Is the Notorious Conflict of the Oromo Polity, the ‘Ethiopian Democratization vs. Oromian Liberation,’ Irreconcilable?

By Fayyis Oromia
oromiaI wanted to re-write this opinion because of the currently intensified anti-Woyane movement led by the Amhara bloc (“multinational organizations”). It raised an important question in the Oromo national liberation camp. Why couldn’t we, the Oromo national liberation forces, come to terms and cooperate in building at least an alliance based on common denominator of freedom (bilisummaa), which we can call Tumsa Bilisummaa Oromoo (TBO)/Alliance for Freedom of the Oromo (AFO)? Is it really because of the supposed ideological difference as indicated in the title of this opinion? Our common sense dictates that, if we want to prevent the reversal of the victories we achieved up to now, to keep the status quo and to move forwards, we have to come together and build a strong national liberation force. It is only in this way that we can defeat the currently ruling hegemonist Woyane and can hinder the possible coming of the backward-looking Amhara unitarists to power.
It is the fact on the ground that both our foes and our misguided friends still do intensify the instrumentalization of the minor ideological conflict we do have for their mission of dividing and weakening the Oromo national liberation camp. They continuously accuse certain part of the Oromo nationalists (the federalists) as being Ethiopianists (as if they are fighting only to democratize Ethiopia, but not to liberate Oromia). Is this true or is it only an allegation? Is it wrong if some Oromo nationalists do apply different rhetoric (if they are double-tongued) as they are sometimes accused to be? What is wrong if these forces of ours talk about Ethiopian democratization (genuine union/true federation) and about Oromian independence, both tactically and strategically, based on the political contexts and situations? Didn’t the Eritrean and South Sudan nationalists move the same way at different times before they could liberate their respective nations and bring them to the level of referendum on: independence vs. union?
To my information, there was a time when the Eritrean liberation forces talked about and almost agreed to settle for federation within the Ethiopian union, but the move had consequently failed because of the stubborn position of the Ethiopian government at that time – which refused to accept this option. South Sudan nationalists also used to talk about autonomy within a united Sudan, to just not lose the support of the Ethiopian government, which wanted Sudan not to be disintegrated. Simply put, the elites of these two nations did use different rhetoric during their struggles. What is wrong if the Oromo nationalists do the same? Why do our foes and our misguided friends blame these Oromo nationals as if they are deceitful? After all, who is an Ethiopianist Oromo in the true sense of the word? Does it include the federalists, who tactically talk about Oromian autonomy within the Ethiopian union as their goal? How can Oromo nationalists, who want to bring the nation to the status of exercising self-determination per referendum, be designated as Ethiopianists?
Specially at this moment, it seems that the Oromo are asking about the feasibility of our own movement for independence. Why did two of our neighbours, Eritrea and South Sudan, succeed, whereas our movement is still suffering from the ongoing disintegration and division of our national liberation camp? Is it because of only our mistakes or are there some other external factors, which have made the difference? Surely, there are many other factors, one of the major ones being the the support the two liberation movements of Eritrea and South Sudan had got from the Arab world (in case of Eritrea) and the Western world, in contrast to the support the Oromo movement is lacking. There is even a strong opposition from the Western world, which our Oromo national liberation movement faces. We all know how the Eritrean liberation movement had been supported by the Arabs, the Italians and by other Western regimes. They had also had a very secure sanctuary in the neighbouring countries like the Sudan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We also know how South Sudan had been supported by the regimes of America, Britain and other Western countries. South Sudan liberation forces had also had a relatively secure sanctuary in Kenya, Uganda and Zaire. On the contrary, are not the Western forces the supporters of our Abyssinian colonizers, who are working continuously to divide and disintegrate the Oromo national liberation camp? Are not the Oromo national liberation forces denied any sort of sanctuary in the neighbouring countries?

Unfortunately, the Oromo national liberation movement, not only lacks such regional sanctuary and international support, but even both our neighbouring countries and the Western friends of Abyssinia do oppose the attempt of the Oromo to liberate from Abyssinian colonization. Specially, the Western world seems to have an opposite policy in comparison to the policy they had towards South Sudan. In the case of South Sudan, they supported the “Christian” south to be free from the influence of the Arabinized north, whereas in the case of Oromia they tend to support the domination by the Abyssinized (Christian) north on the mainly traditional south, including the Oromo. If they had had no such double standard as usual, they should have supported the national liberation movement of the Oromo from the domination of the Abyssinized north, just as they have done to protect the South Sudan from the Arabinized north.
Despite such lack of consistency in the policy of the Western world, no question that the Oromo nation is one of the biggest African nations – which should be liberated from any sort of colonization or domination. This nation has been under the colonial rule since the conference of the European colonialists in Berlin at the end of the nineteenth century, when they planned the Scramble for Africa. The Abyssinized king Minilik was treated by the European Christians benevolently to have his share of the colony and “to civilize as well as to Christianize” the Oromo and the other non-Christian nations in the southern part of the present Ethiopian empire. Since then, the Oromo and the other occupied nations in the region have been struggling for their national freedom. Particularly, the Oromo are now at the worst colonial situation; we are, not only occupied and oppressed, but also our colonizers are selling our land and our labour to international capitalists for the very dirty cheap price.
Being in such dire situation, Oromo nationalists still seem to enjoy a luxury of quarreling on minor issues like discussing on the conflict ‘Ethiopian democratization vs. Oromian national liberation,’ be it that we use both concepts as a means or as an end of our struggle. It is not surprising when we do observe Woyane cadres persuading us to dwell on such debates and discussions, for they know very well that it is a good way to hinder unity of Oromo national liberation forces from being realized. But interesting is also to observe few of our politicians making the same rhetoric by antagonizing the two concepts again and again. Some of them like to talk and write about this antagony; some of them want to make the conflict be seen as an irreconcilable, also at this first phase of the national liberation struggle. Considering the two phases of our struggle (the first freedom phase and the second referendum phase), we can see that the two concepts will be irreconcilable only during the second phase, in the time of the future voting on them. It seems that we have not yet come to our senses and look at the two concepts, as either a means or an end, that they are not contradictory, but complementary to each other at this moment of the first phase, until we come to the status of exercising our self-determination per referendum.
This difference of outlook regarding the Ethiopian democratization and the Oromian national liberation in the process of the Oromo national struggle had been there from the very beginning of our struggle. Some Oromo nationalists wanted to liberate Oromo from oppression within the Ethiopian context; the others wanted a separate and independent republic of Oromia. Regarding this outlook, it seems that we do now have three political movements in Oromo society:
– the movement of the pro-unity Oromo, who are interested in liberating the Oromo in a sense of democratizing the empire and achieving individual liberty for all citizens, including the Oromo people, disregarding the existence and the necessary emancipation of Oromia. They are not necessarily against the right of the Oromo people to self-determination through referendum, but their wish is to keep the territorial integrity of the empire intact and, if possible, foster a country led by the Oromo. This is the group whom I consider as classical Ethiopianists.
– the pro-federation Oromo, for whom national liberation can be the same as Oromian autonomy within the Ethiopian union (true killil-federation). I think we can designate this group as loyal to Oromia, thus they are not classical Ethiopianists, but they merely use the name Ethiopia for tactical reason as far as they are operating “legally” under the gunpoint of the Abyssinian colonizers or getting support from other non-Oromo forces.
– the pro-independence Oromo, who do believe in and advocate for Oromian independence. To my understanding, many members of the Oromo rebel organizations belong here, even though they may have different rhetoric based on the contexts and situations for tactical reasons. All Oromo nationalists in this group can be considered as Oromianists.
The common denominator for these three movements is freedom of the Oromo people or self-determination of the Oromo people per referendum. Any Oromo individual or group against this right to self-determination can be considered as part and parcel of our colonizers, who do deny us this right; they are simply collaborators. So, we need to differentiate Oromo politicians, who want to have liberated Oromo people within the Ethiopian context from the Abyssinian colonists and their collaborators, who want to oppose our right to self-determination with a pretext of unconditional Ethiopian unity, an euphemism to keep the system of colonization intact. Even Abyssinian forces can be divided into two, based on their position regarding our right to self-determination: Abyssinian democrats, who in principle accept and respect our right to self-determination; and Abyssinian colonialists, who do oppose our right with a pretext of unconditional Ethiopian unity.
So, our enemies are those, who are against our right to self-determination, whereas the above mentioned three Oromo movements and the Abyssinian democrats are not necessarily enemies to each other, as long as they want to liberate Oromo, i.e. as long as they want to bring the Oromo people to the level of exercising self-determination per referendum, making Oromo free from any external influence. After liberating Oromo and bringing us to the status of voting in referendum, be it they achieve that per ballot or by bullet/force, they can agitate for their preferred visions. That means, they can campaign respectively for only democratic Ethiopia, disregarding Oromia (the vision of the pro-unity Oromo); for the Oromian autonomy within the Ethiopian union (internal self-determination), which is the vision of Oromo federalists; and for the Oromian independence within the African union (external self-determination), which is the goal of the pro-independence Oromo. But now, all the three Oromo groups can and should work together in order to get rid of the occupying and oppressing forces of the colonizers. Here, we can also have the empowering alliance with the Abyssinian democrats, specially with the Amhara democrats, whereas I do advise for a caution in trying to work with Tigrean democrats. Such Tigreans may claim to oppose the present regime, but surely they can have a loyalty conflict, when it comes to the domination by their kins.
For the pro-unity Oromo democrats, ‘Ethiopian democratization’ is both a means and an end to realize their vision; whereas for the pro-federation Oromo, it is more a means to their end for they seem to use their explicit objective (Oromian autonomy) as a prelude for the bigger goal (Oromian independence). Despite the fact that democracy under Woyane’s rule is practically impossible, these two Oromo groups just try to instrumentalize the democratization process in order to put pressure on the Tigrean rulers. But, pro-independence Oromo’s explicit goal is crystal clear, even though it seems there is a division on the route (the strategy) they try to take to reach at the goal. This taking different routes is the main area of discord between the different factions of our rebelling national liberation fronts. The difference is not necessarily based on the conflict, ‘Ethiopian democratization vs. Oromian national liberation,’ but on the variety of rhetoric they do use at different times for tactical reasons.
Thus, the difference between Oromo federalists, who are usually painted as “Ethiopianists” by their rivals, and those which are considered as Oromianists, is not as such the matter of being Ethiopianist or Oromianist as our foes and our misguided friends try to convince us. The difference here is that of the evolutionary approach of some nationalists (including their acceptance of Oromian autonomy within the Ethiopian union as a prelude to Oromian independence) and the revolutionary way of the others in trying to achieve the same goal of Oromian national liberation (tendency to advocate independence without a necessary prelude of autonomy within the union). That is why, calling any of such federalists as Ethiopianists is morally and truly wrong. They only differ in a strategy they have chosen towards the same goal. This makes us to hope that all will join certain possible unity of Oromo freedom fighters in due time for the national liberation of Oromia, so that, at the end of the day, we will only have one strong and efficient alliance, which can lead us to the promised land. I don’t see any reason why this artificial difference of goal between the Oromo national liberation forces can be the cause of division. Not only the pro-independence Oromo, but also all the other groups, i.e. the anti-independence and the Oromo who now want to stay neutral till the day of the referendum can now agree on the common purpose of freedom of the Oromo (to liberate the Oromo and bring the nation to the level of referendum).
To fulfill this purpose, I still believe that we have to forge, not only unity of the Oromo national liberation forces, but also an all-inclusive alliance, in order to get rid of the currently ruling fascists and racists. Of course, the alliance can happen only with the national liberation forces of other oppressed nations and with the Amhara democrats, not with the Amhara colonialists, who still salivate to replace the Tigrean colonialists and bring back their own colonial rule. Let’s think at the following metaphor, which I repeatedly used to describe our national liberation journey: we all are now living in Djibouti (under slavery); both the Amhara people and the Oromo people, including all the other minority nationalities are suffering under Woyane’s tyranny. The national liberation journey from Djibouti to Diredawa (to freedom from the fascist Woyane) is the common route for both the Amhara democratic forces and the Oromo national liberation fronts. So, there is nothing which can hinder the alliance of these forces from happening at the moment. The smart politicians from both the Amhara democratic bloc and the Oromo national liberation camp should support such an alliance to get rid of the slavery under the Tigrean colonialists and fascists.
After arriving at Diredawa, the member organizations of the alliance can have either a polity consensus or a public referendum in order to live together in Diredawa (the Ethiopian union with Oromian autonomy). If they may not agree on such consensus or referendum, any move to Adama (Oromian independence = getting rid of Ethiopia) and a further move to Finfinne (a union of independent nations) requires that the Oromo forces be stronger, to be in a position to either compel or convince the Amhara elites. Such same move to the other direction, i.e. to Debremariqos (geography based federation = getting rid of Oromia) and a further move to Bahirdar (a unitary Ethiopia = even getting rid of federation) needs that the Amhara forces be stronger, so that they can either compel or convince the Oromo elites. But, sure is that choosing the alternative of living under the ongoing slavery in Djibouti for both big nations (for the Amhara and the Oromo) is foolishness par excellence. Only the fools of both nations or the smarts of the ruling Woyane fascists do want to keep this status quo by opposing an all-inclusive alliance and by sabotaging the possible unity in respective camps (by sabotaging the respective unity in both the Amhara bloc and the Oromo camp). As far as Oromo nation is concerned, we need the alliance with the Amhara bloc to move to Diredawa; and we should have the unity of the Oromo national liberation forces to be stronger and move further to Adama as well as to Finfinne.
By being stronger and moving to Adama, we can surely make the colonial Abyssinian rulers sing like Al-Bashir, who said: “the ball is in your (in South Sudan’s) court and the decision is yours. If you say unity, welcome; if you also say secession, you are also welcome; and I would like to say: welcome to a new brotherly state. The preferred choice for us is unity, but in the end we will respect the choice of the southern citizens; one would be sad that Sudan has split but also pleased because we witnessed peace.” To come to this level and compel the Abyssinian colonizers to sing like this, the Oromo people have to now concentrate on the burning issue of the national liberation struggle, i.e. on fighting for freedom from the fascists by any means possible, for which both the unity and the alliance are mandatory. I hope that at least Abyssinian democrats will be ready to say: “the preferred choice for us is unity, but at the end, we will accept and respect the choice of Oromian citizens,” unless otherwise their version of democracy excludes the right of big nations, like the Oromo, to self-determination. Of course, we don’t expect such reaction from the Abyssinian colonialists or from the colonial-minded elites.
The way forward from the status quo is thus firstly empowering our Oromo camp, which comprises all the three groups of movements (the pro-independence, the pro-federation and the pro-unity). Now, in the first phase of our national liberation struggle, they all can fight together against the colonialists, and then after the national liberation, in the second phase, they can agitate for their respective vision in order to win in the possible public referendum. That is why the conflict, ‘Ethiopian democratization vs. Oromian national liberation’ at the first phase is not as such irreconcilable. We do surely have irreconcilable conflict with our colonizers and with their collaborators, who are against our right to self-determination, but not with pro-unity Oromo, not with pro-federation Oromo or not even with Amhara democrats. Let alone the mentioned different Oromo forces, even other organizations, including the currently oppressed Amhara democratic forces, which do accept and respect our right to self-determination, are welcome to foster alliance with us to compel the Woyane fascists to leave power in Finfinne palace.
The difference between Oromo nationalists, who do oppose the alliance with Amhara forces and those who do support the alliance, is because of the tendency of those who oppose the alliance to concentrate only on the Amhara colonizers’ rejection of our right to self-determination, whereas those who support the alliance do look at the chance of the alliance with the Amhara democrats’ support of our right. But, both the anti-alliance Oromo nationalists and the pro-alliance Oromo nationalists should try to make a consensus and have the same and similar stand, i.e. they have to say ‘no’ to the alliance with the colonial forces, but say ‘yes’ to the one with the democratic forces. That means, we have to be able to discern between the two Amhara forces (between the colonizers and the democrats), instead of quarreling on this issue of opposing or supporting the alliance with the Amhara forces.
I think the future decolonized and democratized Oromia, with its tradition of Gadaa democracy, will be the center of an emission for a radiation of the bright light of democracy in the future United States of Africa (USA) based on the mere fact that Finfinne will be the seat of the upcoming Union Government of Africa (UGA). On the contrary, any attempt of keeping this great nation of Africa under Abyssinian occupation and oppression will continue to be a curse for the Horn region in particular, and for the African continent in general. That is why I want to encourage all Oromo national liberation movements (the pro-independence, the pro-federation and the pro-unity) to work together now, in order to liberate the Oromo nation from the occupying forces and bring the nation to the state of exercising self-determination per referendum, which can result into one of the three goals of the three movements: to the democratic Ethiopia devoid of Oromia as the pro-unity Oromo wish, to the federated and democratic Ethiopia with Oromian autonomy as the pro-federation Oromo want, and to an independent democratic republic of Oromia as the pro-independence Oromo envision. But, when I see the tendency of the Oromo community now, I am almost certain that the majority of the Oromo people will vote for Oromian independence.
That is why, I do see no reason for these Oromo groups to attack each other at this first phase of our struggle – where we need, not only the alliance/unity of the Oromo forces, but also seek the alliance with other forces. Let those Oromo groups, which believe in the unity, forge it; let those, which think the alliance is advantageous, also do it; and let those, which oppose either of the two or reject both of them, also move forward against the colonizers without antagonizing the other Oromo national liberation forces, but by organizing a supportive tandem activity against our archenemy, i.e. against the Abyssinian colonizers. We need to see the fact that, until we come to the level of exercising our self-determination per referendum, both concepts (Ethiopian democratization and Oromian national liberation), as a means and/or as an end, are not irreconcilable and contradictory to each other as our foes want to convince us, but they are complementary to each other. There is nothing wrong if our national liberation forces talk about the two concepts for tactical reason under different contexts and situations. The two concepts are irreconcilable only in the second phase, i.e. during the referendum, where we have to vote on them, but not now, when we are fighting for our freedom. May our Waaqa/Rabbi help us to understand this fact that the conflict is reconcilable in the first national liberation phase, but not to believe the fancy, that it is irreconcilable also in this phase, the fiction, which is created and transmitted by our foes just to divide and rule us. May He help all the Oromo national liberation forces to foster at least the beneficial Alliance for Freedom of the Oromo (AFO)/Tumsa Bilisummaa Oromo (TBO) in order to make the Oromo camp forceful and competent to deal with the current challenges.


  1. Fayyis, you are chained to 19th century mind; you are incorrigible ideologue and don’t represent the consensus among Oromo groups. Eighty per cent of Oromo are 40 and under. Fortunately, the world has moved on from bi-polar to globalized and multi-cultural. Your vision [rather nightmarish outlook] of a separate Oromo identity untainted by ‘amhara’ and ‘tigray’ semitic virus is just that – a nightmare. You would not even use your legal name preferring to operate in the dark. That posture is unattainable in the age of instant messaging. What you seem to have forgotten in your zeal is that Oromo culture is essentially for diversity [unlike Amhara/Tigre]; its very survival hinges on accommodating diversity. Please do not destroy the chances of Oromo youth by injecting ideas that ultimately work against its ability to live with its neighbors. You and Leenco Latta and others dragged the fate of the gracious Oromo people in the advancement of policies of Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afewerki. The good thing is that you are in the minority; yes, vocal but minority all the same.

    Let us see if this hopeless coward OLF Mujahaddeen who run away from the battle-field and seek shelter in America eating his hamburger to free Oromia which he claimed Ormo were colonized by Ethiopia. Let us check the record to straightening the lie.
    It is true the then “Galla”, now “Oromo” pastoralists invaded the present vast area where Oromo are currently live in Ethiopia. How do they manage to invade Harar from the Sulatan , Tiger or Amhara localities as history showed us? Here is Dr.Aleme Eshete a historian and political scientist who send me the paper and published it on my book (YeweYane Gebena Mahider)
    እውን ወያኔዎችም ሆኑ የኦነግ መሪዎች የፈለሰፉት “ኦሮሚያ” የሚባል ነባር አገርና መጪው ኦሮሚያ ሪፑብሊክ ጂኦግራፊያዊ ማኅበራዊና ፖለቲካዊ ክስ እውነታ አለው? እውን አማራው/ ነፍጠኛው/ ምኒልክ/ ባጭሩ “ኢትዮጵያ” ኦሮሞ ሪፑብሊክ የሚባል ወይንም የኦሮሞ አገር የሚባል ወረዋል? የታሪክ ሰነዶችን እንመርምር፡-
    1530-1538 Galla cross the Shebelle and conquest starts with Bale whose inhabitants are believed to have been the present Sidama. Gamu Gofa was conquered soon later. While the Borona settled in Bale and adjacent lands (when they are the present day) the other major Gala branch the Baryatuma- Mecha and Tulama- continued north and east.
    1538-46: Dawaro which extended and covered most of present day Harar was attacked by the Galla. Galla started to collect tribute.
    1544-1547- The first expedition of Emperor Gelawdewos accompanied by the Muslim army of the sultanate of Hadya against the Galla invaders on the Awash.
    1555-1562; Galla territorial occupation begins. Gallas were no more conducting simply raiding expeditions. The Galla s conquered and settled permanently to administer the conquered regions and conquered people transformed into Gebaro, or serfs.
    (1551-1567) successor of Ahmed Grang has been fighting the first Galla invasion of Harar city and its surroundings. It was indeed Emir who had built the historic Harar wall that surrounds the city to defend it against Galla invasion.
    In 1559 the army of Emir of Harar was defeated. Although, Harar city was effectively protected, all the surrounding Harar-Chercher mountains where lived the Adere, the Worji, the Maya and a number of other probably speaking ethnic groups boarding on Yefat. Where all conquered by the Galla, depriving Harar not only of its most fertile agricultural lends but also of its freedom of movement and trade with the outside world through the Gulf of Aden coast. The era of glory of Harar was over.
    1572-73 Harar was attacked by a huge mass of Oromo troops and Imam Mohamed Gasa had to evacuate Harar and move his capital to Aussa. The same Imam was killed by the Oromo in November 1583.
    1570’s 1580’s: Galla conquest of Shoa- Shoa largely inhabited by Amharic speaking Christians was the heart of the empire and common residence of the Emperors at Debreberhan, Tegulet, Etc… Shoa was occupied by the Mecha and Tulama Gallas.
    1570’s-1580;s: Oromo conquest Amhara- Angot the home and origin of the ruling dynasty. Amhara which was burnt and destroyed by Gragn a few decades earlier (Because Grang came with a massive of rifle, never seen in Ethiopian history for the first time/if there was rifles, perhaps few arms in the hand of the king/s. That is how he managed in a shortest period controlled the vast territory of the country through the new war machine of the era given to him from the Ethiopian enemy the Turks.) was now completely devastated by the Galla s in spite of the resistance of the imperial army. (በቅንፍ ውስጥ ያለው ከደራሲው የተጨመረ)
    While —- was invaded and settled by Wollo. Angot in the North-east was invaded and settled by the Yejou, Gallas. Amhara thus destroyed and burnt down and its population transformed as Gebaro of Galla, the era therefore marks the end of the Amhara, because now, they have been transformed into serfs of the Oromos. Since then Amhara and Angot as so many peoples of ancient Ethiopia have disappeared from the map of Ethiopia.
    That is also why we have been arguing for some years now that the Amhara people separated by the Beshilo from Begemdire and bordering with the Angot in the north and extending up to MENZ and Waaqa in the south do not exist and have not existed since the Wollol Oromo invasion of the Amharas in the 1570’s and 1580- And hence there is no sense in talking about Amhara oppressor people or “Nation”
    1610: Raya –Azebo (this is in Tigray) occupation of the lowlands at the foot of Enderta from where they will fight in vain for century to advance north and occupy Tigray, south and north of Mereb Melash (Eritrea)
    What is a Gabaro? Mohamed Hassan, a Muslim, Oromo scholar (the Oromo, of Ethiopia: A history 1570-1860, published New York, 1990, p.63, 64) gives us perhaps the most unambiguous definition of the institution of Gebaro introduced by the Oromo conquerors:
    “The term gabaro describes the obligatory relation between the conquerors and the conquered. The vanquished still owners of their plot of land became serfs or clients of the pastoral Oromo, who now demanded service and tribute from them. The Oromo term for the conquered people was “gebaro” (“those who serve”).
    The Oromo adopted the gebbaro en maasse, giving them clan genealogy, (the Metcha used the term ilma gossa (son of the gossa= tribe or clan), marrying their women and…. (there were times) when the rights of the gabaro were trampled upon, their women and children sold into slavery by their Oromo masters (and have there were several cases of Gabbaro rebellion….)” ይላል የኦነጉ የታሪክ ምሁር መሐመድ ሐሰን እንኳ ሳይቀር እውነቱን ሊሸሽገው አልቻለም።
    በመጨረሻ ፕሮፌሰር አለሜ እሸቴ ስለ ኦሮሞዎችም ሆነ ስለ ትግሬ ወይንም አማራ ተብሎ የሚጠራ ሕዝብ ማንነት የሚከተለው እንዲህ ሲሉ በታሪክ ምሁርነታቸው ማወቅ ያለብንን እቅጩን እንዲህ ይነግሩናል።
    Our present knowledge of the history of the peoples of Ethiopia – of the Tigrai, of the Amhara, of the Oromo etc. do not allow single separated linear developments of the peoples of Ethiopia but of the Ethiopian nation made up of cultures, languages and values ever pulling each other. We do not know in history any original Amhara language, religion or culture. The so called Amhara have inherited all from the Axumites – language, script, religion culture etc. and have carried over the Axumite culture as an Ethiopian , language, religion …The Amhara have never existed as a tribe but are the result of the evolution since Geez Axumite times of the linguistic transformation of the Kushitic Agaw into Semitic , as well as the amalgamation of the cultures and languages of other peoples of Ethiopia since Axumite times.
    There is also no such tribe, culture, language or religion called Oromo but an amalgamation of several Ethiopian peoples who have been absorbed during the Galla conquest , from the 16th century to the middle of the 19th century or the rise of Tewodros, during which process the original Galla have been ethiopianised -their culture, language and religion being transformed . Linguistically, the Galla may even have been transformed during the long process and contact with Ethiopian Kushitic peoples, into Kushitic , according to Professor Andrezejewski of the London School of Oriental Studies.(The Position of the Galla in the Cushitic language group” published in Journal of Semitic Studies, Vol.9, 1964. See also my paper, Galla Kushitic?”
    በሰነዱ የተመለከትነው ጉዳይ ኦሮሞዎች ከነበሩበት ከአንድ ከጫፍ ደቡባዊ ኢትዮጵያ ክፍል በመነሣት አሁን ኦሮሞዎች የሰፈሩባቸውን ክፍለሀገሮች በሙሉ (ትግራይን ጨምሮ) እንደ ሰደድ እሳት በፍጥነት በማዳረስ ያዙት። ከነሱ በፊት ሰፍረውበት የነበሩን የተለያዩ ቋንቋ ተናጋሪ ኢትዮጵያውያን ገበሬዎች ከቦታ ወደ ቦታ ለግጦሽ ፍለጋ የሚዘዋወሩ ከብት አርቢ የኦሮሞ ጦረኞች ወረሩት። ቀደምት ኗሪዎችንም ገባር አደረጓቸው። ቋንቋቸውም ከጊዜ በኋላም ተዋልደው ልጅ ልጆቻቸው ኦሮምኛ ተናጋሪዎች ሆኑ። በአንጻሩም ወራሪዎቹ ወደ አማራ አገር እና ትግራይ አካባቢ ሄደው ሲሰፍሩም እንደዚያው የልጅ ልጆቻቸው የአካባቢው (አማርኛ እና ትግሬ) ቋንቋ እንዲናገሩ ተውጠው ቀርተዋል።
    This is what the real story is behind the invasion of the Gala people in Ethiopia. Next, we will see how OLF involved in mass killing and crime which still OLF leaders need to be charged in the international courts for ethnic cleansing crime. Stay tune. Thank you. Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    • @Getachew Reda
      You always label OLF as cowards living in foreign countries. This is a lughable saying. If OLF members were as you are saying, you would not have made them your agenda of discussion. Who are U after all to call others cowards. If you are brave why not you free us from TPLF?

  3. It a bad writing style. I think you are from Lenin era! Your reader is a 21st century mind not the 19th century. You guys are a complete failure.
    I read only the last paragraph and even that paragraph shows how you are suffering from power hunger. Keep in mind it is your friend Issayas who killed Ethinc politics. It is you half way friend Melese who made it unattractive. It is dead now! From Yukuno Amlak to Haile Sellassie all the way 700 years or so, they were Oromo rulers in blood and orthodox in culture. Your fictional history has lost its ficticious persuasive value. You are blind of today, 21 first century. You are a complete Prisoner of the past. Bye Bye!

  4. Zehabesha Editor, I request that you remove Sam’s last sentence or even the entire comment. He needs to be taught to abide by rules of civil discourse.

  5. Dear Dr Getachew,
    are you opposing the version of Oromo history written by your “best friend” Dr Fikre Tolosa, who asserted that the whole region belongs to the Oromo since many thousands of years? Even you, the A-mara and Tigre, are the descendants of Ob Dasee, who had four sons with typical Oromo names: Maji, Mara, Mandi and Madebay! You, the self-denying Abyssinians, are supposed to be the children of Ob Mara! Are you denying this “fact” from your friend and now propagate your FICTION? KKKKKKKK!

  6. Feyyis, your hero Issays Afeworki is a sad and pathetic despot who is locking up people in oil barrels and dumping them in desert camps. you think that this is independence for the eritrean people. If you model your vision of independence on eritrea you are in big trouble.
    How are you going to create independent oromo state out of the current ethiopian state which is inhabited by 80 ethnic groups. believe me, you have a fight in your hands from every direction you could think of. May be you are in deep hallucination and we only hope that you come out of it soon.

  7. the writer of the article is woyane not oromo the comment section ‘sam’ who act as amhara is also woyane.they know why they do wise and learn the tricky.

  8. Sad, there is single place in this article that talks about democratic Oromo or Oromia. It is just like Issayas’s Free Ertrea and ended up in Ertrea that tax any Ertrean residing anywhere in the world else torchers his or her relatives residing in Ertrea.

  9. This fascist ideology that eulogizes the purity of ones blood,advocates the separation of our people,shockingly distorting their long history and denying the reality of their multifaceted kinship and relations is a total bunkum.
    Groupies and Individuals like Beyan Asoba, Feyyis and others who trade in the name of Oromos perpetrate these lies in order to realize their own ambitious elitist ends.What they see is only a land they rule where they turn out to be the new chiefs and lords.Power and all the attendant personal riches are what they covet. The freedom of our people and its welfare is not their concern.What has the enthronement of Isayas and co brought for our folks in Eritrea.What benefit have the people of Tigray obtained because TPLF has ruled in their name and amassed billions? The reading and learning from the pages of ethno-separatist of Eritrea and Tigray have marked the OLF/ODF politicians with the same prospects.They will hatch out as corrupt tyrants subservient to this or that power in order to continue to stay in power and enrich themselves at the expense of the people.
    Thanks to their junior partnership with TPLF at the end of the Dergue time,OLF was granted this fabricated Kilil,so called OROMIA,whom they shamelessly pretend that it was won through their struggle and has historical validity.What struggle did they wage other than disgracefully kow tow to their EPLF/TPLF bosses and receive what they used to give them? .
    Our people despite the relentless propaganda waged against their unity and integrity have rejected the separatist agenda of TPLF/OLF/ODF many times including in May 2005 and now on the 03 June 2013 demonstrations.The demonstrators this week could not make it any clearer. Their slogans read;’ DO NOT DIVIDE US ALONG THE LINES OF ETHNICITY AND RELIGION. WE ARE ONE.’ Indeed,millions and millions of Oromos are mixed with others by birth and many more are PROUD citizens of Multi-ethnic Ethiopia. They are ETHIOPIAN not only through MIXED BIRTH but also through belief and spirit.Like me,like Fikre Tolosa,like Jaggama Kelo,like Gobena and tens of millions other Oromos now and down the ages,we are all ‘JININ’-proud ETHIOPIANS in glorying who we are.You psychotic and delusional ODF careerists can not wish us,blot us out of existence no matter what pejorative you term give us and what you name call us Instead ,you must face the reality of our existence as ETHIOPIANS of Oromo heritage who have completely rejected your and your former TPLF senior partners anti-Ethiopian destructive views.
    Our rejection of Ethnic politics has forced TPLF to pretend to rule in name of Ethiopia as it has made you change your name from OLF to ODF but we know that this was done for tactical reasons and it is not a change of heart.That might reveal your desperation to come to power with envy of your former TPLF bosses’ power and fantastic loot but would not cheat anyone.Your politics is bankrupt and your fate is sealed.
    With your fascist views you will always remain in your political wilderness till kingdom come.Ethiopia shall triumph.It shall be democratic.It shall remain united.

  10. This is the time the so called liberation front leader to get fund; to shuttle to and fro Cairo and Egypt Embassy. That is what the ambition of this guy.

  11. Mr. Fasam
    You are leaving in 19 centuary……wake up and smail the coffee.You have so much hate and hanger. Oromo is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is oromo.

  12. I love this article and this is a kind of debates and arguments we need to understand what is going on in ethiopian politics. I think the Amhars don’t like to see the day the truth prevails in Ethiopia. they have spent so much time energy and resources to make the whole Ethiopia their own property by alinating and neglecting the others in every aspect of life. Look at how they come up with insults and chracter assasinations of others who seem to differ in openion and ideas from their own collective views.

  13. getachew reda,
    wofefe on his death bed spiting dirt. I wonder why Oromos ignored you. Remember they could have stopped you long ago if they want to. Why don’t you get lost and confine in EPRP CEMETERY. I don’t wanna say a thing more to mentally sick person.

  14. @ Getachew
    You are idiot ,nefteng,you are way back,empity mind
    what u all ways write concerning oromo has nothing to do with our history and our current politics,
    I see the way u hate all oromo and call the galla

  15. የኦሮሞ ህዝብ አድዋ ድረስ በመሄድ ደሙን አፍሶ አጥንቱን ከስክሶ ካኖራት ከራሱ ቤት ከሆነችው በሰፊዋ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ከወንድሞቹ ጋር በሳሎን ውስጥ እንዳይኖር ጠባቦቹ ኦነጎች የኦሮሞን ህዝብ ተገንጥለህ ሰላም በሌለበት ቁም ሳጥን ውስጥ ካልኖርክ እያሉ የሚጨቀጭቁት መቸም አይሳካላቸውም:: ኦነግ 150 አመት ታግያለሁ ይላል ግን እሽ የታለ ውጠቱ? እንደተማረ ሰው የወደፊት የህዝብን ጥቅም ያላስቀደመው የኦነግ አመራር ይህን ድንቁርናውን እንደተሸከመ ይኖራታል እንጂ እኛ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች በዚህ የደከመ አስተሳሰቡ ኦነግ ከዋሽንግተን መጥቶ እንዲበጠብጠን መቸም አንፈቅድለትም::

  16. Who said only Amaharas are pushing for unity and anti-ethnic poletics?? Why don’t you ask Obang Metho, Birtukan Mediksa, Merara Gudina, negaso gidada, Fikre Tolosa, Gebremedihin Araya, people who marched in 2005, people who marched June 2, 2013?? The slogan was ‘DON’T DEVIDE US’. Can’t you open your ears and listen the people voice instead of you inner power hungry voice??

  17. If you are a real oromo how can you advocate against a the idea of transforming Ethiopia in to a real democraçy where every citizens right is respected individually and as a group? What is wrong with fighting for a Democratic Ethiopia? Why do youwant us to see every movement that fights for a united Democratic Ethiopia is the work if Amharas? Who was the last Amhara Ethiopian leader? Mengistu H/Mariam w. Ayana was an oromo, Merle’s was a Tigre … even the Fonder kings during zemene mesafint like RSS Ali were oromos. What are you up to? Fight for equality or destroy Ethiopia using oromo as an excuse. Do you think creating a country called oromia over Ethiopia’s grave awill give oromos a lasting peace and prosperity? I don’t think so. Oromos will be at war for with at least 35 ethnic groups whose very existence will be threatened by the formation of oromia. Besiedes there are millions of oromos like me who see themselves as Ethiopians first and who are willing to fight you tto protect Ethiopia. Ethiopia means kush anybody who considers himself as can’t be against a country called kush (Ethiopia?)

    • Abysinians/neftegnas (Tigres and Amharas) are acting as if they have the super power to decide on the life of non-Abysinians (Oromos, Soamlis, Afars, …). There is a big watershed between the visions of Abysinians and non-Abysinians on the fate of the Ethiopian empire. Oromos and other non-Abysinians have never said speparation is the only option to solve the multifaceted political problems of the countries. We do not need fake unity. We need genuine/true/real unity. Real unity is a kind of unity in which all groups exercise freedom at local level (say as self governing states) but enjoy equitable power share in the central government. Though Abysinian political elites and organizations talk to accept this in principle what they do in practice is totally different. Ethiopia has not been fair for the non_Abysinians. The old shrewd styles cannot work. I need free Oromia state first then I wanna to negotiate to be an Ethiopian.

  18. @FAJJJJI, masqya
    You are driven by emotions and the politics of most people in your group is driven by hate and emotions. I am asking you to educate yourself about Ethiopian history, and the history of the people within Ethiopia from historians. whether you like it or not Ethiopia is built by the blood and bones of oromos as much as it is from every other ethnic group you care to mention.
    We are talking about human life and sacrifice here. People of all ethnic back ground united as one have defended this country, called Ethiopia, for generations and we are now witnessing some groups and individuals trying to demolish what has been built. It is easy to get into conflict and war, but not easy to make peace.
    Look at what is going on eritrea/ethiopia, south /north sudan.

    • Ethiopian history as we know to date is one sided. It should be called Amhara history. Do not try to impose your way of thinking on others. You have to know that Oromos, Somalis, Wolayitas, …. all have their own history.

  19. Mr. Gethew I enjoyed ur article it got more useful and educational information.Do
    not listen what other say they are stupid and nosence. Please keep on writng and
    so, we could learn and know more. PLEASE KEEP the good work

    Helen, you as OLF, you are talking exactly who OLF is. Yes, OLF is criminal and can stop me a long time, if it wants. They did stopped from breathing so many infants, children , women, blind people and push them to a cliff live and some slaughtered them with a sword. You are right. They have many savages all over America and Europe given a shelter as a refugee. Some institutions have their photographs for the record. We know they live as a refugee all over the world. They still talk about murdering people. It is not new to see extremists murdering people after they beg to be sheltered in those countries. We have witnessed last three weeks in England slaughtering British Army on broad day light with knife and matches. So for you to come with such in broad day light is not strange. Ye, you as Helen can stop me with your knife if you want too. But, do you think, you can fly?
    As to the saying OLF is a coward who flee from Ethiopia and sheltered in America and Europe leaving the people behind. Yes, It is not me who saying – it is also your likes- to prove this see You Tube and write
    “BilisummaaTV: where is OLF to protect Oromo People In Asasaa?” You see, this is not Tigre or Amhara that you hate or complaining it chased you from Ethiopia. This is Oromo media think and act like you asking where the hell is OLF? Answer the question for him Helen if you have one than to talk about m me to be stopped by you.
    Why do not you come up with the argument I just put it for you Talk about Qube , Latin and Geez which one fits for Oromo script? You have no answer- because you are puppet who simply believe what they told you instead of searching the truth. I have argue with OLF cults for many years- none so far come to debate what I forwarded to them. You know your ideology is based on a fake dressings. That is why they keep floating here and there and they have no clue how to come clean and clear.
    Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

  21. The problem many people have is, they think that they represent their ethnic group. Most who have access to the web live in the West, and they have no idea or legal representation about the people they are talking about.
    Maybe the best discourse is to liberate the country first and see what the people on the ground say, do they want to live together? That is their choice. Do they want to separate their ways? that is their choice too.
    TPLF is not representative of the majority of Tigreans, as EPLF is not the representative of the majority of Eritreans, the same goes for OLF and all other opposition groups, because there was never an opportunity to discuss with the population they say they are representing, they just assume that they are representatives in their own right.
    Discussions are good, but they have to be pragmatic, logical, and based on mutual respect. It is OK to think whatever way the thinker believes is right, the only problem is the noise that person creates when others don’t agree.
    I am an Amhara, I have never imposed my will on others, and I don’t feel responsible for what happened thousands of years ago. I believe in creating a better country if not for us for our children, but that can only be achieved when there is an environment that I can work with others. I can’t accept any offensive behavior or suggestion, especially by some people who think they have the authority to be historians, politicians, and activists without understanding the basic tenets of all. Please oppose ideas, not persons or personalities.

  22. Ms. Getachew,
    I must say that you are ignorant about how a language works. You seem to argue that Ge’ez scripts fit Afan Oromo more than the Latin. If you know anything about linguistics- phonemes,phonetics and phonology- please tell us how.
    Do you still live in Washara where many debteras’ like you graduate?
    Was it not five years ago that Amhara professors in Addis Ababa University complained about the inadequacy of Ge’ez to be used for Amaric language especially in this time of technology? Go to typists in Addis and you will find that they charge for Amaric scripts 50% more than they charge you for English/ Latin per page.

  23. To Birke;
    Do you have a brain that can command your eye to read what I wrote how Geez is better to Oromo language script than Latin. I see how you brilliant you are. I already showed you how and why> Go back and read what I wrote. How many savage brain am I going to teach. Please go back and read why I said with evidence. If you have no eye , I can’t help you. Are you blind reading and writing with some kind of device? Go back , it is here posted and see if you can encounter my claim and your claim. But, I know you have no knowledge to encounter it why you chose Latina except to ignore it as if you didn’t read it. Go back and read, you will get my answer and argument. I have no idea how OLF collected all those ignorant- they are really a stone age cults who can’t even take their time and read what is written.
    Getachew Reda

  24. @Getachew Reda
    Do you have a brain that can command you to read how Latin is better to Oromo language than Geez script. The question of which script best suits to write Afan Oromo has been already answered by Oromo elites in 1990’s for once and for all. You have no valid logic and acceptable evidence to falsify this generalization. You are drived by the internal hatred you have for the oromo people. Even if U come with some research result I am sure U will be biased.
    You always label Oromos as cowards, ignorant, etc. You are realy a stone age cult. Writing many garbages in English cannot make you brave or elite. U and Ur likes are enough reasons to choose independence of Oromia over your fake unity.

  25. Ethiopia,Ethiopia…….if we get rid of toxic Tigre,we will live in peace and harmony.the most cruel,rasict,self centred,worst ethnic,people are is very shameful to call Tigre “Ethiopians”.if anybody knows what exactly happen right now in meakawe prison no wander Oromo people want the west say every dog have its day,Tigre people run from Ethiopia before that bloody day come.

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