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Homage to Mulugeta Lulle – by Maj. Dawit Wolde Giorgis

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Mulugeta-Lule- Satenaw
Mulugeta Lulle

“This sad celebration of the life of Mulugetta Lule is worthy of a man who served Ethiopia and Ethiopians with sincere commitment and unparalleled skill in putting on paper and on our screens what all freedom loving people wish to achieve, with passion and in style and with a deep sense of history.
He was an unsung humble hero and needs to be remembered not only as such but as a man who revolutionized Ethiopian journalism together with my father who as you know was named The Father of Ethiopian Journalism
I knew him since then when he struggled to open up the media from the grip of the emperor and aristocracy and my father being conservative had to keep his absolute loyalty to the emperor resulting in a fierce tug of war. And yet my father always admired the writing skill and the energy of Mulugetta Lule.
Mulugeta was humble and not many people know him unless one is close to him. Most of his writings are use different pen names. Not many people know that besides  his writing skill he was also involved in the anti Siad Barre insurgency war by helping the insurgents in information management  and dissemination and public relations
He also did the same role in the South Sudanese liberation movement   I know because I worked with him.he was also at the front lines in Erutrea in Ogaden writing and boosting the morale of our fighters.  He was a voracious reader with a very astute memory which I have not seen in any person I know. He can go back decades and remember a discussion an incident or a paragraph he has read and the history of so many great Ethiopians he has interviewed or had the opportunity to meet.  He was a master teacher who can surprise any historian through his knowledge of Ethiopuan history dating back to thousands of years. He was deeply religious and a Pasteur in his own rights because he can go through the biblical verses word by word
For me as it must be to many others he was a brilliant man, a patriot with a deep sense of justice and freedom , he was a friend I commincated  with twice a week from afar, he was my teacher my mentor and source of inspiration.  I lost a friend and a brother and Ethiopia lost one of the most skilled passionate prolific writer, proud thinker and a patriot who never bowed but made the necessary compromises like many of us to be able to serve his people in difficult times. He was indeed a rare phenomenon
Lulle as I used to call him; is ahead of me as always and he is showing me the path. I will follow you Lulle!!! in the mean time good bye and RIP”