Let the People go! Travel ban does not solve the problem By Temesgen Zewdie

By Temesgen Zewdie

The Honorable Temesgen Zewde is foreign relations chief of UDJP (Andenet) Party (Photo: Ethiomedia
The Honorable Temesgen Zewde is foreign relations chief of UDJP (Andinet) Party (Photo: Ethiomedia

The recent decision by the government of Ethiopia to ban domestic workers from traveling to the Middle East and Arab countries is myopic at best and stone-age governance at worst. Any sensible government would define the alleged problem and seek solutions without subjecting innocent people to lose their Constitutional and Universal Rights to travel to their places of choice. This type of draconian government decision can only happen in a one-party totalitarian state.
Any rational government would ask itself why its citizens choose to travel to another country by hundreds of thousands instead of staying put in their own country. Most people need income to live on, and support their families; and hence they need to work to earn money. The stagnant Ethiopian Economy does not create jobs; and when it does, you have to belong to a corrupt ethnic net-work Ruling party circle to secure employment. For the majority of the population who do not belong to this corrupt circle of thieves, the choice is to travel to an equally unenlightened savage environment to earn a living or starve. There are many Ethiopian domestic workers who have lost their lives and some seriously injured because of abuse by their employers during their stay in the Middle East, and Arab Countries. The fact of the matter is, domestic workers do not have much of a choice; it is either to stay in their homeland Ethiopia and starve, or flee the country to a lawless foreign land and a hostile environment; where human rights of workers are grossly neglected, or most of the time abused.

Any responsible government would investigate the cause of injustice, death, and injuries sustained by its citizens in a foreign land through its diplomatic mission in host countries; and seek diplomatic and legal solutions to mitigate the crisis; or better yet, make an honest and vigorous effort to accelerate the economic development of the Country to create conditions of employment available to all citizens without bias to ethnic favoritism, corruption, and nepotism which is rampant under the current administration. The people at the helm of power in our Country seem to have no clue, nor do they care about the right of the individual to work and support himself/herself and their family in any place of his/her choice as long as they meet the legal requirements of the host country. What is one supposed to do if not work and earn a livening?
I have argued both as a member of parliament (2005-2010), and as a member of the Opposition since then, that the double digit GDP economic growth propaganda of the Ruling elite is an illusion sometimes supported by International money lenders to systematically loot the country for their mutual benefit, while allowing the narrow ethnic Ruling cliques continue its misrule and pillage of the resources of the country to satisfy its insatiable desire for money, power, and ethnic chauvinism.
In Ethiopia, almost 70 percent of the urban youth is unemployed. To make matters worse, 20 percent of the rural population is flocking to the urban area in search of employment. Those who are capable of escaping the miserable economic deprivation and lack of freedom in their homeland flee the Country by tens of thousands endangering their lives; by any means necessary, legally or illegally. In 2009 alone over a hundred thousand Ethiopians have illegally crossed over to Yemen with the hope of reaching Saudi Arabia. An equal number of Ethiopians have also migrated to Sudan and Kenya in search of a better life. It would be an understatement to say that any responsible government would be alarmed by the mass migration, and the loss of life in the process. The Ruling Party just walk-up to this monumental national problem and the first step it took to mitigate the crisis was a travel ban to the Middle East and Arab Countries, without due consideration to the Natural, Constitutional, and Universal Rights of its subjects.
While unemployment is a source of despair for many Ethiopians, an equal number of urban consumers are stretched to the limit to meet their daily expenses because of the high cost of living instigated by the upward spiraling inflation. While the government purports inflation to be in the single digit using its mouth piece propaganda media machine, it is actually in the double digits which is attested by the escalating prices in the local markets for goods and services which have quadrupled in the past few years especially for agricultural commodities such as Teff, Corn, wheat, cooking oil, sugar, coffee etc….commonly consumed by the people of Ethiopia. The purchasing power of the local currency (birr) has depreciated almost 60 percent within the past four years, making life impossible for people with fixed income such as government employees, and retirees. This is a Country where 90 percent of the population earns less than two dollars a day; and where 5 to 8 million people are exposed to food insecurity at any given year. While the cost of living is extremely high because of the ravaging inflation, the Regime is busy flooding the economy with printed money, while at the same time widening the budget deficit, making an already bad situation worst. The Ruling Party refuses to use conventional macroeconomic tools to bring inflation under control for fear of deflating its shattered political image. The external debt of the country has ballooned to 15 billion dollars; without taking into account the 6 billion dollar international debt cancellations the government received in 2006 from Western Countries. In addition, the country suffers from shortages of foreign exchange, which has forced the current account deficit and the balance of payment to widen, which in turn has forced the government to reserve just enough money to cover a one month of imports. The Ruling Party has the distinction of running a continuous trade deficit with all its trading partners; not having a single instance of trade surplus with any international trading partner in the last 23 years of its dictatorial misrule of the Country. Who among us would not wish to flee from a country mired in social, political, and economic problems to last generations to come? Not only the domestic workers flee their country to the Middle East, and Arab Countries; the rest of us, living in various western countries, are proof to the atrocious social, economic, and political conditions in our country.
No government has the right to hold its citizens hostage by declaring a travel ban; the decision by the government to ban travel has fortunately pointed to the glaring inadequacy of the government in managing the social, political, and macro-economic governance of the Country. It is illegal to ban travel to any Country short of a military hostility between two countries. In a democratic society the right of a citizen to work and earn a living is legally guaranteed, and cannot be abridged by the whims of dictators.
In conclusion, I would like to suggest, what in my opinion, would be a common sense solution to the problem.
a) The source of the conflict between employer and employee should be researched, so that the government has facts and figures to base its future decisions.
b) Hostilities between employer and employees could be reduced if entrepreneurs in Ethiopia are encouraged to open training schools for migrant workers to learn the language, culture, tradition of host countries.
c) Trained government diplomats (courses in 101 International Relations would help), sensitive enough to seek legal and diplomatic solution to the conflict.
d) Networking with international Human Rights Organizations to highlight the problems in host counties.
Travel ban is not a solution. The underground movement to smuggle people out of the Country would begin in earnest because of your callous decision. The sooner you learn from your monumental mistakes the better for all of us.
The writer, Temesgen Zewde, is chairman of Foreign Relations Committee of the UDJP (Andenet). He was also member of parliament.


  1. I an sorry but have you seen how
    our sisters are being treated in the Arab world? I mean I hold woyane responsible for for not providing them all the help but it is a good idea the government banned them from going to those countries where they get treated like animals.

    Had the previous three Amhara dominated governments had made Ethiopia one of the most impoverished country in the world, the Amhara governments had spent hundreds of minions of dollars to buy Guns-Tanks and bomber jets to oppress and mass genocide non Amhara Ethiopians (Oromo,Tigre and eritreans) in the name of nationalism and ideology.
    Since Menilike era Amhara dominated governments exchanged from one Amhara gov to another Amhara gov but the targets always remain these same tribe groups (Oromos,Tigre and Eritreans), in process the cruel Amhara governments had mass genocided millions of non Amhara Ethiopians, and spent hundreds of millions of dollars annualy to purchase guns and killing machine.
    Had the Amhara gov spent the money on Development instead of the evil mission that Ethiopia would have become the shining star of the world and millions of Ethiopians would’t travel to Middle East to be a servants and parking lot attendants.

  3. Mr. Temesgen,
    We have been bashing the government for shipping the girls to bad environment. Here you come a delusionan and senseless so called opposition telling us let them go. You are an opposition and why you do not devise alternaative solution than telling us let them go and die? You are very irresponsible, very arrogant person. Why the hell do you think you can decide for others to go? Did the government created Ethiopian problem? was not Ethiopia poor already? Watch your language too. You can not bring change by being rude, undisciplined and uncivilized person. It sad you were a member of a parliament? It is sad people like you insult people become parlamentarian in Ethiopia. Sir, the ethnic problem has been there much worse than today. You must go back and read your history.
    Instead of giving alternative solution for people to work in their country you are opening your big mouth telling us our people must go and die? Shame on you man. Is it because you think you are smarter than others Ethiopians? Sir we are 94 million people and we have probably millions of smarter Ethiopians than you. As opposition you are supposed to come with a better alternative solution so that our people can work in their home land with dignity and respect. You have no ideas except insulting the leaders. What really piss me off is not your oppositon to the regime; what is pissing me off your barbaric, and uncivilized attitude and blaming everything on the government. The ethnic net work was there long ago. Government offices werer only reserved for amhara . Where is your solution apart from insulting people? where is your better alternative? is your alternative to let our people go and die? you are a disgrace to our country. Sir, if you can not communicating without insulting people, you better keep quiet your garbage politics. You attitude will not solve any problem. You are negative and rude and abusive based on your article. You are calling them theives? If I was in Ethiopia, I would take you to court for insulting people. You look an old man but what comes out of your mouth is childish. Why is this government supposed to fix all the 100 years problem>? why this is governemnt supposed to bear all the problem in the country? I do not get this. Condemn the governemnt for the weakness and bad policies, but do not tell me this government is the one put Ethiopia in deep poverty. Why are they suppose to take all the blame for past, present Ethiopia?
    Sir, oppositon run projects and do community work in the developed world. They work with youth and create jobs and help young people to get job. That is how they got voted. But you open you big big mouth to insult people and telling us people must go and die? If u were in office what would you do for the poor people at least ideallly? Shame on you man.

    • ante ye tigre gujele-be awrambatimes ye wenzik leje endefelege be afik sitgmama yifekidlik neber-ye Amhara hizib ena ye Amhara politica merewoch eyalik ye ezachin hager mekera hulu fetari ena adragi Amara new eyalik ahun be felefelikachew amisaya anasa biheroch be afik tigimamalek! sima este liteyeik-hailesillasie be dem ye Amhara tewlaje neberu? mengistu’s Amhara new? dedeb tigre! sima be ene enatalem dessie sintu tigre tendelaqo endemenore ataqim? ke meche wede new menore yejemerut? weyane silitan layi seqonatet? ende ante ayenetu jil endeza endemyasib aliteraterim-sima tigre ke tintim jemero be gonder, wollo, shewa tendelaqo yinoral-gin kenatenjoch honachu be qael qinat tenesastachu netsa enwita alachu-lemin atigenetelum neber? man yazachu-haha enaqalen yemezerefe ayachuwa-Amharaw tigren le hulet kefelew alachu-be erteria ena be mereb milash tigre-ena man abatachu yazachu ahun lemetareq? gimatamoch=ahun ke Amharaw ras layi wuredu-le atefachihut tifat gin embeten emye Maryamin aniresam-7 etif enmelislachiwalen! wushoch
      Amharaw weyane tigren ende kunas are yemeteyef!
      ke dessie

      • Never said yeamhara hzb. you are lying; It is a crime to accuse the entire amhara; I know the ordinary amhara are as poor as any Ethiopians covered by dust and walk without shoes and have no clean water like every citizen. I never ever said yeamhara hzb. Please do not lie; But it is true it is yeamhara elites who made Ethiopia a poor of the poorest. Most them now living in America and they were those who leaving for abroad for for scholarship during derg and before and get educated in the west and now they are fully engaged fostering hatred all over the world. No one can blamed for immersing Ethiopia into deep poverty that ashamed in the face of all human kind which is now a public secret. Now they are complain and telling us Tigreans are racist or ethnicist while they are those who sown the ethnic aparthied in Ethiopia. Now they tell us it is the evil woyane who make Ethiopia an ethnic country? They do not know the actually almost destroyed all the ethnis by forcing thier langauge and cutlure on the entire Ethiopians? Guy you must learn to be positive and also truthful and you must stop accusing others groups for the messes you have created. you created all the ethnic rebels like TPLF, EPLF, OLF, ONLF,… all these were not created for no reasons; It is the high level of ethnic aparthied in Ethiopia that made all the FFs to exist. Amhara elites are the cause of Ethiopian deep poverty and problem. They are still a probllem because they do not respect others and they think they can insult, humiliate and downgrade other Ethiopians because they think they have exclusive right to discriminate others. They never like people who have different opinions or ideology. In order to be liked by amhara I have to deny my identity and who I am. This is what I have learnt from them. They do not believe in equality and they think they smarter and better than others. The truth is they are not better than anyone. This is really aparthied mentality. I do love the amhara people; I love values, cultures, and enjoy amharic dance , music and I have met wonderful people from amhara and Oromo in my life. I will never treat an Ethiopian unfairly. But I am tired of narrow amharas who love demonizing, accusing, finger pointing on others and accusing others for making Ethiopia poor. I am digusted by amhara elites like Almariam, the Banda, the modern Haileslassie Gugusa of Ethiopia. Almariam is an amhara elites who run from Ethiopia as an amhara elite who is now working for Egypt and who accused the current government for trying to build the Nile dam or hidasie dam. you have modern day bandas like him but you call them heroes anyway.

  4. Just to add few:
    Sir your suggested solution is not a solution; you can not solve national problem by allowing your people to migrate.This is national problem and must solved at home and people must work in their country. Only skilled citizens can their skill anywhere. Actually the migration of the youth can destroy the country. you are an opposition but you have no idea apart from yelling on the government. Ethiopia is not poor and it is people like you have poor mind who are keeping it very poor. The country is rich; I have seen many countries and did not see Ethiopia poorer than any country. But the big problem is the very poor mindset of you kind hard to train because almost everyone thinks outside is heaven. Anyway, your soluiton is non-sense; you are not even a party of solution apart from giving order . It is very easy to give order without doing it. Talk talk, The government has done the right thing. The government must invest in new youth skill training programme preparing the young to work in their country and helping them to create jobs in thier country. People like you must shut their big mouth . The government must design or include ints GTP a youth development programme that educate working at home is the best than to become slaves . The Ethiopian government can not change Arab cutlure, religion, mindset. Leave alone Ethiopian government, even the world could not change them. They do not allow still women to drive cars, to work, and to study . You do not send your people to a hell man. Man cannot live by bread alone. Because you are hungry you do not throw yourself into a fire or kill yourself.
    The government has done the right things. National problem must solved at home. You can not solve your home problem by externalizing it. Please buy discipline and try to behave like an old man. You insult is disgusting to be honest. And you are an oppostion? oh my God

    • sima ye tigre mengist ena delalochu eko ehitochachinin shetew shetew sebeqachew new eko yiqum yalut-sinte sewoch endaswetu taweqale? close to 800,000 ehitochachinin-ahunim eskewedyanjaw yiqum alalum-le 6 ena 7 were arfen demo enchebechibalen new yemelut-aye te egre-ye 11 be meto ye economy edget wutet new ayedel! gimoch-ende meret eyshetachu, wetat set ehitocachinin eyeshetachu, hitsanatin be adoption sim eyeshetachu(andu tigre guwadenjaye mekina gezitwal be eze sira)-wushoch! enkwan amilak yanin ganchur milas seytanawi(meles zenawi) ende chew amuamuto ke nisiha abatu aba diabilos(aba poulos) ke eza midir neqelew! le Aksum tsion maryam siletachinin ke asigeban senbitenal! ende ante yalut ye qerutin qin qin degafewoch ena gash jagrewoch ye sebesebachihutin betno enantem ende gum yibetinachiwal be 3 amet geze wust-!

    How come 63% of Ethiopia’s professionals drawn from single minority tribe (Amhara tribe) ? ?
    Even though the Amhara’s constitute less than 35% of Ethiopias total population but over represented in educational and in professional sectors. Could this be because Amhara happen to be smarter than Oromo, Tigres or Sidamas ? ? No!No!!No!!! that is not the case all, the truth is the Amharas were given discriminative educational opportunity and educational access since Menilike era throughout Mengestu era.
    While other Ethiopians received minimal opportunity or no opportunity at all, the Amharas were showered with all sort of opportunities included Colleges,Universities,trade schools and what have you.
    During the amhara era (from Menilike era to Mengestu era) there was no university or college in Oromia region,there was no university in Mekele,there was no University in afar region and there was no university in sidama region, eve high schools were very rare. On the other hand on Amhara regions there was endless primary and high schools and colleges and universities.

    • sima jima ye tena college, ye alemaya agricultural college, Ambo agricultural college yet neberu? sima weyane geze new yetemesertut-kunasam washo nehe! deyedeyeb
      Yimer besha nege
      ye kemisse ena bati sefari galloch aleqa
      Ke adeyna Amhara qebele-dessie(dessye)zurya!

  6. concerning the Ethio-sisters-in Arab countries,even if the dissission is too late,it is in my vie acceptable,But the main essue is,Ethiopian poletics,/ethiopians we have the pecionsy/gedulde/ But what is wrong with the copy of capitalism,socialismmoismchinasm,resently melessism/woianiesm/,but better abebe gelaglewism,oromism,amaharaism,tgries,,afarism,ogadienism,guragesm,generaly ethinim/triebalism==schießerim,realy poor ethios,what is wrong to us,,welive only ones,bet the better for the next Generation,please no with force GZAWISM,specialy,demms,gizachew,andargachew,belachew,getachew,anywano che ,,chew,and no triabalism/ethienim/==schießerimtheproblemis Üare Born not to understan that is realy BAD

  7. hi Ato temesgen you used to say the government must band the mass travel of the womens to middle east now your saying let them travel .what a double standard game

  8. Stop pointing fingers on groups , tribes, ethnics: Clean your brain and let us work for one Ethiopia that treats everyone with equality and dignity. Stopping tellling us the government made Ethiopia poor. Please we are not childern now. We know our country. We lived in Ethiopia before woyane and when Ethiopia is where hardly afford to eat one time a day long before woyane. Despite many bad policies, the woyanes has done miracle in the country. How the hell are they supposed to fix 100 years of negligence ? They built 33 Universities, many Dams, even the Nile, … many good things. I know you tell me the Universities are useless, but the 100 years rulers did not do much as this government. I am not saying this government has no problem. But I am saying why are these people supposed to be angels while they grew up in the unfair Ethiopia we know.
    Please bakachu enkebaber and abren tebabren agarachn and hzbachn enrda. Mesadab ena sew maward debo aygezam debo lelelew hzbachn, Ybkan ers brs menakor. Life is short and we are wasting our lives for nothing. Thank u

    • sima-minilik eko ye tigre enatochin emis ke taliyan kula yadan jegina new-ya bayihone yihene antem ye ensu diqala tihone neber-ena ke tigrenjaik yiliq talyanenja bicha timar neber-ena be eza 100 amet geze wust minilik anten ena ye tigre enatochin ke eza gud atirfokal-
      taliyanoch enkwan Viva Minilik bilewal
      antem gonbes eyalk tewat tewat minilik ye tigre enatochin ke talyan kula siladane emye minilik yimesgen eyalk be tselot madres alebik

  9. I kind of agree with temesgen . Banning travel will open door for illegal human trafickkers . it is also a civil right issue . you cannot restrict the movement of ppl from one place to the other . the solution has to be let they have a good understanding what they are going to face in arab countries . we have to raise awarenss and understanding . Immigration is not an issue by itself . even bigger countreis with big economiies like india and phillipines let their ppl go to middle east countries . The Goverment of Ethiopia should also able to get a good deal for its citzens in those countries . once those ppl go to other countries it is really for our staff in our embassies abroad to do anything to help them . our embassies are small and they have 6 or 7 stafff . you cann’t expect them to handle all those thousand of ppl in the middle east those amount of staff so priority should be given in creating awareness and getting a good deal with the host countries . banning ppl fro travelling is a non starter and should not be done . ppl have a right to do anything even that anything could harm them in the long term asl long as they know what they are doing

  10. What a pile of garbage!
    This is why I am happy these so-called “opposition” figures are kept away from Ethiopian policies.
    To describe the Ethiopian economy as stagnant is proof of complete blindness – or deliberate lying. It is surely no paradise, and we are not anywhere near Dubai or Switzerland, but millions of Ethiopians are finding employment in Ethiopia without being part of a small circle of ethnic thieves. Another question is that millions of other Ethiopians do not find work… but one thing does not resolve the other.
    Talking bullshit is a popular hobby for people like Temesgen Zewdie, their entire reputation depends on a constant supply of verbal and written fertilizer.


  12. Dear Nekmete, If EPRDF did not do wrong policies the old apartheid few amhara elite policies could have eradicated by now. Unfortunately, EPRDF decided to add more problems than to solve the past problems. Now we have more problems to handle in Eritrea, Somalia, and the narrow Amhara mentality still there. How is it possible to balance the inequality in Ethiopia without taking affirmative action that ensures equality of citizens. I know the EPRDFites humans subject to make mistakes, but now it is 22 years they must have learnt that only equality of all Ethiopians is the guarantee for a strong Ethiopia. Everything must be based on merit, not on ethnic or tribe as it has been during the amhara elites apartheid that marginalized the entire population imposing themselves on everyone. They are the root cause of the deep poverty and the ethnic tensions we have. However, the Amhara elites never see that apart from pointing fingers on Tigreans as if Tigreans messed the country. The screwed the country until we are stigmatized and cursed wherever we go as starving and dying people. They never their legacy at all. They think they are more Ethiopian than any Ethiopian. They love to point fingers on others. Now they are telling us migration is a solution for our national problem? how is national problem solved by migration? I have to tell this country is very rich but the people specially the elite amhara are really a problem because they think they are the solution while in truth they are the problem . I am not referring to the entire amhara poor people like any Ethiopians. I am referring to Mr. Temesgen who open his big mouth on the leaders by insulting them. He must know that was not possible before. He must respect the people who gave their lives to make enjoy at least very small freedom now than before.
    We need strong policy that denies racists; ethnicists and tribalists messing our country as they wish. We speak and stand for equality and transparency only and thing than that will not get us anywhere. We must move forward and we must not focus on the people who wanted to take us backwards like the amhara elites who opening their mouths everwhere as if they more Ethiopian than the rest of Ethiopians .They must understand they are not more Ethiopian and they must learn how to be equal with others. We have to tell them Ethiopia is not only for them; it is for all of us and make it clear we will not take the past anymore. They must stop pointing fingers on others and they must take a flash-back of their old apartheid history that denies our language, our culture, and made us the poorest people on earth and made us a laughing stock of humanity. I hate to be arrogant and stupid. They only like u if you talk what they like. They do not like truth. They love accusing and criminalizing and demonizing others as if they have an exclusive right to judge, insult, degrade other citizens. We must build a country that is fair and guarantee treatment with dignity and integrity. No more shaming and degrading people. Mr. Temesgen need to stop insulting people. If he knows Thieves in the leadership he must expose them with evidence; otherwise,alubalta, degrading and insulting other humans is not a manner of civilization or democratic creeds. Peace for all of us. Long Ethiopia for all.

    • well-who started tribalism/tribal politics? your fucken retard kinsmen plus those moron good for nothing tribal elites of the oromo garbage! So do not point the finger on the Amhara people, even the so called Amhara politicians if there are any-because Hailesslassie is not 100 Amhara(he is a mix of garage, oromo, and Amhara-he even say he has tigray blood or ancestry), Mengistu is shanqo from welamo, even minilike is also half cast! And their political ideology was not tribilastic-if it were the retard oromo generals, and administraters never had a place under minilik(do you know who was ye tore haile etamajosrshume under minilik? he was an oromo but look what is happening in the military compostion of tplf lead government in ethiopia now-who are the generals? who has the upper hand on the rank and file compostion of today’s ethiopian military? by whom is ethiopian business dominated-i call upon ye shimagile qelalu sibhat nega for a witness on this issues! So do not preach us that your kins are a liberator! Fucken retard!

  13. @Nekemte,
    Please do not wall paint the entire Amara in to Debub Amara(Showa Amara) crime, we semen amaras (Gonder and Gojam) had nothing with the crime you have mention, if you to blame then you have to blame only Showa Amara who ruled Ethiopia for the past several decades.
    We the people of Gonder or Gojam got nothing from Showa leadership but poverty and backwardness.

    • tplf s raping and sadomizing gonderes in daylight day and night. you gonderes are the most abused low self-esteemed people. tplf kemanim bebelete qitachuin iyegelbe, ende iqa yemichawetibachu enante gonderewochuin new. tplf biyanis lelochun indemifera yastawqal. tplf lenante gonderwoch yalew niqet yihe new ayibalim…. but still you dumb fuzo gondere celebrating,praising TPLF… gena min ayteh, tplf owns you… fuzo….

  14. Gezaee
    Since when you started to stand up for human rights. You said “We need strong policy that denies racists: ethnicists and tribalists….” Wow. But you forgot to include religious freedom which is civil right specially in Ethiopia.
    You are hypocrite who is Yohannes off springs. You attack Amharas indirectly by attacking the elites. We know about Amharas but how about your tribe? Tell me about butcher Yohannes, and the return of Yohannes in butcher EPRDF face.
    Tell me about close to 100 Ethiopians gunned down for asking freedom of religion. Tell me you use this decade label as a pretext for these crimes. Thousand Ethiopian Muslims lingering in jail leaving behind tens of thousands of their families for starvation, suffering, excurciation pain for years.
    Solomonic dynasty ended with Haile Selassie in 1974. Ethiopian Muslims thought they got their freedom back since they lost their land in 1887. Not at all.
    But Haile Selassie by far better than Woyane. He is like Queen Elizabeth when compared with Yohannes offsprings. You openely kill, torture and jail. You make drama, lie, insult the religion you know nothing. Religion attack became lucrative business for you. You don’t care about the country’s future so you attack 50 million strong Ethiopian Muslims without fear. You created few than 100,000 al-Ahbash to create a crack in the majority religion of Ethiopia. You are worst than Amharas.
    Early Orthodox-Muslims relations in Ethiopia were very good said HA Hallyer. He said the Prophet of Islam sent several Muslim refugees to live among Christians in Ethiopia (no Ethiopia at that time. It was Axum), who had a very high opinion of the king at that time, who later became Muslim.
    In the medieval era, Christian (Orthodox) Ethiopians under the Zagwes refused to be drawn into the European crusades against the Muslim world, which led to Saladin giving the Ethiopian Orthodox Church a monastery in Jerusalem. In the same era, Muslims and Christians lived in separate kingdoms and sultanates in Ethiopia, but in peaceful coexistence – and their example proves that deeply religious and pious people of different religions need not be at war with one another.
    But with the rise of the Solomonic dynasty (I don’t believe they are from Solomon) in 1270 that came to an end. There were a great number of conflicts with Muslim sultanates over a period of hundreds of years in Ethiopia.
    Because of those aggressive and expansionist so called Somon dynasty the rise of Imam (Gragn) Ahmed came. Imam Ahmed established a country (not Ethiopia). He never committed genocide on Orthodox religion followers though they were under his mercy but demolished their Bets kan. Why? He said they worship idols. He unified Somalia, current Ethiopia, current Eritrea and South Sudan for the first time. His dream and his hard work dimmed by betrayal of northern tribes who collaborated with Portugese. Since then the Muslims in northern Ethiopia of today are living like sub-human. Tens of thousands masacred by Yohannes and to some extent Tewodros for not converting to Orthodox. This is true history but it’s sour for Gazaee and his tribes to swallow it. The fact on the ground written and kept in dark history. You have the power in your hand at this time and you have the right to deny the credible and true history.
    Even at this minute Axum natives Tigrians can not burry their death nor build worship places because of their religion. This kind of discrimination unheard on the whole planet except in Axum. Axum is a monostrous town which eats and oppresses its own children.
    Axum established on the top of the plateau or hill. Never mentioned as a holey city in Bible nor Quran. However, Orthodox, not Muslim Tigrians spread lie as if it’s a holey city only to Orthodox even compare it with Mecca and Vatican where millions of people around the world visit this holey places. They live in dark age where human beings act like animal.
    Tell us about civilization?
    Enough for today.
    Gazaee go ahead and lie or connect or associate every single crime committed by Muslim human being on this earth to the religion of Islam. Or tell us a verse on Quran which was meant very a reason but for you it’s wrong in your eye. In Bible, Quaran and others have verses that looks very weird if misinterpreted. All religion teaches peaces but the followers committ evil.
    Tigrian rulers can not be compared with Amhara rulers of 100 years. Twenty one years appears as one thousand year oppression for Amharas but for Ethiopian Muslims the last two years appeared as 1400 years of oppression just like Axum Tigrian Muslims who are treated below animal. By the way do you believe this and if not tell me why? Dogs have the right to be bury in Axum but not Tigrians (who are Muslims). Answer me. Do not try to duck this statement.
    Tell me why this barbaric oppression imposed on Tigrians (Muslims). Was it your religion teaching or your feudal rulers, or what? Or may be a prophet from the sky told you to do this inhuman cold blooded crime.
    Stop talking about Amharas since their time elapsed with Haile. Talk about yourself. You work on yourself if you are brave enough. Do not hate critic. It’ll fix you and fix the country . Forgive if I offended you.

    • Agree with you Yegonder Jegna; it is wrong even to accuse Shoawa amhara. We can only blame the Showa elites and even that has to be for education only, we should attack people based on that. The reasons I mentioned amhara elites is just to shut the mouth of some narrow amhra elites in diaspora who are playing negative role. Otherwise, amhara empawwwaaaaaaaaa new. They are innocent; You can not blame all Tigreans for bad things done by TPLF. The same logic apply everywhere. Bu

    • Dear Muslim:
      You telling me I am Yohannes or Theodros? that is a complement because I love the two guys.
      If you are Ethiopian I brotherly advised you to abandon your religion called islam. It is not a religion as you know yourself. It is a religion of war and murder, violence. Nothing is good in Islam; it is a religion of darkness only. in your holy country called Arabia, they cut penis of men for having sex. They cut hand for people for stealing bread because they are hungry. They stone women to death because for having sex and they shot by shooting squad. I love you as an Ethiopians to be honest. But I am not in love with your religion. I am actually getting terrified every time I see a bearded Muslim. It is not my fault brother. No, no to islam; I have one life and I will not tolerate a religion that kills people all over the world. You have more than needed right in Ethiopia but you have been ungrateful. But I do not blame you man; it is your religion that makes you bad. You deny and you deny. When we critize your religion you cry, but when muslims kill people you keep quiet? why? I remember muslim all over the world protesting about a Danish man who made a fiasco of Mohammed. All muslim cried across the globe, but when muslim kills people across the globe ? you never see muslim protesting? why? Anyway, Are you Ethiopian? I advise u to abandon the Arabic religion. It is not a religion; it is an Arab political organisation to colonize the world. You are now colonized yourself by an Arab God. you better worship the trees and the sun than the God who gives you the authority to kill other humans. Gragn burnt 400 000 churches and destroyed millions of literatures and treasures of Ethiopia? and he is your hero? haha, anyway, my brother if you are really genuine Ethiopians, you must abandon islam once for all. It is better me and you worship the trees, the sun and the water than the dead and killer Allah. If I were you I would abandon islam. If Christian were killing people like ILSAM does, then I will abandon it immediately. I would not worship a God that allows to kill other humans. Look what your Egyptians muslims are doing. They are burning all the churches in that country. They are killing the people. If it is possible Islam must be eradicated from Ethiopia and our muslims do not need to kill people. I love our muslims from my heart; but I want them to be like their own kins. I am not in love with Islam to be honest. I used to love it before I knew it. But now I am tired of seeing horror in the name of Ilsam. I am not fan it. Do not get offended because this is based facts of the world. If you have problem with regime in Ethiopia? then go and talk to them. Do not tell me as if I am a leader. I have nothing to do with the government in Ethiopia. Also, I am never biased against Islam. It is based on objective reality on the ground where your religion is terrifying our world. There is no Christianity who kill muslims and burn mosques or cut the throats of muslims. My advise to you is apply your brain and to know good and bad and choose the good one than to follow wrong teachings of a foreign imported religion. We better worship stones than worshipping a God that teaches violence and bloodshed. Wrong religion. Do not blame me, blame the teaching of islam and the action of your brethren muslims. I am human being and I will condemn your religion for violating lives. you can cry , deny, say many things. It does not matter because we see by our own eyes. we are not biased against your religion. There are 1000s of religion on our planet. None of them kill human as Ilsam does. No apologies. You better address the problem of your religion than blaming others. There is no right or freedom in your religion ; if there is one, your fellows muslims would not burn churches, humans in broad-day light by saying Allah Akbur? Do not live in darkness. Free yourself from this Arab God. Do not relate Islam with Amhra, oromo,tigriee,… our muslims can live like their kins men but we will not allow them to be killers.

  15. Dear Coptic Tigrian
    I already informed you in advance that you will lie. I can refute one by one all your comments here but I don’t have time for Youtube brainwashed child like you. I hate to call you pathological liar for you are.
    Did you say Imam Ahmed (Gragn) burnt 400,000 cave Coptic churches? What? What? Are you referring to whole Africa or only Amhara and Tigri zone in that 15th century. I doubted even in Whole Africa you find 400,000 Coptic churches.
    This lie alone by itself strap your hands and feet in fact your rotten malnourished brain and put you in low level of your ancestors mentality who used to live in cave.
    Let me give you true statistics about your religion you know nothings. No lie. If you lie in Islam they cut your tongue. So watch out.
    Orthodox (Coptic)
    Since Ethiopia established in 1887, Ethiopian Muslims’ tax was abused by fanatic feudal rulers by building huge empty Betaskan. To this date 55,000 Coptic churches were built on Ethiopian Muslim lands and Northern Coptics lands.
    Imagine this is in contemporary Ethiopia which include Muslim lands of Oromo, Afar, Ogaden, etc and not in Amhara/Tigrai of 15th century. So where did you get that about half million figure? Aren’t you ashamed of lie or just your genes made up of lie.
    By the way I am not fanatic and extremist dark age person like you. I defend civil rights of all human beings when I comment irrespective of religion, location, tribe or color.
    You try to teach 1.5 billion Muslims about their religion plus millions volunteerly converted people every year.
    You must be something really! Please say more about Danish man, Allah Akbur, Arab god, cut hand, cut penis, burn churches but Coptic never do that, stone women, what else.
    Really that’s all you know. If I point finger on your traditional monostrous cave religion believe me you will hate to live. In short, religion is not the problem. People are whether Muslim or Coptic. Muslim Somali or Muslim Saudi or Muslim Afghan committ crime or misinterpret the religion that doesn’t represent the rest of Muslim world of Turkey, Indonocia (400 million), Malasia, Morroco, Ethiopiam and so on.
    Coptic Serbs committed heinous crime against humanity by wiping out over 200,000 Muslims and catholics. Rwandans close to millions, Congo in millions, Mexico close to hundred thousands, and so on. This is in 100,000 and millions masacres or genocides. Who did this crimes. Religion? No. Coptic Gezees likes who are human beings committ the crime and not the religion Coptic or Islam.
    You better atone now. Islam is not what you think is. I told you Rabbai, Priests, Actor, Actress, name it, embraced Islam for it’s peacefulness. Read it or ask for help from scholars. Google these Rabbai and clergy web sites and question them. Ask them why 1.5 billions Muslims demonstrated against Danish man and you will see they will laugh at you. Ask them all the points you mentioned above and you will see they will laugh at your mentality. Why they laugh at you? 1.5 billion plus never demonstrated nor did what you said did. There are bad apples in Muslims as their are in your cave religion.
    I am sure you are Ethiopian not Eritrean. I urge you to focus on democracy where everyone is equal in religion, right, just, etc. By insulting the religion you envy the most doesn’t prop your traditional religion up but down into the drain.
    Grow up child. You contradict yourself most of time for you are bipolar as I witnessed it here. You said you loved Islam but not now. Only children change like this from one extreme to the other extreme end. I leave you here and wish you luck to come out of your cave mentality of 8 years old child.

  16. Dear Habasha:
    Hello; we are civilized people in Ethiopia. There is no a land called Muslim land in Ethiopia. The land in Ethiopia is called Ethiopians land. There has never been a muslim land in Ethiopia and there will never be one in the future. You can see yourself now you insulting me all kind of insult because you never accept truth but you deny 100%. This is why your bloody religion is going the down the drain because you never take constructive critism and instead you deny and you swear, you kill, you murder, you shoot, you terrorize the human being. Anyway, I cannot change you here but rest assured the law of physics will change you because humanity will not allow u to continue terrorize humanity in the name of you Allah. Yea, you cut penis, you cut hand, you burn people, you cut tongue, …. that is the creed of your religion and a ticket to your Genet aka Gehanem. Wjhen you insult, you get angry, you are only showing how uncivilized you are . I did not insult you. I just told your political religion is killing murdering, burning people. You are telling me I am lying? The 7 billion human being on this planet are my witnesses Islam is killing people. I do not blame the muslim people I blame the bloody teaching of your religion that tells you are the only one who can live on this planet. If my church could teach me like that. I would be the same. The problem is not the people, the problem is your Arabic political religion called Islam. you tell me my religion is idol worshipping? It is better to worship anything than to worship your bloody Allah who tell you to kill other human beings by saying Alla Akbur? Sew eyegedelk allah akbur? how is Allah kubur by killing others? You tell me I am lying. Let the world be witness. You may not believe but I have friends from Saudi Arabia who admit the Islam religion is a problem. Many enlightened Muslims agree but do not know to fix it. You have destroyed your religion by your own actions. It is not me who is killing bysaying Allah Akubur? Did you see the Syrians Mujahidens eating liver of Syrians soldiers? The beardy guys cut the throat of the soldiers, apparently muslim sodiers but Shia muslims. But because they are Shia, they cut the soldiers body into and took out the liver and heart and ate it showing off and boasting about it. This is your religion. It is okay you can insult me, not a big deal because you even kill people and you said you cut tongues, you do everything, that is your religion.
    Take it easy bro; I can not repair you. If you have any brain, use your brain please than killing people to go to a non-existing heaven. If there is heaven, then there will not place for murderers in there.

  17. Dear Gezaee,
    Let us rest this case for once and for all. But … let me water you with these.
    We are not at the same level. I am talking with not a child but down syndrom child who is slow to get the point. This is nature.
    Your have unique gene. When I said unique I have proves. Your tribe from north Ethiopia are very rigid people, hard to communicate. This is what also former Amercian Ambassador to Ethiopia reiterated on ESAT if I am not misquoting him. He said for two thousand years their rigidness remained same. They want follow their ancestors’ mentality.
    Same thing you are showing me here. I was not able to pour an iota of idea into your rigid, solid, immature brain of yours.
    You don’t give answer to my question which put your credibility in bad condition. I asked you about 400,000 Coptic churches in the north in 15th century that you mentioned? NO answer. About genocide in Rawanda, Coptic Serbia, Congo, etc. No answer. Instead you jump from one tree to the other tree like animal monkey to duck the question. You tell me minute tragedy compared to elephant one.
    You brought new topic like al Queda Syrian eating liver? even Pinochet of Syria dictator Bashar mentioned it too. This is Islam religion you said. Wow. Please you better visit psychiatrist for you are not only hallucinating but connecting unconectable things together. Even a crazy Tigri does not think this way.
    This is very extreme side of your brain which is cooked like scramble eggs.
    Rawandas converted to Islam after that genocide. Why? They blamed your religion for that barbaric way of genocide. Watch true Youtube how many of them embraced the religion you gave it many bad names. Have you seen me blaming your religion if a Coptic committ crime like Milosovic?
    Yoooooooou are fuuuuuuuuuuuuny! You make me laugh when I read your comments. Killing people take you to heaven. Wow. How come 1.5 billion Muslims did not take advantage of killing spree to go to heaven. You really believe in this or you just want make fun or lie like 400,000 Coptic churches only in northern Ethiopia in 15th century when the population in the north was less than 2-3 millions.
    All your insults appeared like your 400,000 coptic churches in the air.
    Well, I am not a lawyer for Islam. But I try to teach you civility and secularist mentality. Today mosques built in thousands in secular western countries. Millions converted to Islam. Why this happen? Don’t those people and the government know what you know? Well, why don’t tell them your tert tert Mamo Kilo version of lie to the whole world since you are the little god in Kulobi Gabriel worshipper every year which was erected for you by feudal to intoxicate your rotten brain with hate.
    Burning mosques in Wolkitie and Addis Ababa recently did not hit your ear except Arabs staff.
    Killin, torture, jailing Ethiopian Muslims did not touch your heart because you are from the oppressor linage.
    I better let it go here for it takes us nowhere.
    Keep whatever you think about Islam which is your privilage. I am not trying to convince you to see the real picture out of your cave for I am not you sibling or parent, or mentor. Evil can be your mantor for that matter. I leave you alone.
    For your info if you lie in Islam nobody will cut your tongue. Our parents used to say that to us in order to teach us truthfulness, honesty and respect. If you want know the difference between you and me, please compare our children and see who is God fearing let alone to take a soul which is planted by God. In Islam or in Quran it says taking a single soul is like taking all humanity soul. If you think I made up this find out the truth. I can list for you a lot as such may be you will not come out of dark because of your hate for this religion.
    You try to put down Islam by comparing to other religion that you know nothing.
    Do you know in Indian religion, a widow will be burned alive if her husband die before her. I have watched the movie on this subject.
    Well, I don’t want harvest on your brain and really I was never mad nor rude. You just made me laugh out of curiosity and wonder of your brain in this century.
    Love, peace and humanity for all of us who are humane, humble, truthful and hate to hater evils.

  18. Sorry i forgot to respond on Ethiopian land. Today there is no Muslim nor Coptic Ethiopian land. Ethiopian land is Ethiopian land but yesterday there was Muslim land which is 2/3 of today’s Ethiopia.

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