Interview with Professor Beyene Petors – SBS Amharic

Interview with Prof Beyene Petors – SBS Amharic


  1. This is a man who has served woyane for the last 24 years playing the role of government approved “opposition” figure in the country. He has played a significant role in weakening the struggle for freedom by deceiving those who naively found him to be genuine in his oppostion. He is a well placed woyane stooge that does not have any credibility among Ethiopians. ofcourse, he probably serves in this role when dealing with foreign dignatries. Even the party he was suppose to lead rejected and expelled him when he betrayed ” hibret” in the 2005 election and chose to join “parliament”. In one of his latest press interview, he denounced the opposition to which he was suppose to be part of , for not recognizing woyane achievement. He is nothing but a political prostitute, pardo my french.

  2. Your response looks typical political assassination.
    His ways are unacceptable for you and people like you.
    Ethiopia is growing makes you sick and uncomfortable

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