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Justice for the people

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It is a good news that the final chapter of evil TPLF cohorts is approaching in light speed. The treason and the barbaric act  committed by these people on their own comrades who were keeping the peace and security of Ethiopia is beyond belief. On top of that the genocide atrocity they committed in Mycadra put them on different class of inhumanness.
There will be tons of charges that can be filled against this group and specially the military commanders and low level officers who committed this atrocity should be promptly court marshaled and should receive the ultimate penalty. There should not be any civilian court to try these evils. The political leaders who committed this atrocity and evil act should be tried on special tribune and get their penalty they deserve. Any property they own in the country should be foreclosed and the proceed should be used to compensate  martyred defense forces and the for military armament destruction they committed even though it is modest compared to the loss.
In the mean time  one of the first business of the government is to account all martyred defense forces and get proper burial and inform their family and their loved once and probably declare that evil night as a national observation day of the evil act.
The regular military compensation and government assistance to the remaining family should be done promptly.
After this loss and suffering the liberated land from north west Humera, Welkait, Tsgede, south of Tigray Raya, Waja.. should stay in the administration before Weyane took them by power that is poetic justice. It is not only that the daily massacre that is committed every day in the Metekle region is taken away from Gojam administration  by the Tplf junta to hurt the Amhara and should be returned to admin it used to be and that is the only way to stop the massacre.
On the economic justice front, the first in line who should be are the Commercial Bank, Development Bank and the Internal revenue service. These banks have lost billions for bad unserviceable loans and written off these loans. Now they can open those books and trace every loan given to these TPLF conglomerates and fake investors who borrowed money for investment and looted the money and build rental shinny Malls, office complex, hotels and business all over the country including Addis Ababa. The banks should foreclose these property and from the auction proceed should collect the loan with interest. The internal revenue should audit these conglomerates and collect all unpaid tax for the last three decades and these firms should be investigated for all unlawful business they have committed like contraband and tax evasion with serious penalty including the firm officers.
 The share and investment held by these evil group in Wegagen, Anbessa and Abay bank should be auctioned publicly and the proceed should be put aside by care taking entity. Now it is time for all lawyers and law professionals in Ethiopia and represent the surviving family and sue this evil junta for the life lost for the last thirty years in Metekle, GuraFerda, Guji, Sidama, Sebetta, Shashemne, Arsi, Harrerghe, Somali region … and get a modest financial compensation with a Class Action Lawsuits that all the lawyers file against TPLF for this direct and indirect responsibility. It is public secret their direction, training and financing of this evil act for the last three decades to commit these atrocities. Once the Class action suit is achieved all TPLF affiliated business are fair game to be auctioned publicly and the proceeds will be used to compensate for the suffering of the family of the victims from this atrocity. In this class action suit not only the family of genocide victims of the recent Maykadra, other massacres committed by this evil group, other victims are are also entitled, for their unlawfully torched, in-prisoned, maimed for their loss and suffering. The other victims eligible for compensation are the investors whose investment is torched by the financing of this evil, in Shahsemene, Jimma , various Amhara, Debub, Oromia, Somalia regions. Also the employee of these investments who has lost their livelihood should be inline to receive compensation from the Class action suit.
This should be the start for sure there will be more victims who has suffered with these evils for the last three decades and compensating the victims is a modest step for healing from the atrocity and injustice committed.