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I Have a Dream! – by Leqa Naqamtee

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My dream is not something unachievable. No! My dream is parts of a millions of dreamers in Ethiopia. These are men and women, children and youth, old and young, poor and rich, urban and rural, pastoralists and farmers, merchants andethiopian flag producers, teachers and military, professionals and non professionals, workers and employers, jobless and asylum seekers, internally displaced and new settlers, prisoners and judges, polices and parliamentarians, political parties and government machineries civil servants , Muslims and Christians, traditional believers and natural believers, so that I believe my dream will be realized sooner or later because internationally Ethiopia is labeled as failed states because of the following critical issues and other international parameters .

1. I have a dream to see a free and democratic Ethiopia where millions are living together in harmony, mutual respect and social cohesion. This is possible through realistic democratic Ethiopia where the ultimate future of every individual citizen, fate will be decided, peace and order maintained, the rule of law applied, above all the horizon of citizens controlled by fear of God.
2. I have a dream to see a Nation that is equal in front of law, without any discrimination because of their ethnic background, social strata, economic class, language classification or religion affiliations. This is possible only through having holistic and universal oriented constitution including having free and independent institutional arrangements.
3. I have a dream to see a Nation believe in forgiveness and eternal love. This is possible if the ruling party, especially the TPLF has moral fiber for true democracy, rule of law, inclusive and free governance system and devotion to start the announcement of national reconciliation followed by revision of the existing constitution, practice free and fair democratic selection.
4. I have a dream to see Ethiopia free from corruption, moral crisis and degradation, erosion of ethics, including seeing high standard of government transparency. This is possible through formation of free and independent anti corruption commission, allow free media that exercise investigative journalism, allow the establishment and operations of civil society, civic organization and free justice and police system accountable to the constitution. Above all limit the role of government and power exercise, demonstrated by fair power relations across the above institutions.
corrupt5. I have a dream to see independent security and military forces free from TPLF manipulation and dominance; stand to safeguard our Nation human, civil and political rights stipulated in the constitutions. Protect Ethiopian sovereign territory from external attacks and demonstrate high moral standard and professionalism in areas of its assignments. This is possible through only freeing the current military force from TPLF dominance which is organized to safeguard minorities, gangs and mafias economic and political interest.
6. I have a dream to see Ethiopia governed by free economy and political system where the role of government is limited around regulatory function. This is possible if the current TPLF “endowments “are abandoned, taken as a public property. In addition disclose all crimes committed as a result of the government monopoly of the sectors such as, telecommunication, EELPA, Ethiopian airlines, mine and energy, privatization agency, and other mega projects still under TPLF rulers, like sugar industry, metal corporation, etc.
7. I have a dream to see Ethiopia where the Nation can access relevant information’s as required as needed, as fast as possible. This possible through free from TPLF dominance and having independent and free media outlets, broadcastings working for public interest.
8. I have a dream to see Ethiopia respect high standard human rights indicated under the national constitution, international laws including UN conventions. This is possible through free assembly, self organization, demonstrations, and expressions of feelings and interties through peacefully ways. To this end, the civil societies, the press law and antiterrorism law must be revised in order to address the public interest and end the TPLF brutal political system from Ethiopia.
9. I have a dream to see Ethiopia where national resources are shared equally and equitably. This is possible through applying principles of accountability and transparency. At this point in time , the current political power relation must be revised to address public interests , end TPLF gangs and mafia groups, dictatorship role from government functions at all level and at any “government machineries “. To be honest, observe all minster level shared power and calculate where the lion share is allocated. The game played by TPLF is not fair, this must be stopped. Ethiopia must belong to the Nation not for the fulfillments of little TPLF group interests.
10. I have a dream to see Ethiopia where all civil servants are judged by their professional contribution not by their political attitudes or membership. At this juncture, we have to free all civil servants from any financial contributions to political parties ruling the country. We must work to end the suffering of Ethiopian civil servants from “double master” political system (party and government). They must be re organized to work for public interest, our national development above all to the national interest and rule of law. We must break the spirit of fear from the civil servants that hinder their productivity, killed their potential to serve the public interests, lead them to be involved in grand and petty corruptions, forced them to not have national vision, and eroded their sincere sprit to civil service ethics. This will be end if the TPLF ruled system avoided and replaced by democratic government where citizens are fully aware their constitutional refights and obligations.
11. I have a dream to free Ethiopian academic institutions; make them to work for broad national interest. It is clear that majority of “political cadres” are prepared/ produced in the universities. They fill political membership form fearing that they will be jobless after graduation or can’t get financial support from credit provider party affiliated institutions. We must stop this and save our generation from 21 century mentality of slavery. Ethiopia must be organized in the form of our common home, not as party property. The way the young generation come to civil service is quite unethical. They are coming to the service by caring a slogan saying “yabathe bet sizeref abreh zeref”. You can imagine that what citizens are produced from our “flourishing “universities. The covert political and economic strategy and agenda of TPLF is clear, they need to have a country and a generation doesn’t have any national and regional sentiment, highly corrupted personality. They are working aggressively to form a generation encircled by its private needs and lust for petty material interests, compromise national and human values for material needs, live under fleshy sprit with dead conscience.
12. I have a dream to see Ethiopia with high standard and international level diplomatic missions serving our sovereign interest working beyond establishments of TPLF economic empire, connect Ethiopia with the remaining world based on well articulated long year’s strategies visions, charismatic and democratic leadership with zero level enmity with neighboring and distant countries and nations. This is possible if the TPLF covert and narrow economic interest brings to an end and replaced by democratic political system which is overt, transparent and doesn’t compromise the national interests of our country.
13. I have a dream to see dignified human race, especially Ethiopian citizens (the elderly, girls, boys, children’s, mothers, and fathers, disabled peoples) etc living and sleeping on the street with pet animals, feed from garbage deposals together with street dogs. This is possible through changing TPLF ruled social and poverty reduction policy by introduction of holistic national social security policy.
14. I have a dream to see Ethiopia where social services are fulfilled and met to all, free from TPLF covert political marginalization strategy, where the national resources are shared equally and equitably. This is possible through emancipation of regional governments from TPLF proxy and immediate controlling and manipulation, maintain fair power relations at national level, diminish and finally avoid TPLF invisible hands from all national machineries, allow the people to exercise their democratic right on how to use the national resource which must not require them the “blessing” or approval of TPLF. This is possible through the establishments of scientific based independent national treasury organ accountable to and monitored by the wider public emanated from democratic institutions.
I believe that my dream is yours. This is our country. We have common interest and common home; our commonalty is bigger than our differences. We must look at the biggest picture that causes us to be a “idiot slave” for TPLF limit us to not claim a God given freedom. It is clear we Ethiopians are marginalized and reduced to secondary and tertiary level citizenship. It is obvious that TPLF’s are primary citizens in every aspect of our country affairs. This is not fair. This is a result of high levels of corrupted personality. There should be a paradigm shift in the landscape of Ethiopian politics. Therefore, let us work towards the fulfillments of this dream to realize a democratic Ethiopia, where we all are living together, (including the TPLF group if they are ready for reconciliation) in harmony, equality, brotherhood, dignity, mutual respect. We must push and do this in vary peaceful and civilized ways. At last I assure you that we shall arrive at the land of love, peace and reconciliation. There we shall please our creator God.
God bless Ethiopia and the Nation.