Is the TPLF Using the Tigeri People for their Dirty Game?

eprdf-tplfBy Surafel Admassu
First and foremost, I would like to  let my Tigrian brothers and sisters  know that  my opinion in  this writing does not intended to attack any one of you except those perpetrators and hard core TPLF supporters and members who work tirelessly to destroy our  country and unanimity.
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  1. Tigre people liberation front gangsters like SEBEHAT NEGA, SAMORA YUNIS,ABAY TSEHAYE, BEREKET SIMON, etal are committing genocide, mass eviction, dispossession of poor ethiopian farmers who happen to be amharas. pregnant women, women with young children, the elderly, young and old are brutally thrown out of their homes , their livelihoods taken away from them to die on the streets.
    This crime is being committed in the name of tigraie people. every one of you who are silently watching from the side lines while these attrocities are being committed in your name should mind that what goes round comes round. You should not take any pleasure to see poor peasants made to suffer and die in this barbaric manner. you should react and condemn the fascist Tigre people libetation front. If you are silent it means you are consenting to the crime. History will judge you and you are now on the spot light.

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