It is well known that the TPLF sometimes infiltrates or otherwise exerts influence over international organizations such as the World Health Organization and others. Is Britain’s Anglo-Ethiopian Society one such group?

The London-based society’s website states that “the object of the Society is to foster knowledge of Ethiopian culture, history and way of life and to encourage friendship between the British and Ethiopian peoples. The Society is a non political organisation.”

The website also asserts that the Society, which was formed in 1948, is “completely independent.”

Yet the Society’s attempt to suppress reading of Money, Blood and Conscience, the historical novel that graphically describes the TPLF’s crimes, calls these claims into question and suggests the possibility of TPLF influence.

Last October, the Society’s book club announced that Money, Blood and Conscience would be discussed by the group. The announcement contained false and defamatory attacks against the author, the American economist David Steinman. Mr. Steinman forced the Society to remove the libelous text. The Club’s organizer complained to Mr. Steinman that he could not understand why an American would feel such dislike for the former TPLF-controlled government. Mr. Steinman responded that one need not be Ethiopian to dislike crimes against humanity.

The announcement’s re-wording was finally negotiated, and the book club discussion remained scheduled. However, the club’s leadership took a second look at the novel’s nonfiction afterword that called for the former TPLF leadership to be charged with crimes against humanity and realized that it had changed since the first time it was read. The nonfiction afterword now contained a list of TPLF officials who should be held accountable for crimes against humanity that included World Health Organization Director-General and former senior TPLF official Tedros Adhanom. Upon the club’s discovery of the revision, it quickly announced that the book’s discussion had been canceled because Money, Blood and Conscience was not the sort of book that the Society should be encouraging people to read.

The club’s actions, especially its efforts to discourage people from reading the novel, suggest sympathy for the TPLF dictatorship.

Money, Blood and Conscience tells the story of a love affair between a Hollywood TV producer and a TPLF official during the Meles era. Former Amnesty International Director Jack Healey calls the novel’s portrayal of the TPLF dictatorship, “the most searing account of contemporary evil since Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

The book’s nonfiction afterword formed the basis for a Dec. 1, 2020 complaint by the author to the International Criminal Court against Tedros Adhanom. News of the ICC complaint was widely publicized in the UK, including on the London Times’ front page and in the Daily Mail.

Money, Blood and Conscience describes the horrors of the TPLF dictatorship under Meles Zenawi.

David Steinman





  1. Money, Blood Consciousness is a literal representation of the sadistic practice of the then TPLF regime. They have looted, killed. displaced and infiltrated every aspect of social life with a spy network from a shoe shiner to foreign diplomats. Every penny that was sent to help lift the suffering of the Ethiopian people was used and abused by the TPLF. Their history form the bushes to leading the country for 27 years is littered with blood and political hegemony. They used and abused the Tigrean people for their own gain for more than 45 years. These are facts that can be corroborated by former TPLF fighters with heart -Wrenching accounts of eye witness testimonies.
    TPLF attempts to buy favor from International organizations and governments through a systematic method as we have seen from the European Union’s false allegations and worthless cries about the killing of Tigreans in Tigray. The fact is, it is the TPLF who started the war by attacking the Northern Command of the Ethiopian army from within and through its militia. I am pretty sure the EU and other so called humanitarian organizations do not want to know the facts on the ground. They are influenced by TPLF paid lobbyists and TPLF die hard cadres that are put in position for such times by the TPLF. Therefore, there is no question Anglo – Ethiopian Society is infiltered by the TPLF. We can judge these blood thirsty and moronic bunches through their writings and fabricated video postings. It is high time for all Ethiopians to come together for the benefit of the country with no division of race, ethnicity, language or religion. This is the only way out from the political and social quagmire the country is put into. The IMF, the World bank. WHO and many other aid organizations must base their decisions based on facts on the ground rather than being brainwashed through a fabricated lies of the TPLF. Their time is over. I know they will continue to create havoc through the Sudan assisted by the Egyptians. What ever they will do and cry foul will be dead end. No turning back! Their glory days are over. It is high time for the international community to accept that and help Ethiopia in every means possible.

  2. When World Bank was preaching to the world that Ethiopia’s economy was growing in double digits for years under TPLF Government, Ethiopia was actually going under in double digits because everything that was produced was looted and used primarily to build their images in The West. TPLF’s massive investment in world organizations, news media, politicians and influential people is deep and wide. Suffice it to see.even the European Union and UN are not interested to find out the truth as to how the conflict in Tigray started. Most probably they know but pretend not to know that TPLF forces massacred Northern Command non-Tigrayan troops in their sleep in order to seize the heavy armaments and overrun the country again.
    Friends of TPLF are out to destroy Ethiopia by supporting traitors like TPLF remnants and others. Ethiopia must align herself with either Russia or China for the sake of its survival. It is that damn serious.

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