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 Is there  Ethiopian dream during TPLF ? (Abraham Zerihun)

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By Abraham Zerihun
Is there such a thing called Ethiopian Dream?
Ethiopia tribesOn many occasions, we hear about the American dream-a dream whereby the individual lives in a democratic society with no physical and/or psychological fears of any kind. As broken and ailing as it might sound to us, Americans still have an ‘American Dream’ wherein the individual enjoys sovereignty. When Chinese President Xi Jinping assumed presidency in November 2012, he managed to shore up his legitimacy by championing the ‘Chinese Dream’ of moderately prosperous society, national rejuvenation and individual happiness. It remains to be seen if the Chinese Dream was an expedient tool by Xi Jinping’s leadership. But for now, a Chinese can hold a dream of his own in a system that is renowned for its collectivist tendencies.
There is no social networks, Facebook, private media that the Chinese can criticize the government. But the whole Chinese are scattered all over the world, manage world economy in every sector in a dream communist china and Chinese will feed and   control   the whole world in the future.
Yes, there was a thing called Ethiopian dream such as being independent nation from ancient times unlike other Africans. Yes, patriots died for the sake of one Ethiopian dream, sovereign and prosperous land.
However the Ethiopian dream is now ruined by the current dictator, racist Nazi  government TPLF/EPRDF (Tigray Liberation Front). This is a dream of making great Tigray empire.
The first obstacle TPLF created is its Ethnic based federalism. We want to be called Ethiopian but TPLF is dividing us and is calling as Amhara, Oromo, Sidama, etc which is a divide and rule strategy of Old European colony style. It created the displacement of Amhara nation from south Ethiopia Guraferda and Benishangul regions, and also the mass killing of Annuak tribes from Gambella region.
This dictatorship rule commits atrocities such as massacres, genocide, starvation and incitement of interethnic conflicts and preaching and spreading of hatred among the different communities
The second is economical colonialism in which the majority of the business in the country is monopolized by Tigray born TPLF members. There are more than 40 firms run by them collectively known as EFFORT. The rest of the economy give priority to foreign investors that is direct Neo Colonialism.
Farmers that are accused of supporting and voting for the opposition parties are systematically abused and punished through the denial of access to fertilizers, improved seeds, humanitarian help and other social services. They are evicted from their fertile farming lands which are leased to foreign investors from China, India and Saudi Arabia and forced to settle elsewhere without adequate provisions and support.
The miserable rule and repression of the successors of the Ethno fascist rule of Meles Zenawi is forcing the ever increasing number citizens to leave the country in search of safety and better opportunities.
Many are losing their lives in the Sahara desert and seas while attempting to reach the west. We had a dream-a dream to live by our toil and hardworking unlike what the conscience-less regime apologists want to portray us. We all know fleeing debauches our dignity and integrity both as people and individuals.
Aid money and emergency humanitarian help are abused as political weapons against citizens. The abuses and excesses of the regime we have mentioned here are only some of the problems citizens face in their daily lives.
Thirdly in the health sector, the government is sterilizing citizens to abolish Ethiopians with their dreams. See the link   how the young Amhara women are vaccinated   the anti-pregnancy forcefully. This is also justified by the government Central Statistical Agency Director Ms. Samya Zekaria. She elaborated, the discrepancy more than 2 million Amhara Ethiopians are disappeared in the 2007 Census is because of health problems, HIV/AIDS in addition to the vaccine genocide led by TPLF.
As a direct consequence of this finding, the TPLF parliament has reduced the annual budget allocation to the Amhara regional state, which further complicates the very survival of the Amhara people.
At the last, the worst case that Ethiopia is now a hell of prisoners. The government has enacted different draconian laws including the anti-terrorism law mainly aimed at penalizing dissent, curbing freedom of expression, free media and cracking down on its opponents and pro-democracy activists.
Journalists of the free press, Zone 9 bloggers, leaders, suspected members and supporters of the opposition parties are thrown into the worst and notorious prisons throughout the country on tramped up and fictitious charges, exposed to tortures and other inhuman treatments.
Fictitious histories is given to the One Ethiopia visionaries King Theodros, Minilik II.  Intellectuals like professor Asrat Weldeyes, Political leaders such as Andargachew Tsige ,Andualem Arage are in jail because their name Anda stands for the unity & freedom of Ethiopia.
The renowned Ethiopian ex NASA scientist engineer Kitaw Ejigu had a vision of one developed Ethiopia. He was born in Kaffa Bonga, and in 2002, he founded a political party, the Ethiopian National United Front, to overthrow the TPLF  regime. Unlike Meles zenawi envisioned only Tigray TPLF, Scientist Kitaw Ejigu foresaw about a better Ethiopia and Africa.
Meles Zenawi couldnot be accounted for making dam on River Abay. King HaieSilasie I was the first master mind of constructing dam over river Nile as we can see the dam vision in Hailesilasie’s Currency . The formation of Derg and TPLF is the hindering stone for the advancement of Ethiopia by His majesty HaileSilasie I.
Ethiopia is becoming 11 country/ autonomous regional state according to the dream of TPLF Ethinic based fake Federalism. What we are expecting to think while the Ethiopians are entitled to jail upon birth? What are we waiting when they form a greater Tigray empire while disintegrating the rest of Ethiopia.
We are forced to think of Bantustan Kilile rather than saying my country. How the the accumulated wealth, knowledge of diaspora Ethiopians is benefiting the country instead of individual dream?
The obstacle Tigray Liberation Front/Ethiopian people’s Revolutionary Democratic Front /(TPLF/EPRDF) should be removed to reestablish Ethiopian real dream of development.
This way the Ethiopian culture of living in harmony will be in an irreversible state.
Written By Abraham Zerihun
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