Jawar Mohammed Opinion After Scotland Votes NO

Yesterday was great day for Scotland, UK and democracy. 97% of illegible voters were registered, 85% of them voted. For first time 16 & 17 year olds were allowed to vote. The result was indicative of the truly democratic nature of the referendum; free, fair and competitive. 55/45 is very competitive result but also clear winner leaving no room for doubt.
Hiber Radio Exclusive Interview With Jawar MohammedGiven a choice between amicable divorce and renewal of vows, Scotland chose the later, but with condition that new contract has to be signed . Scotland remains in the UK but UK will not remain the same. More devolution of power is unavoidable. UK is likely to become a fully federal country ( ‘ethnic’ federalism that is). Opinion polls show that even those who voted NO on independence overwhelmingly support further devolution. This is not just demand of the Scottish people but also the rest of the country, Wells, N. Ireland and even England. Self-rule has emerged as undisputed choice of the time as admitted even by David Cameron who said “Scotland voted for a stronger Scottish Parliament”
There is great lesson to be taken by those who want to keep a given country united in the face of demand for independence by a certain part of the country. Instead of trying to suppress such demand, let people debate and vote on it. Present your case for either of the choices passionately and strategically. What David Cameron said in his victory statement is worth quoting at length.
“Let us first remember why we had this debate – and why it was right to do so. The Scottish National Party was elected in 2011 in Scotland and promised a referendum on independence. We could have blocked that, we could have put it off – but just as with other issues, it was right to take – not duck – the big decision. I am a passionate believer in our United Kingdom – I wanted more than anything for our United Kingdom to stay together. But I am also a democrat. And it was right that we respected the SNP’s majority in Holyrood and gave the Scottish people the right to have their say. Let us also remember why it was right to ask the definitive question, Yes or No. Because now the debate has been settled for a generation – or as Alex Salmond has said, perhaps for a lifetime. So there can be no disputes, no re-runs – we have heard the settled will of the Scottish people.”
Cameron was criticized for endangering the country by agreeing to the referendum but he is now vindicated. The Union is much secure today. Had he tried to block the referendum, the nationalist demand and support for it would have grown eventually forcing referendum and ultimately independence as people would be voting as protest. The Spanish government seem to be choosing that other alternative on Catalan issue. Its a big mistake. They are delaying the inevitable and by delaying the unionist side looses while the pro-indepdence gains momentum.
Remember, nationalist demand for self-determination is not about declaring independence. Its about that nation having and exercising the right to determine its fate free of external bullying. And most members of a nation are interested in securing that right and privilege of self-determination than the eventual outcome (independence or no). Hence when unionists try to block or suppress the demand for referendum, they alienate a group that is way bigger than those who actually want independence.
Source: Jawar Mohamed facebook


  1. So what is your point Sir? Scotland has land and long history. Scotland is not made yesterday like Oromia. Oromia is made by TPLF yesterday. There is no history of Oromia in Ethiopia. Land tenure is important. Oromo ask independence means South African asking for independence or even the falasha in Ethiopia claiming Gonder to be their country. You are immigrant and you need to live or vacate from Ethiopia. I am serious, do not compare apple and banana.
    I am with the ideas of all inclusive government, but every immigrant can not claim land tenure without having history and inheritance of land. Ethiopia welcomed you and it considered you as its own and now you comparing Oromia made yesterday by TPLF with Scotland? It does not make sense. You must understand the axumites put their history on the ground and deny you any land claim. You can not trash other people’s history to make one? Respect other people history and live in peace.
    Jawar, fanatic islamicist have no clue what he is talking. you are driven Islamic fanatism. Which Islamic country is democratic? So you talk about democracy? It does not make sense an islamicits who wield mincha to kill people talk about democracy at the same time? Jawar, stay away from Ethiopia please. All Ethiopians need is a good democratic system, not an Islamic system. Jawar you do not qualify to talk about democracy since you are a mincha or islamicist who will never hesitate killing people. Shut up

  2. MR. Mencha(aka Jawar) Mohammed,
    You know who you really are, and every Ethiopian knows you who EXACTLY you are!
    Please reveal your real identity.

  3. Oromos are invaders from the South who went all the way to Wollo and Gonder. You can not compare the Oromos with Scotland. In fact the Gurage , Wolitta and others wont their freedom from you guys.

  4. I hope we learn that how important is to be one, not divided, for those who trying to divided our people I will say NO. Stop feeding hate to our children, you feed them poison covered by honey, you use them for your own evil dream, NO NO!!!!!! one united Ethiopia for ever!!

  5. First, learn to live together as a normal marriage. We as Ethiopian should first try to live together in democracy before we will go so far and ask people to vote independent or not. We have been under dictators for centuries if you let people in some regions to vote they may vote independent because they have not experience democracy as the Scottish do. We should also have to learn from the vote that led to independent Eretria. I do not have a problem with the vote but the outcome may not be the same if Ethopian would have a champion of democracy. I implore young and vibrant persons like Juhar to work towards democratization our beloved country.

  6. Jawar giving us a lecture on democracy? The same Jawar who preaches ethnic and religious hatred? The same Jawar that incites the crowd while on stage by glamorizing and threatening beheading?
    Give me strength, even more embarrassing for zehabesha as the ‘expert’ they can find to opine is a mad racist who is a religious fanatic to boot.
    While you are at it get one of the TPLF leaders to give us a lecture on the rule of law, patriotism and human rights.

  7. Excellent analysis. The chance to determine their future is the key…. whatever the outcome will be, it has to be respected! In the process they were able to win more devolution of power….. best of the two worlds. Better self rule and less risks of separation.

  8. Jawar,
    Your case is absolutely irrelevant to Scotland. You are nothing but a person with confused ideology. In your interviews and/or articles to different events, tried to relate your case to the event’s atmosphere. Don’t dance around as if we forgot what you told us already; you are the leader of hardliner Muslim group, “Cut Christian’s Neck with Mencha”. Please we got enough of your appearance; just shut up for God sake!

  9. Jawar,
    Ye abew teret endih yinebebal: “jib yemayawkut hager hido kurbet antifulign ale”. Which Islamist is in the world who mix democracy with religion? I do not think you have a hint of democracy in your mind as you usually display yourself as extremist. Our land is for all peace seeking, respectful, civil and democratic individuals regardless of their ethnicity; but you are not one of those. So; you better be quiet and inflame hatred as you usually do. I was laughing comparing yourself and your agenda with that of England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland. What a shame! Great Ethiopia has no place for those like you. We are sick and tired of Ethnic agenda. We are one nation under God!

  10. Dear zhabeshas at times you make absurd things which is not compatible to a healthy mind. It is really mysterious who is sitting on your driving seat. Juwar Mohammed have declared on international media he is not Ethiopian, what has he to say about Ethiopian politics if he is not Ethiopian? Well it is a free world he can have his own site and room and preach his hate and Islamist propaganda, I think that is why he is paid by Egypt and Qatar.
    A democratic institution do not allow people like Juwar to entertain their idea on their web page and promote Nazism, it is not secret and is told again and again his declaration “kill all non Muslims”. zehabshas have to come to their sense and balance nationalism, reality and patritotizm in one hand and cheap popularity and money to the other side. If we didn’t see Ethiopian value in them we will boycott. The damage will be irreversible and we will go ahead since you didn’t give us ears

  11. jawar your time is up and just move on along with your naive supporters…now we all are andaragachew and the fight has to be centralized against weyane

  12. This fanatic moron is living in a dream world! I did not read the article at all! We Ethiopians are living for centuries in harmony. Today, people like Jawar, who are poisoned by Islamic fundamentalism and hatred trying to tarnish all human value. Our greatness of accepting the unacceptable put us in such situation, people like Jawar try to decide for us.
    Jawar, you are only good for those tiny brain of your followers! Keep circulate such kind of trash idea; from the very country you live in harmony. Go and read what Bill Clinton had to say before the Scotland vote; moron.
    you really disgust me!!!

  13. why is this nonentity back on Ethiopian pages again?! why should not he be left to his own mencha forum and community?

  14. Although I don’t accept Jawar’s extremist view on self determination, I an in complete adamant to accept our right wing fanatics who arrogantly deny the existence and nativeness of the Oromos within the current Ethiopian region for centuries. I really believe our right wing rigid orthodox based diasporas simply lack the true nature of human development and they are ill conceived of the 21st c politics. I am sorry but a single shot our right wing dogmas fire receives 10 times double the amount in response.

  15. Don’t get your point here. It looks you wanted to conclude about Spain with very shallow analysis deprived of evidence. If I were your sophomore instructor I would ask you re-write the essay again.
    Back to the point you wanted to but coudn’t address, none will be benefiting from separation. You and many ‘educated’ segments of Oromo people were forging to death to see a divided and weak Ethiopia but you will NEVER see that in your life time. Ethiopia shall prevail, dominate the eastern and sub-saharan africa in economy, politics, military……

  16. የአዳማ ምክትል ከንቲባ ከአገር እንዳይወጡ ታገዱ::ለአጭር ቀን ስልጠና ወደ አሜሪካ ለመብረር ዝግጅታቸውን ጨርሰው ቦሌ አየር ማረፊያ የተገኙት ምክትል ከንቲባው፣ ከጸጥታ ጋር በተያያዘ በሚል ከአገር እንዳይወጡ ተደርጓል። ዋናው ከንቲባና አንድ ባለሙያ ስልጠናውን ተካፍለው መመለሳቸው ታውቋል።
    ምክትል ከንቲባው የእስልምና እምነት ተከታይ እና በኦነግ አባልነት እንደሚጠረጠሩ ምንጮች ገልጸዋል።
    በከንቲባውና በምክትሉ መካከል የተፈጠረው ልዩነት እየሰፋ መምጣቱም ይነገራል።
    ምንጮች እንደሚሉት ኦህዴድ ሻሸመኔ ውስጥ ያካሄደውን ግምገማ ተከትሎ በድርጀቱ አመራሮች መካከል ያለው አለመግባባት እየሰፋ ነው::ሊጠናቀቅአንድዓመትበቀረውየመንግሥትየአምስትዓመቱመርሃግብርመሠረት
    የሆልቲካቸርእናሰፋፊእርሻ ኢንቨስትመንትዕቅዶችየተለጠጡስለነበሩየተሳካአፈጻጸምእንዳልተመዘገበባቸውየግብርናሚኒስትሩ
    አቶተፈራደርበውለመጀመሪያጊዜአምነዋል፡፡ የግብርናሚኒስትሩ
    አቶተፈራደርበው አዲስዘመንጋዜጣጋር ባደረጉትቃለምልልስእንደተናገሩት
    በመርሃግብሩዘመንየሆልቲካልቸርበተለይምየአትክልትናፍራፍሬኢንቨስትመንትበማስፋፋትለሀገሪቱ ከአንድቢሊየንበላይየሚደርስ
    ችግር፣የሎጀስቲክአቅርቦትማነስተጠቅሰዋል፡፡ የሰፋፊእርሻኢንቨስትመንትንለማስፋፋትየተደረገውጥረትመሬትተረክበውበፍጥነት
    ወደሥራያለመግባትችግሮች ማጋጠማቸውንጠቁመውይህንችግርለመፍታትጥረቶችመደረጋቸውንጠቅሰዋል፡፡በአሁኑወቅት
    በዘርፉ የአዳማ ባለሃብቶችበጥሩሁኔታእየተንቀሳቀሱመሆኑንሌሎችምከእነሱተሞክሮሊወስዱይገባልሲሉተናግረዋል፡፡

  17. Jawar
    You are not fit to make any analysis to make your fantasy of the so-called “Oromian independence” a reality. your fantasy nation, “Oromia” is a non-existent, as it is a creation of OLF and TPLF some 23 years ago. Read carefully about the history of Scotland first, and how it joined the union,and you will see no parallel between the two.
    Bin Al Jawar, the machete wielding political scientist and analyst and commentator and of course a ” freedom fighter”,I have got a good advice for you. Because you are a fanatic Muslim, your call from Allah is to murder a non- Muslim( even if he or she is an Oromo), wherever s/he lives, just join ISIL in Iraq or Syria and quench your thirst for blood.
    The majority of the Oromo Ethiopians will not lend their ears to your kind of rabish and hateful propaganda that will not produce any result whatsoever. They only know one country of their own ,Ethiopia, that existed from time immemorial.Unlike today, pre-Woyane period,about 65% of Ethiopian high ranking military commanders were of Oromo ethnic origin. They had fought foreign invaders with great valor and defended the territorial integrity of their country.
    I think it is foolish of me to tell past real history to a fanatic imbecile like you, as if you would understand it.
    I hope i will come across with usual garbage commentary every time a referendum of one kind takes place anywhere in the world.
    Get a life.

  18. Why don’t you fight for the freedom of all Ethiopian people why’s for Oromia and Islam only? you don’t have a confident in yourself ? Why don’t you beat leader’s of all Ethiopian? Don’t be narrow.

  19. Why don’t you fight for the freedom of all Ethiopian people why’s for Oromia and Islam only? you don’t have a confident in yourself ? Why don’t you be leader’s of all Ethiopian? Don’t be narrow.

  20. Jawar-excellent analysis. Your brain is far a head than the mafia’s illiterate immigrants who have no brain and who are idiots. Those nonesense make simple noise- they need to learn the reality of self determination. Most immigrants are just like’ fat cakes”. They make a slogan “One Ethiopia” yet their mouth and hear are full of shits with out having a respect to peoples. These crooks must be wiped out of the society. They are nonesense. There time is out. We build a new nation with love, respect and mutual interest. They have killed our people by their poison words. People with genuine say-will shine out.
    Beggars remain there.

  21. To Habesha
    As some people mentioned above, I was wondering whatever happened to my previous and neutral mild comments. Are you for real guys? You guys are pretending to be pro-freedom, diversity and pro-expression, etc. Website, but in reality you are doing the opposite. Worse still, you live in the West where those values are learned and promoted and fairly respected. You are promoting your own Amhara supremacist agendas by censuring other Ethiopians’ opinions. You act like Woyane regime, if not worse. Good luck for naivety and naked age-old tribal bias! Small wonder you call yourself the habesha . Good thing that 70 % of Ethiopian are not habesha zer. Adieus!

  22. I don’t know why we care what Jawar thinks about Scotland or any other country for that matter . What is baffling is why we are prone to delude ourselves we are doing service to cause of Ethiopia by giving a stage for die hard anti-Ethiopian? He has shown his true face time and again – including agitating for ethnic cleansing against Amhara in open forum. It feels like we are awaiting eternity to get our acts together to do the right thing by Ethiopia.

  23. I partially support in favor of the website for saying “OPINION” at the very heading of the article. Though I don’t know any about the writer, I may comfortably guess that he either forget or has no hint about fallacy (weak analogy. Putting two unbalanced things together on the table and letting people to compare and contrast is a nonsense rationale. Dear Jewar, the reader is by far knowledgeable to be deceived or tricked or preached by impotent nuns like you, who are snake in the grace. You tried hard to deceive people by drawing their attention by quoting popular people and committing appeal to popular opinion fallacy. For the future, please do refresh your mind about the following fallacy types not to at least compromise issues, ideas and thoughts. One more important thing, I want to give you a point worth mentioning from my communication course, to convince people or to get many people in your side (not at all about Ethiopia unity and referendum), you need to begin from ‘Minor Premises’ before you touch ‘Major Premises.’ Do you get me? Many emotional, hypocrite people like Sadam, Gaddafi and the characters in the novel and actors and actresses in dozens of films fell, for they failed to understand their limit. YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR LIMIT BEFORE YOU FALL!

  24. Indeed Mr Mohammed democracy was prevailed in Scotland. So the question remain, would your sort of blood and power thrusty diaspora elites allow the great Oromo people to speak for their individual self? I doubt very much.
    The other issue here is each individual scots is educated enough to think the political, economic, and social impact of divorce from UK without any mouth piece speaking on their behalf.
    Poor Oromos or any other group for that matter, in Ethiopia has neither the power nor the knowledge to understand what the whole question of independence entails.
    only mafia like elites scattered accross the globe who claim to be freedom fighters that are pushing for independence that dream of independence. Independce from whom will remain a fantacy. The average person in Ethiopia is only interested if he/she has a job, kids have education, and they have access to health care.So Mr Mohammed, I do hope you have learnt independence is not a matter you just scream about from USA, it involves some serious, deep soul searching therefore why not go easy on the mayopic lane and work on Human right issues, ( there are many other than talk of independence), development, education and health and so on. That way the Oromo people too one day would make an informed decision. Thank you.

  25. Jawar is a fat impotent korkoro ras extremist. For all his boasting he cannot act as he has been proved a coward.I wonder why the Zhabesha is beoming the nest of such rotten elements!

  26. You moron “lemagn zeroch” you are still morons, dull and brain with low IQ- you and the likes have killed our people. Jawar is right in terms of expressing his opinion. He has the right to say-independent Oromia. What is wrong with it?
    You ye Komata zeroch- be genuine or respectful or you will be loosers.
    Hagerachenen ye lemagn ena ye deha mesebsebia aderegachehu. Now still with the same shit mouth you speak of all none senses. Better for you to continue to beg.

  27. Thank you Jawar for your excellent review. Any rational person who can read and understand gets benefited from you thoughts. Haters and ignorants who stacked at where they were 100+ years ago can only hate. From the comments/replys I’ve read above, I can only see how those ppl are dead alive. Why dont ppl respect(or atleast not insult and show their hate publicly) anybody while opposing his/her opinions. Let alone Jawar whose ideologies are accepted by majority of Ethiopians, any one can have his own opinion. When do those ppl develop atleast with their considerations? When? This much hate and racism will only kill you guys. You are not well educated to understand how u r killing yourself. As for Oromia and Ethiopia, it is a matter of time. We will see!!!!

  28. Many Habeshas (Tigres and Amharas) have a distorted and biased understanding of self determination. What the oromo people are struggling for is not to be seceded but to exercise their right to decide one of the two(independence or unity). That is the right to conduct referendum. This is a just cause. Any one who opposes this is one who has no clue of what democracy means.

  29. The habesha
    I do not understand why you became a platform of hate preachers like juhar . Actually you guys are looking for online readers to boost the flow of readers to your website . How ever you better deal with the constructive Ethiopian scholars.

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