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Jawar Mohammed On the appointment of Abiy Ahmed (PhD) as head of EPRDF, and hence PM of Ethiopia

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by Jawar Mohammed
At this very critical juncture in the country’s history, a very unique and historical opportunity with great responsibility has been bestowed upon Dr Abiy Ahmed as he becomes Ethiopia’s newly appointed Prime Minister. We congratulate Dr. Abiy for his appointment. We congratulate Dr. Abiy upon his appointment because we believe this appointment carries a unique opportunity, in the real sense of the term, if he is determined enough to capture it, that can translate into the great and historical responsibility of leading Ethiopia and its peoples into the peaceful transition to democracy. The opportunity offers him of unique scenario to charter peaceful transition to democracy in Ethiopia.
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As he takes over the Prime Minister’s Office as of today, Dr Abiy should embark on chartering the transition by:

1) Calling, facilitating and organizing a national dialogue with all stakeholders — with those political groups who live inside or outside the country.

2) Roll back the sweeping state of emergency in not more than one month after reconstituting his cabinet.

3) Releasing all political prisoners held in federal and state prisons throughout the country.

4) Immediately embarking on institutional reforms with top priority within the security, military and judiciary sectors, among others.

5) Immediately sending all the military units deployed throughout Oromia and other parts of Ethiopia to their barracks.

6) Commissioning independent and special investigation rapporteurs into all the killings, tortures and maiming that happened in the country for the last three years. Also, allow international agencies like the UN which already requested to probe on these atrocities perpetrated on civilians by the security forces.

7) Mobilizing resources, at the national level in Ethiopia, to support the resettlement and rehabilitation of those displaced by the Liyu police attacks from Somali region.

8) Bringing to justice all the security, military and political authorities who are responsible for orchestrating all these atrocities.

It should be underscored that if Prime Minister Abiy takes these bold actions as part of his measure to chart the transition to democracy in the country, the Oromo people in particular and the whole of the Ethiopian people, in general, will rally behind him and support all his endeavours with this regard. We wish Dr Abiy will be courageous enough to embark on these actions and rally the popular support across the board in the country behind him. We wish he won’t waste this golden and historic opportunity.