Is Eritrea Foe or Friend to Ethiopia?

by Rosa Abadir
[email protected]
Eritrean involvement in Ethiopian political condition has been received suspicious look by some Ethiopians. Nevertheless, there are millions of Ethiopians on the other side who believe that Eritrea is the only place at this particular time could serve as a shelter to Ethiopian oppositions. Obviously, Eritreans are the only people who could stand with their Ethiopian brothers against the ruthless and savage group of TPLF gangs.
Virtually, nothing makes the TPLF tribal chiefs irritated more than the brotherhood of Ethiopians and Eritreans, as their strong bond would devalue the poisonous divide and rule agenda and accelerates their downfall. Consequently, TPLF would do anything to remain on power and prevent the establishment of the union of Ethiopians and Eritreans. As we currently see, some self-centered irrational Ethiopians along with TPLF gangs are very busy disseminating groundless information against Eritreans and describing them as enemy of Ethiopians. But the truth is contrary and Ethiopians don’t have enemy than the TPLF gangs.
Ethiopians are murdered not by Shabia bullet, but by the barbaric TPLF Agazi militia. It’s not Eritreans but TPLF gangs who are turning Ethiopia to a living hell and force the citizens to live in unimaginable suffering and distress. Whether we like it or not there is no brutal and cruel enemy to Ethiopians more than the TPLF gangs. Ethiopians are being tortured everyday & dying with starvation, not because Eritreans makes our life difficult, but TPLF gangs deliberately relocate the country’s property to their village and use it to their lavish life style.
Moreover who undermined the Ethiopian nationalism as well as the country’s well reserved history? Who imprisoned, killed so many Ethiopians and deprive their humanity? Who is living endless luxury while millions of Ethiopians are having indescribable pain and misery? We can write so many other filthy crimes against humanity & the answer is not hidden from us unless we deliberately fixated with some kind of irrelevant foolish fiasco.
In fact, the TPLF apartheid rulers would try to use Eritrea as a pretext and wage war in order to divert the attention of citizens, nevertheless, this time would not be the same as the past. However, regardless of the TPLF attempt to create disharmony between Ethiopians and Eritreans, the Eritreans have already showing solidarity with their Ethiopians brother and sister and condemn the ruthless TPLF regime, which is very encouraging & should be supported by all of us.
As a result, on our side it should be a genuine Ethiopians duty to extend our solidarity with Eritreans in order to shorten TPLF gangs’ life by cutting their Achilles tendon. In fact, TPLF knows that Eritrea is the only place opposition groups could get a shelter and able to organize their power and able to attack against TPLF. So they would try anything to block this golden opportunity by fabricating unsubstantial news.
Because, history doesn’t cover the fact that TPLF gangs had been raised and fed by Shabia. Therefore, irrespective of some naïve & childish Ethiopians who are making nonsense noise about Shabia, the truth is there is no one better than Eritreans who knows the weak as well as the strong side of TPLF. Therefore, the steps taken by some gallant Ethiopian opposition group to approach Eritrean and have them as a tactical friend to bring down the TPLF gangsters seems very smart and well designed, since the creator knows better than the created.
Unfortunately, some inactive Ethiopian opposition and their naïve followers are misguided and trapped with outdated propaganda and making illogical loud noise from their comfort sofa against Eritrean government. They don’t show any other alternatives except using insult and name calling to intermediate courageous Ethiopians that are paying the highest sacrifice on the battle ground in favor of freedom and justice. But I’m sure their attempt would be futile as long as we remain strong and expose their empty debacle in every possible path.
The truth is no one is close to Ethiopians than the Eritreans, and vice versa. So our bond will be very important for our mutual development and the survival of both countries. Plus, we Ethiopians and Eritreans are the same people and prefer to live with harmony and brotherhood, but because of some lunatic interest group we are forced exercising hate and bigotry toward each other, which is very sad and heartbroken. Nevertheless that is already becoming history and we both identified there is no worst and archenemy to like the TPLF gangs, so it would be unwise for both people to disregard this obvious truth and spend our time fighting each other.
I am sure after the TPLF era both countries would be able to live with peaceful coexistence including established common market, dual citizenship, using the port for both and citizens of both countries be able to establish business in anywhere inside both countries with any limitation and also travel without an pass or travel document in both countries. I think both Ethiopians and Eritreans have clearly recognized their enemy and hopeful their future approach and relationship would be genuine.
Recently, we Ethiopians have proofed that Eritreans are doing their part to have our trust and establish previous broken relationship. So it would be unwise for some gullible Ethiopians who are driven by emotion to reach to the conclusion based on past experience and block every possible opportunity to work with Eritreans. Truthfully, we cannot hide the fact that Ethiopia remained land locked not because of Eritreans, but the savage action of our previous dictators in particular Derg led by mass murderer Mengistu H/Mariam towards Eritreans and the treacherous conspiracy of TPLF tribal warlords.
Anyway, now animosity towards both Ethiopians and Eritreans based on what happened in the past makes the condition more difficult and complicated, instead of repairing the broken relationship. So our last resort should be to work together on things that benefit both countries. And I’m sure Eritreans are not naïve as some credulous Ethiopians describe them to keep us landlocked as they know that our success is their success and vice versa. Ethiopians on the other hand should convince that strong and sustainable Eritrea is beneficial to both people.
Therefore, freedom lover Ethiopians should honor those who support our cause and stand beside us in our difficult time. Without doubt there is no one better than the Eritrean government who deserves our honor for supporting our struggle and giving our patriots a shelter. Unfortunately, some irresponsible self-interested Ethiopians and under cover TPLF gangs are trying hard to divert our attention and accuse Shabia as enemy of Ethiopia. However, the truth is contrary to their claim and TPLF is the one who is practicing apartheid rule in Ethiopia by killing and terrorizing our people. Therefore, we should invest our energy to eliminate this typhoid before it eradicates us.
“Approach a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove.”


  1. Are you talking about Erithrean people or Isaias? Could you read what you wrote again. Do you forget that Isaias mentioned that he will give unsolved century challenge for Ethiopia.
    “I am sure after the TPLF era both countries would be able to live with peaceful coexistence including established common market, dual citizenship, using the port for both and citizens of both countries be able to establish business in anywhere inside both countries with any limitation and also travel without an pass or travel document in both countries. ….GOOD DREAM, THIS IS WHAT ERITREANS WERE DOING AS THEY WERE FRIEND WITH TPLF AND….WE KNOW WHO WAS BENEFITING FROM THAT !!!!!!!! lol
    Not far to see how Isaias will enslave Ethipiawinet and Ethiopians believing in Ethiopia.

  2. Sorry I can’t read all what you inked here. How you say Eritrea is not enemy to Ethiopian? Please investigate how shabia was established? Not by Arabs to remove Eritrea from Ethiopian? The ultimate goal was to destroy Ethiopian economy and life by blocking the route to red sea. In all this process Eritrean people are fully responsible for the destruction of Ethiopia. Thanks to God this does not happen, in this case we need to appreciate EPRDF to change its previous policy for secession and working for the rest of Ethiopia.
    Please don’t forget during Eritrea secession the alternatives given to the people of Eritrea are Slavery or freedom. This idea needs further studies for the future, but for today EPRDF is not enemy to Ethiopian

  3. You stated the ruthless TPLF is trained by Shabia, then stated we should trust shabia? Hammmm. Contradicting #

  4. I totally agree that there is no enemy worse than TPLF for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. TPLF is the worst and deadly enemy of Ethiopia in our history. To be more exact, TPLF is worse than Italian fascist invaders for our country and people. Therefore, it is very important to destroy this enemy by every means possible. Due to this, it is our duty to fight with arms and give all possible supports for our brothers and sisters who already engaged in actual fighting. Again, fighting with the arms is the best and most effective way to destroy our deadly enemy; we also have to remember that helping our brothers and sisters who are struggling peacefully with our deadly enemy. They are heroes to fight this savage force without any physical and other protection except holding the truth and the need to make our people free from the fascistic rule of TPLF. Although the best way to eliminate TPLF is fighting with armaments, the peaceful means of fighting have significant importance and contributions to bring freedom to our country. The two forms of struggles are complementing each other to overthrow the racist and fascistic system of TPLF.
    After saying that, we have to be careful when dealing with history and truth. It will not be wise to portrait Shabia as an angel and who has all good wills and concerns for Ethiopian unity. Yes, it is absolutely right to use the land of Eritrea and form alliance with Shabia to eliminate common enemy. Yes, it is also true that Eritreans are our brothers and sisters, but it will not be good or wise to mix and see the people and the ruling party as one and the same. Beyond that, it will be advisable to move cautiously to build mutual trust as we have a long history of mistrust which I do not want to go deep now. The other issue is that some of us may hate Derg enormously, but it will not help us to solve any current problems by denying that Derg was fully protected the national unity and integrity of the country. We have to be fair for our enemies as well as loyal to the truth. Please do not rewrite history as our emotion drives us. In addition to that, we do not have to insult and blackmail or for the people who oppose our ideas. When we oppose any person’s ideas, assertions or views it is much better to substantiate our arguments with facts, reasons and logic. Please, let us stop being mind readers and speculate what the other person’s hidden motives during arguments. It is much wiser to leave some rooms that the other person who oppose our views and ideas may have some truth. Besides, if he or she changes his or her mind, our door for unity and working together should be open. Unluckily, the insulting, blackmailing and alienating the people who have different ideas, views and opinions were inherited from Ethiopian Students’ Rebesha and was widely practiced during our revolution to the extent of eliminating who did not share similar views. Sadly, after all those bad experiences of the past, we are still practicing insulting demonizing and blackmailing as individuals as well as organizations when others’ ideas and views are not compatible with us. I believe we have to be better than TPLF who categorically insults and gave all worst possible names for Ethiopians to express its deep hatred in the last forty years, besides fabricating lies to justify its hatred and destruction of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
    We admire and support our brothers and sister at war front.
    Long Live Ethiopia

  5. Please, lets all of us on both side learn only from past to get our way ahead with no leaning on anyone.but, be partner with everyone as long as it adds value to our core agenda ( the nation ) or even to the other’s as we believe it is our ( ethiopiawinet ) typical identity to remain positive. On top of it, I see the leaders of this struggle have better & relay-able caliper to get this historical responsibility counting on human cost , segmentedlly the youth’s who gonna be on front side. Whilst, the call appears to be the crucial , true & opportunity to get the region come out of all mess. then , it will have consequence of beyond anyone’s imagination un-favoring those likely to drop the ball.
    All the best , Ethiopia.

  6. i disagree with you ross…eritreans are our enemies . no ifs or buts…they are the root cause of all Ethiopians problem..they are evil,self centered,chicagaram,barya,….you name it…i feel sorry for those g7 leaders they are heroes, true ethiopians……i do understand where they came from…why they working with this people/eri…but don’t expect agamewochu to sit idle while shabia orchestrate this foolish stunt ..shabia will throw them under the bus when the time comes…i think you underestimates agamea…by now they mastered every evil act under the sun…from begging to cheating white ppl…now obama is gone watch the next month or two..the fate of esayas and shabia..or expect the following…
    ..1/ weyanea will bomb a couple of places deep inside eri…esayas will deny it as usual..
    …2/weyanea will hand over badme..and will negotiate to use port of assab…given esayas hand over G7 leaders
    …3/esayas…going insane and start a war…that will be the end of him…

  7. Antesew shabiya ke Eritria yebeletech ethiopian mayet yifelgal beleh yemtamin kehone bezich miderlay yelehim maletnew.

  8. Do you know that, how the empty barrel sound is, you are like this, you talk too much. You but no remarkable action. It is shame on you, still you are talking about what was happened in 90’s.Ethiopia is shining. Don’t be fooled.

  9. thank you so much rosa you nailed the hard truth and I am glad you put the reality crystal clear. HOwever some of you who is insulting the writer are a bunch of morons who dont have alternatives except whining and crying like a freaking idiot retarded person.
    The writer clearly justifies her point why we should take weyane as number one enemy and explains the hard truth about crimes that are committed by weyane, however none of you didnt support your nonsense idea with eveidence except writing a bunch of nonsense about shabia.
    anyway our enemy is weyane and we ethiopians should work with anyone to remove the weyane paraiste and those retarded individuals who are just screaming here are of course nothing but a bunch of confused morons who are considered worst enemy to ethiopians than weyane as you are attacking our struggle.
    long live AG-7

  10. Miss Abadir, you have lot of good points but you also have made some unfortunate contradictions in the process. What you need to do is to distill more of your thoughts. You also need more proofreading of the typos. Otherwise your argument is valid.

  11. Go and fool your self not Ethiopian people about who is evil shabia . We Ethiopians know both tplf and shabia are the flip side of a coin. Even if it is a fact that both of them are anti Ethiopian forces ,shabia was and will be the greatest devil of all time( it is strategic enemy ). So please don’t mislead people by portraying shabia as a savior of Ethiopia .
    The freedom of Ethiopia should came from an internal united popular resistance against the brutal tplf regime. Not from a mafia group like shabia who butchered a lot of true Ethiopians which we don’t forget .

  12. “kezingero kongo bimertu ayabelalitu!!” both weyane and shabia are deadly enemey of Ethiopia and Eritrea people . Both the peoles of Eritrea and Ethiopia are better off without these sons of devil .

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