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Human Rights Violations in Polarized Ethiopia: time for a shift in paradigm of thinking – Aklog Birara (DR)

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Dr. Aklog Birara
Dr. Aklog Birara

For members and supporters of the TPLF/EPRDF within and outside Ethiopia, and equally for the donor and diplomatic community that continues to shore-up one of the most repressive and oppressive governments on the planet, the last two weeks must have sent shivers. UNCTAD disclosed that Ethiopia’s famed growth that I had disputed in terms of social efficacy, has not changed the fundamentals impediments that would lift millions from abject poverty and destitution.
The vast majority of Ethiopians including the hardworking middle class are poor and getting poorer; and the poorest of the poor are trapped in a cycle of destitution. This condition emanated directly from poor and exclusionary governance and a regulatory framework that is not pro-poor and pro-Ethiopian. —–Read More —–