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How TPLF conned born suckers of the world and who muddied President Obama’s Africa legacy

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Ethiopians continue to wonder; how a small time world recognized terrorist group known as Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) pulled the greatest scum in history of Ethiopia.
President Barack Obama listens as Susan Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, speaks during a meeting with U.N. Ambassadors in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Dec. 13, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House. 
It is unspoken rule without saying; TPLF is a mercenary group unleashed on the people of Ethiopia. But, the question remains whether its supporters and apologists are part of the scum or on only in it for the money.
Nevertheless, how it is a hardline Marxist-Leninist ethnic liberation pushing TPLF clowns turned 360 degree to become Ethiopia’s # 1 snake oil salesmen of the century in a matter of two decades to put the nation in the auction block to foreigners?
More bewildering g is; how did the same internationally recognized ‘terrorist ’ turned ‘mercenary’ accused of elaborate assassinations, kidnapping and   racketeering ended up to be endorsed by non-other than the leader of the Free World and the first ‘African-American’ President of the United States of America as a ‘democratically elected government of Ethiopia’ and its assassination squad as mercenaries for hire – reducing President Obama’s Africa legacy into the ashes of history with no one noticing it?
Wait, it gets worst. How it is the same TPLF clowns outwitted US authorities to circumvent the laws of the land to receive US taxpayers’ money and charities in the form of foreign aid and import and export what they extorted from the people of Ethiopia in and out of the US and got away at will for these long without being noticed, charged and jailed.
Don’t go yet, there is more. How it is TPLF outsmarted the World Bank, IMF as well as the Donor Group and Foundations to pour in 100s of millions of dollars all these years without knowing TPLF’s scum of laundering it to its own coffer? And, who is responsible for the entire debacle?
As I said before; the devil is all in the details.
But, before I go on to say who could possibly be responsible to the crises brought on our people and nation; it is appropriate to say why it was possible (the cause) to begin with. I firmly believe; the slash-and-burn politics of our contemporary elites opened the door wide for TPLF clowns and associated con artists, criminals, drifters, invaders, pseudo intellectuals, lookalike journalist and preachers to believe the people of Ethiopia are disposable for their personal adventure or interest and the nation is their playground at their disposal. That said, I also believe, there is foreign interest behind the elites behavior at the expenses of the rights and liberties of our people.
This uncomfortable yet row truth continues to be the biggest hindrance for the democratic movement to free the people from a smalltime mercenary-led ethnic Apartheid regime.
Let me explain briefly why what I say is true before I become another causality of the slash-and-burn politics of the usual suspects including the mercenary TPLF clowns.
There is unspoken rule among the Ethiopian elites. That is, they knowingly and unknowingly believe; the freedom and liberty of the people of Ethiopia are under their mercy. Therefore, depending their mood or political and economic ‘adventure’; they reduced the right and liberty of the people into a zero-sum game to their liking and worse yet; a trial and error experiment of their prevailing imagination of what the people’s rights and liberty ought to be.
For instance, in the last four decades since the traditional monarchy rule ended, the ruling political elites implemented Marxism, ethnic liberation and crony capitalism on the people to produce the two most criminal regimes in the modern history of Africa with millions of death, displacement, famine and corruption to show for it and it continues to be so at the present. But yet, not one elite involved in both regimes took any responsibility or made accountable by anyone for crimes of the century, not one.
Now, unlike the Derg regime’s elites; Ethiopians are under ethnic elites that mastered the worst of Marxism, ethnic politics and crony capitalism combined all-in-one never seen in modern experience since the South African Apartheid regime rule ended.
But yet, have you noticed how many self-appointed political elites play slash-and-burn politics –reducing the rights and liberty of the people of Ethiopiaconditional to their ever changing political adventure or interest from ridding the ruling elites?  This reality alone should be sufficient to illustrate the ever changing self-serving conditions the elites forward on the democratic rights of the people of Ethiopia as a principle cause for the people not to own their freedom and liberty all these years. In other words, the people’s freedom and democratic rights are conditional to the self-appointed political elites’ imagination of what democracy means to our people.  If that is not the case; why are the elites not coming together for democratic rule to end Apartheid tyranny besides inserting democracy in their slogan in the last hour?
That said, coming back to the subject matter; the ruling TPLF elites’ slash-and-burn politics and the ever changing political and economic adventure (Marxism, ethnic liberation, revolutionary democracy, crony capitalism and more to come) came out of the same belief—Ethiopians are disposable for the elites’ political adventure or economic interest in general.  What makes TPLF elites different and more dangerous than others is; their willingness to be mercenaries for hire to foreign interest against the interest of the people of Ethiopia never seen in history. Credit (‘legacy’) is due to the leadership of the late TPLF con artist extraordinary Melse Zenawi.
Now, the screaming crying TPLF clowns/apologist must swallow the bitter truth; they are conned to commit heinous crimes of atrocities and corruption instead of blaming anyone or skirting the issue and live with it.
But, If there are two ‘important’ ‘foreigners’ among many around the world that consistently duped the world on behalf of TPLF clowns to get away with ‘murder’ and at the mean time to make a mockery of President Obama’s African legacy, Susan Rise, the former Secretory of African Affairs and UN Ambassador and the present Senior National [in] Security Adviser and honorary Ambassador/lobbyist of TPLF followed by Gale Smith, the present Director of USAID should take the credit.
The dual recruited early on brought TPLF in the world stage and did more damage on the Africa people rights and liberties on behalf of one dictator or another, particularly the late dictator/conman of Tigray/Ethiopia Melse Zenawi than any other foreign official ever did. The Rwanda genocide under Susan Rise watch and how she got away to become the lead expert and adviser to President Obama should tell you there is more than the hype we hear.
Susan and Gale that pride themselves as close friend of the late dictator of Ethiopia since his gorilla days up to his death in mysterious circumstances essentially wrote the African policy of the Clinton as well as the Obama Administration in what appears the copy of Melse’s policy. The con artist that groomed the dual since they were junior State Department officials assigned in Africa owes him for what they know about Africa and the position of power they hold in the US government.
Journalist and historians will do Ethiopians and Africans in general and the American people in particular a great favor if they obtain and dig in on the dual’s official correspondence with the then guerilla leaders under the Freedom of Information Act to find out how he conned and coached the two clueless junior American officials not only to become lobbyist on behalf of TPLF on expenses US taxpayers and against the people of Ethiopia but, to write the US policy on Africa.
Likewise; informing the American people how the dual on behalf of TPLF duped President Obama that despised African dictators at the beginning of his administration to end up embracing them at the end of his term to the point of calling TPLF led Ethiopian rogue regime ‘democratically elected government’. At the meantime, it would be appropriate to find out who TPLF agents the two US government officials rely on at present to utter the hogwash we have been hearing from the Administration officials.
Regardless, the first ‘African American’ President’s legacy on Africa turned out to be nothing more than historical embracement– a hype to dupe Africans in believing things will change for the better under his Administration when in reality it got worst, thanks to Susan Rise and Gale Smith lobbying on behalf of African dictators against the interest of United States as well as Africans.
Ethiopians is the Diaspora should also take responsibility for failing to make the two officials accountable in the court of law or concerned congressional oversight committees as Professor Al Mariam continue to hound them.
When conning Westerners weren’t enough, how TPLF clowns managed to out maneuver the Chinese Communist Party, Indian and Arab government officials and investors with a pyramid scheme without being discovered for far too long is another saga in the arsenal of the mercenary TPLF.
Think about it. The late Melse Zenawi, the mastermind of slash-and-burn politics at home and pyramid scum abroad wasn’t an ordnary con artist. He knew all along every bodies ‘expectation of African small men and the right incentive for greed to blind and entice the greedy to come and throw their repetition for diplomatic cover and their money in to TPLF coffer. After all; he and his comrade in arms were expert selling sand as wheat out of the mouth of starving Ethiopians to dupe Westerners out of their cash. Therefore, for scum artists that use human disaster as opportunity to pickpockets; the greedy are easy prey to entice.
A good example of a born sucker of TPLF scum in recent memory was the arrogant and greedy owner of Karuturi Global that salivated to get free land the size of Belgium not knowing TPLF’s scum. The stupid man deserve what he got for believing  a few pages contract signed by TPLF cadre posed as government official  is good enough to grab land a size of a country.  But, again many Ethiopians in diaspora are tripping over each other to grab a little plot of land they don’t even know who it belongs just because an illiterate TPLF cadre in Diaspora told them to do so. Many end up crying behind closed doors scammed of their money as TPLF clowns planned it.  Greed not only blind people not to see what is coming; they put more money in hope of getting what they know was a scam.
Quite frankly, if people closely followed what TPLF scum artist Melse professed for different audience at different times  like ‘over my dead body—land will be privatize’ while he was dispensing it for his cronies like candy they wouldn’t be crying foul. What he actually saying was; Ethiopians have no dollars but land to give TPLF but, no one listened.  Only his loyal cronies and foreign nationals with dollars will get land practically for free to keep them silent and milk them for more later on.  That is not all, they will even get subsidized loan in birr to entice them to come in. When you think about it; why would he gives his self-proclaimed enemies (Ethiopians) their own land when he can sell/lease it for a dollar to fatten his coffer? If you look at who was first in line to grab prime urban and rural land (good luck finding the complete list) you would understand what TPLF scum/policy is all about.
Moreover, the most preferred foreign land grabbers beside TPLF’s cronies are Arabs, Indians and Chinese in that order.  They weren’t picked for being good stewards of the land nor because they are legitimate investors but for their contribution to enhance TPLF occupation and robbery without raising questions or making noises.
Obviously, the Arabs have special place in TPLF’s heart. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Arab governments invented TPLF and without them there wouldn’t be TPLF period. In fact, TPLF con artist Melse Zenawi was heard saying he is Arab before he was born-again Ethiopian.-When he found out there is easy money to be made being Ethiopian the entire TPLF con artists became more Ethiopian than the Ethiopians they despised. And, the ring leader ended up buried; not in Tigray he supposedly liberated from his ‘Ethiopian enemy’ but in the heart of the ‘enemy’ nation —reducing the bogus ‘Tigray liberation’ in to the ashes of history with the ‘golden people’ he profess to belong disposable at will.
The irony is; even his TPLF cronies couldn’t see being conned in daylight– scrambling to build a Foundation for the conman; not in Adwa where he declare to belong but, Addis Ababa. After all, they are too busy selling and stealing like urban drag kingpin to see anything else.
Looking at the top real-estate con artist/Ambassadors assigned in each country to sell Ethiopian’s land will tell you the other side of the story. The successive handpicked TPLF agents/ Ambassadors in the petro rich Arab countries’ embassies tell you why they were assigned there. But, noting come close to the unofficial TPLF Ambassador and biggest land- grabber/broker/investor than the Saudi nationalSheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi. A close confidant of TPLF conmen Melse Zenawi and Birket Simon (an Eritrean national masquerading as Amhara official) he became the de facto TPLF regime official.
Al-Amoudi became a nuisance among Ethiopians since he started playing his Ethiopian nationality to do TPLF’s political bidding and his Saudi nationality to do TPLF’s economic bidding and showed his true color. The irony is; why would a man of enormous wealth and business interest around the world reduce himself to associate with the most dangerous mercenary masquerading as the government of Ethiopia raises more questions than answers.
When that wasn’t enough; Al-Amoudi went out of his way to disfranchise and harass Ethiopians in the diaspora   and to lobby US government officials on behalf of TPLF– spending millions of dollars. His 20 million dollar contribution for the Clinton Foundation on behalf of the ‘government of Ethiopia’ is the tip of the iceberg of how far he would go to defend TPLF clowns his questionable investment depends on. There got to be more than financial gain that motivate him to put everything he got online on  a small time corrupt regime led by TPLF. Ethiopians can only guess why he isn’t coming out to explain his reason to cover up for TPLF crimes against the people of Ethiopia.
His denial;  his  contribution on his official website stating “The Sheikh made a donation of only $6m to the Clinton Foundation but donated separately $16m to AIDS awareness in Africa wholly unconnected to the Clinton Foundation” by skirting the issue sounds fear of being implicated by US laws and contradicts his public statement of  unwavering political and financial support for TPLF regime and how far he goes to undermine the oppositions in Diaspora. His recent unsuccessful attempt to break up the Ethiopian Football Federation in North America by spending millions of dollars bribing players and officials is a testimony to his commitment to sustain the corrupt TPLF regime.
Here again, the elites conspiracy to believe the people of Ethiopia are disposable to their will is at work.  If Al-Amoudi with an enormous wealth and influence that could afford to take a stand for the people’s freedom and right is not a testimony to that facts who could be? In fact, he is a prime example of what is wrong with contemporary elites that reduced our people as their indenture servants.
Moreover, the legality of an investor of a Saudi national to influence Western governments on behalf of a third party corrupt foreign regime in the name of ‘Aid awareness’ is a million dollar question that requires investigation by legal experts and mainstream Media alike.
In Asia, one of the TPLF mob boss/real-estate agent/Ambassador assigned to deal with the Communist Party of China that trained him to be a Marxist assassin then and “Developmental State’ crony capitalist at present is the Dishonorable TPLF conman Seyom Mesfin. The main reason the Former Foreign Minister sent to China as Ambassador was to use the Chinese Communist party to expand TPLF political as well as economic hegemony on Ethiopia behind closed doors and to counter Western governments’ pressure for reform. In that capacity; he managed to make TPLF owned EFFORT companies the number one exporters of stolen commodities’ destination in Asia countries he oversee from his base in China and China the number one contractor of infrastructure projects. It appears; the officials of China have no clue how TPLF duped them; partly because no one inform them they are dealing with TPLF con artistes posed as Ethiopian government officials.
But, the real-estate agent/Ambassador Gent Zewde in India stand out as the only none TPLF con women that appears to work for commission to sell her country’s land to Indians for a bargain. Her unconventional tactics never heard of in history speaks for itself.
In an interview she conducted with Indian ITMI TV (video deleted for unknown reason) , she confessed the true nature of TPLF. She said referring to listening Indian audience; ‘
“You don’t have to buy the land in Ethiopia because the government gives you the land for an almost negligible lease price for 25 to 50 years, which is then, of course, renewable. There are other government incentives as well.”
She was also allegedly responsible for multiple advertisements on local newspapers for Indians to come and grab cheap land in Ethiopia. Indians were rushing to grab in the greatest land- rash since the Westward Expansion of European Americans from East Coast to West Coast of US to grab land in the late 19th century. Unfortunately, at the meantime; TPLF was chasing Ethiopians out of their land at the other end in a cover of Villagazation Program–cashing in more money from the World Bank and the Donor Group while agents like Gent were selling the land to Indians.
(See also Haliamriam Desalegn mumbled on an interview with Vickram Bahl of ITMI TV regarding land give away claiming lands given are empty land with no settlement.
One Indian farmer that took the offer early on was heard saying “my land in Ethiopia is bigger than my village in India” while Ethiopians were pushed out of their land into exile by TPLF cadres.
The February 2013 Guardian article; ‘India-investors-forcing-Ethiopians-off-land’ partially showed Gent Zewde’s accomplishments during her tenor.  Again, the irony is no one including the Indian government that poured in 100s of millions of dollars into TPLF coffer in the name of building sugar factory makes her or TPLF conmen accountable.
Tell me; what else can you call TPLF scavengers but mercenaries for hire?
The crime of TPLF clowns & associates are many to list here. In fact, as a policy; TPLF elaborately sealed off any information that exposes its and associates crimes from coming out of the country.  Therefore, not a fraction of the crimes committed against the people of Ethiopia are known to the public and the world at large made possible by fake propaganda Medias in the English language masquerading as Free Press. If you look at the propaganda machines posed as private press at home you understand mercenaries are on the loss in your beloved Ethiopia.
By now; there is absolutely no doubt in every Ethiopian mind the ‘Adwa’ gorillas & associates allover Ethiopia and in diaspora proven to be the enemies of Ethiopians. Therefore, the ball is in Ethiopians’ court to rid the enemies within. The only things holding back Ethiopians at the moment are those that ask what ‘if-and-but’ for one reason or another in denial to accept the reality – TPLF clowns institutionalized criminality against their own people in the name of ethnic Fedralsim. Therefore, the democratic struggle is not about ideology but criminality.
There’s a saying “Do it right or don’t do it at all”. Ethiopians must and will be free from tyranny once and for all to be ruled under democratic regime of their choice, it is a matter of time. The question is what do the political elites want? If opportunist elites keep asking what if-and-but, or continue to play slash-and-burn politics; they aren’t any better than the conning TPLF clowns in insulting the intelligence Ethiopians.  Ethiopians should and must make them accountable for extending the rule of TPLF.
The fate of Ethiopians can only be drawn by the people themselves no one else. No more Ethiopians can be duped by opportunist elites that kept the rogue regime alive and extending the misery of the people for far too long.
They say ‘talk is cheap’. Let every elite swallow the bitter truth and submit for the will of the people to be free and governed under democratic rule. Anything else is opportunism at its worst.
The conning and conniving TPLF clowns must and will surrender for the people will by choice or by force. The question is; can the rest of the elites love their people more than themselves to surrender in kind for the people will to shorten the live of TPLF Apartheid rule? If-and-but is the answer or crying foul is sufficient; there must be accountability by the people that are paying the ultimate price of TPLF tyranny. A little humility to tell the truth and accept personal responsibility to do the right thing goes a long way to end the nuisance of tyranny for good and to tell the world; Ethiopians means business this time around.
Warning for TPLF clowns: Committing crimes against the people of Ethiopia from your hiding is not going to help you. Only confessing your crimes in public may help. Your fate is on your hand to do right by surrendering for the will of the people than TPLF. But, expecting to con your way out of your predicament as usual or looking for someone as scapegoat will not help you avoid the unavoidable.  The sooner you accept you are nothing more than a henchman for TPLF Apartheid regime the sooner you realize you are ‘dead fish’ in the ocean.
End of the story
This article is dedicated to our people jailed, displaced and exiled by TPLF land-grab policy. Until the struggle for democracy achieves its goal to rid the regime do not give up hope.