Jawar Mohamed is taken away by The Stream !!!!

Tedla Asfaw
jawarThe Stream, Al Jazeera’s show, “Oromos Seek Justice in Ethiopia” of June 25, 2013, on the persecution of Oromos hosting my friend Jawar Mohamed at their studio in D.C. including two “Oromo Ethiopians” appearing on Skype. My good Oromo friend Jawar ignored deliberately  the Ethiopian Muslims more than one and half year struggle for religious freedom in this discussion. This was well calculated because it will totally disprove Jawar and the others claim of the Oromos as the only victims of Woyane persecution.

Jawar Mohamed who has been sharing a stage with the Ethiopian Muslim Activists and other Ethiopians in the Diaspora many times is now considered himself First Oromo and declared for the first time in public that Ethiopian identity was imposed on him. My friend Jawar if he wants to be known as Oromo First good for him we should call him as such. The problem I have with Jawar is why he  then very much involved on the Ethiopian Muslims issue  rather than concentrating  on “Oromo Muslims” issue.
The Ethiopian Muslims should be asked  if they follow the ethnic wisdom of Jawar who they are first. They have to align themselves which ethnic group they belong. According to Jawar statistics of 40 percent of the people of Ethiopia are Oromos then we should see the struggle of Ethiopian Muslims in that ethnic prism. The multi ethnic led religious movement in Ethiopia has indeed shattered the ethnic slogan of Jawar who without shame said that if you speak only Afan Oromo you are thrown in jail in Ethiopia at this very moment.

The Ethiopian Muslim leaders were labelled as terrorists by preaching in Amharic not in Afan Oromo which some are fluent too  but for uniting Ethiopian Muslims as One not dividing them  by ethnicity like Jawar and his friends did on “The Stream”. Woyane more than 22 years of “empowering people”  let freely use their languages in their region but left the land, water and other resources of the region under its control.
Woyane let you use your language but keep on exploiting resources of all regions for itself. Woyane care less for what language you are speaking as long as you do not have economic power to empower you. Ethiopian many nationalities have used their languages at local levels for years that is why they have strong cultural identity.
If we are telling the world that Oromos for that matter any other ethnic group were not using their languages at local level the fact is that so many of magnificent musics and dances we see today are not the product of Woyane’s 22 years of power but years of long tradition and culture. Jawar grand parents were speaking their language and pass it to their grand kids like many parents.
My late father and step mother were fluent in Amharic and Afan Oromo. My mother fluent in Amharic, Oromo and Somali. My aunts speak fluent Amharic and Sidama. Jawar talking about his grand parents persecuted for speaking Afan Oromo is out right lie. Yes Oromo was not the national language of Ethiopia but spoken widely for hundreds of years by all who lived in that part of Ethiopia.
Jawar Mohamed and the other guests whole argument was  to let the Woyane Oromia be a State only for Oromos to live and prosper, other minorities should be kicked out like Woyane thugs have done in Gura Ferda and Beni Shanguel. All ethnic minorities in Oromo dominated areas  have to submit to the Oromia State. After 22 years of ethnic federalism experiment we are now back to square one. Where is the lesson from 22 years of divide and conquer ? Why is  Jawar and others argue as if it came yesterday ?
I was surprised why Jawar did not provide Al Jazeera with Woyane Ethnic Map to demonstrate his wish for the Oromo people. He should be honest about supporting that ethnic map and work to realize the final dream of establishing  Oromia by  Oromo Referendum to declare  Independent Oromia Republic which will soon go to war with other ethnic group to establish its “international border”.
One of the Oromo guest brought  the experience of South Africa. Bring a large coalition of blacks and whites  that  started reconciliation and ended apartheid. However, if we follow Jawar’s model of Being Oromo First, South African blacks should have felt First Black and redraw a map to have Black  South Africa by referendum.Two South Africans, one for Black and the other for White.
Brother Jawar by distancing himself by design from the Ethiopian Muslims struggle for justice in the discussion on “The Stream” he lost good opportunity to be the spokesperson for the oppressed Ethiopians. His love for only Oromos has  no doubt hurt his reputation as a young voice of Ethiopian Muslims. I wish I have the wisdom of learning many languages like my old parents to tell him in his mother tongue. But for now I only say I am disappointed by his divisive comments on the show. The wise Oromo people will not be happy with his unwise ethnic rhetoric to say the least.


  1. The struggle of our muslim brothers has nothing to do with the struggle of the oromo people. Jawar struggles for muslims as a muslim and for Oromos as an Oromo. One should not be used as a pretext to undermine the other struggle. Some Habeshas want to use the religion of Jawar as a means to make him Ethiopian/Amhara/.

  2. I think the writer misunderstood Jawar. Jawar never said I donot care about Ethiopia;he said first I am an Oromo then an Ethiopian. This is correct. Every body loves things in some order: love your self, then your neighbour.

    • Jawar says “Ethiopianism is imposed on me”. That shows a dis-test for Ethiopia. We have to be very fair. Lets not live in the past. Lets not misinform about the past. I thought Jawar would be a uniting force. However, he commented on something that actually hurts his image. I am really sorry for what he said. He has killed my appetite for him. He was one of the young Ethiopians whom I thought would help in unifying the nation of Ethiopia. He proved me to be wrong.

  3. please don’t intermingle things!
    still dreaming the old style of melting all nations into one pot of Amahara and amarigna Ethiopiansim?
    mee too! I am first Oromoo(not by choice but by nature) and then Ethiopia by choice(if there is all inclusive Ethiopiawenet….not the one you think like the best speaker of Amharic, one with Amharic name, who more adhere to northern Ethiopian christian values balh blah blah….)
    the bottom line is you yourslef don’t really know what Ethiopia was, is and supposed to be! get some balanced education about your Ethiopia bro!

    • I would accept your argument if Jawar could have presented his statement differently. For me I’m Oromo by nature and Ethiopian by choice (which is a land of justice and equality) of course the old one was imposed on me.

  4. Well, and good,
    The more you try to silence us Oromos and try to scare us no to say I am an Oromo (as if that is a crime in your court) the clearer it gets what the Oromos need to do to protect their rights and continue our liberation struggle with much vigor and determination.

  5. All the three have fsiled to recognize the crime comitted by OLF in colaboration with shabia and weyane. They should have admit it somehow and should say it was a mistake and will not happen again. What i understand is if they got the chance to arule over Oromia region they will do some ethnic cleansing.

  6. I have the same feeling as the writer of this article about jawar, I was loving jawar as crazy because of his brace political comments and thorough analysis on Ethiopia but after he said OROMO is his first choice from Ethiopia I said what! because this guy talks too much about Ethiopia in the world media representing Ethiopia now he must represent Oromos citizenship only… which doesn’t exist. He started to calculate history wrongly and he said being an Ethiopia was imposed on him.. I tell Jawar that Oromia belongs to all Ethiopians not for Oromos only as Amhara and tigray region belongs to all oromos…no one in ethiopia can dare to say this is for this ethnic group and that is for other… we all share the land of Ethiopia and no one can take it from us it is about blood and bone…please jawar work on reality than just complex. Ethiopia is for every ethiopian, ethiopia is made up of blood and bone of Ethiopians to attempt to do anything like session agenda will result in failer and dangerous calculation. So Jawar it is up to you…you can say your citizenship is Oromo but no body in the world understands you because doesn’t exist and I assure you will not exist…it is the beautiful and lovely oromo people whom we share with a lot of things that exist not the so called country Oromia…never! it is Ethiopia only forever…it is done!

    Ethiopias national LANGUGE should be democratized.
    Void and cancel Amharas minority languge (Amaharic) Ethiopias national LANGUGE, and replace it with Ethiopias majorities languge ( oromiffaa) .
    Why should we oromos forced to learn Amharas minority LANGUGE within our own regions included FINFINE/Addis Abeba ????
    minority Amharas should learn the majority LANGUGE .

    • Now, how many of Ethiopians can speak Amharic, and how many Oromifaa? You can imagin the difficulty if you are saing comes true. History had made Amharic spread,and it got a chance to be spoken by many. Making Amharic working lauguage has no secret behind it.but the above fact. Now what we grand fathers did has passed leveang this fact in tact. We need one comon language to comunicate one an other(working language of the federal gov’t) That language should be spoken by many. Amharas are not the only people who speak Amharic,many non-Amharas can speak Amharic. Even many oromos who leave in towns of oromia cannot speak Oromifaa, but Amharic.Currently,people who cannot speak oromifaa are more in number than those who can. Do you see the difficulty to make oromiffa working language of the federal gov’t?

  8. i have no problem with this mad blood thirsty tribalist . my problem is with those who suppose to be Amara like abebe gellaw .

    Had you forgotten already the Amhara dominated governments cruelty of mass genocidal crime against non Amhara Ethiopians, in particular against Oromos,Tigreans and Eritreans since Menilike era.
    Of course the Amharas may forget, but we the victimes will not forget our brothers and sisters whom systematically mass genocided by Amhara dominated governments for the past 80 plus years.

  10. Hold on a minute here all of you nonsense full of hatred mind morons. As much as you have the right to call yourself “Oromiya” or whatever your description of yourself, we Ethiopians have all the right to call ourselves Ethiopian. You can’t go anywhere by hate mongering, rather you should educate yourself about the world. You all talk about Amhara this, Amhara that it sounds to me you all inferior to Amhara in all level. If not, you should just talk about what is better about the country as a whole. I mean Ethiopia. By the way as far as my understanding Oromuiya is not a country nor oromogna is a language. You have to write it on your own alphabets. There are only a few countries that can say they have their own language, alphabet and numbers. Guess what Ethiopia is one of them.

  11. Why you people always complain about Amhara..? The Amhara people taught
    the oromo how to farm,his land and etc.,,, The Amhara treated you nice in the past. Look what the waynes is doing to you..You fought with them in the jungle and when u got to Addis they slaughter you like animal. I know well you people fill inferior…but get over it. Let us all live togeather with love and harmony.

    • @loloyegermal
      u preach harmony,love bla bla at the same time u are telling us somebody has taught somebody farming,somebody feels inferior….

    • Dear writer just remember before you write any comment that representing the Amhara people that which has no historical back ground and you never tought oromos how to farm but in 1900- 1920 your late grand father who had the same rock mind as you killed on million oromos and the ones who didn’t get killed got chopped of their right hand and chopped off the right side breast from our lovely mothers and sisters! We are not fithing Ethiopians because, their existence doesn’t hurt or bring a joy for us oromos! Remember oromengya is the 4 in the world and 2 in the all Africa continent that use by hundred of million of people not Amharic. We are very proud being an Oromo and we are tayred of teaching you who doesn’t learn from history or from the world history. Abdisaaga is a hero not minilik or tewodros who commuted a shame full history on his own hand!!!

      • Emperor Tewodrosse committed suicide not to get under enemies hand and not to see any enemy and governance by white. His act has disgraced the England’s troop and colonials. He did it the way his society/region taught him what a Hero should do. That is Great!
        Abdissa Agga did what his local society, which he brought up , taught him .That is also Good. Unless you have a depth of Inferiority and hatred mind, you were not supposed to write irrelevant to the current and timely issue.

  12. Ethiopia was imposed to Jowar and to all the southerns nations.They have the right to recover their identities and history.Amara you are proud of your history,your geez alphabet.Why dont you accept the other to write their history,their identities,and decide of their future.Stop confusing your people ethiopia=abyssinia= amara orthodox

  13. The overwhelming majority of Ethiopians today are intermarried and therefore race is not an issue. The real burning issues are removing the TPLF warlords from power, democratize Ethiopia and fight abject poverty.

    • The “inter-marriage propaganda” is an outdated strategy which habesha emperors were using for ethnic cleansing. More over it is exagerated. Why that intermarriage is in favor of Amharas? If we are intermarried why Amharas do not absndon their culture and language and accept Oromiffa? Do not think that every oromo is a “diqala” like you. The Oromo people fight TPLF and facist Amharas. Removing TPLF alone is not enough!!!!!!!

  14. it was a hatered, chovinism, and one’s ignorance of the other’s position that caused the unforgettable blood shed and massacre in ethiopia about 40 yrs ago. I feel so so terrible to find out that people of my country are still in that circle….if not worse for this one adds tribalism which I bet is potentially more dangerous.
    Pls pls fellow Ethiopians this is a new day lets get together and pave the way to a new democratized, free and a land of equality ..nation. We have more to share than to differ. But this kind of segregation between the two biggest people of the land will not make any positive impact other than distruction.
    We come too far as one.

  15. If I am not mistaken, the so called “Amahara regime”, if at all a purely Amhara led regime ever existed at any time in our history, has long gone. The ruling class is now the Tigrean junta Jawar and his organization OLF helped in crowning. OLF was part of the wayane government until they were pushed aside allegedly because of power struggle and not because of differences in democratic values.
    it is very surprising to me for Jawar and Co still referring to trivial historical events and spit fire as if the world is about to crumble upon us today. Let me remind him that the game has changed now. Leave the Amharas alone and refocus on the junta that is enslaving the Ethiopian people including the Oromos. Remember popularity and childish gibberish does not equate to wisdom/knowledge. stop reading old manifestos of uninformed and narrow minded politicians. try to learn from history and facts on the ground if you genuinely want to help the Oromo.
    Solomon A

    • Yeah, there is no Amhara ruling class at present. But there are organizations which are struggling to bring that back. We fight them. We fight TPLF as well.

  16. @loloyegeal,
    The Amhara kings mass genocided our Oromo bothers and sisters and stolen our oromos land. The Amharas even oppressed our oromos culture and oromos languge and forced as to learn language.

  17. I look back and I miss the old good days where no one said “my ethnic group is this and that ” but simply “I AM ETHIOPIAN” and we would run under one flag, would go in the muslim neighbours to fest, eat together, or muslims would come to our house and we would share our concerns of life, I would have a tigre friend in my rural of AA and we would play together , I would joke about the Gurage who does not want to give me more grain for my shellings and we would laught, I would miss my grand-ma laugh with her Oromo old girl friend who didi not speak Amharic but then Grand ma would speak with her in her broken oromignia and they would stay for ever talking about the past etc, I would miss the anbesha tea time with Maheber we had in the area , the gurage would bring Besso, kinche, ayeb etc…what happen since then? Why the name of Ethiopia is so exposed , so weakened ? who is responsible ? what happened? ERE GOBEZ ESTI MELES BELEN ENASSEB…EGEZIABEHER ESS ENDET YEKER YELEN??? Ethiopian ATAFERSSU…THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE …GREED AND POWER ARE TEMPORARY..LET US STOP FIGHTING FOR THIS SHORT LIFE…I pray Ethiopia find peace and we can all leave together!

  18. From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
    Tedla Assfaw one of the few big mouth hypocrite galloping with no substance calling himself as an opposition element wants us to indulge with his hypocrisy of focusing “ the Ethiopian Muslim’s Mujahadeen issue crap talk” instead of focusing the major issue on the betrayal of Jawar to his citizen of Ethiopia he publicly denounced on which he accused “ Ethiopia” colonized him and “the name Ethiopian – imposed on him” publicly on the Arab/Islamic media Aljezeera in front of the world.
    Aljezeera is doing its deity as a member of the Arab counties working on Egypt’s behalf. For reason many of us not knowing why Tedla wants us to give attention to the Islamic Mujahadeens in Ethiopia instead of the big picture Jawar and his other “Western Sandwich Addicts of OLF cults” who were painting the Ethiopian good name as colonizer and killer is beyond me. Killing and kidnapping and mutilating against Amhara and other Ethiopians is been on record that OLF is known for its crime. And Aljezeera journalist cadres of the Arab media are ignorance of this record,
    Tedla should have write a letter of complaint to the Aljezeera editor (to the former Wuhabee member- if he is still the editor in chief) and to those Aljezeera young cadre journalists who are so illiterate about Ethiopia and the most criminal entity OLF who is responsible for its disposable crime- why they the way this anti Ethiopia elements offered worldwide media stage to lie freely with no opposition to encounter their known lies, disinformation and cover up of victimization (knowing they too are criminals similar to those who are accusing them as abuser of the OLF people ).
    It is the most unbelievable campaign against Ethiopia by Aljezeera working on behalf of the Egyptian Arabs by inviting such ridiculous and infantile elements to the world media as if these are victims of Ethiopia. The one sided opinion (un heard of in the international media in such intentional campaign slandering Ethiopia in a bad name by these thuggish organization who chose to live in comfort in the Diaspora lying as if they are fighters! I can’t stop laughing at these Sandwich Addicts).
    Unfortunately Tedla Assfaw as hypocrite as he is always wants us to trade the Ethiopian Islamic Mujahadeens issue by putting the major Agenda of discussion “ the attack campaign of OLF and Aljezeera against Ethiopia”.
    People should ignore the Tedla Assfaw group and the rest of the good for nothing Diaspora media who expect good manner from OLF. We know all these group calling themselves as opposition in the Diaspora were committing political adultery with OLF for a long time now. Tedla Assfaw – Stop confusing the major issue!!! Cut it out!!!! Thanks Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

  19. Jawar, is a nonsense individual who is driven by emotion as he is always unable to use a common sense as his freaking idiot mind is stripped by a racist ideology, and there is no way we can treat people when they are affected by racisim, and let alone his endless lies during his interview, but he didnt have a shame to say WE OROMOS without having a representaion of the oromos, where it is the same that the racist tigrian tplf members say WE TIGRIANS without having a formal representaion of thier people, just because he is infected with empty racist ideology he thinks that all oromos would buy his nonsense garbege

  20. This article is bullshit. Reasons:
    1) Jawar is Oromo
    2) Jawar is muslim
    Therefore, Mr Tedla who is neither Oromo nor a muslim can never speak on behalf of Oromos or muslims more Jawar does. Please stop lying too much and speak the bitter truth, as Jawar does.

    • Mr/Mrs Tedla Asfaw, ‘s better stopping barking on Jowar and discrediting the justice cause of the great Oromo nation. I adice you this just not for the sake of your illogical and non-sense approach but just not to shorten the shelf-life of your empire, Ethiopia We the colonized nationas and nationalities are marching highly toward independent state while you are dreaming to bring back the old unitary system of governance.
      We Oromos and true, justice and democracy lovers love so much intelectual Oromians, Jowar, Mohamed and Dr. Fido.

  21. @Loloyegermal:
    Oromos have not welcomed Woyanes as well. The Oromo people started fighting with Woyanes ever since they come close to Finfinne. The Oromo people never hate any other people be it Amhara or Tigre. To the contrary Habeshas (Amhara+Tigre) are hating oromos and other non-Abysinians. Right now the Oromo people has one question:that is self determination. Any force on this world can never stop us from fighting for this noble and legal goal.


  22. Remember the mixture of the white and black teff. If you decide to separate the black from the white to sow separately you will not finish counting until the whole is corrupted. If you decide to sow it now you will get the ever best and wonderful harvest. It will then feed the whole country and will be left for many more. Fight against selfishness you will be the winner.

  23. JAWAR is the most opportunistic politician I have ever seen he talks about unity when he is with pro unity forces and he talks about cesession while he is with narrow minded OLF supporters, He has no stand he uses any opportunity to advance his interest of becoming a leader of Ethiopia or OROMIA, We Should not let this kind of sick and opportunistic people to come to power to extend the misery of our people on top of that JAWAR is sick and ethnoracist person so please diaspora politicians refrain from giving a medium for this STUPID and RACIST PERSON

  24. I was totally in disbelief when I heard the discussion jawar should of used to grill the problems all Ethiopians are facing in today’s minority tplf regime. No one doubts jawar as an Oromo Ethiopian but please let’s be more to the point we shouldn’t deviate from our no 1 enemy tplf. My advise to jawar please stay focus to the issue on hand and think outside of the box we are oromo Ethiopians and our struggle is for all ethnics on the land of Ethiopia jawar be more wise and inclusive use the past as arguing point for the urgent need for the democratization of Ethiopia through which all ethnics including even our eritreans brothers will be the beneficiaries remember oromos share genealogical linkage with all ethnics and believe me when I say this there are more mix oromos with Amhara, south, afar,Somalia,gambella,Tigray and even eritrea before you speak jawar think abouts over 20million oromos who share blood with other ethnics and tbere only wish and hope is a democratization of Ethiopia. Let’s first and most work for the urgent matter the disposal of the most hated regime in Ethiopia tplf/eprdf and once we establish democracy for all then we can correct the historians were we went wrong the past. When there are millions of ethiopias hungry for change the last thing we want is ethnic politics. Viva a democratic Ethiopia for all!!!

  25. From the outset this political debate hosted by Algezira was not inclusive to bring genuine ethiopian on stage who could defend our history and disprove false accusations and blatant lies of those three mentally sick people on Ethiopia . Algezira prior to the debate sends an invitation to the current minority TPLF regime which in turn is anti-Ethiopia as much as the other three ridiculous morons. In such media there should be fairness and credibility in presentation. Coming back to the funny subject of free oromia that those three foolish people and their followers are aspiring to see do they really talking serious? I do have some questions to ask for any one with same mindset with these funny and poor lost guys. 1.Where is the boundary of oromia? (A map of TPLF is a joke and its against the will of Ethiopia s). 2.do you think the people of Addis,gurage,debube,Amhara and other nationalities would give a blind eye when you take our country and identity? If you donot like to live in peace I can make it sure to you you will be pushed out from e every corner and you will find your oromia state in bale and harerge right next next to SOMALIA and then you will deal with them. You deserve notorious neighbours like Somalie that will kick your ass if you rejected to live with Ethiopians in harmony.

  26. @wenetu
    i’m sure ur housemaid in some arab country and u dont know what oromo(oromia) or ethiopia is.u better use ur time to wash dish like other our sisters who are suffering there.

  27. Brother Jowar, thank you very much for what an extra orodinary things you did on the Aljazeera Streaming show. It is the day light truth that Oromo and Oromia are colonized and subjugated by the settlers, the so called Habesha-semetics, Whther thy Habeshas deny or not, the oromians, Ogadenias, Sdamas and other opperessed natiopnals and nationalities wanna regain their freedom and deginity this times. The 40mn Oromos are happied with you as a educated boy. We love Johar! Don’t hear the barking oldies aTedal Asfaw, whose Ethiopia is getting dusk, insteadin the new you country of the Horn of Africa, Oromia is to be realized. The successive empire Ethiopian colonizera or rulers have had about 150 yrs chance to unify the empire, where as they lost the opportunity. Ethiopia is an empire, thus it shall be dismuntled. Who care if dogs bark.
    Mohamad Ademo and Dr. Fido have also showed very well the Oromo cause to the international community.
    10Q, you hero Oromoinas

  28. Wenetu,
    Remember whom you want to deport. The central Oromos people who fought for that country for centuries. Your deportation plan might back fire and the oromo in that part might stop to stand with you for once and forever. These people are very brave and have protected you when your king run away from the country. I don’t think they have any problem to kick your ass if you come to them to deport or destroy Oromia. They are learning all your arrogance and I am one of them. The only way forward is to give oromo and all ethnic group self determination. Otherwise, instead of deporting Oromo you might get deported. It is very serious, Ethiopia is dead and cut out her head in 60 years. The heart might not need that long if you want to bring Aleqa Taye history. We survived we will surivive neftenya (Amhara) hate. The TPLF is already dead

  29. For all free Oromia racist elements I just want to remind you the 1976s somalian invasion that engulfed your oromia and repulsed by brave ethiopians while you run away to central part of ethiopia and also your 20000 OLF soldiers decommissioned by TPLF troops with out firing a single bullet. so I am hoping you realise your standard now if you are unaware of reality. your futile propaganda will bring misery to the innocent people of Oormo who are living in peace and harmony.

    • We know that freedom cannot come with out misery. Do not worry for our misery. Who are these brave Ethiopians who saved us from Somalians? kkkkkkk. If you, Ethiopians, are brave why you lost the battle with Shabia and ended as a land locked empire?

  30. Brother Jowar, thank you very much for what an extra orodinary things you did on the Aljazeera Streaming show. It is the day light truth that Oromo and Oromia are colonized and subjugated by the settlers, the so called Habesha-semetics, Whther thy Habeshas deny or not, the oromians, Ogadenias, Sdamas and other opperessed natiopnals and nationalities wanna regain their freedom and deginity this times. The 40mn Oromos are happied with you as a educated boy. We love Johar! Don’t hear the barking oldies aTedal Asfaw, whose Ethiopia is getting dusk, insteadin the new you country of the Horn of Africa, Oromia is to be realized. The successive empire Ethiopian colonizera or rulers have had about 150 yrs chance to unify the empire, where as they lost the opportunity. Ethiopia is an empire, thus it shall be dismuntled. Who care if dogs bark. Mohamad Ademo and Dr. Fido have also showed very well the Oromo cause to the international community. 10Q, you hero Oromoinas

  31. Johar Mohamed yallaw ene babakule edagefawalew lamen kalachu kazi bafit yanabaraw serat oromiyya yamilawen lamafaq yaladaragew yalfanaqelew dengay yelm, ya oromon sem gala belaw eya xaru finfinen addis ababa belaw eya qayaru addaman Nazareth belaw iya xaru cirron asebe tafari italu adollan kebra mangissti iyalu yalfanaqalut dingay alnabarem. Ahun dagmo onag iyalu ashabarii iyyalun targa ba andanya daraja enda Abadula minibas talaxefolenal, oromo ahunem ba qany gezat iyya tageza nw yalew ba politika ba ikonomiyawina ba mahabarawi buzu badal iya darrasabat ka hagaruu iya tassadade iyatassare iya tadabadabe ka university qalameh alamaranyem iyatabala wada iserbet eyatawaraware, ba selxan kefefel wadahuwla iya kare kefafleh gezan iyya taxaqamaben endet honan naw Ethiopia yamene qabalat enyko enda bada enji enda Ethiopia yamiyayan wagen yelam binorem yihe Hulu badel bal tafatsameben naber Oromoya agarre wadishalw, Ethiopia nany yamelw yihe Hulu xiyaqe simalaseliny bicha nw passport lamawsad sumale nachu ka mogadishu nw yamaxachut iyaalun wade areb hager ba hegawi endane zewawer bahharen iyyamaraxulen nw Ethiopia enda kondominiyem bet nw yamenayyat hulum ya Oromo waxat wadedachum xallachum yane aynat aqueam nw yallachew.

  32. Jawar and his Trojan Horses are Busted.this guy was extremist yesterday,he is extremist today.what now?what are those Jawar’s apologists gonna tell us about this guy this time?he told us in a pure language he is not an Ethiopian.he did not betray only those his apologists,he also betrayed the entire Ethiopian Muslims movement.he cares only about Oromos.that all he is !!! bye bye Jawar !!!you dont fool me again.

  33. Are u responsible for the name of Ethiopia or u’r guy amara? From the beginning you are immigraents . The history tells us how your grand fathers came to oromia. By the way the name of Ethiopia is the gift of Greek do you have reference in amaharic? Plz refer history , what is your identity ? Your religion, alphabet, calture$the like came from outside. So I can conclude your tolerate less come from your identity less. Be sure while you are attaching oromos , you are attacking all Ethiopian empire peoples even amata peasants those live in gojjam $ gonder who donot want the name of Ethiopia rather proud of gojjame $ gondore. Plz be proud of your nation donot go under the umbellela of ethiopiawenet.

  34. Wunetu
    Plz separate your aim as an amara we southern peoples support our brothers oromos bcz we are the son of kush . Donot bark to us , take care of rayyas $wallos behind of you they are one nation OK. Plz wash your dish for survival . Minilik rule was dead by durg $ buried by tlf $ olf. But now we new generation struggle to make disappear its bone from the land of lush.

  35. First I want to say this is a good discussion , so I think the writer misunderstood Jowar because ,he wrote wrong info about him about he didn’t say as jowar says ,Jowar never say I don’t care about Ethiopian .The writer could not tell jowar what to concentrate on.Jowar Is oromo.OROMO PEOPLE always are ONE NATION .This taught you wrote here do you think you aimed or targeted to divide the OROMO Christian and Oromo Muslim or Oromo Waqefata .The writer you really failed to understand ,I hope you didn’t clearly follow all his .taught so be positive. The way you talk doesn’t represent Ethiopia still you are sided ,your statement doesn’t represent Ethiopian its very clear to every body .You whom am talking about (AMHARA)DOES ETHIOPIA MEANS only the AMAHARA or all NATION .think fair and positive you written words come from hate racy of Him to be OROMO.so how comes we could be one if you don’t want to recognize oromo as Nation.

  36. To retarded Getachew reda who think that he is important just he writes some rubbish but no body cares about your false opinion.
    Thanks to our educated elites, today the world knows Ethiopian government (Tigree elites in collaboration with few banda amhara and oromo) are killing ethnic Oromos and southern nation by large numbers. Today the world knows the prison official language is afaan oromo and our engineers and doctors are killed by the regime. Let alone what happened in the last 150 years, only this injustice will trickle a question on any oromo kids that Ethiopia is an evil empire to be dismantled. Let alone Egypt, I can work with devil to end the suffering of my people. That is to what extent many of us determined.

  37. @ dufu,
    Dismantling what? Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. After you got it, you might not like what you got. I think you are the follower of ivy league mouth piece who ever learns and can not come to a knowledge of truth. How about us? We are around, too. You know! We are Oromos, too, and we love our dear country with sweat and blood with the rest of our brothers, Amaras, Tigris, gurage, Gambella, Afar to name the few. I always pray to God to spare us from the likes of you. Now, you make me wish that you loose your heart beat soon. I personally do not shed a tear if that happens to you. Just like I wish that meles would have died 23 years ago long before he commits all the crimes to my fellow Ethiopians. Our country and my fellow Ethiopian are bleeding for the past 40 years. I do not want you to add any misery to her and to my follow brothers and sisters anymore. So, goodbye. Sweat dreams for eternity!

  38. gedeon, we know you care less for the suffering of our people who are killed day by day. It is pitty that a human being stands with those who are suffering. Instead you are dreaming to keep the status ko. It wont work. We shall over come all the injustices you are supporting. Injustice has never won the world.

  39. That is why your ideology does not take you any where if you are keeping saying oromiya oromiya all the time. you need to move forward you are talking about minilik like it happened yesterday man now we are in 20th you are stacked backward move,move,move.we are in the time when you are evalueted for what you did not where you came from,that is the reason you secced in this country otherwise imagin if American say American for American they would have kicked you out,but they are different from you, how people never change even living with civilized society ,Juar mahamed you know my start heating when I see your pic or voice,and I know you never get any where with this mindest

  40. American for America not habesha statmeni yehabasha probaganda for oromo network
    you are habash you need a little thought to swap therir roofs so relaxes on their heands lyng you get in everywhere else you are handchphude

  41. 10q johar.continue in this way by informing all oromo with new thing. We r proud by u. Our best enemy were z two highland state,ie tigrai & amhara,they couldn’t scroll down u,be proud of oromo on oromia,we convience zem by independent oromia for only oromo’s,they confiused by their authorities, we must proud being pure oromo unlike minase, keep it up johar….pls…pls…pls…!!

  42. If not for the sake of satisfying Abyssinians, all Oromos from the day they know themselves strongly believes that Oromoness is primary than Ethiopianess, which was created by Amhara King Minilik as advised by his French Advisor. Minilik’s advisor warned Minilik not to call the newly territory incorporate into old Abyssinia as more than three-fourth of the occupied territory belongs to Abyssinia (the old territory that includes Begemidir, parts of Gojjam, Tigray and few north western part of Wallo). So don’t be surprised when Oromos and other southern people consider their own ethnic groups as first rather than Ethiopianess.

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