got its momentum in the last 2 years  and it is at the verge of eradicating TPLF. The ruthless tyrannical TPLF  has  back tracked from the front seat of power in Ethiopia in the last 4  months  following the peaceful people struggle where many Ethiopians scarified their life. TPLF is still alive and kicking in Mekele.
This powerful and very rich organisation (TPLF)  with possession  looted billions dollar worth of Ethiopian property, is fermenting and organising obstacles against the new progressive leadership led by  Dr. Abiy and his team using mercenaries inside Ethiopia through the blessing of criminal old TPLF guards with in the centre and periphery regions. The cash milk of TPLF, EFFORT,(Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray) billions worth conglomerate business organisation  which was  established  through blood money  is still the main source of finance for TPLF to derail the progressive democratic changes
Once again the innocent Majority Tigray Ethiopian people are suffering from the rage  and wrath of TPLF which is crying like wounded Tiger. It is trying to use these poor people as usual for its evil act against their Ethiopian brothers. It is preparing the people for bloodshed, another civil war and potentially separation from the rest of Ethiopia. In order to survive, TPLF élites would do whatever possible at the expense of the poor majority Tigray Ethiopian people.
The new leadership led by Dr. Abiy and  his team, the rest of Ethiopian people (specially  youth), oppositions forces  and the intellectual have moral duty to help our Tigray Ethiopian brothers to get rid off TPLF which has been  trading under their   name for more than four decades. Our Tigray brothers need to breath freedom and exercise their Ethiopian rights as the rest of us and define our fate together.
The Tigray Ethiopian people and youth, including progressive elements with in  TPLF   have to rebel peacefully against these tyrannical and oppressive TPLF élites who besieged you for decades. TPLF’s elites  should never be allowed to hide under innocent Tigray Ethiopian people’s skirt.
The rest of Ethiopians are with you to end these evil war  monger TPLF  which is currently  fermenting division, animosity and hate among Ethiopians. Those opportunists benefiting  from TPLF rule can not use your name  and you should stride big and join the rest of Ethiopians!