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Irreecha and Woyane madness. – By Yilma Bekele

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untitledOctober 2nd, 2016 will be a day of infamy in the history of our great nation. Oct 2nd will stand along Yekatit 12, 1937 where the Fascist leader Graziani ordered the massacre of over 30,000 Ethiopians in Addis Ababa and vicinity due to an attempt on his life. We erected a monument at Sidist Kilo to commemorate that dark day. It is there both to remind us about the price of losing sovereignty and the consequences. No one has killed us indiscriminately like that until the arrival of Woyane.
It is sad but October 2nd 2016 will equal in the atrocity to that ugly day in 1937. October 2nd. millions were put in harm’s way, and many hundreds died. There was no questions hundreds of thousands were traumatized. People celebrating freely were in an instant made to flee for their life not knowing where to. There were mothers with children, pregnant women, old men and women and toddlers that came to wash the problems of last year and hope and pray for a better one.
Irreecha festival is a happy event where the elders give thanks if it was a happy and prosperous year and pray to make the coming one a better one. It has been celebrated as far back as one can remember. Nothing like what took place that day has ever occurred.
The government set up search stations on all roads leading to the event making sure there are no weapons. The area was encircled both by Oromia police and Special Forces of the Woyane group. No one can enter nor leave without their knowledge.
The oromo region has been under siege the last eleven months. The loss of life would be staggering under normal circumstances but we Ethiopians are more concerned about how many instead of why even one? For your information close to nine hundred have died and untold amount of young ones jailed in one of the concentration camps Woyane keeps. (Zuai, Bir Sheleko, Dedessa)
When confronted with the presence of all that security force, the constant searching and the memory of the last twelve months state of siege of their region, to say the Oromos and their friends and family were not in a good holiday mood is a valid assessment. It is also true the young people arrived with their hands crossed showing defiance against the system. It is also a fact that ‘Down with Woyane’ was chanted so loud and often the hills reverberated and the lake water rose.
There were two helicopters buzzing the crowd and attempting to drop leaflets. That added to the tension. The feeble gesture by the regime to intimidate and create fear has the reverse effect. It angered the crowd. And the chant ‘Woyane Down’ drowned the valley.
On October 2nd 2016, on a clear day Abay Tsehaye, Seyoum Mesfin, Debretsion Gebre Mariam, Samora Yenus and friends ordered their private Agazi Forces to open fire on their own people that were gathered to celebrate a cultural holiday. They bear full responsibility to the loss of life on that dark day. The doctors will say death by bullet, death by drowning, death by being trampled over and many other reasons. The most obvious cause for the death of our family members is the TPLF Central Committee. They killed our people because they demanded Democracy in a supposedly free land.
The Woyane regime that controls our country assembled the Special Agazi Forces days ahead of time, camped them in the hills and gave them authority to use lethal means including tear gas and automatic weapons on a crowd numbering millions and that is confined in a small open space. It is premeditated plan when they brought armed soldiers to control a crowd that they know was not armed and has peaceful intentions other than protest loudly.
What are we supposed to make of that? The Prime Minister was quoted to have said fifty-two killed due to stampede and was in a rush to order three days of mourning. The Woyane Media like EBC and their stepchildren went viral on the ‘stampede’ angle. I have no idea who they thought they could cover up mass killing in the middle of the day.
It took only a few minutes to refute all their claims. From the hundreds of videos that was taken by the media and ordinary people it was clear to hear the guns blasting and the tear gas canisters hissing with the smoke cloud engulfing the poor and confused people.
If there was any semblance of Democracy in Ethiopia the government that given an order to fire on assembled mass of people will be out of office in a minute. The Woyane regime does not suffer such consequences. It is answerable to no one. It will continue killing until they either subdue the population using any and all atrocities or they are forced out of power by the organized action of the people. Woyane leaders think they have no alternatives. Even if they had any the Irreecha killing seems to have closed all avenues of civilized discourse.
TPLF have many fancy ideas in its head that they think gives them alternatives when the shit hits the fan. Believe me they discussed it, drew maps and thought it all out. It gave them false reading of success in its initial phase of conquest and setting up the system. It led to blunders as the years went by.
The setting up of the Kilils worked like a charm. EPRDF was the perfect tool to give the illusion of Democracy. The ethnic hatred actively being stocked by the Front kept the population on the edge where trust, loyalty, friendship and empathy became stupid deeds. Fear is not such a good tool, it runs out.
Ethiopia is a poor underdeveloped country. TPLF found out it costs plenty to have a standing Army that is one of the largest in Africa, Federal Force, Agazi Troops and Internal Security apparatus. That did not leave much to develop Tigrai for the coming divorce. Let alone controlling the Nile all the way to Gambela TPLF couldn’t even hold on to Welkait. On top of it the Oromos and the Amharas finally figured out the scam and decided to renew their love.
For TPLF to advocate divorce is not a good course of action at the moment. It has all of a sudden become a crazy and stupid idea dreamed up by Kat intoxicated blood drunk psychopath that left his buddies in a big quandary. What are our mini leaders supposed to do? What they did was expose their fear. They were easily unnerved and lost control of the situation. It also shows the Mafia group is not capable of analyzing a given situation, weigh the pros and cons and make an intelligent decision. There is no one with leadership skills among them. They did not rise to the position they occupy being smart but rather being ruthless, heartless and void of empathy is how they did it. That works in a small group setting but it is absolutely useless when it comes to governing with any legitimacy.
So today we have them on the ropes and all we got to do is apply more punches to relieve them from their misery. That is what you would think. Twenty years of Derg and twenty four years of Woyane should make us an expert on what to do and especially what not to do at a time like this. There are still some waving the ethnic flag but generally It is a pleasure to see that we have refused to play the game as officiated by Woyane. The Kilil mentality will take a long time to erase but the road we have started is a very promising highway.
To those still singing Woyane tune of division we say it is time we put a stop to this emulation of Woyane culture of division and hate. What the Ethiopian situation is showing us today is the days of ethnic grouping is not healthy and leads to no good end. The solidarity of the people of Gondar with the people of Adama is what forced the mafia group into the psychiatric ward. So what is with this ethnic Bura Kereyo? What makes you think the ethnic association and narrow vision that did not work for Woyane TPLF will work for you. I am sure some of you guys do not check your email and failed to read the memo announcing we have hit the RESET button regarding that app. Time to move. To tell you the truth it is sort of disconcerting to see our people that are residing in the US among the multitude and still cling to that primal and primitive notion of ethnicity. If you ask me it is a sign of an underdeveloped brain.
The new question in front of us is what kind of Transitional Government (TG) do we want to create? What are the powers of the TG? For how long? What should be done with the Military? Who should be included in the TG? What should the role of foreign powers be in this situation? What about the fate of the current people in power? Would they be allowed to leave?
Ethiopians at home and all over the world are slowly digesting this calamity brought on us by a few criminals in positions of power. How to go about getting rid of them without doing damage to our country and people is what is keeping us awake at night. We have many mature, reserved and able individuals that are capable of steering our nation on the right path. It is our job to calmly look at our options and with love and good will there is no question our old country will join the civilized world and we will put out effort and energy in building a better place for our children to grow and thrive.