Jawar Mohammed’s Clarification on Minnesota Speech

(The Gulele Post) — In recent weeks, several video clips from my speeches at various events have been systematically edited to present a narrative that portrays me in the worst moral and political light. The latest of these doctored videos are pieced together to create the impression that I was advocating violence against Christians in Ethiopia. Needless to say, this is a calculated and horrendous political strategy so commonplace in the Ethiopian political landscape. Let me say as clearly as I can: I find such views so revolting and so repugnant that it has no place in any civil political discourse. Whatever motivated those who engaged in EPRDF style character assassination, this past week has given us an impeccable evidence about the state of our media and the place of truth, and journalistic ethics in their operations. It is also ironic that many of the individuals and groups engaged in this propaganda are the same people who went a long way to disparage me as ’naïve’, ‘spineless’, and ‘passivist’ for writing and speaking about nonviolence. Given the sensitivity of the issue and the malicious manner in which these videos were edited and presented, I want to take this opportunity to explain the context in which that particular speech was delivered.

On May 25, 2013, I was invited to speak at a town hall gathering organized by Risala International, a consortium of three Minnesota-based mosques. There were several prominent spiritual and secular leaders from various communities in North America. Present were also representatives from the Minnesota delegation to the U.S. congress. Based on my own observation and the organizers account, the audience consisted of Muslim Oromos, non-Muslim Oromos, non-Oromo Muslims, and Ethiopians of other faiths.
As I do with every invitation, I asked the organizers to give me a specific topic to address, a language of their preference, and format of the presentation. In this case, the organizers asked me to analyze whether the Oromo struggle and ongoing Muslim protests for religious freedom are complementary or contradictory. I prepared my presentation in Afan Oromo, however, after learning there were attendees who do not understand the Oromo language, I ended my comments with a rather condensed summary in Amharic. Given the moderator was flying the ‘times up’ sign on my face, I did not have the privilege of explaining my point in details
It was at the end of that comment that I made a statement which led to a controversy and used by interested group to advance their own political agenda. I said where I grew up, where Muslims make up majority, there is a broad consensus that people would stand up and fight; and the saying goes, they would fight with what is traditionally known as Menca in Afaan Oromo. Here I was trying to underscore the point that even if politically powerless, being numerical majority brings about a sense of collective security which leads people to confront the abusive state head on forcefully. Hence, this serves as a restraining factor against those who seek to undermine their dignity. In contrast, where the politically oppressed is also numerically outnumbered, the sense of vulnerability might lead to submission to injustice; consequently enabling the oppressive system to violate their rights with no fear of repercussion.
Every normative community has its own unique way of assigning and discerning meaning in a text or utterance. The expression I used is a sarcastic expression used for a humorous effect. Although it did not occur to me at the time, sarcasm, like satire and irony, works precisely on the slippage between what is said and what is meant. It is often joked among Oromos that Manca is a weapon of pride in Hararghe, as Shimala (a stick) is in Shawa, Eboo (a spear) is among the Arsi, Togorri for Karrayyuu and so on. These cultural expressions make meaning only within the cultural geography in which they are uttered. I suspect that the majority of the participants attending the consortium understood that the expression is intended not as a statement of fact but as sarcastic expression that signifies almost the opposite of what it seems to say. However, when several versions of the video—some of it doctored to generate the political effects needed by my detractors—several friends, colleagues, and other individuals who did not understand this cultural context expressed their disappointment, hurt, and even a rage. I fully regret these unintended consequences and the lack of foresight on my part.
I understand that a lot of Ethiopians disagree with my views and I welcome all constructive debates and criticisms. However, taking my statements out of context and juxtaposing unrelated events for mere character assassination is not only malicious but also an outdated political tactic. In this era of heightened instant communication lies have a shelf life of minutes before being countered by facts. But during that short lifespan, they could cause serious harm, not so much to their targeted subject, but more so to the unsuspecting general public.
If it is of any help, those who want to mislead the public should know that I am a product of an interfaith marriage. My father was a Muslim and my mother was from an Orthodox Christian background. Moreover, my wife is a Lutheran. I do not advocate religious freedom and interfaith understanding and tolerance because it is fad of the time. I was raised with and live by those values.
Now let me return to the real issue at stake. I would like to remind all that the defamation campaigns, including the distortion of this video followed the Al Jazeera program that focused on the plight of the Oromo people, in which I was a panelist. The frenzy has now gone beyond defamation and verbal threat. Abdi Fite, a young Oromo journalist was recently ambushed in Washington DC, physically attacked and threatened with knife to his throat. This attack happened following a video Abdi released sharing his perspective on being an Oromo. Those who are trying to silence the Oromo voice through physical and symbolic violence should reflect on history and revise their strategy. My reading of history is that targeting Oromo individuals have not yielded the intended result of destroying the struggle of Oromo People.
The Oromo people have a just cause that no amount of violence nor distortion can delegitimize. The Oromo nation has produced and continue to produce sons and daughters that pick up and carry the flag when one comrade falls. For those who are still attempting to recycle the old divide and destroy tactic, be sure that Oromos have a time tested culture and system that cherishes its diversity and promotes pluralism. Oromos are masters of coexistence with their neighbors. They are also fierce warriors in defense of their sovereignty. The just Oromo struggle is about restoring dignity to a people who have been ruthlessly denigrated, and violently subjugated. It is a struggle that gives back to the people their right to self determination in its fullest sense. This sacred goal must be achieved no matter the cost.
Source: The Gulele Post)


  1. He said that he grew up in a pop with majority of muslim (about 90-99%)…he is now saying that his mum is christian – which means that she is from the 1% population in a community that he grew up. Come on Jawar … you are just a rude dude. I am sure you that you don’t have any ambition to be a leader of some sort. You have to first learn on how to be “humble” to all human being not to a person who asks you or people who are in a hall listening you.

  2. Jawar,
    Many of us who had the means and opportunity of listening have listened to the audio of your speech. You are saying it is doctored. May be may be not. Please do us a favor by posting the undoctored video of your speech. This way we can be able to compare what you actually said and what is doctored. After that we can be able to give our judgment.
    Secondly do you think this piece of article in the Gulele Post is the undoctored version of your writing. If you say yes then we can be able to give our full understanding and opinion regarding the contents and motives of your article.
    Thirdly, what is self determination in its fullest sense mean to you. And you mentioned that you are of mixed breed. If that is true you are HIBREBEHER. Meaning you do not preach for self determination in its true sense.
    Fourthly, you said that the Oromo people have a just cause that no amount of violence or distortion can delegitimize. In your opinion what make this just cause different from that of the Amhara, Tigre, Harare, Gurage, Welayita, Kembata, etc people ‘s in Ethiopia.
    Appreciate receiving your response at this forum or send me personally to my email at aneganega@yahoo.com. Thanks

    • Because your emiyye jail speaks afan oromo, Oromo are the most exploited ethnic group in the horn of Africa, oromo language was targeted to be killed.
      Oromo are espcially targeted by Ethiopian government machine and the support of the west and this only make it espcial. We shall OVERCOME!!!

  3. Asalame Alekum Jawar Mohammed,
    I just read your statement posted above. I am very familiar with “Mencha”. I know very well its killing power. The whole world saw its killing power when used “efficiently” in the Rwanda Genocide in 1994. Your “apology” might not convince many because you failed to response for “Ethiopia out of Oromia” rhetoric in the Minnesota rally.
    The “Mencha” declaration is to cleanse the Oromia from Ethiopians. Is that the reason you do not want to address the “Ethiopia out of Oromia” rhetoric ?Woyane stooges cleansed Amharas in Benchi Maji and Gura Ferda. Due to the Diaspora protest less than 50 people were “charged” for the Ethnic Cleansing in Benchi Maji. Even those who have guns can be defeated by mass protest let alone Hate Talk from Minnesota.
    Come on and tell us what you mean when you scream “Ethiopia out of Oromia”. Is it not calling for Ethnic Cleansing ? You should admit it like Woyane admitted for Benchi Maji’s Ethnic Cleansing.
    Tedla Asfaw

    • Tadela You are born and raised in Harar and you know that Mencha is used to cut sorghum and a pride in that area. No body use this term for violence. Misleading this quote will help no one but expose you as a person. You can’t win any body but lose more to your old old Amhara club. That is for sure. Many people know that well. My take was oromo are not bold enough and that is why you guys bulf on us. I am sure the new generation is very different and might tell you then what ” if you treaten me with my existance I might have used it to protect my self. Keep dreaming that the “golden years will come back”.

  4. your speech made me think twice; what is going to happen if Oromia is separated; A minority Christian ruled by sharia law?

  5. You are an ASS-HOLE!!!
    Mother Ethiopia’s Deification, not a clean gene shit-some you are worth talking to…
    Keep salivating! You will never see Ethiopia The Beautiful in her entirety!!!

  6. Interesting statement by Jawar. It was good that you were attached by thugs who represent no one because they gave you one more chance to lecture them.
    You are always great!!!

  7. well it is done already you killed your self ,are you sure your wife is lutheran i dont think so if she is she should have told you how god is love instead of throwing your vinmouse word. do not trade with oromos people we know oromos they are humble we understand your hiden agenda what surprise me is all the audiance accepted your (bemecha angetun enelew nebr) with smilly face
    good by

  8. Jawar is changing his face Chameleon style. He is now saying he is everything: Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, etc. If his mother is an Orthodox Christian, has he said something when Orthodox Christians are brutally oppressed by Aba Paulos and Meles for the last 22 years?
    On Oromos, it would be good if we know the questions of the Oromos. What are the questions of the Oromo people, specially those which need to be answered by the Amara people? Can he come out of his hiding and elaborate these questions? Some of them might be legitimate and may get an easy answer without all his bravados and the subsequent scuffles.
    He has said he is fighting for freedom, yet sometimes he is also saying that he likes to impose the will of the oromos on other people by any means and at any cost. Is this not contradictory?
    Right now, if you go to the towns where the majority are Oromo, the Amaras and others are often brutally mistreated in that it is even difficult to get basic things unless somebody is an Oromo. Is this not against the right for every Ethiopian to live anywhere in the country? Why oromos think always negative? My observation is that it is even difficult to work as professional in oromo regions.
    Finally, can Jawar advise us how we can bring those oromos who killed innocent Amaras including women and children in Arba Gigu, Bedeno, Asebot and Wellega to court? Has he talked about this with OLF? I am assuming he perfectly knows that this is a pending human rights issue that need to get an answer by all involved including Wexane, OLF and the Oromos. Can I borrow his last statement in the above piece and say that these killings are still in the minds of all of us and justice will be achieved no matter the cost.

  9. Jawar you are a cowered Terrorist. You were expected to give interview to Aba Mela PalTalk Room but you got scared & refused to come instead you gave fake interview in OLF room where you really belong
    Jawar -you are not OROMO. Abebe Bekela was the Great Oromo the world ever known
    Jawar -You are not Muslim. You are Egyptian paid Terrorsit who is trying to Hijack the Ethiopian Mulsims movement just like Morsi did in Egypt
    Jawar – Thanks to Aba Mela today we know you were send to USA by Woyane as OPDO Recriut & you lived in Woyane Embassy in Washington DC until they kicked you out when they realize your connection with Extrimist groups
    Jawar Ploitically you are a dead fish

  10. I watched the entire video of ur speech from A to Z but I couldn’t see the wrongness the comment on u that u mentioned mencha to kill the minorities christians around in your area . The point is not the tools u are using mencha or dula or spear ? The thing is no body has a right to kill the minorities & we as a human being created equally with the dignity to live fairly & harmoniously with no boundary . So juwar I personally don’t keep record of others mistakes but u need to say big sorry & we forgive u.

  11. Attacking Oromos in DC is a no no and must be met with utmost revenge. Period. No Amara can go unchallenged in the West.

  12. Jawar, you are a disgrace and insult to the Oromo people, you have nothing to do. You are not an Oromo, you trace your relations with the arabs who finance you to distablize. In other words you and your gang supportes are all the enemy of The Oromo people.
    Leave the Oromos alone. Oromos do not need you and your gang supporters.
    You are confused, go back to saudi arabia, there you belong.

  13. Jawar, you were nothing and you are still nothing, We Ethiopians don’t waste our time
    on Egomaniacs like you. We have our eyes on on the prize, on our struggle against the dictatorial regime,tplf, if you think you can come now and destruct with your childish temper tantrum, then you must be a dolt with a so called degree. You are not fooling no one, keep your paws off our struggle.

  14. your father married orthodox christian and u married Lutheran ,this show me u want expand muslimizem in Ethiopia.
    does your dad allowed ur mom to go to church? did u allowed ur wife to go to Lutheran church? do u allowed any muslim women to get married with christian man?.i know one thing muslim man can married from any religion but for muslim womem not allowed to get maried outside her religion .that why u did like your father to expand ur hidden agenda…now we understand you, u have a plan to build Islamic oromia republic ….THIS IS .impossible MR JUWAR..

  15. Jawar stop accusing others and take responsblity for your actions, you just said we cut the christians and non muslims with MENCHA if they say anything against muslims and this speaks volumes about your extreemist view, JAWAR you are the most opportunist politician i have ever seen in my life you talk about secular OROMIYA when you invited in the meeting of OLF and Unity when you are with Pro unification parties and when u invited on muslim events you preach about ISLAMIC OROMIA KKK now you are dead politically you will live your life as those stupid and racist and blind fanatic OROMOS who dream about prescuting AMHARAS and Amhara children with their machests remember Amhara people will not sit and let their throats cut as you did in BEDENO

  16. Please stop this we are the only victimes mentality. Why you fail to have a vision like Obang Metho?? You have to know that NO ONE IS FREE UNLESS WE ALL ARE FREE!! The cost of struggle based on humanity is much less than that based on ethnicity.
    If the organizers were Ethiopian muslims as a whole why was then you or they choose Oromifa?? I’m tired of people like you. If you are not about Ethiopians as a whole please don’t come to Ethiopian sites to tell us only about Oromos proble. Don’t make us busy arguing with you. We have big enemy, weyane. If you wish concentrate fighting weyane ok

  17. እኔ የሚገርመኝ የኦነግ ባጠቃላይ የኦሮሞ ጉዳይ ነው. በኦሮሞዎች በኩል ነፍጠኛ ወይም አቢሲኒያ ወረረችኝ ይላል. ኢትዮጵያዊ ነኝ የሚለው ደግሞ የኦሮሞ ጥያቄ በዲሞክራሲ ይፈታል, ትክክለኛ ፌዴራል ሲስተም ችግሩን ይፈታዋል ገለመኔ ይሉናል. እኔ ደግሞ የምለው ሁሉቱም ወገኖች ባገራችን ሁኔታ ላይ ተመርኩዘው ሳይሆን እንግሊዝኛ ማንበብ ስለሚችሉ የባዕዳንን ታሪክና ፍልስፍና አንብበው ወደ አገራችን ዞረው የሚበጠብጡ ትናንሽ ፍጥረቶች ናቸው እላለው.
    አገራችንን ቢያውቁ ኖሮማ ኦሮሞ የመንግሥተ ኢትዮጵያን ግዛት ወሮ ገብቶ መሬት ነጥቆ ሲኖር ቴዎድሮስና ምኒልክ መልሰው ያስተፉት መጤ ሕዝብ ስለሆነ ከእኩልነት ሌላ ክልልም, የመገንጠል መብትም አይገባውም ባሉ ነበር. ምድረ እንግሊዝኛ አንባቢ ኩታራ አገራችንን አፈረሷት.

  18. Dear jawar, If u believe what u said is right, you don’t need to discuss it here. If u feel u made a mistak appologise for that. I have seen u while u call also “Ethiopian out from oromia”. Dear Jawar,when we talk about ethiopian people,we don’t talk about individuals who fight with Abdi in DC. Bringing an individual experience as an Ethiopian experience is weak analysis. Abdi like U can say his mind and people individually can challange u in different ways. But please don’t lift up the case asif all Ethiopians are against u in particular and the oromo people in general. You have stated well the difficulty of choosing one Ethiopian from the other based on race and religion as you have Muslim-chiristian parents & a chiristian wife. That is our problem as well. I wish u keep the struggle for your cause but please cool down & do it in a civil manner . You don’t need to mention for any reason the use of force. I wish your struggle for freedom elevate to the level of all Ethiopian people. What is the reason you don’t speak for freedom of other Ethiopian?. “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!”. By the way we should bring those guys who tried to silence Abdi by force to jusice,it it totally inhuman & unacceptable! Thank u dear brother!

  19. mr juar i read your statement i was respect you as a young political person or what ever they call you, my point is you mention about mencha
    in harege region the oromo ethnic killed you by mencha without any excuses you take me 25 years back how people killed in garamuleta by group of oromo people using mencha it is full of the bus becouse there mission was kill all cristian one of my causin hit by mencha and he servive.
    even in the busy the oromo ladies beg the group of killers to stop killing but they didnt
    now in america still you mension about mencha my understanding is still you support those criminal killers i don’t blaming becouse you did not change your mentality ever and for ever not only you but we who leave in harge region still we leave together with oromo people no revenging
    let me conclude mr juar you are trained man which means you got training by somebody to work for them, yes i knew you are educated person but you are not yourself , let me tell you as example do you know doctor and car mecanic are the same becouse they are trained to do the job

  20. juhar. I tried to defend you but you came to apologize which is a no no. You blew both ways, Muslim and Christian. Your background is irrelevant. Whenyu insulted Christians that was not insult it was fact. But now you are not standing by it by giving all excuses, lack of time, satir, etc, marriage, Christian mom. That is no shield. You can be all of these and still act that way, I know many cases. You came out to defend Muslims but now you backing off. We do not need this type f politician who will sell Muslims. Muslims have been cheated before. Now you making Muslims look the sacrificial lamb. Never give in when it comes to Muslim issues. Why you are not giving in on Christians? We know Christians of Ethiopia had blood in their hands against Muslims. Who is gonna speak for them? Not you any more.
    post my comments zehabesha.

  21. እከሌ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው፣ እከሌም … ምናምን እያሉ ለሁሉም የማይመች አይነት መቻቻልና አንድነት መስበክ oversimplification ይመስለኛል ። መቻቻሉማ ከአንገት በላይ እነደሆነ እኮ ከጀዚራው የጃዋር ኑዛዜ በኋላ ግለሰቡ ላይ የወረደበት የስድብ ውርጅብኝ አጋልጧል ። መቻቻልን መስበክ ለአብሮ መኖራችን ተገቢ ቢሆንም መቻቻል ማለት ግን መፎጋገር ማለት መሆን የለበትም ።

  22. mr juar i read your statement i was respect you as a young political person or what ever they call you, my point is you mention about mencha
    in harege region the oromo ethnic killed you by mencha without any excuses you take me 25 years back how people killed in garamuleta by group of oromo people using mencha it is full of the bus becouse there mission was kill all cristian one of my causin hit by mencha and he servive.
    even in the bus the oromo ladies beg the group of killers to stop killing but they didnt
    now in america still you mension about mencha my understanding is still you support those criminal killers i don’t blaming you becouse you did not change your mentality ever and forever not only you even those who leaving my area the oromo guys are the same mentality like you. but we who leave in harge region still we leave together with oromo people no revenging
    let me conclude mr juar you are trained man which means you got training by somebody to work for them, yes i knew you are educated person but you are not yourself , let me tell you as example do you know doctor and car mecanic are the same becouse they are trained to do the job

  23. እከሌ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው፣ እከሌም … ምናምን እያሉ ለሁሉም የማይመች አይነት መቻቻልና አንድነት መስበክ oversimplification ይመስለኛል ። መቻቻሉማ ከአንገት በላይ እነደሆነ እኮ ከጀዚራው የጃዋር ኑዛዜ በኋላ ግለሰቡ ላይ የወረደበት የስድብ ውርጅብኝ አጋልጧል ። መቻቻልን መስበክ ለአብሮ መኖራችን ተገቢ ቢሆንም መቻቻል ማለት ግን መፎጋገር ማለት መሆን የለበትም። Amhara elites are again pushing people away by over reacting on the silly stuff Jawar said. Why focus on Jawar’s comments so much while there was no mention of an entire book by Abune Samuel that claims all Muslims in Ethiopia are guests and should be ‘deported’ back to where they come from.
    ክግምት ዉስጥ ማስገባት ያለብን ግን የሚኒሊክ መስፋፋት ሲካሀድ የኦሮሞ ወንዶች እጅ እና የሴቶቹ ጡት እየተቆረጠ ኣንገታቸው ላይ ይታሰርላቸው እንደነበር ነው። የወጋ ቢረሳ የተወጋ አይረሳምና፦
    I for one believe in reconciliation at any cost for the sake of our common good. Even the Germans and Jews do business together after all what happened… same is true with the Japanese and the Chinese etc.
    ” አንገቱን በሜጫ እንለዋለን ” … ጁሃር መሃመድ … ኦሮሞ
    “አማራ እና ኦርቶዶክስ አከርካሪያቸውን ተመተዋል” አቦይ ስብሃት …ትግሬ
    “ጎንደሬ ብሎ እስላም የለም” … የቀድሞ የመላ አማራ ፕሬዚዳንት ፕሮፌሰር አስራት ወልደየስ … አማራ
    ‹‹እኔ በሕይወት እያለሁ በክርስቲያን ሀገር የኢስላም ሚሲዮን ት/ት ቤት ይኑር ብዬ አልፈርምም.›› …ፕሮፌሰር በየነ ጴጥሮስ…ፕሮቴስታንት ሃድያ
    “ከነገ ጀምሮ ጣቱን የሚቀስር ጣቱ ይቆረጣል!” የቀድሞው ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትራችን …ትግሬ
    “አማራ ማለት አፍንጫ ሰልካካ ብብቱ የማይሸት ነው” … የቀድሞ የመላ አማራ ም/ፕሬዝደንት ደጅ-አዝማች ነቀዓጥበብ

  24. Dear Jawar! Courage my friend. I know that you are not a person who advocates war and bends on spreading hate speech. Take courage! and take this as a compliment that your words echo farther and you have a lot to do for a better future! Don’t give too much attention to the flood of insults coming to you. Your know what you have intended to say and how you want things to go. All the best, gentle man!

  25. “ወጣቱ” ጃዋር ታዲያ ጋና ሳይወለድ ነው እንዴ በአማራ ወይም በክርስቲያን ኢትዮጵያዊነት የተጫነበት ?
    በነገራችን ላይ ጃዋር እናቴ “ኦርቶዶክ ናት ” ብሏል ::
    እናቱ እንዴት ሊያደርግ ነው ? ቅንገቷን በሜጫ ?
    ያጃዋር ጫቅላነቱና አክራሪነቱ ምን ያክል ከአለም የወጣ እንዳሆነና የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ውስጥ ምን ያክል የወጣ መሆኑን የሚያሳየው ከእናቱና ከአባቱ እንኳን ሊሊማር አለመቻሉ ነው ::
    እናቶ ኦርቶዶክስ የነበረችና አባቱ ደግሞ ሙስሊም የነበረ ከሆነ ስላ ሀይማኖት መቻቻል ከወላጆች ሊማርና ሊያስተምር የሚገበው ከለሎች የበለጠ ጃዋር በነበር :: ነገር ግን ጃዋር አክራሪ በመመሆኑ ከቤተሰቦችን እንኳን ስለ ሀይማኖት መቻቻል ሊማር ያልቻለ ፋናቲክ ሙስሊም የሆነው :: ለማንኛውም ስለ ጃዋር ከእንግዲህ ወዲያ የሚሞኝ የለም :: እኛም አውቀናናል ገደል ምሰናል እንደሚባለው ነገር ነው ::

  26. Should Jawar tell you that he is married to a Catholic Tigre or a Baha’i Amhara just to convince you that he’s trying to “deescalate the current tension?”

  27. All these rantings here just show how much nostalgia the Amhara elites still have for the Feudal Amhara hegemony. It is very sad to realize whichever way your turn, Ethiopian politicians are in one extreme…OLF extremist, TPLF extremist, Amhara extremist (thinly veiled with Ethiopian nationalism). We are so doomed!

  28. I do not blame jawar but the VOA and ESAT for giving this /jawr a fanatic islamist a venue to spread his hiden venom aganist the ethiopian people in general and the chirstian in particular. he is a somali by his mother side and a very dedicated islamist messenger for a foriegn entity. He has alerdy killed many chirstian ethiopian in arba-gugu with the help of eplf and tplf and the innocent blood is in his hand and shall always cal forl justes. i have comlained to voa for giving a chance for this piece of shit jawar as a commentator for the ethiopian public. but not esat because who listen you? they are in love with the jihadist elements: did u see what the first hijera individual said? 50 million out of 80 million ethiopian are muslims. The bus has to stop here !!!!!

  29. I AGREE WITH GETU COMPLETELY! U. Must read his comments. U just scored yourself badly when u try and link abdi to u. As well as slip in the mouth to bigger cause of Oromo. U should know better. Also if u are a good speaker you would from the beginning introduced your theme and time constraint. Add a bit of humbleness and Bob is your u cle! You can still correct it!

  30. Enough is said about Jawar & needless to make him bigger than our national issue. We can’t afford to prove & disprove everybody’s feeling while talking about our collective identity. Ethiopia is much older than his life & he should have a reasonable doubt when he claims he has solid truth. If not mere ‘hear & says’ or narrating individual’s experiences at night clubes,at bus stop,in the taxi ..etc as a collective identity is trash! I do respect jawar’s whetever opionion as he kept it as his own but i strongly disagree with him when he claims that his belief is also mine! Please don’t tell me to cut my neighbors nack whom i live for generations,in good & bad times! No one is better than our collective identity & I would be more than happy if bring that issue for common well being!

  31. Yes !!!!! U are nothing , we don’t need to hear from …. Please leave away ..we are Ethiopians …both our country and religious is Ethiopia ……u are idiot !

  32. Meles satanawi zenawi said ‘ what has axum to do with sidamo’ and this was the basis of his ideology until his last breath on his death bed. He worked his best to divide and conquer , inciting ethnic, tribal and race and relegious violence.
    Satanawi zenawi also tried to undermine Ethiopia by saying that it was 100 years old. Based on this thinking he tried to demolish Ethiopia and form a bantustan on a similar line to the south african apartheid system.
    Jawar mohammad , Lencho letta , Dawd ibsa etc got on Zenawi satanawi’s bandwagon during their short honeymoon period in 1991 when they operated jointly to dismember Ethiopia and to turn the country into a civil war and blood bath. TPLF then kicked Dawd ibsa and his olfites , massacring them after TPLF disarmed them.
    Jawar mohamad keep telling different stories because he does not know who he really is.

  33. Jawar,
    Wow, you are an interfaith guy?
    If that is the case, no problem you can say and do anything.
    You are trying to smart out the stupid christians as you did in the past. Jawar, those day are gone. Go back to your Islamic Oromo closet!

  34. Jawar,
    I saw your undoctored Video and here is your a new nick name -“Jawar Mench”!
    I think I have also heard you preaching about peaceful struugle on VOA.
    Which one are you?

  35. Jawar,
    You smart kid. Now when your violent preach in the mosque has become the knowledge of FBI too, you appologized! Started talking about your interfaith ass.
    You are under investigation – because of your terrorist preaching.

  36. This s good clarification, but it it requires further discussion with honest intellectuals. It is shameful some naorrow minded mention the stastics of CIA regarding the number of Musilms and Christians in Ethiopia. How did CIA get those number, The source is always the lying machinery of Apartheid Woyane! Woyane lied on the number of Amhara, the massly massacred Ethiopians, double digit growth of Ethiopian economy, How could we trust Woyane on the number Muslims?
    I couldn’t b/s:
    1.Woyane fabricate the number of Muslims to make happy its God father Westners.
    2. Stastics authority has been used unscientific way of counting population which is inaccurate, unreliable, and strongly biased. Since there is no free institite in Ethiopia, Experts in this field couldn’t work with independent of mind. It is totally controlled by Woyane junta to fabricate lies.
    3. Westners force Woyane to undermine the number of Muslims for their stategic advantage in the horn of Africa through stick and carrot approach.

  37. I bought a pieceof land in Oromia zone around Addiss Ababa for rsidential purpose. But when I go to the local offices for construction permit and other issues I have to take a translator with me. I really felt as if I’m a foreigner. I imagined what it will look like in Arsi and Bale.
    It will be worst if people like Juwar have the chance to take power. It is very frustrating.

  38. Ateraw what u talk about?who is the killer in Ethiopia?tplf use olf to commit the crime.woyanne use any means to screw Amhara.Tplf fear amhara’s so much,never fight in clean manner always use others to their filthy job.the funny thing is tplf tugs also use Amharas to destroy Amharas.that we call it self destruction.mr.JM don’t be naive,tink out side the box,look the big picture,Ethiopia then mama Africa.narrowness is only good for pussy.I arrest my case.

  39. Let me tell u the fact how Muslim Arabs spraying hate on Christian. It was 16 years ago in the land of Jidha & I were enjoying in tea shop n a kind of adult Arab sat close to me n he say ” asela mahleiku yahabeshi” I say wealeikum aselam then he scanning me bottom up with a bit fake smile n why are you here ? Like he is above all . Just to pray meca, he laughing on me like crazy & he turns his face to me open wide his mouth as advise by saying ” instead of you here better kill there one Christian then you enjoy 72 virgin in heaven” am not a Muslim & I never drive by stupid Islam Arabs. Juar you may victimized or must victimized in radicals outdated theory .

    jawwr is jihaadist,we konw that.his trac record shows that.

  41. Natnael or Gebissa or whatever your real name is, if you want to talk about Ethiopian history, talk about it in full length. If you want to talk about Menilik, then go as far as Oromo migration and discuss what the oromos did when they migrate. Little knowledge is dangerous, if you know discuss the whole thing, if you don’t try to learn before you talk.
    We are discussing Jawar because he made some ugly statements that are not helpful for a civilized political discourse.
    For Jawar
    1. Please post the full video if you really believed your video is doctored, if you are preparing it, may be we will see the doctored version from you.
    2. You were advocating violence, you were telling us that the oromo self determination will go ahead no matter what (mind you this is when you are “appologizing”), do you really think you represent the majority of the population or every Ethiopian/Oromo/Amhara/Tigre…etc who went to school will by default represent his/her ethnic group.
    I think the mature approach will be let’s all struggle for democracy and rule of law in Ethiopia, after we achieve that, let’s give the chance for people to choose whatever political system they want to be governed by and let all people in present day Ethiopia decide their fate. Let’s not say we know better to the public from the comfortable sofa in London, Paris, Washington, DC, or Minnesota.

  42. I grew up with Oromos and still some of my best friends are Oromos. I don’t think my ancestors are from one ethnic group, like majority of Ethiopian I have the oromo blood too. My friends are proud being Ethiopian Oromo and about Ethiopian long history. They know Oromos are the major contributors for non colonized Ethiopia and for rich culture we have now. If you, Jawar. make this type of speech in front of them they will lough at you. Who do you think your are to deny the Oromos contribution and their country Ethiopia. You contribute none for Oromos except instigating conflict. Every ethnic group in Ethiopia have been suppressed and subjugated by those in power and died struggling to free himself and her self disregarding their ethnic differences.

  43. Jawar and Puppets:
    First of all, let me start by asking you that did you get a chance to read the books you used to distribute at meetings (advocating non-violence)? Based on your blunder, let me answer myself, and I don’t think you have even glanced at it, other than handing over! Is this what you learned in the 21 century university?Again, I don’t think so! For some reason your brain is twisted. You are rolling the time back a century and talking nonsense! Are you still in the beginning of 19th century or in the Global era??
    Although it is good to clarify, at this point what you are trying to deliver is not clear other than face saving! It is dead on arrival!!!Who on earth do you think you are fooling???Adding insult to angry????You are caught in your own web of lies, divisive agenda and became hostage of your own evil deeds. As the cloud clears, you continued to add a brand new chapter to your book of scandal from your Ethnicity Headquarter Cave of the living dead OLF. You chose to steal a page from the play book of Woyane! Who cares about your wife’s religion, or your father’s wife or Grand father’s? Who knows your motive of getting the marriage with the lady? Why do we need to know that? You are confronted for your evil words which came from your lips to our ears, and your actions crystal clear like an ice!!!!
    JAWAR AND PUPPETS:You wolves in sheep’s clothing are exposed!!!You can never, of course, ever succeed in achieving your mischievous move against our country, ETHIOPIA!!! Please learn and think for a minute that immoral behavior breeds only immoral behaviors. That is what you are busy for!!!!!You are caught red-handed!!!!
    Is it not enough for you the last wasted 40 years sacrificing our OROMO sisters and brothers for nothing??? Throw your clarification to the GARBAGE!!!! None of the above empty pile of words are addressing the issue you were criticized for and condemned!!! Jumping here and there like a Grass Hopper will not help. Stop trying to cheat, and your puppets ululation!!!!
    Who do you think, you will cheat, may be only yourself!!!!Not any more others!! You are dishonest, selfish, and thoughtless. If you were given public office, you would have flown to Geneva the following day to open a bank account. It is a day and time for you to lick your self-made wound.
    With your small knowledge, your clarification is just cutting down the foot to fit shoes! ALAS, NO MORE JAWAR!!!!GONE THE DAYS of self-proclaimed political analyst!!GO AND DANCE WITH YOUR BANKRUPT OLF!!!!! You don’t belong where popular national Agenda is promoted!!! BYE, BYE!!!!
    For you the eleventh hour prescription to survive the STORM is change the equation by APOLOGY, admit your wrong doings and promise to learn from your grave mistake, and it will be your best interest to think 100 times before you speak in the future!!! Watch your words!! Come on, stand with us to destroy the monster that is called ethnicity and OLF!! If not, ”DINKEM YEPOLOTIKA ANALIST!!!”
    BYE Again!
    First Ethiopian
    Known as by the name Getahun Bakallaa

  44. The jahadist jawara When you sensed that you have to answer to your rants and call to jihadi against Christian Ethiopians, and once it sank in the meaning of making this kind of statement in the country that had been attacked by Muslim fanatics not once but many times you understood what is in offing. That had compelled you to make the statement you made. Your rhetoric at the Minnesota meeting is not any different, although unbeknown to English langue speakers, than any radical Muslim terrorist preaches in most Arab countries. Now the underserved political “analyst” statue that you were striving to earn starts to slip away you come out to blow your smock screen to cover your violent incitation against Christian Ethiopians. What one needs to do is to get your speech translated by an authorized translator and get the copy to all ant-terrorist federal and state bodies here in America. No need to misstate your statements –just the facts as you sated theme. Habesha web also doing a big disservice by posting his non-apology apology. He can aspire to be secessions of any hue he wants but after he crossed the line by instigating violence against Ethiopians because of their religion beliefs he shouldn’t be given a platform to misstate his previous statements to continue his violent propaganda.

  45. OLF has fighting the last 45 years for nothing even you do not have strong issue to talk about Ethiopian Oromo people.You keep tell us false story the last four decays like Oromos came from Kenya,Madagascar,South Africa……? Then now you start talking about Absinyan or all northern people came to our Oromo land from Yemen.Then now i became interesting Mr.Jawar said the last two weeks it is a kind of new thing to all Ethiopians all over the world.The funny part is both his mother and wife are christian.so Mr,Jawar what will be next? I can not wait to here new joke from you buddy.

  46. Jawar you are Oromoo hero. Don’t mind about this illiterate people. Because they don’t know accept realty. This is not their problem . Their problem is Oromoo phobia. They ate you because of you spoke about Oromoo issue on Al jazera. Because you disclosed of the genocidal carried out on Oromoo and southern by their fathers and grand fathers. Jawar is not surrender for you. Also is not silent for you.you are not different from Wayne. Wether you respect him or despise him it is nothing for him. 99% Oromoos and many southern people are respecting him. This essay or writing is not apology. He is clarified the word menca for innocent people no

  47. Dear Jawar:
    You are an educated man? a man of 21 century? why you think only about Oromo? There is no systematic discrimination against Oromo or anyone at this time or of course there are those who lost their land to investors who are from different ethnic in Ethiopia, not necessarily Oromo. I feel you are a secessionist even from this writing? You must know the majority of Ethiopians including Oromos do not subscribe to secessionism despite EPRDF aka TPLF promotes secession. You must know the time you declared secession you will face the reaction. It is the law of physics my brother.
    I do not care about your religion or who you married or what ethnic you belong; your ethnic or religion must never be an issue in the 21 century. I have to be honest; Before you showed up on Aljezera, I had a great respect for you because I believed you are someone who apply your mind and guide yourself by pure reasons than by ethnic secession politics. This ethnic ideology does not just fit this century. I have many Oromo friends and they do not subscribe to OLF ideals.
    You are a scholar but you make yourself representative of all Oromos? why? who elected you? Are you sure your represent the about 30 or 35 million Oromos? It is unethical to present yourself as representative of millions of people without any vote of confidence?
    Do you know TPLF does not represent all Tigreans leave alone individual people like you? TPLF is not elected by the people based on reason, may be accepted based on its ethnic composition by default and by its genesis. It is wrong to act as representative while you are not elected.
    You must understand whether you like it or not, you will face the music of all Ethiopian for harboring secessionist ideology in your mind. Secession will benefit neither Oromo nor amhara nor gurage nor tigrean nor anyone. It is just an outdated ideology.
    I do believe it is caused based on unfairness system in Ethiopia in the past. I do believe all the TPLF, OLF, ONLF, EPLF,… had the same cause. They were created in response to suppressive elite amhara system. I can not condemn why they existed because based on pure reasons I do believe they were inspired by ethnic repression. However, it could have been still easier to respond with uniting ideology instead of responding by yekurfia ideology. I call ethnic ideology yekurfia or yemakurf ideology that is so narrow and only thinks about one ethnic.
    You live in the United states; but you never learn like the rest of Ethiopians? That is bad brother. Does anyone identify you as Oromo in USA?
    I came across an Oromo on train some years ago. He appeared to me typical Ethiopian. I said selam in Amharic. He kept quiet. After few seconds he told me he is not Ethiopian. I apologized him that it is because I thought he is Ethiopian and he looks Ethiopian. Then he told me he is an Oromo, but not Ethiopian. I laughed oh my God. Hmm,I asked him who really care whether he is Oromo or not here in Canada? To be honest, Canada is not a good place for ethnicists. In Canada, your ethnic, your race or your colour, your religion, your birth place, your citizenship does not get you anywhere. In Canada all race, all colour, all tribe or all ethnic, are treated as human; it just amazed me why he was still stuck in his ethnic politics in Ethiopia.
    I asked him why do you need Oromo stuff here in Canada? I asked him did anywhere anyone asked your tribe or ethnic here in Canada? he said no and I asked him if being Oromo has any benefit in Canada here? He said no benefit. He told me it is because he does not like Ethiopia and the name Ethiopia was amhara abssinian name. I told him the name Ethiopia is not amhara name. It is a name that has been written for millennia. It has nothing to do with Amhara. He could not honestly defend that. He was brain-washed to believe Oromis are not Ethiopian.
    I told him that I love him whether he accepts or reject Ethiopia. I told him he looks Ethiopian in appearance and he can not change that. I told him it is irrelevant in Canada to entertain all these ethnic stuff. He eventually agreed with me and now he is my best friend. I have many Oromo friends, but he is the only who thinks of OLF way. My other friends even not agree on the use of Latin instead of Geez. They tell me it is /was wrong to import Latin instead of using Geez. By the way, even the word Oromo itself is Geez word.
    Brother Jawar I personally love you like any Ethiopian and I can only say to you since you are educated man of the 21 century, you need to think better than Oromo only. We need a strong, united, prosperous Ethiopia that treats all those who live in it with dignity and integrity. Secession is not in the interest of all Ethiopian. Unity with diversity is power and strength, not bad.
    I agree the past was bad for every Ethiopian; unity was defined as monolithic or uniform. The old system defined Unity as speaking one language, practising one culture and one church only. That was a national disaster policy. It created all these tplf, olf, onlf, eplf,….
    But now we need unity with diversity where people use their language, culture, norm, value,… as they wish. There is no need for dividing Ethiopia into piece;
    I suggest you visit Canada and see how people live here. Arabs flee from their oppressive religion in Saudi Arabia and enjoy freedom here in Canada. Iranis come here, Libyans, Syrians, North Koreans, South Koreans, Russians, Chinese, Columbians, Mexicans, Latin Americans, Europeans, Africans, Arabs,… all come here and live with their language, with their culture or religion,… unity with diversity. Why is Canada the melting pot of all ethnic or race or colour or tribe or ethnic or religion? It is the Canadian ideology that made Canada a home of for all human being regardless ethnic or race or colour or religion.
    Brother Jawar, we want Ethiopia to be like Canada the least or more. Even the Canadians states which had independent colonial history are united under Canada. I can live or work anywhere in Canada and no one cares where I came from. What is expected of me is only to obey the laws and rules like every body else.
    But to your surprise, you will find Arabs who dream to change Canada to Islamic state. There are crazy people on this planet who will never be satisfied unless everyone follows their religion. They come here from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and enjoy freedom and take advantage of the generous opportunity given to them by this beautiful country but they still never change and dream to change Canada to an Islamic state.
    Jawar, you are young and I hope you will develop more and broaden the spectrum of your political views than to remain stuck to your child-hood OLF ideology.
    We need a fair, egalitarian, impartial, just, equality based ideology, but not secession in this age of society.
    According to me, it does not matter about your religion, ethnic, race or colour or anything, as long as you treat everyone the way you wish to be treated. People will only see what you do and what you say. That is important. you must understand the great majority of Ethiopians are sensitive to their history. If you have reasons put them forward with historical evidences.
    Also, you said Oromos are warriors. Every human being is warrior. The amharas are warriors; the tigreans are warriors; the afars warriors, …. everyone is warrior. I do not believe there is special warrior because of ethnic name. If you are trained for war, you will be well fit for war regardless your ethnic or your race or your religion. And war is not needed in this century; Problems are solved by computers in these age, not by gun.
    Final note: Please do not allow Arab Muslims to use you. You can see they are not helping Somalians because they are black muslims. You see, the gave to Egypt 12 billion dollars last week. But they did not give Somalians anything. May be the give them money for fighting Ethiopian, but not for their development. If you are opposing the dam with Egypt? you are committing suicide. The dam will light up the houses of all Ethiopians, electricity will not be given to amhara or Tigreans only. If you are siding with Egypt, you are on the wrong side of history.

    • Geaze,
      there is systematic ethnic cleannsing going on oromo people ofcourse others to some extent that nobody from other ethnics especially the amhara dont want to talk. The prison become the concentration camp of elite oromo and ordinary people. As we speak 150,000 oromo farmers are displaced from eastern hararghe of Berka, mayyu and other districts because of fedral government policy of ethnic cleanising. Ethiopia is everything wrong with oromo. Therefore, in this hard time we need to defend for our existence as a people.

  48. The following comment was made on Gulele post but it failed to pass Jawar’s scrutiny. I was sure that he wouldn’t post it. Imagine a man who vowed as an advocate of the voiceless is suppressing decent. He doesn’t want to post it for the very reason that it criticized him. Imagine what he could do if he were given power. Hope it will be posted here.
    I was hoping the struggle of Oromo would bear fruit having committed young politicians like you. I’m Oromo who forgive but never forget the historical austerity, hostility, etc. made to my people. But I do believe in learning from the past and moving forward. I don’t mind whether the Oromo people called under the umbrella of Ethiopia, Africa and so and forth so long as our rights are respected and a genuine democracy is granted to all without race, religion, language or tribal differences. I believe the equality of all human being. I do also believe no one will be free unless all are free. With this understanding and belief I was with you and others who fought for the right of the Oromo people. Though I learnt from history that there were opportunistic Oromo who betrayed their own people and aligned themselves with the oppressor! However, I never dreamt that cotemporary moderate Oromo politicians, activists like you, who believe in a fair coexistence, would be an ‘opportunistic’ and again betray the Christian and other faithful Oromo. It has become apparent to me that your ‘religious motive’ is more important to you than our collective struggle for a better environment for our people. I have been following your discourse on different issues, especially on your advocacy on the rights of Oromo people. Honestly, I really enjoyed almost all of them. Now after this incidence I started questioning myself who is really concerned the poor Oromo? Do the elites who considered themselves as advocate of my people have their own agenda? Or do they really mean it? Being delusion with that video, I went through your justification. To be honest looking at how you were so fascinate during your speech (I don’t think any doctoring of it had changed the context much) it is too difficult to accept it as sarcastic expression. I don’t really know how I could see it through the course of time but it was devastating, specially, for a person who had experienced right abuse by some radical Muslims Oromo in that part of Oromia. I even started contemplating that the same or even more oppression would continue to the non-Muslim Oromo being minority. What is worse in this case being oppressed by your own brother who has only a different religion than you? I won’t allow that to happen.
    PS: I don’t expect you to post this knowing your real identity. As my message is to you I don’t mind whether you posted it or not

    • I am Christian oromo from Shewa and I support Jawhar.
      4 clan of Oromo from around Finfinne was destroyed because of the resettlement of others such as low grade Abysinian prostitute into Oromo land. By taking there lands Abysinian think that they are working the bibilical mission. If this is not genocide find another word for it. If we Oromo of Shewa dont wake up, we all will be ethnic cleansed and our kids will beg on the street in few years. Wake up Ethiopia has never been ours but it belonged to Abysinian. We need a country that respect and care for us.


  50. Jawar! Jawar!Jawar…Shall i repeat million times!…. Ja! My men u know what u kicked to their us wow! Thus why the The Mennilikists are crying … Go go go Jawar all million Oromo’s (new generation of which u r one ), million of southern ethiopia,somali’s ,afars r with …Never give a shit for neftegna afaan ballaa Like Menilikitis tedla rubbish

  51. This dude want to be everything to everybody. He have a christian mother and wife and growing up in a 99% muslim society. That is how politician are made. Be everything to everybody. The next thing we might hear from this delusional fool might be that either he will be asking Egypt or Saudi to come and conquer the country.

  52. Jawar,
    We Ethiopians should be very lucky that you (jawar) are not one of woyanes (although your speech reveals much you more sickened person than woyanes are) and that you are not in Ethiopia.
    It is sickening to hear such kind of speech from a man who studied international politics, from the center of United States. It’s like ai-Qaida in the making here in center of USA.

  53. Jawar,
    We Ethiopians should be very lucky that you (jawar) are not one of woyane cadres (although your speech reveals you are much more sickened person than woyanes are) and that you do not reside in Ethiopia.
    It is sickening to hear such kind of speech from a man who studied international politics, from the center of United States. It’s like ai-Qaida is in the making here in center of USA.

  54. my Ethiopian brothers and sisters you must clom down. what you are dong is repeting the bad history we had for over 150 years that didn’t help any body. if you real want ethiopia to exist as country and realy need peace in that country you guys need to slow down and admit your wrong doing. Jawar is an individual yang man. The Ethiopian leaders have been killing oromoos for years yet none you Ethiopians have said anything when we sufer alone for years. Know we are finghting for justice and true dimocracy for all. if you are looking for civil war in ethiopia rember it want be that far.
    The sooner you stop is the better !! if you love ethiopia work toward peace not violance , The 22 years woyane/TPLF killing enough for ethiopians in general.

  55. You described Oromo like none Ethiopian and Where are you from? why are you talking to Ethiopians about their country f Oromo is not an Ethiopian. YOu are are grate shame yourself. YOu are prevaricating but not point. You blame other assign your character, but i knew form your description you have an evil hidden belief. YOu are no difference that other piers.

  56. Whether you, Ethiopianists, like it or not we are OROMO First. The existence of Oromo people precedes the creation of the Ethiopian Empire. Ethiopia after all means a Greek word with meanings of burned face, backward, uncivilized, people with no history or culture. So, we should not call ourselves Ethiopians. Period. As Mohammed Abbas once said keep the word ‘Ethiopia’ in the museum.

    • dude do you have brain ? you should go and get your brain from where you lost. your are reflecting your empty mind and others who doesn’t want strong Ethiopia. I am proud Ethiopian and proud oromo as well.

  57. Jawar I shame on u , a little mind always little no matter u go school , i don’t expect pigeon from sneak eggs . Your hidden personality & backward mentality out shine . My advise to u is watch yourself don’t drive by emotion.

  58. Pease be with all. All of you are in dangerous zone. I think Jawar is called on Al Jazeera for.issue of Oromoo. Within this short time it hard to explain or cover all issues. The invitee need from or asked him only about Oromoo. I think that is why he mention only about Oromoo. What is the problem if somebody speak about Amhara, Oromoo’,Gambella, Ogaden etc? Personally did you call him and asked him about this issue? Is it the way of democracy ? Is it hatred building a country? What the different between you and Wayane.? Wayane denigrating people when he hate them, you are the some too. Zehasa is the free media but it bias to one group. I this thing has backfire. As far as I free media is more responsible than government own media. Instead of ignite fire between two big ethnic group it good if you bring harmony. We see the consequences together .

  59. አይ ጃዋር! መማር ለካስ ሸምድዶ መመረቅ ብቻ ነው!ለካስ ተምሮም ጠባብ መሆን ይቻላል!በአውነት ካንተ ከባለዲግሪው ይልቅ ፊደል ያልቆጠሩትን እና ከሰው ልጆች ጋር በፍቅር፣በመተሳሰብና፣በመረዳዳት የሚኖሩትን ኦሮሞዋን ጎረቤቴን ወ/ሮ ጥሩነሽን አከበርኳቸው።ሰው ለማጨፉጨፍና የሰው ልጅ ላይ የመከራ ዝናብ ለማዝነብ እኮ አሜሪካ ድረሰ ሄዶ መማር አይጠበቅብህም ነበር ።እንደ ሂትለር ማንበብና መፃፍ ይበቃህ ነበር።ደስ የሚሉትና መማራቸው የሚያስቀናውማ ከአውሮፓና አሜሪካ ተመልሰው በየዩኒቨርሲቲው የሚያስተምሩ፣ህክምና የሚሰጡ እና፣በተለያየ መስክ የተሰማሩት ናቸው ።ለህዝብና ለሀገር መለያየትና ቂም መቁዋጠር መርዝ የሚያርከፈክፍ ሰው ለሀይማኖቴና ለነፃነቴ እየታገልኩ ነው ብሎ ቢያስብ፣ራሱን ማታለል የሚችል ጠቢብ ይሆናል።በጣም የሚያስገርመው ግን አንተን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ከነመኖርህም አያውቅህም።በጣም ጥቂት የፖለቲካ ድረ ገፅ ከሚጎበኝ ሰው በስተቀር ማለቴ ነው።አመሰግናለሁ።

  60. መጀመሪያ ኦሮሞ ነኝ ማለት ምን ማለት ነው? ኦሮሞ ማን ነው? ሰው ነው? ዲንጋ ነው? ቋንቋ ነው? ባህል ነው? እምነት ነው? ምንድነው ኦሮሞነት? “ከሌላው” እንዴትና በምን ይለያል? ከሌላው ያልተዳቀለና ያልተቀያየጠ “ኦሮሞ” አለ? የኦሮሞ ወሰኑ (ዳርቻው) የት ነው? የቆቱ “ኦሮሞ” ከራያ “ኦሮሞ” ምንድነው የሚያመሳስላቸው፡ ምንስ ነው የሚለያቸው? ለራያው “ኦሮሞ” ቆቱው ከኩናማው በተለየ የሚቀርበው በምኑ ነው? …
    ስለ ሰላም ዕድገት ብልጽግናና ሰብአዊነት ለሚያስብ ሰው፡ በዚህ ዘመን በአንድነት ከማመን የተሻለ መፍትሔና አማራጭ የለም:: አንድ የሚያደርገንም ሌላ ምንም አይደለም አስተሳሰብ ነው:: የእኩልነት አስተሳሰብና እምነት:: ማንም ከማንም አይበልጥም፦ ሰው ከሰው፡ እምነት ከእምነት፡ ባህል ከባህል፡ ቋንቋ ከቋንቋ አይበልጥም:: ይህ እኩልነት የሚረጋገጠው ለሁሉም እኩል አመለካከት በሚኖረው ሰው እንጂ: መጀመሪያ ብሄሬን: መጀመሪያ ቋንቋዬን: መጀመሪያ እምነቴን: መጀመሪያ ብህሌን የሚል ጠባብ አስተሳሰብ በተጠናወተው ሰው አይደለም::

  61. jawar who the hell are you to say “we oromos” without having the represenation of oromos, in fact there are a few stupid and naive oromos who are singing an old song like you who are driven by emotion rather than reality, but the truth is that the majority of oromos are with the rest of ethioopians and our enemy is not your stupid echo Abyssina in stead our enemy is weyane and we dont want your stupid racist ass to be considered as ethiopian as you can be either koria or china..who cares

  62. I read all comments except few of them no constructive criticism but all of them are destructive criticism. Is it our culture? Why wii you too much emotional.I get answer why Ethiopia is suffering a lot. All of writing and speaking without thinking twice.I saw many of these comments are full of hatred. Even somebody do wrong we supposed to advise that person as group as individual as much as possible. These comments not for correction as I think but they are hatred.

  63. Jawar,
    You are an extremist who is bent on fueling tension among peaceful Ethiopians. No doubt that your latest scandalous remarks have gotten you running like a wet puppy in desperate search for way-out-of-this but you know, you have done the self-inflicting damage on yourself and you should blame none other than your own naïve and markedly foolish way of thinking which has also become a defining factor as to who you are as an Ethiopian.
    No amount of PR can fix the damage that you have caused in the hearts and minds of peace-loving Ethiopians and the chance of making a come-back fore you in the foreseeable future is practically zero. You are a worthless extremist who cannot think outside the box of the perceived “oromo/muslim cause” which I wish I knew what it meas.
    Your corrupt psych as a pseudo intellectual, representing a minority muslim oromo community resonates more “dikala” than the biracial background that you belong to and ironically, that you are attempting to fit in to the quagmire that you are in, in a bid to save yourself from backlash. Oh yeah, a “Lutheran wife?” Let me put it this way: She is rather someone who cannot discern light from darkness and worse, blind enough to marry a Muslim extremist who encourage violence against Christians.
    What part of the video has been “doctored?” It’s clear as daylight that you have been heard chanting “Ethiopia, out of Oromia” You are pathological liar and therefore without shame, tried to explain what you said during the event was totally different than the way people perceived. Are you telling us that when someone makes a statement in the Oromo language, people may perceive it with multiple connotations? If that’s the case, your weak argument defies logic. A certain word in a given language may carry multiple meanings but not a whole statement such as the one you said in the meeting of extremists. BS!
    What I found hilarious is when you wrote “Oromos are masters of coexistance with their neighbors. They are also firerce warriors in defense of their sovereignty” Quite frankly, I failed to understand as to what event in history you are referencing by the above statement. Are not the Oromos the subjects of the current regime who are being ruled without mere resistance just in the exact way a mule would serve its owner? What is it so different about the Oromos than the rest of their peers in the country? The term “Oromia” has been crafted by the narrow nationalists in order to compartmentalize the diverse tribes of Oromos and thereby strengthen their divisive doctrine of “ethnic federalism”
    No time in history were the Oromos more recognized as today at the hands of the EPRDF regime to the point of opting to make a foreign script as their medium of written communication instead of using the existing one which is an African pride which is used by the rest of the nation, which I think is also a gross denial and a pathetic way of portraying themselves as “unique” people than others. You have been misled in to denying that the geez script has more relevance than the latin script that you are using but you know, the only reason you did this is because you hate the Amhara. Tell us what does your “Oromo cause” constitute. You guys took up Arms and carried out armed confrontation but you failed because guns don’t fight but guts.
    In light of the idiotic statement you made in the video, I concluded that no amount of schooling can change an extremist oromo like yourself and let me underscore this: I don’t care if you demonstrate with your like-minded extremists in front of the white house with your funny-looking tribal attire and chant “Ethiopia out of Oromia” you will never live to see Ethiopia abandoning Oromia. Perhaps, the reverse is true. You are now shunned by Ethiopians. You are finished!

  64. JAWAR please post the undoctored speech about ETHIOPIA out of OROMIYA, Ethiopian Isentity imposed on me and 80 percent of Oromos are Muslims. As a matter of fact you were and are one sick and evil Extreemist who want to kill oromo and Ethiopian Christians by MACHETS the way the Rwandans did during the genocide. I am half Oromo on my dad side and I do not like your hate so each targeted against Amharas as it will lead to genocide

  65. Jawar, you can try to give different meanings for the words you used but your body language shows everything. Shame on you!

  66. Hi Jawar,
    Would you also mention millions of Sidamas, Hadiyas, Wolaytas, Kores, Burjis. Konsos and many other innocent Ethiopians that were butchered by your Oromo group? Why do reify the killing and oppression by the Amharas and Tigrians? I think the peoples of southwestern Ethiopia are/were indiscriminately killed by the Oromos; the Oromos claim all plain land and land with ‘warka’ tree as land and opt to wipe out them by horrendous actions. Are not the Oromo killing all males, even neaonates and pregnat women to eliminate all non-Oromo sons? Jawar, are you advocating this barbarism from American soil that is the sign of freedom of people? Please would you also analyze these atrocities by your Oromo “savages? that take place on non-Oromos of neighouring peoples of southwestern Ethiopia.

  67. Free from whom? Free to be what? To exterminate all non-Oromo people from Ethiopia as Jawar and his chauvinist Oromos advocate? Do you think the world your Ruwandan type genocide advocacy in the name of Oromo “freedom”? Do not full yourself!!

  68. Jawar
    why are you contradicted your self? instead of pointing your finger someone, just release it your speech then let peoples judge it

  69. The Oromos were as free as the rest of their Ethiopian fellow citizens – until the TPLF/EPRDF came to power and enslaved us all. Jawar must apologize for his threat to cut the throat of Christians with Mencha and his hatred for the Amharas

  70. Listen Jawar
    You are insulting our intelligence
    “Several video clips from my speeches at various events have been systematically edited to present a narrative that portrays me in the worst moral and political light”
    1) No one has the purpose or the interest to edit the so called video you should think twice before opening your big fat mouth. Anyhow it’s your opinion and certainty you are entitle to it. But remember your conviction is irrelevant to Ethiopian politics.
    For Ethiopian politicians it’s a lesson not to open the door to anyone who knocks. it could be a wolf in a sheep skin.
    2) “The latest of these doctored videos are pieced together to create the impression that I was advocating violence against Christians in Ethiopia. Needless to say, this is a calculated and horrendous political strategy so common place in the Ethiopian political landscape”
    That is another big fat BS you are accusing the people who gave you a media attention and turning back and bite them?
    3) No one really cares if your mom is a Christian, Islam or Hindu what matter is your hate toward Christians and Ethiopians in most cases.
    You fool me once shame on you!
    You fool me twice shame on me!

  71. Selam ato Alyou Tebeje,
    Let me just ask you these questions:
    Can you please tell me what exactly the Islamo-terrorist you yourself often lampoon as ከበቡሽ did to suddenly change your mind so much that you decided to make your platform available for his propaganda against Abiy?
    Do you really think that OMN is not already doing such severe damage to Ethiopia and Ethiopianism that you are extending this dangerous Islamo-terrorist your platform to expand his poisonous reach?
    Is there anything at all that you won’t do to make more money, no matter the damage to our nation?
    I do hope that you are operating more out of foolishness than callous greed, not that it makes any difference or softens the damage you are dealing Ethiopia.
    What is next? Amplifying TPLF propaganda?
    Dude, not everything should be about money. Have a semblance of decency, if not principle. Do you really think this Islamo-terrorist gives a rat’s ass whether Ethiopia continued to exist or not? Do you?!
    Come on, dude, what you are doing helping this sick Islamo-terrorist is very shameful and yes, disgusting, too!

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