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History is on the side of Ethiopians not those that emulate the old lawless colonial ruling elites

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tigray war loss
tigray war loss

Ethiopians should not be surprised by contemporary American ruling political  and Media elites’ onslaught to “demonize, dehumanize and ostracize Ethiopia”   by emulating what their  colonial counterparts did during Fascist invasion and occupation of Ethiopia from 1936-41. Instead, showing they are the mirror image of their colonial counterparts goes a long way to expose them to the global  audience to find where and how they are hiding from  national and international laws they fear the most.

Teshome Debalke
July 4, 2021

Once again a historical  crime is being committed against the Independent and the sovereign people of Ethiopia. But this time around, it is not by the old lawless colonial ruling elites  masquerading as ‘democratic’ nations, but the independent and democratic nations’ ruling elites led by the United States in partnership with indigenous ethnic elites led by Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

The level of criminality TPLF ethnic operatives and counterparts  engaged against the people of Ethiopia and the complicity of their western sponsors  to sustain the status qua reached a tipping point four decades later. So, the challenge Ethiopians face by elaborate propaganda infrastructure TPLF constructed in the old colonial apartheid model to feed mainstream Media with firehoses of falsehoods against Ethiopians and Ethiopia — complicating matters how to reponed.

In February 2, 2021 “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on Ethiopians across the world to “counteract the flawed information being disseminated about Ethiopia by its enemies” and “blamed supporters of the dead Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Junta for dissemination of biased information about their country”.

Few days later  (Feb 6, 2021) the Prime Minster on Project Syndicate platform commentary titled Towards a Peaceful Order in the Horn of Africa in what appears an advice to the old colonial powers’ ruling elites masquerading as democratic nations as well as the independent democratic Republic of the United States and others to examine their ‘uncivilized behavior’ of emulating their old colonial masters attitude and policy towards his nation via the notoriously corrupt and deadly TPLF ethnic warlords in the best diplomatic language he can master as Emperor Haile Selassie did during Fascist Italy reinvasion, occupation and mass-murder of Ethiopians that began in 1935 and as Emperor Menelik II did in an attempted invasion of Fascist Italy in 1886.

He wrote,

Common sense tells us that a regime based on ethnic division cannot last; but, as the saying goes, common sense is not always common. Fortunately, human societies can tolerate racial, ethnic, and religious violence for only so long.” And went on, “the international community that understood what the TPLF was. Many had condemned its ethnic-based violence. Sadly, some were ready to turn a blind eye to TPLF torture, disappearances, and extrajudicial killings”.

Unfortunately, ‘the international community’ including mainstream Media response was attack the victim Ethiopia and praise the victimizer TPLF in the old colonial ruling elites’ fashion.

But what puzzling  is, who could possibly be behind the most consequential  Democratic Republic of the United States of America that fought a Revolutionary War against British colonial rule that started in 1775 followed by the unanimous Declaration of Independence a year later to underwrite the old colonial onslaught against  the independence and  the sovereignty of Ethiopia in the 21st century?

Ironically, the July 4, 1776  Declaration of Independence of America from brutal British colonial rule “also served as the primary model for numerous declarations of independences in Europe and Latin America, as well as Africa (Liberia) and Oceania (New Zealand) during the first half of 19th century” as Wikipedia put it.

As tragic as sounds  for a nation that inspired many nations to be free and independent from colonial rule, for those who understood how US foreign policy is outsourced against the American people interests let alone other people and nations aspirations for independence it is not a mystery.

Fast forward,  159-years from the Declaration of Independence of America, colonial Fascist Italy reinvasion and occupation of the independent nation of Ethiopia showed the ugly reality — Former colonial subjects that fought for freedom and independence are not necessarily champions of freedom and independence of others but emulate their old colonel masters’ “superiority complex” towards those under colonial rule as well as people that successfully fought colonialism to remain independent and free nations.


Annick Cizel, a Lecturer-Researcher at the Paris, France based Sorbonne Nouvelle University specializing in America Foreign Policy in a paper titled Anticolonialism, Peace in Europe, or Neutrality ? America’s Reactions to Mussolini’s Invasion of Ethiopia, put it, “FDR gave a new breath to America’s new civilizing mission during a press conference before the American Society of Newspaper Editors”  saying,


“Well, you can pass up Ethiopia—they were pretty wild people in Ethiopia, they were not very highly civilized from our point of view; may be they would have come under the definition of what President Wilson, I think acceded to in 1919 in talking about backward nations, but I often wonder what right, inherent right, you and I have got to call any nation backward […] Are they wholly uncivilized people? I wonder.


Anyway, their independence is gone. There is nothing much we can do about it except to maintain in our diplomatic relations, perhaps only as a gesture, as a gesture of not recognizing the King of Italy as Emperor of Ethiopia.  The gesture has been made and history will record that the protest was made and lived up to for about four years” (FDR & FA, 14, 387).


Four-years into Fascist Italy invasion and occupation of Ethiopia, Cizel wrote, “in March of 1939, Under Secretary Summer Welles  pondered over Ethiopia’s fate, reminiscing that «most of our people said of course it is too bad. But what goes on in a remote and uncivilized corner of distance Africa can never affect us» (FDR & FA, 14, 221), reflecting, FDR’s prior sentiment of “are they wholly uncivilized people?”.


Unfortunately, the ‘wondering’ Franklin Delano Roosevelt  (FDR) nor his self-proclaimed ‘civilized’ Under Secretary Summer Welles not only were blustering their belligerent ignorance about civilization in words alone but with actions and inactions.

After Fascist Mussolini and Nazi Hitler defeat in 1941  by ‘Allied Force’ that included the brutal colonial Britain that sent her indigenous colonial subject troops to Ethiopia end up showing her own belligerence against the independence and sovereignty of Ethiopia and Emperor Haile Selassie leadership, FDR once again sided with colonial Britain as oppose the independent nation/people of Ethiopia and the Founding member of the League of Nations by not only ignoring the call for help to restrain colonial Britain but refusing reconstruction support needed for war devastated Ethiopia like he did for liberated colonial Britain and France as well as the defeated Italy and Germany regimes that terrorized the people in European neighbors.

The then Ethiopia Minster of Finance Lij Yelman Dersa’s  letter to FDR not only made it abundantly clear what happened to Ethiopians under colonial Fascist Italy’s invasion, occupation and mass-murder but colonial Britain’s attempt to violet the sovereignty of the nation and undermine the government of Ethiopia under Emperor H. Selassie to sustain her colonial rule in Africa and beyond.

As disheartening statements as it may be coming from one of the most celebrated President of the  United States known to lay the groundwork for the United Nations and other post-war institutions and considered the leader of the ‘Free World’ to speak ill and side with colonial Fascist Italy and Britain against an independent nation/people of Ethiopia, it continued to be the reality today as PM Abiy Ahmed echoed the same to contemporary ruling elites of America as his predecessors did with not much success.

Reflecting on the callous indifference and inaction of the 32nd US President FDR was not limited to leaders of political institutions of the time but widespread phenomena throughout American institutions.

Probably the best example of that reality comes from nonother than Times Magazine –  the supposedly progressive publication considered the champion of Free Press in its 1935 issue [dis]honoring Emperor Haile Selassie as Man of the Year wrote,

“In 1935 there was just one man who rose out of murky obscurity carried his country with him up & up into brilliant forces before a popped-eye world. But for a hidden astuteness of this man, there would not now the possibility another world war arising out of idealism generated around the League of Nations on behalf of Ethiopia… If it ends in the fall of Mussolini and the collapse of Fascism. His Majesty can plume himself one of the greatest feats created to blackamoors.

Above all, Haile Selassie has created a general warm, and blind sympathy for uncivilized Ethiopia throughout civilized Christendom. In the wake of the grandiose Depression, with millions of white men  uncertain to the benefit of civilization, 1935 produced a peculiar Sprit of the Year  in which it was felt  to be a crying shame that the Machine Age seems about to intrude up on Africa’s last free, unscathed, and simple people. They were ipso facto Nobile Savages, and the noblest Ethiopian of them all naturally emerge Man of the Year”

It is not clear what “the grandiose Depression, with millions of white men  uncertain to the benefit of civilization” had anything to do with Fascist invasion of Ethiopia but shows the shameless of mainstream Media editors that continued in the 21st century.

Centro Primo Levi, a New York based organization inspired by the humanistic legacy of Primo Levi, a writer and a chemist who survived Auschwitz and contributed to the post-World War II debate on the role of memory in modern societies further explored what mainstream American prominent journalists and writers did on behalf of Fascist Italy by highlighting a book by Mauro Canali titled La Scoperta Dell’Italia —  America’s Flirt with Italian Fascism that “examines the activity, impact, and perspectives of American correspondents in Italy from 1900 to 1945 and the beginnings of the modern tradition of international political journalism” as well as the behavior of prominent American writers like Ernest Hemingway and Louise Bryant that publicly endorsed Fascist Mussolini onslaught on Ethiopia.

One notable example in Mauro Canali’s   book about  Ethiopia and the American Media correspondents reads,

“The Ethiopian war was the last of Mussolini’s adventures that American correspondents in Rome followed without outright distaste. A few reporters – Herbert L. Matthews of the New York Times, William W. Chaplin of Hearst’s Universal Service, John Whitaker of the New York Herald Tribune and Andreu Berding of the Associated Press – were actually presented the ‘Croce di Guerra al Valore’ in appreciation of their reporting of the Italian cause.”

The irony America Media elites that championed independence from colonial rule 160 years earlier and claim to be “civilized Christendom” to insult one of the oldest Christian and independent nation in the world on behalf of “the Italian cause” with impunity says it all what went wrong with the American ruling elites to this day.

Paradoxically, if FDR and his administration officials  and Time Magazine’s Editors that are considered the quintennial of American independence, constitutional  democracy and, the Free Press of the world feel that way about an old independent nation of Ethiopia and her people fighting colonialism and defending the sovereignty of their nation from colonial invasion and occupation in 1935, one can imagine what European colonial powers’ ruling elites of the time including Britain led by the celebrated PM  Churchill and British Media led by the infamous BBC Editors feel about Ethiopia and her people then and now as the world witness them mince words and conflate facts-and-fictions to do essentially the same thing they did since the 17th century.

But the truth rest in what  Times Magazine  refers as “millions of white men  uncertain to the benefit of civilization”.  In other words, the meaning of civilization is invasion, occupation and plunder.

In reality, ‘common sense’ has never been at play in US policy towards Africa in general since the Declaration of Independence from British colonial rule.  In fact, since World War II ended, the British ruling elites that depend on their old colonies (the new Commonwealth Nations) have more say in US-Africa Policy than the elected leaders of the Republic.

Regardless of whether American ‘elected’ leaders take responsibility or not, the bigger question scholars, historians and journalists with tangible integrity and professional ethics must ponder for the foreseeable future to come is, how is it people who fought colonial rule and claim to believe in constitutional democracy, the rule of law and the Free Press not to mention to be ‘civilized’ end up emulating their old uncivilized ruling colonial masters remained a puzzling phenomenon in human nature no one seems to pin down yet.

For instance, take a research paper written  by Fiorello B. Ventresco titled Italian-Americans and the Ethiopian Crisis published in Italian Americana Vol. 6, No. 1 (FALL/WINTER 1980), pp. 4-27 (24 pages) that reads,

Walk in any Italian community in this country you will see Mussolini picture everywhere – in the classrooms, in the churches and in the grocery store; you will hear fascism made Italy a grate and powerful nation; you will learn most Italian Americans of local or national importance are – indeed pro-Fascist.”

It shows, even immigrants that fled to America from Fascist Italy tyranny, identity overcame any ‘common sense’ up to the point of glamorizing and cheering Fascism  and celebrating its invasion, occupation, mass- atrocities and plunder of people of independent nation and the complicity mainstream Media like Time Magazine.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a professor of history at New York University and author of “Strongmen: From Mussolini to the Present in August 3, 2020 Washington Post Perspective titled When Fascist Aggression in Ethiopia sparked a movement of Black solidarity  further reenforced that reality. She wrote,

“Many Italian American communities stepped up their own activism in support of their families’ recent countries of origin — most Italian immigrants had arrived only between 1880 and the 1920s. They recruited combatants and raised funds for the madrepatria by donating wedding rings that would be sent to Italy and melted down for armaments. At a December rally in Madison Square Garden attended by 20,000, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia presented the Italian consul general with a $100,000 check. Admiration for Benito Mussolini fueled much of this support. A celebrity in the United States, Mussolini had had a monthly column in the newspapers owned by his supporter William Randolph Hearst since the late 1920s. A month into the war, as airplanes unleashed tons of poison gas, killing thousands of Ethiopians, a TIME magazine cover depicted Il Duce with his sons, ever the family man.”

That is why FDR and his administration’s officials, and Time Magazine Editors were dehumanizing the civilized people of Ethiopia under attack on behalf of the uncivilized Fascist Italy regime that makes no ‘common sense’ for ruling elites of a nation that fought the same brutal British colonial rule and its atrocities and plunder to be free and independent nation.

Ironically, the reality of who is civilized and uncivilized is proven from nonother than the horse’s mouth when Lord Thomas B. Macaulay of the Wing Party Member in the colonial British Parliament plea in the House of Commons in Feb of 1835 (100 years before FDR rant about  the ‘uncivilized’ people of Ethiopia) stating,

I have traveled across the length and breadth of Africa and have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is thief such wealth seen in the country. Such high moral value, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation which is her spiritual and cultural heritage and therefore, I propose we replace her old ancient education system, her culture, for if the Africans think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own; they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.

Contrast that confession with what contemporary western ruling elites say and do about Ethiopia and Ethiopians from FDR and Obama/Biden’s Administration officials and mainstream Media journalist against their Former colonial master Lord Thomas B. Macaulay testimony, one can draw a conclusion in what the author of The Laws of Human Nature Robert Green framed as “human nature is stronger than any induvial, than any institution or technological invention. It ends up shaping what we created to reflect itself and its primitive roots. It moves us around like pawns.”

As the saying goes, ‘the more things appear to change, the more they remain the same’.  Unfortunately, nothing much change with the ruling American elites’ attitude towards Ethiopians and Ethiopia before and since 1935 and after the defeat of Fascism and Nazism in World War II except the Tigray People Liberation Front  taking the role of Fascist Italy regime and its diaspora apologists emulating pro-Fascist Italian American community backed by “local and national leaders of importance” by  showing their primitive roots of human nature that move them around like pawns.

But, since it is no longer politically acceptable to rally as pro-ethnic apartheid rule led by TPLF in the 21st century in public, the best they came up with is to manufacture a nonexistence civil war and humanitarian crises to “demonize, dehumanize and ostracize” Ethiopians and undermine PM Abiy’s reform efforts to unite the people and bring about the rule of law in the lawless TPLF warlords instigated crises they sponsored for decades all over again as British colonial ruling elite Lord Thomas B. Macaulay instructed them in 1835.

People seldom worry about the global vires Colonialism, Nazism and Fascism unleashed to the world four centuries ago that infected the self-proclaimed ‘civilized’ ruling elites of modern democracies. Unfortunately, the ruling elites of the Democratic Republic of the United State of American expected to contain if not irradicate the vires of Colonialism, Nazism and Fascism fail victim of the vires themselves as the world witness in dismay when they elevate a modern-day minority ethnic apartheid  regime of one of the oldest and diverse independent nation in the world as “legitimately elected government of Ethiopia” by nonother than the first “African American” President of the Republic.

If that alone does not get your attention how bad things are and nothing much changed since the 16th century, nothing will.

Probably the most visible and effective public intellectual that articulates American ruling elites infected by the old colonial vires to endorse a modern-day apartheid rule in the only nation in Africa that defeated it over-and-over again  is the Ethiopian American Constitutional Law scholar Prof Al Mariam.

In series of article on his blog about the past and the present US administration officials’ mishaps and outright violation of US and international laws, he articulates the long-held tradition of American ruling elites’ violation of the fundamental dignity of humanity, the rule of law and sovereignty of others peoples and nations emulating  their old colonial masters as oppose the Foundation of US Constitution they  all pledge to defend from domestic and foreign enemies.

Prof Al did not spare mainstream Media journalists that emulate their old colonial counterparts in spreading the vires of colonial falsehoods either. Two notable examples are his December 2020 article titled TPLF Infowars: Fact Checking the New York FAKE NEWS Times Caught Red-Handed Spreading Lies, Fake Photos and Disinformation on Ethiopia just like Time Magazine did in 1935 and wrote,


“The New York Times, Reuters, BBC, Al Jazeera and other international media have all pulled out their long knives against Ethiopia.

In a well-coordinated media assault, these “nattering nabobs of negativism” have ganged up on Ethiopia as  propagandists for the now-defunct Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Almost every day, they unashamedly crank out and spread lies, damned lies and disinformation on Ethiopia.”

And his Feb 2021 article titled Bloomberg Editorial Board’s Hatchet Job of Lies and Damned Lies on Ethiopia and wrote,


“The purpose of the conspiracy is to demonize, dehumanize and ostracize Ethiopia and its government with the aim of preparing global, and particularly African public opinion, for the combined U.S., European and Egyptian action to paralyze and pulverize Ethiopia politically, economically and diplomatically”

His attention to historical facts and details about the vires that tinted policy making blunder over=and- over again and firehoses of falsehoods reporting that came with it  is a lesson for one-and-all how to restore Constitutional rule that defined the very foundation and independence of the United States of America from colonial rule for ‘peaceful order’ to remain in America itself let alone in faraway places like Ethiopia as world witness in dismay when they spread the vires like wildfire to undermine Ethiopians and Ethiopia or as Prof Al put it to “demonize, dehumanize and ostracize Ethiopia.”


As barrage of firehoses of falsehood to save TPLF warlords  intensifies, some are blunt and open about it as if the world is still under 19th century colonial rule.  Others are as crafty as they can be with PR stunts designed for the 21st century propaganda. But overall, nothing that remotely approaches reality changed in mainstream media since the colonial times.

The latest coverage of Al Jazeera’s The Stream program hosted by the infamous African British national Femi Oke better illustrates the PR stunt to reach a predetermined outcome of sustaining the old colonial ethnic apartheid rule in Ethiopia by-all-means necessary.

Failing to save TPLF led ethnic apartheid regime, the host came up yet  with another program titled Is Ethiopia Hurtling towards All-out Ethnic Conflict?  that followed the last program that plug Ethiopia in the middle of the program titled Beirut blast: Where is justice six months on? with the same infamous AJ’s new freelance journalists Zacharias Zelalem and the same Former Bloomberg Ethiopian correspondence William Davidson turn ICG Senior Analyst of Ethiopia as a guest with caption “Burgeoning tension between the Ethiopian government and the Oromo Federalist Congress Party and other Oromo leaders”.

But this time,  giving up on defunct TPLF warlords to accomplish the ethnic apartheid divide mission, The Stream host appears to believe, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)  faction could do the trick its TPLF counterparts on the run from justice failed.

Therefore, beside the usual OLF sympathizers like AJ’s new hire freelance journalist Zacharias Zelalem and Keele University Senior Lecturer in Law Awol Allo, the host came up with a self-described Amhara Association of America representative Tewodros Tirfe, and unnamed OLF combatant dressed for the occasion from undisclosed  location vowing to liberate Greater Oromia from Ethiopia — replicating TPLF’ warlords’ Greater Tigray ambition as it was designed by their old colonial sponsors led by UK.

But missing in the conversation this time around in the program was TPLF and the whereabout of its wanted warlords. Nor the host cared enough to mention the most notorious ethnic apartheid and  anti-Ethiopia proponent masquerading as CEO of  ‘independent’ Oromia Media Network Jawar Mohammed conveniently hidden behind “Oromo Federalist Congress Party and other Oromo leaders”.

Moreover, Al Jazeera that celebrated PM Abiy Ahmed ascendancy to power as “the First Oromo Prime Minster in the country” with ‘Greater Oromia’ flag plastered around him in April of 2018  no longer refer him as an ‘Oromo’ for not fulfilling the ethnic apartheid divide mission of the old colonial ruling elites AJ’s editors consistently perpetuate against Ethiopia.

Finally, Al Jazeera drama to make sure the self-declared ethnic Tigray representative TPLF warlords  stay alive to further balkanize the nation found the most wanted TPLF warlord/spokesperson Getachew Reda from his undisclosed hiding via ‘satellite’ phone.

But instead of the usual The Stream program from AJ headquarter in Qatar and London this time  AJ’s Up Front program from Washington DC titled  Is Independence from Ethiopia the TPLF’s endgame in Tigray?  hosted not by Up-Front program superstar Hassen Madi or AJ’s  freelance journalist and Founder of Oromo Pride (OPride) Media outlet Mohammed Ademo from Washington DC but  Al ’s new hire African American Studies Professor Marc Lamont Hill. Unfortunately, Hill not only has no clue what TPLF is all about nor what its sponsors ethnic apartheid mission may be in Ethiopia as reflected by his incoherent interview with the notorious TPLF warlord Getachew Reda to reach the predetermined outcome his handlers assigned him.

Regardless of why Prof Lamont Hill was picked to interview warlord Getachew Reda, AJ’s mission to keep the rogue ethnic apartheid mercenaries alive against the people of Ethiopia will, it is clear AJ hired a willfully ignorant Professor Hill to piggyback on Blacks Lives Matter Movement to fulfill the sponsors’ ethnic apartheid agenda in Ethiopia. The fact he said nothing about TPLF led ethnic apartheid rule of three decades he spent his whole professional career to show how bad race apartheid is in America is a testimony.

But noting brock the duplicity of mainstream Media elites than the CNN adventure drama in Northern Ethiopia titled Something is not right: See tense confrontation between CNN crew and soldiers followed by a report titled Tigray: Hundreds of detainees released following CNN report to reinforce the predetermined outcome of “Eritrean campaign of distraction” in manufactured ethnic Tigray Region of Ethiopia CNN was looking for.

The lead ‘black’ actor on both adventure drama masquerading as CNN journalist is the infamous Sudanese national and British citizen Nima Elbagir that joined CNN in 2011.

No one knows how the infamous London School of Economics and political Science graduate ended up as a CNN journalist and, who picked her to play a lead actor in drama adventure of a colonial era. But the fact she came to Ethiopia in search of ‘Eritrean  troops’ and found them and their victims roaming the street to talk to her openly says more about CNN is nothing more than a mouthpiece of the usual suspects than anything.

But the most hilarious of it all was when CNN ‘journalist’ Elbagir not mentioning the notorious TPLF with 100s of thousands of militias armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons and missiles accumulated overtime in the name of fighting ‘international terrorism’ under its command not even once,. Nor she care to inquire about TPLF warlords known for all kinds of crimes from arms smuggling, human trafficking, racketeering and money laundering  to mass atrocities and rights violation right out of her home country of Sudan in the last four decades and not to mention Sudanese military invasion of Ethiopian territory on behalf of TPLF sponsors says, dysfunctional indigenous African elites masquerading as journalists,  politicians, investors, experts and advocates  of one-thing or-another not only are an embracement in  the struggle for freedom, independence and democratic rule but deadly.

The author of  ‘Listen to your conscious: That’s Why You Have one’ Frank Sonnenberg, wrote “the only difference between being uniformed and misinformed is that one is your choice and the other is theirs.

Therefore, the desperate CNN misinformation campaign drama to justify its sponsors crime against Ethiopia came in June 27, 2021 by a way of “New Video of Ethiopia massacre shows solders passing phone around to document their excursion” sourced according to CNN, from “Media House (TMH)” claiming, “TMH told CNN at the time that the video was filmed on mobile phone by Ethiopian army solder turned whistleblower involved with the mass killing. An additional longer video of the massacre has now been shared with CNN by TMH, reveling new details about the atrocities and the soldiers behind it.”

Unfortunately, what esteem CNN reporters that include the ‘drama queen’ Nima Elbagir do not want to revile the source CNN  put out as “Media House (TMH)”  with T missing is because it stands for ‘Tigray’ Media House (TMH) established in 2018 in Washington, DC. by nonother than the long-rime  TPLF’s diaspora operative Alula Solomon.

In another CNN June 28 report that followed title Rebels rejected call for ceasefire…,  not only CNN dropped T from Tigray People Liberation Front and put “People Liberation Front” but TPLF is changed its name to TDF i.e., Tigray Defense Force. No one knows what People TPLF warlords are liberating or defending in ‘Tigray’ this time around.

No wonder even Former President Trump claim CNN is “Fake News” got traction.

Therefore, Ethiopian have two choices, to be informed from independent sources to save the people and nation or misinformed by mainstream Media like CNN and their sources like “Media House (TMH)” with T (Tigray) missing to destroy their people and nation in tradition of the old colonial powers.

It seems the political and Media elites of colonial powers and their modern-day democratic counterparts are indistinguishable.  What changed is the language to justify their ‘uncivilized’ behavior  or what Iraqi American anthropologist, writer and poet Louis Yako put as “this is precisely why the mainstream media’s language has failed us, it has not been telling us what we really need to know, because their language marches in step with that of the bankers, warmongers, oppressors,  and executioners. We need a new language of radical love not radical hate”.

An African proverb said it best, “a man who takes away another man’s freedom is a prisoner of hatred”.

Therefore, alike the old  colonial ruling elites led by UK that continue to get away with ‘murder’ in ‘taking away another man’s freedom’, what possible motivation contemporary American ruling elites that fought Revolutionary War over 240 years ago to be free  from colonialism may have emulating their old colonial masters to “take away another man’s freedom” and remain “in prison of hatred” as they play hide-and-seek to have it both ways in the middle of the Information Revolution IS the million-dollar question no one is asking.

Willful ignorance for power and money or fear, contemporary ruling elites swim in a sea of ignorance  than ever before. Whether the motive is to ‘take another man’s freedom’ to help themselves and their sponsors or purely out of ignorance perpetuated by mainstream Media misinformation and disinformation is hard to tell.

Regardless, keeping ignorance alive and well to maintain political, social, and economic dominance may have worked in the Agriculture and Industrial Revolution but, in the era of Information Revolution it is a recipe for disaster to come for perpetrators themselves as we witness them fall from grace one-by-one by self-inflected wounds when the truth comes to light.

Therefore, the belligerence of the ruling elites of the old colonial nor the new ‘democratic’ nations’ towards the freedom and independence of others hasn’t changed much in deeds but in words as it plays out on mainstream Media described better by Gray Zone News Editor Max Blumenthal report.

Blumenthal expose, the British ruling elites using the Foreign Office and BBC and Reuters  to destabilize  peoples and nations  to sustain their dominance in their old colonies and beyond is understandable. After all, they still feel, “taking away another man’s freedom” using means other than outright invasion, occupation and plunder can be sustained in the 21st century.

What is astonishing is the American ruling elites emulating their British counterparts using democratic institutions like the National Endowment for Democracy or Office of Media Engagement and Institute of Peace or USAID  as well as mainstream Media like CNN, Bloomberg and AP raises more questions than answers, how long American ruling elites follow their old colonial ruling masters’ leads “to take away another man’s freedom” and undermine the very constitutional democracy and the rule of laws the Republic?

Democracy and the rule of law being violated  by the very America ruling elites of the Beacon of Democracy, the rule of law and independence to the point — authoritarian regimes’ operatives around the world mocking it is indeed a tragedy for the American constitutional experiment that inspires people around the world to emulate it.

Hu Xijjin’s Jan 2021 viewpoint titled US hard to dress as a global beacon of democracy again better illustrates the depth-and-breath of the self-inflected wounds of contemporary American ruling elites.

Speaking on behalf of 1.5 billion people of China on nonother than the ruling Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times, Xijjin shamelessly reduced decades of  hard-fought the American constitutional democracy and the rule of law useless with a stroke of a pen.

He wrote,

“Chinse people should never learn from the US in this regard. We must constantly  improve and strengthen our independent judgement. Everything we do should go in line with the reality of China.

And he went on,

“This is what China has done these years. Our value system is independent and complete and is basically immune to external opinions. We need to stick with it.”

In a communist party led nation (more an open-air concentration camp) Xijiin claims to “improve and strengthen our independent judgement” and “our value system is independent and complete”  is the other side of projection perpetuated by nonother than a dysfunctional Chinese ruling elite on behalf of a paranoid ruling regime against the viewpoints the governed on CCP run Global Times.

Unfortunately,  what the willfully ignorant CCP’s operative Xijjin failed to tell the world for the sole purpose of mocking American constitutional democracy is, communism is neither “Chinse value system” nor “independent and complete” and, most definitely, it is not “immune to external opinions”. Instead, it is another form of what the African proverb articulated —  “a man who takes away another man’s freedom is a prisoner of hatred”.

Obviously, no one should blame Xijiin for being ‘a prisoner of hatred’ to willfully extracts from the communist party ‘firewalled’ definition of constitutional democracy and the rule of law that created the largest open-air prison of human beings in the world at the expenses of his own compatriots just like his western counterparts that emulate their old colonial counterparts do to extract what is on the table.

The reality is contemporary ruling elites’ collective madness across the ideological and geographical divides to ‘take away another man’s freedom’ and to remain in ‘the prison of hatred’ is the greatest threat humanity is facing than anything as they trip on each other to look holier than the Pope in the Age of Information Revolution to sustain the status qua at the expenses of the governed.

Unfortunately, Ethiopians that withstood  all kinds of crimes from contemporary ruling elites emulating the old colonial  regimes to communist regimes and their pupates and operatives of one kind or another are back at it all over again. But alike the open and blunt attitude of the old colonial ruling elites of the past, the American ruling elites ‘flirtation’ with colonial powers as reflected by Fascist Italy invasion and occupation and the  League of Nation’s subsequent decisions that stipulated — Ethiopians have no right to be free and independent from’ colonial occupation, subjugation and plunder,  contemporary western democratic ruling elites attempt to repeat it in the UN Security Council 75-years later with PR stunt and misinformation is another historical tragedy to note.

But alike empowering Fascist Italy invasion, occupation and the slaughter of millions of Ethiopians for defending their unity and independence framed as ‘civilizing mission”, this time around empowering TPLF warlords masquerading as political party to do essentially the same framed as  ‘humanitarian mission’ that requires ‘intervention’ by sanction or proxy ‘invasion’ is nothing short of Colonialism 2.0.

To accomplish the old ‘civilizing mission’ repackaged as ‘humanitarian mission’, the first unofficial guilty verdict against the people of Ethiopia came in March 4, 2021 in close session of the UN Security Council open only for the Associated Press (AP) journalist Edith M. Lederer in his report titled UN Aid Chief calls for Eritrean Force to leave Tigray. Mind you, not from a sovereign nation of Ethiopia but from colonial Fascist  manufactured ethnic apartheid region of Tigray that was under Fascist occupied Ethiopian territory of Eritrea.

And, to reach the predetermined conclusion of the old colonial powers’ wish i.e.  Ethiopia does not exist thus, PM Abiy is out of his colonial Fascist designated ethnic apartheid Oromo Region and by default not Ethiopian, but a reneged PM sponsored by a President of nation made independent based on colonial Fascist Italy border turned a ‘terrorist sponsoring nation’ of Eritrea’ doing “a campaign of distraction” in manufactured ethnic Tigray Region.

The AP report started with a statement, “UN Humanitarian Mark Locwcock said, “a campaign of distraction” is taking place in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray province”. Though no one knows why Mark Locwcock referred TPLF’s sponsors designated Federal ethnic apartheid Tigray region as a province this time around, it does not require much knowledge to figure out  the end game have always been Ethiopia does not exist by colonial ruling elites’ order.

As expected, the newly appointed US Ambassador to UN Thomas Greenfield agreed with Mark Locwcock — reflecting her mentor and staunch TPLF warlords’ apologists  Susan Rice herself a Former UN Ambassador in the Obama Administration that declared,  the self-proclaimed minority Tigray warlords led ethnic apartheid regime is “democratically elected government of Ethiopia” in July of 2015.

Since the supposedly “democratically elected government of Ethiopia” led by TPLF bit the dust, who could possibly be behind reviving TPLF as legitimate political entity representing Ethiopians in a self-declared ethnic Tigray Region leads to the same old suspects that empowered TPLF to perpetuate endless ethnic conflicts, atrocities and corruption in the first place.

Their collective silence on TPLF warlords’ “campaign of distraction” of over four decades in Ethiopia beg to ask, what could be the motivation behind it. Half-dozen lobbyists especially lobbyists for private venture investors and charity in Ethiopia and the region led by former US officials turn lobbyists, investors and fundraises  tell a story, US policy on Africa is driven by economic interest of individuals and associates in-and-out of a given administration.

In one of his article titled Speaking truth to power, Samantha: Stop defending Ethiopia’s Proud Boys”, Prof Al Mariam summed up what went wrong with contemporary American ruling elites to have it both ways.

But, beside the new USAID head Samantha Powell, the infamous TPLF’s stanch apologist Susan Rice that milks her African ancestors victimized by colonial Britain endorsing “the Proud Boys of Ethiopia” as Prof Al put it against her “uncivilized Ethiopian” kin as FDR put it better explains what goes on behind closed doors. And, following the money trail why a barrage of misinformation and disinformation needed better explains Rice led onslaught of Ethiopia .

Rice’s Biography that includes a Degree in History and International Relations says a lot about her reading of convenient history and international relations to support “the Proud Boys of Ethiopia” on behalf of her big money sponsors. With her first job as  International Management Consultant at the infamous McKinley & Company in Canada before she joined the Clinton Admiration to deal with African ‘Relation’ adds another flavor – her academic qualification about African history and relation that got her management consultant job is as shady as her government job in African affairs and  private investment in Africa.

When the Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright upon her return from official visit to Ethiopia in 1997 recommended Rice for Assistance Secretary for African Affairs to end up the one-and-only top US government official (beside the infamous clandestine Former USAID Head and President of charity organization One Campaign Gayle Smith that ended up  the new Global Covid 19 Coordinator in the Biden Administration) that publicly endorsed the self-proclaimed minority ethnic Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF  ruling party led by its late Chairman and Prime Minster of Ethiopia Melse Zenawi, US-Ethiopia policy became a three-women’s spectacle ever since.

The question is, what interest the Former Clinton and Obama Administrations and the present Biden Administration official Susan Rice, and her domestic and foreign associates and partners have in Ethiopia or Horn of Africa via Madeleine Albright Stonebridge Capital remained the million-dollar question no one seems to ask.

Incidentally, McKinley & Company where Susan Rice cut her teeth in ‘international relation’ is the main consultant for  the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency funded by nonother than the Gates & Malinda Foundation that brough abroad the Former Wall Street Sovereign Fund Manager Khalid Bomba unknown to most Ethiopians as CEO of the Agency.

The means-justifies-the-ends philanthropist Bill Gates fall from grace in reported divorce for infidelity is a PR stunt to save face from Grates true character.  The reality rests in Gates’ association with the Former private hedge fund manager, a convicted felon and a registered sex offender the late Jeffery Epstein since 2012 that coincides with his opening of his Foundation’s headquarter in Addis Ababa the same year and, the widely reported justification of his relationship with Epstein was to ‘raise fund for Global Health’. It is the same reason Gates gives associating with TPLF warlords that eventually elevated TPLF warlord Tedros Ghebreyesus as the General Director of WHO.

Albert Einstein wrote  “never underestimate your own ignorance”

Among a high-profile willful ignorant operating a lobby and investment firms is the Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright led Stonebridge  Consulting Group and Stonebridge Capital, a hedge fund management firm established in 2005 and 2007 respectively located at 601 13th Street. N.W.10th floor Washington, DC, 20005 where the Present US Ambassador Thomas Greenfield worked for since she left her long foreign service career in the State Department (the last position as Assistant Secretary for African Affairs in the Obama Administration) as many did and still do when President Obama’s term ended.

Indecently, the only four African Americans that served as Assistant Secretary for African Affairs since the office was established in 1958 four decades later starting in 1997 are Susan Rice, Jendayi Frazer, Johnnie Carson and Linda Thomas-Greenfield in that order, the latter two worked and still working for Albright Stonebridge Group.

Interestingly, representing the Albright Stonebridge Consulting and Capital Group in Ethiopia is nonother than the infamous Ethiopian national and the self-proclaimed ‘investor’ Addis Alemayehou. The colorful man’s background and multiple citizenship, his effort to promote TPLF’s warlords business interest in 2008  as a USAID representative speaks volume what he does on behalf of Albright Stonebridge in Ethiopia at the present.

What the Albright Stonebridge Group lobby US government officials on behalf of its undisclosed private equity investment in ‘East Africa’ or Horn of Africa can explain most of what comes out of Former and present US officials, UN agencies’ leaders led by UN Aid Chief Mark Locwcock and the new US Ambassador to UN Thomas Greenfield and her mentor Susan Rice as well as the State Department officials led by the new Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

But alike the 32nd  President FDR tirade in 1935 or the 44th  President Obama’s idiocy  in 2015 or the 45th President Trump’s belligerent ignorance against the freedom and sovereignty of the people of Ethiopia or Africa in general, the timeless, stateless and borderless statement of the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln before assassination took his life in 1865 sums up the problem of contemporary American ruling elites’ belligerence at global scale. Lincoln said,

“The Money Power preys up on the nation in time of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy. More selfish than bureaucracy”. 

What Lincoln predicted 150 years-ago coming to fruition at present is a gradual erosion of constitutional rule and lack of accountability to the rule of law across the ideological divide at home as well as in faraway places led by contemporary ruling elites sponsored by ‘The Money Power’ … more so leading into World War II when they began openly ‘flirting’ with Fascist Mussolini in the 1930s.

The economy or as President Lincoln articulated ‘the money power’ explains better contemporary American ruling elites’ the uncivilized behavior that drives US policy towards Ethiopia and Africa in general.

Nothing even comes close telling that reality than a recent report by The Hill Media’s Rising Program hosted by Krystal and Saagar titled How Obama Aides Got Filthy Rich in Just 4 Years Out of Office.

The extensive report reviled, the infamous Former Clinton, Obama and present Biden top official and a stanch apologist of TPLF warlords Susan Rice ‘got filthy rich’ more than any other official since she left government four years ago to raise more question, what her association with scrupulous groups like TPLF and the role her mentor Former Secretary of State Madeleine run Albright led Stonebridge Consulting Firm  and Stonebridge Capital may have played to her reported wealth worth according to the report between 150 to 400 million of dollars.

The Washington Free Beacon’s report titled Madeleine Albright’s Consulting Firm Took Millions in Coronavirus Relief Funding, Records Show  stated,

“The Albright Stonebridge Group, a Washington-based “commercial diplomacy firm” with strong staff links to Joe Biden, connects multinational businesses and nonprofits with political powerbrokers in the United States and abroad. The company is chaired by former secretary of state Madeleine Albright.”

Open Secret also breakdown Albright Consulting Firm’s contribution to key congressional committee members on behalf of its members.

As early as 2007 Slate Magazine report titled Look Who’s Starting a Hedge Fund! Madeleine Albright’s money machine reviled Albright Capital formation and how far Former top US government officials are involved in lobbying and private equity investment — reenforcing further, US foreign policy is no longer driven by the national interest but by personal interest of former US officials turn hedge funds investors, managers, and lobbyists and their partners.

African Intelligence December 2020 report titled Albright Stonebridge, an incubator for all things Africa at Biden’s disposal” should alarm every American and African alike what to come in the new Biden Administration in the shadow of the Trump Administration.

When you add lobbyist for corporate philanthropy investors led by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Trust that funds several UN agencies particularly UNDP, WHO, MDG, WFP and nonprofits and government entities in the name of helping the poor and developing economies as narrated by the mainstream Media Gates sponsors, one will quickly find, nothing much change since the 19th century colonial rule but semantics and PR stunt to undermine freedom and  democratic rule  and sovereignty of nations.

The new Biden Administration Secretary of State  Antony Blinken’s policy of supporting ethnic apartheid rule in Ethiopia (more an extension of the Clinton and  Obama Administrations’ policy) is in full display who is behind sustaining the status qua and why. The fact the same old officials are strategically positioned to take advantage of USAID global health and development expenditure is no accident either.

Therefore,  the question is no longer what but how  to fight back modern-day ruling elites’ violation of human freedom, representative democracy, rule of laws and sovereignty of nations as well as corruption visible for necked eye.

But early in 2018 the infamous Taddis Magazine instigated Ethiopian Americans for Badin-Harris Host Virtual Conversation that featured the renowned long-time TPLF stanch apologist and President of One Campaign at the time turn the Biden Administration’s Global Covid-19 Coordinator Gayle Smith as well as Thomson Greenfield, the Former Albright Stonebridge Group employee turn the present US Ambassador to the UN and two African American Congresswomen namely, Congresswoman Karen Bass (CA) the then ranking Chair of Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations and present Chair and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (TX), the then ranking Chair of The Committee on Homeland SecuritySubcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies as well as Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and  Intelligence and the present Chair should give Ethiopians pause, TPLF diaspora operatives led by Tadias Magazine’s editors are working hard in the Biden Administration behind the seen to undermine PM Abiy reform initiative in Ethiopia.

Among Ethiopian American national participants in ‘conversation’ was the infamous Ethiopian American Mimi Alemayehou (the sister  of Albright Stonebridge point man in Ethiopia Addis  Alemayehou).

A lawyer by training, Mimi started her political career as US representative at African Development Bank appointed by President Bush followed by President Obama appointment to lead the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies she is the preset Managing Director  and Member of the Board of Directors of Black Rhino Group, “an investment platform focused on development and accusation of energy and infrastructure assets across Africa.”

The South African based Black Rhino Group is an offshoot of the Obama Administration ‘Power Africa Initiative’ until it was sold to Black Stone Group, a New York based private equity investment management company reportedly the largest in the world.

But a Feb 2019 Financial News report reviles “Blackstone in December 2017 sold the right to develop and operate a gas-fired Nigerian power plant Black Rhino is planning to Globeleq, according to a Globeleq spokeswomen”. The same report also reviled, “Globeleq is controlled by CDC group, a British government owned company that has been investing in Africa since the 1940s.”

How a Former colonial British government established CDC Group that controlled Globeleq since 1940 acquired a South African  based US private equity investment platform Black Rhino led by a Former US official Mimi Alemayehou turn Black Rhino Group CEO remained the 64K question no law enforcement authorities, congressional committees nor mainstream Media care to investigate yet.

At the meantime, it is not also clear whether the ‘Ethiopian American’ Mimi joined Tadias Magazine conversation representing Ethiopian Americans as the Magazine claimed, the British government she works for, or her Black Rhino Group undisclosed investors. Nor it is clear how Tadias Magazine editors that claims to run an independent Media picked the participants and what they know about their political and economic interest in Ethiopia.

Among a half dozen other Ethiopian diaspora nationals that participated in Tadias Magazine instigated conversation were, Nevada Assemblyman Alexander Assefa who recently resigned from his position for alleged perjury, theft, other charges according to KTNV Media and Dr Mena Demese, an Adjunct Professor at the University of California Washington Center on race and ethnic politics that, according Universal Music Group  that appointed her as a Senior Vice President and Executive Director for Task Force For Meaningful Change “teaches courses in Black Lives Matter and social movements, and public opinion and public policy.”


Now Susan Rice, Gayle Smith,  Thomson Greenfield along Congresswoman Karen Bass of (CA), Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (TX) are in power, the predetermined sanction on Ethiopia rolling out less than six months in the Biden Administration should not surprise anyone either.


After all, a day after President Biden took office, Samuel Gebre and Simon Marks of Bloomberg  in January 2021 report titled US weighs Financial sanction Against Ethiopia over Tigray war  set the stage what the Former Obama and present Biden administration officials and two congresswomen along their Ethiopian associates are up to on behalf of TPLF warlords. The title of the report “Ethiopia over Tigray war” itself reviles; Samuel Gebre and   Simon Marks were in the loop with the Former and present US officials’ turn lobbyists and investors way before their report came out.

Then came the real deal of sanction against Ethiopia few months later as reported on several mainstream Medias.   But what is fascinating is, Tadias Magazine Editors  that made sanction against Ethiopia possible skipped their success story altogether as they contemplate what to put out without blowing their cover of what they do on behalf of TPLF warlords.

But the bigger tragedy is, who would have thought three women – a polish Jewish immigrant and a survival of the Nazi concentration camp Madeleine Albright, a dissident of African slaves of colonial Britain Susan Rice, and dissident of colonial British subject Gayle Smith not to mention the First African American US President Obama would be championing ethnic apartheid rule of colonial era to “demonize, dehumanize and ostracize Ethiopia” — the only independent nation in Africa that defeated it over-and over again but what the 16th President Lincoln describe as “The Money Power is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy. More selfish than bureaucracy”.   

 The renowned  20th century’s psychiatrist and political philosopher and author from the French colony of Martinique Frantz Fanon said it best, “the business of obscuring language is a mask behind which stands the much greater business of plunder.

Therefore, the business of ‘obscuring language’ to make a self-declared  ethnic apartheid minority insurgency a legitimate political party  representing colonial Fascist Italy manufactured Tigray Region is no accident as the world witness the American ruling elites ‘flirt’ with TPLF and their operatives in the name of “humanitarian mission” as their 1930s’ counterparts flirted with Fascist Italy.

Should they be given credit for saying ‘humanitarian mission’ as oppose  ‘civilizing mission’?

Unfortunately, for drifters,  Humanitarian Mission or Black Lives Matters only matters when it is politically and economically expedient nothing less nothing more.

Take for instance a March 2021 Foreign Lobbying report titled Former Rep. Connie Mack joins growing lobbying push on Ethiopia conflict. According to the report, the Former Florida Republican with questionable character and ethics “is lobbying on support for US humanitarian assistance to Ethiopia” via Black Diamond Strategies on behalf of JM International, a real estate development and petroleum distribution company based in northern Virginia. Black Diamond’s registration was effective Dec. 16 but was only made public today”, according to the report.


The report went on, “JM International has also retained the services of lobbying firm Platinum Advisors DC according to a filing that was made public last month. Erik Huey and Anthony Hobbs, a former legislative director to Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) are registered on the account. Mack, Platinum and JM did not respond to requests for comment.”


More fascinating, the report’s expose “the Tigray Center for Information and Communication, a humanitarian group based in Alexandria, Virginia, has hired policy and advocacy consulting firm Von Batten-Montague-York to help with its mission of securing aid for the Tigray region.”

The report also reviled, “Von Batten is also representing another Ethiopian non-profit, the Oromo Legacy Leadership & Advocacy Association. He has hired the services of DiRoma Eck & Co. to lobby for human rights sanctions against Ethiopian security forces guilty of abuses against the Oromo people but said that for now the focus of the Tigray lobbying isn’t on sanctions but on making sure the conflict remains a foreign policy priority for the Biden administration.”

A March 19, 2021 Politico report  also reinforced the level of transgression’ by big money lobbyists on behalf of peculiar organizations like Tigray Center for Information and Communication and Oromo Legacy Leadership & Advocacy Association.

No one knows who may be behind these organizations run by individuals with unknown backgrounds. A search for public record found Tigray Center for Information and Communication is registered at Virginia State Corporation Commission by Dade G Desta with 950 N Washington St Ste 256, Alexandria, VA 22314-1534 address and according to BizMedia it was “established Feb 10 2021 (one month ago).”.  

How a prominent Former and present US government officials on behalf of  a real estate development and petroleum distribution company lobby for ‘humanitarian and human rights organization’ established few months ago remain the million dollars question no mainstream media, congressional inquiry  nor law enforcement authorities’ care to explore yet for obvious reasons. 

Incidentally, the humanitarian group led by a clandestine operative Dade G Desta is affiliated with North Star Tribune Media established in undisclosed year claiming, “to provide objective and independent journalism in Ethiopia” and “to provide citizens accurate, unvarnished information on current affairs”, according to its website. Unfortunately, looking at its contents that started publishing in  September 2020, noting resembling “objective and independent journalism in Ethiopia” nor “accurate and unvarnished information on current affairs” exist but the same old TPLF propaganda that undermines Ethiopia and PM Abiy reform initiative to unite the people and defend the  sovereignty of his nation.

The 64K question is, who is Dade G. Desta and what may be his affiliation with TPLF warlords and why prominent former and present US officials,  and associates reduce themselves to associate with a one-man run make-believe humanitarian group’s circus remained unexplored.

At the meantime, Oromo Legacy Leadership & Advocacy Association also established as non-for-profit in undisclosed year started publishing in August of 2020. To its credit, the make-believe human right organization disclosed its five-team members (three self-described  Oromo nationals and two foreign national)  led by the self-described Oromo American Executive Director Seenaa Jimjimo with a grand mission of “to be a force for human rights, women’s rights, and indigenous rights by empowering Oromo communities and collaborating across the globe.”

It is not clear why it took the self-described ‘Oromo Americans’ led organization too long to establish an organization with broad mission  of “to be a force for human rights, women’s rights, and indigenous rights” six months ago as oppose when TPLF warlords led ethnic apartheid regime known to commit countless atrocities, human right violations and racketeering against the people of Ethiopia for decades. No one also knows why it hired DiRoma Eck & Co. on the bases of “to lobby for human rights sanctions against Ethiopian security forces guilty of abuses against the Oromo people” as oppose OLF factions that are committing ethnic cleansing and genocide.

But, like many organizations sponsored by foreign interests to undermine the unity of the people of Ethiopia, representative democracy, the rule of law and the sovereignty of the nation, the five-team members’ credentials and undisclosed background speaks volume what may be their real mission than what is stated.

Regardless of what old or new organizations formations and what they say and do in the name of human, women, indigenous, ethnic groups’ rights or one-thing-or-another with the help of ‘the international community’, once again Ethiopians are at a crossroad since Fascist Mussolini invasion and occupation of Ethiopia. But this time, (alike in the past where colonial ruling elites led outright  invasion, occupation and plunder) the ‘democratic’ ruling elites led by the US and their indigenous partners sponsored by  ‘The Big Money’ are determined to do what colonial powers failed —  violating laws, rights and sovereignty and, enriching themselves along the way.

And no one group mastered such duplicity than TPLF and OLF operatives in the diaspora and their ruling American elite associates led by Susan Rice.

The Republican Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma historical speech to congress regarding the recently passed Senate Resolution 97- 117th Congress he referred as to “chastise one of our closest allies on the African continent” said it all. He said, sponsors of the Resolution don’t want to be on record of voting and “wouldn’t listen to me. I still can’t figure out why it is that a handful of people who probably have never, ever been to Ethiopia were doing this to that country.”

Not only the Senator exposed the self-proclaimed Black Lives Matter champions in the  Biden Administration but mainstream Media journalists that failed to do their basic journalistic duty to find out how the resolution to sanction Ethiopia came about and why the sponsors choose not to be identifies and what personal benefit they may get out of their adoration to  TPLF and OLF operatives and their money power sponsors.

But, a closer look shows, it is no mystery Madeleine Albright, Susan Rice and Gayle Smith and their close associates primarily run US policy on Ethiopia and beyond and mainstream Media mimic them. Briefly interpreted by unexpected loss of Senator Hillary Clinton to Donald  Trump in the 2016 election, the fact they managed to pass a sanction bill four months into the Biden Administration on behalf of TPLF  equivalent to the sanction imposed on Ethiopia during Fascist Italy invasion and occupation in 1936 is no brainer.

Exploring what they did in the Obama Administration and the unprecedented endorsement in July of 2015  — TPLF warlords led ethnic apartheid regime is a “legitimately elected government of Ethiopia” from  nonother than the mouth of President Obama opened a can of worms — contemporary America ruling elites’ empty rhetoric  about Black Lives, Rule of Laws, Democracy and Free Press matters are no different than their old colonial counterparts.

Quite frankly, contemporary ruling elites’ collective madness across the ideological and geographical divide “to take away another man’s freedom” and remain in “the prison of hatred” is the greatest danger humanity ever faced in the 21st century as they trip on each other to look holier than the Pope  and the Father of Athenian Democracy.

As the legendry African American lawyer and author,  A.E.H Veneman bluntly put it, “thieves and liars kill indirectly, unintentionally, and with no other weapon than their tongues and malice” so TPLF operatives and sponsors of  Resolution 97 that ‘do not want their vote on the record’.

Therefore, when PM Abiy’s “call to counteract the flawed information being disseminated about Ethiopia” it  is the same call his predecessors made in 1886 and 1935 respectively that failed in deaf ears as Senator Inhofe articulated.

Thus, PM Abiy’s dilemma is two-fold.  In one hand alike the old colonial ruling elites’ that made the crime of violating  rights,  independence and the sovereignty of Ethiopians and Ethiopia as ‘civilizing mission’, contemporary ruling elites  of western democracies are hiding behind humanitarian, peace and development mission to do the same. In other hand, mainstream Media journalists of colonial era that made cheering for the crimes of colonialism, Fascism and Naziism as  ‘civilizing mission’ openly and bluntly, their contemporary counterparts  are cheering for modern-day ethnic apartheid hiding behind  fabricated narratives to cover up their duplicity —  making  it difficult to figure out who-is-who behind the firehoses of falsehoods against the people of Ethiopia and the sovereignty of the nation as it was designed.

As compromised  political  and media elites distract the world, what President Lincoln predicted will come to derail the American constitutional experiment itself  let alone other nations’ experiment to emulate it is instructive for the new generation of freedom and democracy advocates how to fight back.

In a May 26, 2021 Vision Ethiopia Advocacy Group commentary titled Determents of US Foreign Policy in Digital Age: Disinformation, Money and Connections summed up who is behind US-Ethiopian policy and the cost of the self-inflected wounds to the American interest as well as Ethiopia. One statement stands out and reads,

Over the three decades the TPLF was in power, it had successfully forged and nurtured friendships with powerful officials, journalists and intellectuals in the West. Herman Cohen in 1991 brokered Meles Zenawi’s assumption of power, and he remains an ardent proponent of TPLF causes to this date, even pleading for a safe passage to exile for TPLF leaders. In subsequent years, a cadre of diplomats, including Susan Rice, cemented the power of the TPLF. Leaders like Barack Obama celebrated the glory of TPLF’s dictatorship, while the regime made a mockery of democracy declaring 100% election victory in successive ballots. TPLF friends, who are now holding critical positions in the Biden administration, are unabashedly expressing their support for the group. Susan Rice, who once eulogized Zenawi as “selfless”, has incessantly warned, in tweets after tweets, of imminence of severe sanctions as a consequence of the law enforcement campaign in Tigray.”

Therefore, unmasking the responsible parties and associates remained the primary responsibility of all credible political, social, economic, Media, legal and security institution to get to the bottom of what  Senator Jim Inhofe asked, “why it is that a handful of people who probably have never, ever been to Ethiopia were doing this to that country”.

Fortunately, to find the answer to the why question is not hard if one goes back to examine the history of Lord Macaulay,  the Wing Party parliamentarian in colonial Briton House of Commons Feb of 1835 confession about Ethiopians and how to undermine it. Is there any wonder why contemporary American ruling elites emulate their Former colonial masters to undermine Ethiopia in 2021 except they are not brave enough to say it openly like Macaulay did?

For sure dysfunctional contemporary Ethiopian elites led by TPLF warlords lost their ‘self-esteem’ long ago to “think that all that is foreign, and English is good and greater than their own” to do what their sponsors wanted Ethiopia to be – “a truly dominated nation” as Lord Macaulay recommended. The million-dollar question is what possibly reason the ruling elites of the Beacon of Democracy of America and the Democratic Party leaders at that, like Madeleine Albright, Susan Rice and Gayle Smith emulating their former colonial counterparts to undermine Ethiopia?

Prof Al Mariam lay the groundwork how to expose compromised politicians, experts of one-thing-or- another, investors and journalists by money power sponsors to sustain a colonial era criminal apartheid enterprise led by TPLF.

Therefore, what Ethiopian Americans, independent Media editors, and advocacy groups can do to help PM Abiy and Senator Jim Inhofe is not to repair compromised elites but accountable under U.S. laws as well as international laws for conspiracy,  corruption, racketeering and money laundering.

Tracking who-is-who benefited in partnering with TPLF warlords and operatives —  violating laws at the expenses of the people of Ethiopia as well as the American people in the last three decades and demand accountability goes a long way.  Just demanding disclosure of their investment interest in Ethiopia and the region for the cornered authorities as required by law alone will instantly end the nefarious Resolution they lobbied on behalf of TPLF to passed behind closed doors to sanction Ethiopia as they hide their votes as well as well as their investment interests.

At the meantime, PM Abiy as a Head of State has the duty and the responsibility to the people of Ethiopia to enforce the law of the land against his biggest obstructors he has no control over — TPLF operatives in diaspora and their western sponsors led by Susan Rice.

The small-minded women that exploits race apartheid in America as-a-means to climb to political power does the exact opposite endorsing ethnic apartheid  to segregate Ethiopians as means to maximize her economic interest partnering with the self-proclaimed ethnic minority warlords of TPLF or “the Proud Boys of Ethiopia”. as Prof Al put it.

She, like every drifter elite with no original thought and reading of history is victim of her own conflicting political and economic interest that prompted the Former President Obama to flip the meaning of election and democracy on its head.

The renowned 19th century  African American stateman, abolitionist and writer Frederick Douglas born a slave wrote,  “It is easier to build  strong children than to repair broken men”.

Therefore, dwelling on what compromised contemporary ruling elites do and say on behalf of their sponsors is a waste of valuable time. Their behavior is not going to change. They are not going to own what they broken, nor they will give up their ill-gotten wealth. They are broken beyond repair.

Only making them accountable by exposing them to the court of laws and the public they will own their ‘uncivilized behavior’.

Therefore, demanding disclosure of their economic interest that drives their ‘uncivilized behaviors’ no matter who they may be, where they come from, what nationality they claim, when they committed the offence and how they maneuver to avoid responsibility hiding behind their ethnicity, race, gender, religion, profession, citizenship or ideology is a good start in the right direction.

It is about time Ethiopians or Africans in general collectively make compromised indigenous elites and their western partners that ‘lost their self-esteem’ to do the bidding of the big money sponsors accountable for ‘obscuring languages’ to justify their uncivilized behavior in the old colonialists’ tradition of “civilizing mission” framed as ‘humanitarian and ‘development mission’.

At the meantime, PM Abiy administration must apply the law of the land to domestic and foreign violators and punish the offenders equally including TPLF ‘foreign’ supporters regardless of whether they are Former or present US officials or investors and philanthropists that feel untouchable committing crimes against the people of Ethiopia. The fact they hide behind closed doors as the Oklahoma Senator alluded is a testimony,  they are afraid to incriminate themselves under U.S. laws as well as International Laws.

Therefore, official charges for conspiracy to commit crimes against the people of Ethiopia not only opens investigation but help Ethiopian Americans to identify the ringleaders’ that violates  U.S. and international laws to involve law enforcement agencies to investigate their shady interest  at the expenses of taxpayers.

There are two common things people hide behind one-thing-or-another in support of criminality. Either they are perpetuators of the crime themselves, or their power thus livelihoods depend on the enterprise created out of criminality. Whether the old Colonialism, Fascism, Naziism and Communism created criminal enterprise or modern crime syndicate, the result is one and the same on the governed.

Therefore,  Ethiopians should not be surprised by contemporary American ruling political  and Media elites’ onslaught to “demonize, dehumanize and ostracize Ethiopia”   by emulating what their  colonial counterparts did during Fascist invasion and occupation of Ethiopia from 1936-41. Instead, showing they are the mirror image of their colonial counterparts goes a long way to expose them to the global  audience to find where and how they are hiding from  national and international laws they fear the most.

When Frederick Douglas pronounced, “broken men”, he meant spiritually, morally and intellectually corrupted not to possess the ability of self-reflections but justification after justification for their inadequacy. Their social Media cry to justify their ‘uncivilized behaviors’ speaks for itself.

Therefore, the attempt to ‘repair broken men’ and women as opposes punish them remained an elusive quest proven to be costly as the people of Ethiopia continue to pay the ultimate price for defending their unity, independence and sovereignty for centuries.

The problem of Ethiopia cannot be solved by’ broken men’ and women and their apologists that path each other’s backs to prove they are not broken beyond repair.

Ultimately, it requires to call a spade a spade and, it is not as difficult as the ‘broken men’ and women wanted the world to believe.