Huge Protest against Ethnic Cleansing !!!!!

By Tedla Asfaw

Huge protest by Ethiopians in Minneapolis today seems to be a counter protest to the recent Oromo Community protest. More than 1k on my estimate online mostly young people marched holding the tri color green, yellow and red Ethiopian Flag.

There were few anti Ethiopia instigators who wanted to disturb at the Capitol bldg, the final place of the protest after marching through university st.
The Oromo Mob killing and destruction in Oromo region of Ethiopia following the killing of Hachalu at the end of last month is now clear after 3 week of internet shut down is lifted.
Protesters call it Ethnic Cleansing rightly so. Non Oromos and Christians were chopped into pieces by the Oromo Mob. More than 200 brutally were slaughtered, some bodies were dragged by motorbike and dead bodies were left on streets. No security showed up to stop the killing and burning of businesses and schools.
OMN stationed in Minnesota incited people to kill and burn in coordination with its HQ in Addis Ababa. Protesters demanded for OMN in Minnesota to be held accountable for crimes against humanity.
The misinformation campaign by the Oromo Community to cover up these crimes and pretend as victims need to be exposed by responsible journalism. Today protest surley will educate the govt officals and the pubic to learn the truth and stand for justice !!!!


  1. The silent majority Ethiopians are waking up and roaring. It is time to stand up and fight back by every means available. Patience is considered as surrender to them. These despicable few do not represent Oromos. The Oromos I grew up with were as decent as expected from any typical Ethiopian family. I don’t think the majority of the Qeerroos participating in the inhumane killings of defenceless non-Oromos are doing it on their own volition. They are threatened to join or else…., as exposed by a Qeerroo.
    Outlaws must be spoken to in the language they know – force for force. When they know that they can get killed too, they will go back to their senses. Otherwise the slaughter, dismembering, maiming, dragging and hanging dead bodies, burning of houses and businesses of non-Oromos will rage on. The best defence for a community is itself.

  2. For a change it’s marvelous to see the sea of the green, yellow and red Ethiopian flag instead of the OLF insignia. But wish the theme was more Pro-Ethiopia rally for justice of the victims of the mob violence for law and order and in support of the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The extremist in Minnesota and are places are falsely charging that they are being ethnically targeted in Ethiopia, which is completely lie, yet by choosing a more sensational ‘ethnic cleansing’ theme you played right into their hand. In fact if you understood the Oromo language it would sounded that you were supporting their cause. In SIOUX CITY, Iowa the local tv KCAU covered yeterday what it called “Peaceful protesters” that had gathered in Sioux City “to continue bringing awareness to what they say is injustice from the Ethiopian government. Siouxland Oromo community members said some of those injustices include taking political prisoners and the alleged killing of influencers. “When we say it’s not only Oromo people, we’re fighting for all Ethiopian people. We’re looking for equal rights. We’re looking for justice. That’s what we’re fighting for,” said a participant. “We want Oromo to be free, so we just want to government, the U.S. government, to stop funding the Ethiopian government,” said another participant.”

    So how do we counter this outright fabrication beyond the tit for tat protests? To start with the extremist do a much better job of recruiting young Oromos than than the pro-Ethiopia side because there is a disconnect and a break down of communication. To be truthful over the years Tedla Asfaw has done more to drive pro-Ethiopia Oromos over the age and into the other side than Jawar Mohammaed. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” All shape and manners of activism that are unable for decades, because of its inherent qualities, to achieve the end it is designed to bring about are hidden and unintentional which is why their role is contradicted. Dreaming is one thing, and working towards the dream is one thing, but working with expectations in mind is very self-defeating. If you are pro-Ethiopia Positive is the new negative.

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