Is Jawar Mohammed an Erudite or a Rude Extremist?

By Mastewal Dessalew
jawarA month before after I saw the Aljazeera program on which Jawar Mohammed declared his Oromo first credo, I raised a question in my article whether he is an Oromo first or a Muslim Oromo first. Today I get the answer not from anybody else but from his speech. He clearly injects his venomous propaganda at a Muslim gathering in the USA. He unequivocally stated that he is an Oromo first Muslim extremist who recommends the beheading of Christians with ‘Mecha’- a sharp metallic farm tool.

I have more questions for him. Since he stated that Ethiopia is imposed on him, why does he worry about Muslims in Gondar or in Tigray? Have he ever been in Gondar and saw how the Muslims and Christians live in harmony? I am sure he was never there. Have he ever know about the history of King Tsadique Yohannes of Gondar who gave green light to Muslims to preach their religion in his Christian empire in the seventeenth century? Have he ever know about “Addis Alem” district which is at the heart of the present day Gondar city which is given by the king to Muslims to freely practice their religion? Till today the district is dominated by Muslims. Instead of fabricating his own rancor history in every platform, why not he tried to dig deep into real history? Of course he said his source of information about Muslims in Gondar is a single individual.
jawarJawar’s explanation is full of animosity towards Christians. He is clearly preaching not equality, liberty and democracy instead establishing a Muslim republic under the supremacy of Oromo. Isn’t it worse than EPRDF? The people of Ethiopia is not looking for a racist religious extremist that may lead to bloodshed and chaos in the country but someone who believe in equality and freedom.
Many Ethiopian Christians including me are condemning the intervention of the government on religious affairs of Muslims, but Jawar’s speech is more effective than “Jahadawi Harekat” in diverting the mentality of Christians against the felicitous questions of the Ethiopian Muslims. Isn’t Jawar’s speech legitimizing the claim of the Ethiopian government? I think ETV gets a video to show without any worry to prepare a documentary. Unless Ethiopian Muslims exclude such malicious ethnocentric religious extremist not to lead their religious quest, I can foresee their struggle derailing.


  1. I guess it pretty wise leave this Jawar alone if he gets more attention he may lose himself in fantasy island which helps him swinging unachievable illusion. Can any media invite him to let him express himself well so that we may indeed know his ending days? It is ridiculous I thought he knew a lot but he is really immature to talk about Ethiopian history even to talk about Muslim. AT this edge of development, how come he thinks beheading appears to be the right reaction from his religious friends. It looks he was appreciating it. His next motto will be I guess, “The struggle of Alkayida is the struggle of Oromo people”. That is what we all except from him.
    To his friends, please advise him to read lot before talking too much and let him know that there are at least a number of decent ways and even words to address the problem of his society
    To this end I can say Jawar after long period of studying abroad like UK and USA he only changes his closes not his mind then it would have been so nice ………

  2. this gay is dangrouse any way he distroyed him self
    he said (angetun bemecha) with pride, i thought he is open minded but i see him now he is racist if he get the chance he need to suck chrstains blood .i hate him very much

  3. This guy is stupid arrogant and who is confussed about his relgion and idintity.He is also opportunist to manuplate various group for his own benfits. After Jawar came out and talked trash a lot of people became suspicious and lost support for our muslim brother. My muslim brother you should exlude this extremist malicious
    two faces Jawar Mohamed from your group.Otherwise, your stuggle will be derailing to the max

  4. This guy might be tplf katsa-it is a Hebrew word for spy. It looks that way to me. Why? First, while he is living in comfort in one of western city (four bed rooms, and three bath rooms house), he is making it hard for those Ethiopian Muslims to protest for their rights. whenever he opens his mouth, his words are poisoness. So, some people might think he represent the Ethiopian muslim.
    Second, he is preaching religion and ethnic division. He is also hate monger. Isn’t this the doctrine of tplfites, including the doctrine of the late tplt champion? My Oromo and Amara brothers, let us unite to defeat those who are dividing us. Jawar is serving tplf knowingly or unknowingly. While he does this, he might get his shiro-they call it tegamino now. The tplf warlords get the testy doro wet. What is the Oromo and Amara destiny as long as tplf is in Ethiopia? We fight among ourselves, and then after the fight is over none of us win, but we can give forks and knifes for tplf warlords and jawar, and see them eat. Yea, that is our destiny if we refuse to unite.

    • Gideon,
      Given the interest he showed in beheading, I think this guy is more of a “kidon” (the assassins within the Mosad”

    • this is the 21 century, you better wake ur ass up, boy. go full ur people but don’t mention the name Oromo. ad Jawar will always live to tell the truths.

  5. To MORESH, EPRP, SHENGO puppies,
    Cry loud to a vacuum, your voice is silenced by a thunderous voice calling for justice and equality in Ethiopia after a century old occupation of a nation called Oromos. Your political treackery cannot not go far beyond the Amhara close nit politics, because it is a wicked political narrative wrapped up in flowery nostalgic propaganda.
    You wanted to “kill” Oromo aspirations by silencing Oromo politicians. You should have known by now that the Oromo people mean business- a fight for justice. In this fight we do not expect Neftegna children to rally behind the call for democratic changes. They lack that wisdom.

    • Mamo kilo, you are tplf-the banditas if you will. I thought it is Jawar who wants to use his machete. Is that your definition of democracy? Let me break it down for you what democracy means. Demo means people, and cracy has something to do with governing, which by the way your tplf miserably fell to do. tplf will cease to exist soon. that is not a matter of “if” but “when”. You can mark my word.

  6. Jawar is bought by Weyane or Egyptians. That is why he appear on Algezira Tv.
    and talked lies about the Oromo issues.
    Jawar can’t represent the Oromo people, he is an extremist Alkayda type Moslim.
    Our Ethiopian Moslims and Christians lived together for Centuries by respecting each other. Jawar is very dangerous separatist stay away.

    • if the three time master digreed oromo nationalist can not represent Oromo people and speak for oromo, then whose going to speak for Oromo? is it konka like you who would be join to speak for Oromo.

  7. Ato Fasil,
    You are totally lost my friend. Who told you that Jawar represents any group, be it Oromo or Muslims? The fact of the matter is that Oromo and other nations have been persecuted in the so called Ethiopia. And the fight for justice will continue!

  8. My brother and sister ethiopians,let me tell you this nonsense stupid
    person that tells us about our history wrong way…
    Ethiopia there is no place such akind of backward ideology,I’m oromo,amhara,guraghe,gambela,tigrea,wolayta,sidama,somala,,,,,others ethnicity….so my ethiopian people please just ignore this bull shit person and leave..him alone…he is mad person.thank you everybody
    Selam le ethiopia.

    • I am allways thought like an ethiopian oromo , but the way you think makes me to think like my brother Johar , letme ask you did you win or loss to make your own Ethiopia?

  9. Hi Guys,
    It is high time to get organized and get collect the funding so that this criminal guy face justice in AMERICAN COURT SYSTEM for preaching ultra extremist hate ideology against non-muslims in Ethiopia. (This should be a case for brave lawyers to see the matter in the American legal perspective) And We have a number of them.
    I personally pledge to make my contribution of $500.00.
    Real ACTION is needed here. If we can’t do this simple contribution, our very existence, our very social fabric is doomed to fail miserably, that would mean the end of peaceful co-existence our peaceful people and practically no Ethiopia.
    Let us avert a catastrophe before it goes out of control
    We don’t need to waste our precious time by responding with words, We should respond to it wisely and with legal civility.
    Do we think there is a strong Ethiopian diaspora community? Let us prove it in practical terms by contributing to this couse.

    • Tazabi,
      I second your opinion on prosecuting this individual even willing to contribute my share toward shouldering the legal expense but my concern is: You never know who is poisoning this fellow in to becoming the “awrea” that he now is. In the past, I had read many of Jawar’s insightful articles which exhibited his moderate view on the Ethiopian politics. Now as you can see, he is playing a divisive role switching agendas between the “Oromo cause” and political Islam. I appreciate your thought of taking this extremist to Court; having said that, the fact that the Ethiopian regime has stayed silent when the video carrying Jawar’s message of violence surfaced on youtube tells that someone is backing him to do what he is doing. I could be wrong and I hope I am but if things stood true that this person is operating at his own discretion, I am willing to take part in the event legal task-force is assembled.
      Here is what the legal definition of inciting violence in the State of Ohio says:
      “2917.01 Inciting to violence.
      (A) No person shall knowingly engage in conduct designed to urge or incite another to commit any offense of violence, when either of the following apply:
      (1) The conduct takes place under circumstances that create a clear and present danger that any offense of violence will be committed;
      (2) The conduct proximate results in the commission of any offense of violence.
      (B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of inciting to violence. If the offense of violence that the other person is being urged or incited to commit is a misdemeanor, inciting to violence is a misdemeanor of the first degree. If the offense of violence that the other person is being urged or incited to commit is a felony, inciting to violence is a felony of the third degree.
      Effective Date: 07-01-1996”

      • Thanks to the pioneer action and sacrifice of few dedicated individuals, ESAT has become successful.
        Following its footsteps, any alarmed individual must do some tangible action.
        In this regard, The Ethiopian Lawyers Association in America (if there is any) or any legal expert like you should get involved and play leading role in initiating experts discussion, in educating the public as to what legal steps are necessary to:
        1) To file a swift and merciless legal action against this individual in accordance with the applicable US law
        2) To establish an ad-hoc committee to organize and inform the public to raise the funding for its legal expenses
        I am pretty sure, the public will be willing to follow suit by raising the initial financial seed
        I do my own math : if only 1000 individuals each contributing $200.00, it would come up with the amount of $200,000.00, enough to cover the initial (if not the whole) legal expenses.
        I am convinced only our collective action will deter those extremist individuals from deliberately distorting historical facts and dis-informing the public in the future.
        This is the begining.

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhh my god, you made my day, please continue with your prosecution and we will see who wins. we will see whose damm and we will see whose a loser. we will see whose narrow minded. we will see who loss. please continue, i can’t wait for these. hahahahahaha, you made my day boy. lol, don’t stop continue, and let us show you how narrow minded you are.

  10. Mastewal Desalew, you are as moron as Jewar, as detructive as Woyane and Jewar as well. Ethnic centered Jewar is the reflection of tribal extremism. You mastewal, narrow minded, if not you are Woyane, you are too toxic against the movement of the people of Ethiopia for change. You are legitimazing the Woyane destruction of Ethiopia and disintegration unity of the peolpe of Ethiopia, even advising Woyane to prepare another drama!.
    Jewar could never represent muslim Ethiopians nor the people of Ethiopia in general. Dirty words from his mouth (Jewar’s) is a Nuclear bomb from his stomach that bursts and changes his body into ashes. Mastewal, your destruction as worst as a sudden fire in the forest., I am sure Mastewal, you are either chritian extremism or Woyane, or else very narrow minded!!!! Unity for the people of Ethiopia. No one break the unity of chritian and muslim Ethiopians! ESAT let us discuss!

    I am oromo christian and Jawar repersent all kinds of oromo ,period
    All the commenta above are:

  12. What Jawar Mohammed saying is what OLF leaders have always planned for future Ethiopia & Jawar Mohammed is not crazy or he is not alone on his future plan , he has all the financial baking of The Muslim Britherhood Movement Leaders from Egypt.
    Thanks to ESAT & Stupid PalTalks we have made Jawar Mohammed a “Ploitical Analyst” Well here is his analysis he want to destroy all Christians from Ethiopia
    Even after listening to this young Hitler speech I am sure some moron Oppostion leaders will invite him for “Ploitical Analysys & Debate” because we Ethiopans love those who have the potential to destroy our country.

  13. Guys by the way do you know democracy ? I think you you don’t know. What kind of Ethiopia we going to build. I am very sorry we are the one who destroy that country. Please before write something let us think the side effect. I am very worried what you are doing. Believe or not it bring great destruction on our struggle. What we are doing is not different from Wayane. Don’t look look one direction also look in opposite direction too!

  14. Shut you mouth sons of serpent. By shouting and writing your fabricated propaganda do you think we are going to silent. Your fabricated propaganda is not work with us. Write and enjoy yourselves. Nobody accept you. You will remain as you crying for Oromia. Even if we are here OPDO young generation farmers living on Oromoo land . You can’t get Oromoo land. Still you are in day dream. Vava great Oromia!!!!

  15. These two guys are representing a community, not themselves. I think our Muslim brothers and sisters need to condemn Jawar and Haji Najib’s statement officially. And the same goes to pro Ethiopia Oromos. Otherwise, it is hard to stand with them. We shouldn’t be making the same mistakes as we did before, i.e. let only TPLF go then everything will be fine. We said let only Haileselassie go, let only Derg go. We are seeing the consequence.

  16. jawar is a piece of racist who is not diffrent from a weyane tigrian racist or an amahra Moresh racist and the fight against weyane is not to replace a tigrian racist with an oromo muslim racist or an amhara racist or so on..instead to bring freedom and justice that works for every single ethiopians…..
    so let jawar cry loud like a crazy dog…he is simply a worthless racist

  17. I fully agree with Tazabi-(15Jul 11;18) that this needs to be confronted head on for the crass extremist lie that it is and it must also be tackled practically.
    The two approaches are not mutually exclusive and they can be carried out simultaneously.
    While his selectively and spuriously constructed narrative of the Oromo past in order to serve the dubious separatist agenda he dreams for future ‘OROMIA’ must be historically and ideologically refuted,a practical solution must also be found for his ‘hack them with machete’ Hutu style incitement and other extremist inflammatory AL KAIDA like statements.
    This guy must seriously be reported to the authorities and impeached for his incendiary propaganda in the US courts.
    We can not afford to ignore or take such developments lightly. We can not be unduly alarmed and we must realize that our survival as a nation and people is at stake.
    This,unless remedied well ahead of time,is the early symptom of a possible ethno-religious conflict whose path unfortunately was earlier paved smooth by TPLF’s ‘divide and rule’ and now shrill extremists like JAWAR are openly strutting about.
    It is good that Jawar, along with his captive audience,is out of his closet now and showing his true extremist colours. We have the hard evidence in front of us.
    At the moment,the political climate in our country,it should be noted again,is much more fertile for extremism than ever before.
    Owing to TPLF’s repressive and intransigent rule,that climate has the potential to hatch many more extremists who can easily be ‘aroused’ by demagogues or pseudo intellectuals like Jawar who,through their education,are better equipped to ‘brain wash’ and intoxicate young gullible guys who will obediently and blindly do the ‘hacking with machete’ job for them.
    I can not overemphasise this enough.We must be approaching the relevant US authorities to see to it that Ethio-American extremists with a hue like Jawar face the music for their dangerous incitements which can easily saw the seeds of the destabilization of our country and therefore imperil regional as well as global security.
    The law of the free land must consequently be alerted to scrutinize their pronouncements, and watch the implications of those statements for future developments.
    If funds are required on our part, as they must, we should be able to set up a means to collect money primarily to cover the legal expenses needed to push such task forward.
    I too am happy and willing to make my due financial contribution.

  18. ለኔ ይሄ ትግላችን ለማደናቀፍ የሚደረግ ጥረት ነውና ድምጻችን ይሰማ ተገቢወን መግለጫ መስጠት አለበት ብዬ አምናለው ፡፡

    እንደ አባባሉ ከሆነ ሆድ ያባውን ብቅል ነበር የሚያወጣው! የጃዋር ነገር ግን ግራ የሚያጋባው አድማጭ እና መድረክ ባገኘ ቁጥር ነው. ከውስጡ ደብቆ የኖረውን ለማንም የማይጠቅም መርዘኛ አስተሳሰብ አደባባይ እያወጣ ያለው።የነ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂና የመለስ ዜናዊ የመንፈስ ልጅ ለመሆን እየተንደረደረ የሚገኘው ጃዋር የጎሳና የዘር ፖለቲካ ኋላቀርና ተቀባይነቱ እጅግ እየደከመ መሆኑን ሲረዳ ብዙ ለውጥ ናፋቂ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሙሉ ልቡ ሲደግፈው የነበረውን እንዲሁም ዘረኝነት የሌለበትን በኢትዮጵያዊነት መንፈስ የተቃኘውን የሙስሊሞች ትግል ላይ ተፈናጦና አቅጣጫውን አስቶ ፀሐይ የጠለቀችበትን የወረደ የፖለቲካ አስተሳሰቡን በኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ላይ ለመጫን እይተፍጨረጨረ ይገኛል! በስመ መሐል ሰፋሪነት የጃዋርን ደም አፋሳሽ እብደት መታገስ ግብዝነት ነው ብዙሀን ሙስሊሙም ጃዋርን በስማችን አትነግድ ሊለው ግድ ይላል።እኔ በበኩሌ እንደ ጃዋር ያሉ ግልገል መለስ ዜናዊና ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ኢትዮጵያችንን በደም ለማጨቅየት ሲቋምጡ እያየሁ ዝም አልልም።እውነትም ትምህርት ቀናን እንጅ ጠማማን እንደማያቀና ጃዋር አብይ ምስክር ነው።

  19. Political islam or political christianity is bad for the country. Politics corrupts religion. So my advice to both sides is not to use religion to advance a certain agenda. We all are watching some political event where one can mistake for a religious ceremony. In the short run it might motivate people, but in the long run you are asking for trouble. Don’t get me wrong religion has a very important place in our society but I just don’t see the benefit of it in the domain of politics.
    Now asking for a religious freedom is not what I am talking about. It is the deliberate injection of religion at political rallies and forums that worries me.
    There is a reason why church and state are separated in the us constitution. We all should learn from it.

  20. I don’t get all Christian believe Muslim ethiopian got the same right through out ethiopian history?if not,it’s make you a rude extremist to talk about the injustice inflicted by our past and current government on Muslim Ethiopians?let ask our people(Muslim)what their view on these.we have to talk about religion harmony here.after all democracy should accommodate everyone’s views, a country we will have all sort of people extremist,leftist,right wing,conservative etc.dialog between everyone is away to go.

  21. To mastewal
    Religion is behind all the wars all over the world.It is very bad thing.So people dont mix religion and politics.The ethiopians should understand and accept that ethiopia was imposed to not only oromo,but to all the nations except amara and tigre.Amharic as officicial language is permanent provcation. We need at least 5 or 6 oficial languages .south africa with 30 or 40 millions has 11 official language.

  22. You guys lost Eritrea while crying so laud and laud. Your noises were proved to be nothing, but empty bravado. This time you are not going to lose only Oromiyaa, but your life shall end with it completely. Hence, you must cry, cry and cry now, as much as you can, for you can not cry latter, after your life has ended.

  23. I am Oromian first (I am Oromo Muslim too);I am never Ethiopian and I am always treated as such!!! says:

    I can see this website is replete with emotional driven chatterboxes venting their passionate-hatred on a single soul for revealing a compelling truths.
    If a single person can overwhelming stir lots of you and render you sleepless for days, months, years on end, then you can guess if there were more Jawari!!!!!!!
    The more you yahoo’s kick the deeper the grave you’re digging for yourselves and children.It is a case of the more the merrier for us the Muslim !
    Today, Contemporary Ethiopia fate is at stake as many farsighted Ethiopians foresee.
    If we opt for reconciliation and unity the political injustices committed must be acknowledge for wounds to heal,if you believe that is the way forward!

  24. I am Oromian first (I am Oromo Muslim too);I am never Ethiopian and I am always treated as such!!! says:

    I can see this website is replete with emotional driven chatterboxes venting their passionate-hatred on a single soul for revealing a compelling truths.
    If a single person can overwhelming stir lots of you and render you sleepless for days, months, years on end, then you can guess if there were more Jawari!!!!!!!
    The more you yahoo’s kick the deeper the grave you’re digging for yourselves and children.It is a case of the more the merrier for us the Muslim !
    Today, Contemporary Ethiopia fate is at stake as many farsighted Ethiopians foresee.
    If we opt for reconciliation and unity the political injustices committed must be acknowledge for wounds to heal,if you believe that is the way forward!
    Jawari Mohammed is a Legend,
    He is a hero too!!

  25. the truths hurts habesha people a lot and what Jawar provide is the truth weather yopu like it or not. and Oromia will be free one way or another.

  26. Jawar is dangerous. Jawar is this, Jawar is that. Why? Because he did not say I am first Ethiopia (Tigrian Ethiopian).
    But the rest can say I am first Afar, Amhara, Somali, etc.
    Stop this childhood dark age thinking. Let him say whatever as far as he believes in one country called Ethiopia.

  27. AMAZING!!!
    i wonder when i heard our country Ethiopia is called “ye tebarekech kidist ager” ha..ha..can any one prove me this? As others go from century to century in change and development we go from century to century in distruction…why why…why is that?

  28. this guy is a very naro mainded, if he get a chance as he wished he will start his jenoside from Oromo christians. i do not think he care about free Oromia, he olny care about his extremist ideology but he went to cove up Oromianism for his benefit. you better stay away from Ethiopia, millions are waching you.

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