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Is Jawar Mohammed an Erudite or a Rude Extremist?

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By Mastewal Dessalew
jawarA month before after I saw the Aljazeera program on which Jawar Mohammed declared his Oromo first credo, I raised a question in my article whether he is an Oromo first or a Muslim Oromo first. Today I get the answer not from anybody else but from his speech. He clearly injects his venomous propaganda at a Muslim gathering in the USA. He unequivocally stated that he is an Oromo first Muslim extremist who recommends the beheading of Christians with ‘Mecha’- a sharp metallic farm tool.

I have more questions for him. Since he stated that Ethiopia is imposed on him, why does he worry about Muslims in Gondar or in Tigray? Have he ever been in Gondar and saw how the Muslims and Christians live in harmony? I am sure he was never there. Have he ever know about the history of King Tsadique Yohannes of Gondar who gave green light to Muslims to preach their religion in his Christian empire in the seventeenth century? Have he ever know about “Addis Alem” district which is at the heart of the present day Gondar city which is given by the king to Muslims to freely practice their religion? Till today the district is dominated by Muslims. Instead of fabricating his own rancor history in every platform, why not he tried to dig deep into real history? Of course he said his source of information about Muslims in Gondar is a single individual.
jawarJawar’s explanation is full of animosity towards Christians. He is clearly preaching not equality, liberty and democracy instead establishing a Muslim republic under the supremacy of Oromo. Isn’t it worse than EPRDF? The people of Ethiopia is not looking for a racist religious extremist that may lead to bloodshed and chaos in the country but someone who believe in equality and freedom.
Many Ethiopian Christians including me are condemning the intervention of the government on religious affairs of Muslims, but Jawar’s speech is more effective than “Jahadawi Harekat” in diverting the mentality of Christians against the felicitous questions of the Ethiopian Muslims. Isn’t Jawar’s speech legitimizing the claim of the Ethiopian government? I think ETV gets a video to show without any worry to prepare a documentary. Unless Ethiopian Muslims exclude such malicious ethnocentric religious extremist not to lead their religious quest, I can foresee their struggle derailing.