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Hiding Genocide Is Hiding Life-Threatening Disease and Committing Suicide!

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By Belayneh Abate

Hiding genocide from the affected people and the world is  like hiding life-threatening disease from anyone and committing suicide.  If  genocides of the masses and  life-threatening diseases of individuals are not diagnosed and treated early,  the complications are catastrophic and irreversible.

Understanding this fact, our wise forefathers used to say a person who hides his sever disease has no chance of survival. Unlike our forefathers, some traitors are piling up every rock to cover  up the Amara genocide. Unfortunately, some of these traitors are Amaras themselves. As some traitor Jewish soldiers served Hitler, Amara traitors are serving barbarians that continue to commit Amara genocide.

The late Kofi Annan is often  cited for his lecture on genocide. He said, “a genocide begins with the killing of one man – not for what he has done but because of who he is.” [1] Although Kofi Annan did little to control  or stop the Rwandan genocide, he has well summarized the facts about the  beginning of genocide.

It is playing a game upon God, humans’ soul, conscience, the truth and history to deny the multiple episodes of Amara Genocides that have been committed for more than three decades. Even the deniers of the Amara genocide know that thousands of Amaras have been  slaughtered not  for what they have done but because of who they are.

In cases of Ethiopia, the Amara genocide did not start with one man as Kofi Anna lectured. The Amare genocide started with extermination of  hundreds and thousands of Amaras. Count the number of Amaras eliminated in Wolkait, Raya, Bedeno, Arbagugu, Arisi negele, Metekle, Gura Ferda, Wolega, Illubabor, Keffa and many other places for the last 42 years. Count the number of Amara infants, children, women, youth and elderly massacred in the Eastern, Western, Southern and Central parts of Ethiopia in October, 2019 and June, 2020.  

Despite the overwhelming evidences about the Amara genocides, many inhumane traitors are piling up trash to cover up these genocides. Covering up genocide perpetuates series episodes of Genocides. Because we failed to address the Amara genocide for more than three decades, and no one was held accountable, the Amara genocide escalated within the last three years.  By covering up the past and the ongoing Amara genocide, the traitor Amaras are perpetuating series of genocides on their own people that cultivated them like the flowers of a garden.  

Traitor Amaras are not the first traitors that participated in the cover up of genocide on their own races. Some Jewish soldiers  served Hitler during the Jewish genocide.[2-3] Even when Hitler wiped out  their own family members, these traitor soldiers continue to serve the armies of  Nazis.[2-3] Similarly, the high-ranking rulers of the so-called Amara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) continue to  serve the different racist liberation fronts organized to establish their own republics on the graves of Amaras. 

In addition to ranking-members of ANDM, some traitor Amaras preach you that you must hide the genocide to prevent further escalation of Amara genocide. These traitors are like the fool and the coward man who told his friend  to keep quiet when a merciless hyena detached one of his lower limbs like a branch of a tree. The fool man thought  the scavenger hyena will show mercy and leave the other limb and the rest of  his body for him if his friend stops his effort to save his life. The traitors forgot that the beasts that commit genocide everywhere in the world  have no conscience like the scavenger hyena that detached the leg of the fool man.

Still other idiot- traitors tell you to hide the genocide for the co-existence of ethnic groups. This justification  is a retarded thinking for the following reasons:

Firstly, the traitors are preaching Amaras to lie to their conscience, to lie to other people, to lie to history and to lie to God.

Secondly, it is just like advising someone to hide his life-threatening disease to anyone, including his family and his physician, until the disease finishes him up. If the life-threatening disease is not diagnosed and treated early, the chance of survival is almost zero. If you do not recognize genocide as soon as it starts, it will continue to escalate further as we have seen it in the cases of the Amara genocide.

Thirdly, this retarded thinking assumes the ethnic group where the barbaric genocide actors hailed from are also responsible for the genocide. In the history of genocides, no entire ethnic or race had participated or supported any genocide. In most of the genocides, only a small proportion of  that race or ethnic group participated or supported genocide. Majority of Germans and Houtous were against Genocide and they had tried to save the victims of the genocides. That is why only those who designed, financed, propagated,  lead, and committed the genocide are still hunted and forced to face justice.

As cover ups never buried the Jewish, Rwandan, Armenian or other genocides, no one can cover up Amara genocide for ever and ever. Only a few people admitted the Jewish, Rwandan or Armenian genocides during or  right away after the genocides were committed. In fact, this late admission of the genocides was one of the major contributors for  the massacre of millions of innocent lives. In order to save the lives of millions, you the despicable traitors please stop covering up the Amara genocides.

While traitors are pulling their dirty blankets to coverup Amara genocides,  conscientious Amaras and responsible citizens should:

  1. List the names of Amaras, Gurages and others who have been massacred because of who they are. Compile the lists of genocide victims as the Jewish people have compiled the names of Jewish Holocaust victims.
  2. Identify those who design, finance, propagate, lead and commit genocide and make them face justice. Heinous criminals, who committed and supported the Jewish  genocide have been facing justice for more than 75 years. Amara souls have equal value like other souls, and Amara genocide criminals, including those who have died should face justice in absentia for the genocides they committed on Amaras.
  3. Keep list of traitor Amaras who are actively participating in committing and covering up Amara genocides.
  4. Inform the Amara people that they are still at risk of multiple cycles of genocides as long as the stupid constitution, ethnic liberation fronts, and ethnic based rules exist.
  5. Understand that anyone or any group that commit suicide do not understand respect, patience and begging.
  6. Organize Amara on firm foundation to protect themselves from the ongoing genocides.
  7. Remind Amaras not to forget that cowards will chase them further if they run away from them.
  8. Rebuild their ancestral culture and tradition of heroism, not to attack others, but to fiercely defend themselves.
  9. Educate Amaras not to attack anyone, but to defend fiercely themselves.
  10. Learn genocide survival tactics and strategies from the Jewish people and others who survived genocides.
  11. Insist every Amara and any responsible citizen to contribute anything she or he can to stop Amara genocide.
  12. Spread the well-experienced Amara diplomats throughout the globe to raise awareness about the ongoing Amara genocide.

Stop Amhara Genocide Now! Thank you.

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July 18, 2020