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Tedla Asfaw
Haile Silassie
I did not know that the late Meles Zenawi was “fighting” for African Union (AU) to be built where OAU was established 50 years ago, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Meles said, “The reactionary Haile Selassie armed Mandela”, “The brutal killer Mengistu armed Mugabe to fight Rhodesia” and both were “strong Pan Africanist”. Follow the clip
The late Meles Zenawi wanted to be like the “reactionary Haile Selassie” on world/African stage in his short life time. Unfortunately, the Ethiopian Diaspora followed him until his death to expose his reactionary brutal deeds. “Reactionary Haile Selassie” was a Star on world stage that attracted millions of all races who admired him for leading his country during Fascist Italy invasion. Here in NY there were two parades attended by more than million each time. Plenty parades throughout the world.
Had the late Meles Zenawi was not blinded by hate for “Amhara” he was in a good position to fight for King Haile Selassie a.k.a Ababa Janhoye Statue to be erected on the newly built AU like he fought for AU to be built in Addis Ababa. The reason he gave why AU should be in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s symbol of independence, is the reason why King Haile Selassie Statue be there in front of newly built AU Addis Ababa, the birth of OAU fifty years ago,
The Ethnic Bantustaization of Ethiopia which has been promoted by the Meles Regime in power has hurt the image of our country. I challenge African countries to accept Haile Selassie as a symbol of Africa by putting his statue at African Union. This has nothing to do with present Ethiopia, it has all to do with Africa’s History of Independence.
Long Live Haile Selassie !!!
Long Live Ethiopia !!!
Long Live African Union !!!


  1. Africa will never have a great leader like King Haile Selassie. His Majesy deserve more than one statue. We Ethiopians were better of and lived with peace and hrmony when Haile selassie was ruling Ethiopia.Any one can judje or see what has happeng to the country after Mengistu or Meles took over.They both messed up the country and took it back 30 yrs. behind. LONG LIVE HAILE SELASSIE

  2. Hilessilassie was the killer of all. He starved to death the millions of people from Wollo. Hilessillasie should deserve no statue beilt in his name in Addis abab.
    I disagree with Melles Zenawi on many things, but I 100% agree with him when it comes to the brutality of Hilessilassie.
    Good job meles!!

  3. I am amazed by how much people can critisize compared to how much they can get done. You pick 2 points the kate Honorable PM did and you are very qiuck and confortable to rant but resistant to thank his fight to keep the organization at home which bring thousands of jobs and most importantly pride. Please be open minded think all round, lets learn to appreiate and honor. How many wrong things have you done? I would be be surprized if you say none becaus that will make you inhuman. He made mistskes but he has done many honorable things for the nation

  4. I agree with the writer , On the formation of OAU HIM played a decisive role to be formed and have a seat in addis abeba Ethiopia.He has to get his historical place at this historical time.We are unlucky.We don’t like appreciating our heroes. GOD HELP US !!!!

  5. H.I.M. Haile Selassie Ist:
    “The population of Our Capital, Addis Ababa, have expressed through their Mayor, their desire to erect a monument to Our honour, that they on their own initiative, have started raising funds, and have requested that We lay the foundation stone of this memorial today. It has also been confirmed that the whole people of Ethiopia have joined hands with the people of Addis Ababa in this effort………………Many people believe that this could be done by the erection of physical and material structures; others believe that their works are in themselves lasting monuments. We, for Our part, think that man’s contributions which live to influence the life and progress of posterity, are the most permanent monuments that can ever be erected………………..A Symbol of Mutual Gratitude Any monument to be left for Our people, to be permanent, must be erected upon SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS. It is widely known that during Our reign, We spared no effort to promote and extend education and to cultivate the spirit and mind of Our people. It is Our sincere wish to intimately connect the statue Our people intend to erect in Our image and in Our honour with a living monument in remembrance of Our people’s goodwill, which will go down in history from generation to generation linking together perennially the affection of a people to its Sovereign. Our beloved people, in contemplating the erection of a monument in Our honour, and We, on Our part, to express Our satisfaction and recognize this gratitude, have decided that on this same spot, where Our people have resolved to build with the funds voluntarily subscribed a statue to Us, that a University be erected and established for the education of Ethiopia’s youth so as to allow them and future generations to benefit from this happy event. While giving this site for the building and establishment of a University to represent at the same time a monument to your Emperor, for the service and the benefit of your children and the future generations and to stand as a symbol of mutual gratitude between your Sovereign and His people, We now lay the foundation stone of the University.”

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