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Join us in New York City: Discussion with Mr. Obang Metho

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A synopsis of facts on Migrant ordeals: By Obang Metho

Dear Friends:
“The devastating of beheaded our 30 young Ethiopian men in Libya because they were Christians in April 2015 have shaken Ethiopians to more closely examine why so many of our people take the risk to leave their homes only to find themselves in harm’s way. These questions fill our minds as grief and sadness surrounding the horrible deaths of our young Ethiopians continues to overwhelm us.
Ethiopia is a poor country in the world despite the fact we have abundant resources. Billions of dollars of aid money have flowed into the country; but yet, the outpouring of our people continues unabated. The image of our country is now closely intertwined with that of seeing our young men burned alive in South Africa, the 48 Ethiopians who died after being caught in the civil conflict in Yemen, those who died in containers in Tanzania, those found dead in Lake Malawi, our young girls hanging themselves in the Middle East, the dead and rotting body of a young Ethiopian, lying in the streets of Saudi Arabia for lack of someone to bury her, Ethiopian bodies floating on the Red Sea or the Mediterranean Sea after the boats carrying them capsized, the skeletons of Ethiopians in the Sinai Desert after their organs had been removed, our young boys and girls selling their bodies on the streets of Addis with no one to protect them; our elders within Ethiopia searching for food in the heaps of trash, Ethiopian men and women of courage, fleeing the country under threat of arrests because they spoke the truth and demanded change, and now our 30 young men beheaded or shot in the head in Libya because they were Christians.
Our emotions are stirred to new depths; realizing that so many of our people put themselves at risk only because they feared or despaired of life inside Ethiopia more than they feared the hardships and dangers awaiting them on their journeys abroad. We have to honestly acknowledge what is happening and why, if we are to stop it. Unless all of us Ethiopians declare ourselves to be part of the problem as well as part of the solution, it will continue. “If you care about this topic, please come and join us for an interesting discussion on a variety of issues.