Herman Cohen’s Second “Coup” in Ethiopia? We Demand an Apology!

By  Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam

How true the saying, “There is no fool like an old fool.”

My readers know I don’t tolerate old fools.

Of course, there are old fools; and there are offensive and villainous old fools.

Herman Cohen is an offensive and villainous old fool.

On June 24, 2019, Herman Cohen tweeted:

Failed coup in #Ethiopia’s Amhara state was an attempt by ethnic nationalists to restore Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991. That dream is now permanently dead.

To me, what Herman Cohen tweeted is pure and simple hate speech.

Demonizing an entire group as ethnic hegemons is hate speech.

If someone of Herman Cohen’s stature have said such an outrageous thing about a religious or ethnic group in the United States, there would have been hell to pay.

But Herman Cohen thinks he can demonize and defame Amhara people and get away with it.

Don’t think so!

Herman Cohen will be held accountable in the court of world public opinion!

But who is Herman Cohen?

The short answer is Herman Cohen is a nitwit on twitter.

But who really is Herman Cohen?

Herman Cohen is a washed up, done-for, don’t-forget-me American diplomat who tries to show he is still relevant by tweeting drivel every day on Africa on his Twitter pagewhich sports a picture of him with Nelson Mandela.

Herman Cohen is a has-been U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (1989 to 1993).

Herman Cohen  blusters about having brokered “an end to the Eritrean-Ethiopian War in 1991, and conflicts in Angola and Mozambique.”

Herman Cohen is said to be “president of Cohen and Woods International”, a “firm established in 1994 to provides strategic planning services to African and Middle Eastern governments and multinational corporations doing business in Africa and the Middle East.”

I rarely get angry at anyone for having said something I don’t like.

For the past 13 years, people have called me every name in the book and criticized me for my views.

My attitude has always, always been, “Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn what you say about me!”

But I give a goddamn about what Herman Cohen said about “Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991” in his June 24, 2018 tweet.

I am frigging mad about Herman Cohen’s unprovoked and scandalous defamation of Amhara people as hegemons.

Truth be told, I am hopping mad. I am foaming at the mouth. I am ticked off. Pissed off. Teed off. Flipped out. Gone ballistic.

I am spitting rivets. I have blown my stack.

Yes, I have gone bananas over Herman Cohen’s witless and asinine tweet:

Failed coup in #Ethiopia’s Amhara state was an attempt by ethnic nationalists to restore Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991. That dream is now permanently dead.

But what the hell happened in 1991?

Why is 1991 such a big year for Herman Cohen?

I will tell you exactly why 1991 is a milestone year for Herman Cohen.

In 1991, Herman Cohen took a barrel of gasoline and dumped it on the fire of civil war burning in Ethiopia.

In 2019, Herman Cohen is trying to do the same thing on smoldering ethnic fires.

In 1991, Herman Cohen was the kingmaker in Ethiopia.

In 1991, Herman Cohen officiated the coronation of the Prince of Darkness Meles Zenawi and delivered the key to the palace to the Forces of Darkness.

Herman Cohen is single-handedly responsible for the crimes and abuses committed by the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front in Ethiopia for the past 27 years.

In 1991, Herman Cohen was the malignant mastermind who signed, sealed and delivered the secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia.

In 1991, Herman Cohen, with the stroke of the pen, executed a coup d’état  in Ethiopia.

In 2019, Herman Cohen defames an entire people as “ethnonationalist hegemons” because of a misguided actions of a few disgruntled officials involved in an amateurish and  doomed from the start coup d’état. 

Am I making up stories about Herman Cohen’s coup d’état because I am in a hissy fit?

Hell, no!

Exactly 28 years to the month, on June 9, 1991, Newsweek puzzled over Cohen’s intrigue in bringing the TPLF to power and orchestrating Eritrea’s secession in a piece entitled, “COHEN’S COUP IN ETHIOPIA?” Newsweek wrote:

The real bombshell that day came out of London, where Cohen, a 35-year veteran of the Foreign  Service, reversed decades of U.S. policy by calling a referendum on independence for Eritrea-for which Eritrean nationalists have fought a 30-year war–a ‘good idea.’

The man who signed, sealed, shredded and sold Ethiopia is now talking about ethnonationalists’ coup and “centuries long Amhara hegemony”.

The man who signed, sealed, shredded and sold Ethiopia in June 1991 is demonizing Amharas in June 2019.

But what is Cohen’s evidence of “Amhara hegemony”?

Without a doubt, Cohen’s historical reference on “Amhara hegemony” is the Manifestoof the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front.

According to TPLF historiography, “Eritrea is an Ethiopian colony. Ethiopia is a country created by (Emperor) Menelik. Tigray is an independent sovereign country which was invaded by (Emperor) Atse Menelik and became an Amhara colony. Tigray is a colonial territory of Amhara.”

I have it all documented! Check it out!

I pity that old fool Herman Cohen. He should know better.

The late British PM Edward Heath said, “A diplomat is a man who thinks twice before he says nothing.”

I say Herman Cohen is a has-been diplomat who does not think before he spits venom on people who have done absolutely nothing to him.

Could it be that Herman Cohen attended the Stick Your Foot in Your Mouth School of Diplomacy?

Herman Cohen’s disgusting allegation of “Amhara hegemony” is as true as the revolting allegation of international “Jewish hegemony” in “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

There never was an “international Jewish hegemony”!

There never was an “centuries-long Amhara hegemony” in Ethiopia!

Cohen should know about the dangers of incendiary and inflammatory political rhetoric about racial and ethnic hegemony.

Shame on you, Herman Cohen!

Take down your picture with Nelson Mandela from your twitter page.

You shame Nelson Mandela’s memory with your drivel about “Amhara hegemony”.

Herman Cohen, did you know Nelson Mandela said:

Ethiopia has always held a special place in my own imagination and the prospect of visiting attracted me more strongly than a trip to France, England and America combined. I felt I would be visiting my own genesis, unearthing the roots of what made me an African. Meeting the emperor himself would be like shaking hands with history.

Is that the “Amhara hegemony” referenced in your dimwitted tweet?

Do you think Mandela’s imagination would have been captured by a nation under “Amhara hegemony” “over the past several centuries”?

Look at your handiwork Herman Cohen.

You single-handedly made possible the rise of ethnic apartheid in Ethiopia. 

Old misguided fools and babes must be disciplined

I don’t want to waste time and words talking about old fools.

But when an old fool demonizes an entire people, I must rise, defend and discipline him.

Herman Cohen should know that demonization of a people is the first step to seeking a final solution for them.

Talk of hegemony ends up in action to eliminate the purported hegemons. Using words like “hegemony” to indict an entire ethnic and religious group is an invitation to others to inflict violence on them.

Herman Cohen should know that.

The global rise in antisemitism today is driven by political rhetoric that demonizes a group of people because of their religion or race.

We don’t need a global voice for anti-Amhara rhetoric by one who should know better.

Herman Cohen deserves Shakespearean discipline for speaking out of turn.

Goneril, the cruel, deceitful and villainous daughter of King Lear, obsessed with overthrowing her father proclaims:

Old fools are babes again and must be used
With checks as flatteries, when they are seen abused.
Remember what I have said.

In plain English, old fools become like babies again. You can’t just flatter them. You must discipline them when you see that they are misguided.

Herman Cohen obsessed with overthrowing an imaginary Amhara hegemony must be publicly called out, named and shamed.

Herman Cohen, remember what I have said here!

Herman Cohen, please don’t demonize Amhara people. They have done nothing to you.

Leave them the hell alone.

Herman Cohen, please don’t defame and dishonor Amhara people. They have said nothing to defame or dishonor you.

Herman Cohen, please don’t smear, disparage and provoke Amhara people with your unfounded and scandalous drivel about “centuries-long hegemony”.

I shall forgive you for you know not what you say.

I forgive you because our prime minister H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed says, “We must separate the thorns from the rose flowers.”

You are a thorn on side of Amhara people. You have been a thorn on the side of the Ethiopian people since 1991.

Herman Cohen, you have done enough damage to Ethiopian politics.

Why can’t you leave us the hell alone. Let us solve our own problems. We don’t need your witless tweets or shallow advice.

I respect old people because they have wisdom. But I have no respect for an old twit who tweets morsels of drivel just to stay relevant.

I know there are many Ethiopians who are pissed off at Cohen’s tweet and his decades-long political tampering in their country.

I hope I have delivered a measured response to Herman Cohen on their behalf in this blog.

But as Ethiopians we  must never lose faith in each other because of what outsiders say who we are.

We must never carry the burden of hate placed upon us by those who have caused injury, misery and sorrow in the past.

As I have said before, “We must not lose faith in our fellow Ethiopians. Ethiopia is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty (applying Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom to Ethiopia).”

Let’s focus on a positive message and groove to positive vibrations.

Paraphrasing the words of the great Bob Marley, we should all stand up and sing:

One Love! One Heart! One Ethiopia. Let’s get together and feel all right. Give thanks and praise to the Lord and we will feel all right/ We will be alright. Let’s get together in One Love! One Heart! One Ethiopia and feel all right.

The teachable moment for Herman Cohen is this: Should he continue in his defamation, demonization and persecution campaign against Amharas or any Ethiopians, I am ready, willing and able to defend and wage a vigorous and unrelenting anti-defamation campaign against him and his ilk.

We demand an apology from Herman Cohen for his defamation of Amhara people.

Apology not forthcoming,



  1. Gebremariam

    First of all, I am not trying to defend Herman Cohen for his provoking tweet. Because, I am not convinced yet if the unfolding drama in Ethiopia was orchestrated by an Amhara general. There is a lot of unanswered question to give a fair judgment. But you seem to have been convinced already by the narratives which tells me the level of your reasoning.

    Going back to the point I want to make, it is people like you who give Amhara’s a bad rap. Inconsiderate, narrow minded and delusional who consider himself above everyone else. I am afraid this is a result of your upbringing, fed a false narrative about the so called 3000 years of Ethiopian history.

    If you really try to seek out the truth, you would be ashamed of yourself. You will realize you are nothing but a Don Quixote.
    Since you seem to be confused about your true history. Let me explain it in few lines.

    The only real record of Ancient history of Ethiopia of 3000 years shows that people known as Punts who reside in the current day Eritrea traded slaves, gold and elephant tusks. The slaves were being rounded up and taken from the south known as Nubia, we currently call Ethiopia. Therefore, the history you pride yourself on is the history of the slaves that were rounded up like cattle and solved to the civilized world.

    According scriptures left by ancient Egyptians, there were much adored black people named the PUNTS from Puntland in the current day Eritrea and part of Sudan. So unless you want to celebrate the history of your slave ancestors, don’t confuse Eritrean history of the Punts as well as their decedents who some Historians referred as Axumites whose capital was Adulis (in Eritrea). So avoid talking about the ancient History of Ethiopia because you can’t handle the truth.

    If you want to talk about your history of The mid age or Zemene Mesafint you know they were localized kings and queens not to be considered as Emperor. But credit is given where credit is due, during a modern history around 1855, you had one brave man who tried to empower your country. His name was Tewodros. He was smart enough to know real empowerment comes by developing knowledge and building your own weapons. But alas his dream was shattered because he was betrayed by your ancestors and he was sold out to the Brits.

    Then came Emperor Yohannes who bend over backward to serve the interest of the Brits. For that he was awarded weapons which he used to try and subdue Eritrea by force. The fool emperor also conspired against Sudan until he lost his head 😊

    Then came Menelik who smart enough to realize Messing with Eritrea can cost a heavy price so he recognized Eritrea as independent nation. So Eritrea became one of the first African independent country who took protectorate of Italy.

    Italians didn’t fight for us. The Eritrean warriors the Likes of Bahta, Hamid, Hadgumbs, Weldeselassie.. kicked out the sadist Alula and his flit out of Eritrea. So Menelik had no option but to accept the deal. Menelik used this peaceful time to not only build his army which later helped him in stopping the expansion of Italy to Ethiopia.

    But you Ethiopians don’t even realize the only reason Menelik won the battle of Adwa was because Eritreans fought along with you. The real hero of the Ethiopian victory was the betrayed Eritrean general Bahta Hagos. He not only fought and sacrificed himself 2 years earlier than Adwa in 1994 but his followers were the lead fighters who deliver the Adwa victory later to be betrayed by Menelik. Your fictious history books written by the king’s yes men conveniently hid these facts so you don’t even know it. Eritrean boycotted Italian army which is why only 2000 Eritreans fought on behalf of Italy. This was because Bahta pleaded Eritreans to fight against Italy on the side of our southern neighbors.

    But the betrayal against Bahta cost him his life and most of his gallant soldiers, Ethiopia paid back for the betrayal some years later on the second invasion of Italy. Eritrean were the driving force who fought the battle on behalf of Italy and your coward emperor cut run to hide in England.

    Of course, when the foolish Italians joined the access of evil, history took a wrong turn and England met its fiercest battle of the world war in Eritrea against the brave Eritreans who kept fighting even after Italians surrendered. The British has since hated Eritreans with passion and they have been punishing ERitrea every chance they get.

    One of the instruments used to hurt Eritrea was your foolish emperor.
    The coward emperor who the first ever to abandon his country during war time, made the same mistake as Yohannes and conspired with the UK and others to occupy Eritrea. Therefore, Eritreans were forced to fight for their freedom. History repeated itself and Hailesellasie was killed disgracefully just like Yohannes who attempted to subdue Eritrea. If you don’t think Eritreans were behind the downfall of Hailesellasie, then read the role of the Eritrean student like Martha Mebrahtu and her friend Walelighe who lead the student movement that toppled the old man.

    Then came the idot Mengistu who wanted to carry on the torch before he cut and run to Zimbabwe. So my friend Gebremariam, this is where Herman Cohen came to picture, if it wasn’t for Herman Cohen, Eritreans would have marched to Addis and turn the city in to a war zone.
    Do you think the demoralized and totally defeated Military whose leader cut and run had the fortitude to defend the capital city? If you believe this then you need a brain surgery.
    Marc Cohen was trying to save you by stopping the marching of Weyane and Shabia but also convincing Isayas to not declare Independence even if Eritrea was totally freed by then.

    So that delay of Eritrean referendum was meant to give Ethiopia a breathing space and Eritreans a chance to re-think if independent was a wise choice. Over 99% voted for independence. So don’t be delusional and say Marc Cohen handed Eritrea its independence. You are insulting 6 million Eritreans and over 65 600 martyrs who shed their blood to stop the historical error committed by your leaders and their western masters.

    So I demand you to apologize to the people of Eritrea for your venomous and egotistic accusation as to how we regained our independence.

    • Shabo “the truth”,

      I think you are one of the section 8 benefactors in the USA having nothing to do but writing bla bla anti-Ethiopia bravado. You have now a “free and democratic” eritrea. So, why worry about my Ethiopia. Why demonizing the hardworking, brave, and innocent Amharic speaking people who mind only their own business and care the least about your “eritrea”? Like the old days, you guys worship white masters and believe in whatever these masters of yours say. Leave Ethiopia and Ethiopians with whatever problems we have and enjoy your”freedom” in your “free “eritrea”.

      I hope you stop here belittling my Ethiopia.

  2. Dear Ahya!
    What you are doing is confirming to the Eritrean saying Amaran Shinflan tehatsibom aitseruyun. It translates to, you can wash an Amhara but you will never ever clean them. This is to the delusional elites and reckless diaspora, not the Geberye who suffer from your ugly intentions and sick decisions. I bet you wet your bed every time you hear the name ERITREA and I assure you I laugh every time I see a foaming Amhara. Why it’s very funny and laughter is not fatal. And that’s why we Eritreans celebrate May 24 how lucky we are that we are nothing to do with you.
    Did you know that during Silasie and Derg it was forbidden to say Cha in Eritrea (it was a crime punished by long prison or shut to kill) the reason is Cha means go for an Ahya like you( Adgi or donkey if you like) so the Eritreans use to say (Cha) go back to your country every time they see one like you on the checkpoint. You get it. As long as you don’t talk about as we will be great helpers to get you out of that Amahara Gura that is good for nothing.

    • Shifta – You are a moron with no brain cells left in your skull. Does anything good come out of your thought process? Caved in one of the Western countries and probably on government welfare still talk trash as if you can change anyone’s mind. Belittling the entire ethnic group and talking rubbish will not solve anything. However, what can we expect from a city shifta that writes a heap of trash. Get your brain examined man!
      On the other hand, Ambassador Cohen is way out of line with his comment. The problem is the comment he made on his twitter account is given to him by someone else to foment hate and division. He is senile and worthless on world politics stage. Instead he should comment on Libya, Iraq and Syria and others as to why their stable government was destroyed and their countries are in shambles. He will not. That serves his stance and world view. Which is old and outdated.

  3. The so called Amhara hegemony is part of the narrative of the colonial era. It was one of the political strategies the European colonial powers advanced to weaken the anti-colonial struggle of Ethiopia. Training and basing their politics on this narrative,the liberation fronts such as the TPLF and OLF employed it to promote their struggle as `the anti-Amhara colonial struggle`. Mr. Cohen`s baseless claim that the recent incidents in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa were attempts to restore `Amhara hegemony`is proof that he is sill the bearer amd proponent of the colonial era narrative. Hence it is proper to demand an apology from the diplomat.

  4. Oh Amhara
    You cannot have your cake and eat it! YOU cannot enjoy the best of both worlds choose one :1)Asking asylum in western worlds , enjoying social or monetary benefits and 2)taking power in ethiopia while demonizing TPLF and Tigryans donot go along . always Choose one!!! THe latter choice will not simply given to you like manna , heavenly bread like the way you were craving for it ; throwing dust on innocent ethiopians eyes for several centuries in the pretext of God-given power and Making biblical verses and church as the mere justification to stay in power.

    Amhara go to great lengths to restore the so-called its divine bestowed lordship by evoking violence , murdering, robbing and being involved in multiple big and petty crimes . However, we willnot even forget the massacres commited by amhara leader throughout ethiopia including Eritrea. What I still remembers , Amhara leaders like Melaku Fenta they were conducting mass murder locally called Red Terror, marked by the bloodshed of innocent Ethiopians. Besides, Melaku Tefera was torturing the bishop of Gondar just only the his garce said:May Almight God safeguard you by His angel and protect you from the anger or wrath of the God by the hand of God. In amharic the word his Angel is interpreted as Melaku and it was understood as the Bishop was sarcastically lashing out the governor of Gondar atn that time wh o was Melaku . Amhara governor’s stooge accused the bishop as if he was insulting and teasing the Amhara dictators . I cannot tell you all the savage acts of Amahra leaders against the innocent people including their own Amhara tribe members.

    Now, they want to turn Ethiopia into a bloody scene so as to hold power if not to kill all their poltical rivals just for the sake of satanic feedback, revenege.

    I was gainst the independence of Eritrea as a pârt of Orthodox laityI believed that We should stay togther and work for the unity of Ethiopia and national devt. However, as I see it now as Amharas and other narrowminded egoist people act savagely , we cannot continue to live with them giving our fathers, sisters and brothers as sacrifice to live with them being tortured and killed nonstop.

    With regard to this white man , these people always want to please and work with the wining party and maintain their national or bilateral interest . If we donot want to live together peacefully outsiders willnot grant us peace unless they see something that took their attention.Concering amharas superstition, I want to tell you something : certain Amhara people kill innocent strangers coming to their house with them intention of being rich and allowing thier traditional grist or grain mill work well using humans blood. There are a lot of satanic outdated and grusome crimes behidn amharas superstition.

    TPLF could do many henious crimes but I will still support TPLF if my fellow Tigrayans are threatened by Amhara and other thugs who simply want to rob people in the blanket of amhara pride and tribal politics .

    • Tirhas

      Criminal tplf are deported to Tigray, as you said above you will if you continue to help TPLF commit more crimes it will be crimes done against Tigray people by TPLF you are helping nooneelse, nobody in this Earth will let TPLF close anymore making you your own worst enemy.

  5. His excellency Heran Cohen is right. Do you want to deny the dominance of Amhara people who ruled Ethiopia for over 100 years? Did you forget that all Ethiopians had been slaves on their own land and farmed for Amhara landlords? I think HERMAN Cohen has a sharp and deep thinker but you need to go to the neurologist to find out if you are acquiring Alzheimers disease. As saying goes ” Some one who stubs the other person may forget but the victim Rembert until the day of his death”. You might forget what your grand dad’s did to other 85 ethnic groups in the Country you named “Ethiopia”. But never we the others.

  6. Professor, you have thoroughly defended the innocent Amara mass who have been the victim of both foreign and local evils that never sleep unless they create havoc somewhere and see blood shade. People like Herman Cohen are always there to continue the legacy of Western hegemony over other peoples through divide and rule. He is still with hung over of colonization, slave trade and supremacy of one race over the others. He helped cultivate and in plant TPLF in Ethiopia to fulfill the ambitions of fascist Mussolini through the grand children of traitors that fought against the Amaras and other Ethiopian ethnics, during the 1935-1940 invasion by the then fascist Italy.

    We need to keep on fighting with the foreign “old fools”, and local young and old venomous fools. No other way Prof!

  7. sir, while you are at it, you might as well demand an apology from the devil himself for leading us out of Eden.

  8. Alemayehu Gebremariam:
    Why are you attacking him for repeating the same thing your darlings Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megersa, Jawar Mohammed, etc. told him. He sold Ethiopia to TPLF the same way you are selling her to ODP beasts in 2019.

  9. The old fox: Herman Cohen
    Mr. Cohen has a magical ability to surface during Ethiopia’s bleakest moments and make the moments even grimmer. Out of respect for his office, most of us had refrained from responding to his insults and the damage he caused the Ethiopian nation by abusing his power as Assistant Secretary of State decades ago. Out of respect for his advanced age, we had let his calculated venomous and divisive comments slide by. Considering the enormity of the calamity he brought on the Ethiopian nation by facilitating the exclusive takeover of power by a minority Stalinist clique, considering the millions displaced, the millions on the verge of an impending internecine war, the hundred thousand dead in a fake border war between the stooges he installed, you would think he would spend his retirement searching his soul and repenting. However, this old fox is just a fox. Has no soul. As an Ethiopian saying goes, “yarejal inji ayshemegilim”. He just gets older, not wiser. His poison just becomes more concentrated. His bite more rabid. He branded Meles and Isayas as Afirca’s promising young leaders – while he had already known their undemocratic predisposition and their deep anti-Ethiopian sentiments as leaders of their respective ‘freedom movements’. Time proved that his stooges were dictators of the worst kind. They plunged their countries into a ‘border war’ and, each ruled their part with an iron hand that stifled the life and soul of the nation. Cohen oversaw the installment of an Ethnic Federal system in Ethiopia which included the right to secede at a time when the only two countries with such a system of government, the USSR and Yugoslavia, were exploding into fragments. It was not clear which worldly master he was serving when he commited this crime in 1991. Obviously, the US would not want Ethiopia to disintegrate. Since Mr. Cohen has continued to impart with his venom after he left the office, it can be surmised that he poisoned the office and not the vice versa.
    One of the most dangerous sugar-coated poisons he dropped into the political mix last year has Ethiopia paralyzed now. What is this sugar-coated poison that has rendered Abiy toothless? What has prevented Abiy from working decisively to install law and order, to stem the flow of dollar and birr out of Ethiopia? What crippled Abiy from cashing in on the unprecedented popular support of the Ethiopian people? What has paralyzed Abiy from taking steps to recover the embezzled billions of dollars? Why has Abiy hesitated to take legal and constitutional measures to stop the country from tottering ever closer to total civil war? Why is Abiy trotting all around the continent dousing flames while his own house is on fire? It is due to a carrot that this devilish fox Herman Cohen dangled in front of Abiy. He cleverly placed this idea into Abiy’s head (for Abiy, as a potential leader, had been meticulously studied): The Nobel Peace Prize. Cohen said that he had found the first African leader that he would nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize. This prize has worked its magic on Obama, who was nominated before he even gotten used to the Oval Office chair or the use of the Presidential Seal. He took office in late January. He was nominated for the prize in February. For doing exactly what? For having a perfect set of teeth? Once they awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama, the military industrial complex had nothing to worry about and they went full force with their invasions and liquidations all over the world: from Afghanistan to Libya. Obama was had no incentive to stop them because he already won the Nobel Peace Prize. What else can he hope for by working towards peace? What else would he want? How about some reparation for his people, ‘ the African-Americans’? Obama’s installment as US President actually silenced the reparations movement forever. The people that have been robbed of their labor for centuries got nothing out of his ‘Presidency’. Among other things, they continued to be killed with impunity like dogs in broad daylight. Likewise with Mandela. They awarded him the prize in exchange for his agreeing to be satisfied with permanent economic dispossession / slavery for his people.
    This time, it is an Ethiopian who is baited with the Nobel Peace Prize carrot/cheese. And who placed the bait on the trap? Who, but our dear old foe, I mean fox, Herman Cohen. The old wolf with no soul. Once he put the idea forward, there was no lack of ‘natives’ who thought it was their idea and pushed forward with the work. While Abiy is paralyzed drooling over this prospect, the most valuable year of a potential transition to a stable political system is being squandered. A once-in-a-generation opportunity. If Abiy carries out a genuine reform, there will definitely be unhappy old-guards and he would have to take decisive measures. Such confrontation, that may turn violent, might make him loose his Nobel Prize nomination. Valuable time is squandered as Dr. Abiy chooses to play it safe instead. The forces of reaction are getting entrenched and the despartion of the people is hitting an all time high. The situation is heading to the point of no return, as the likes of Cohen cheer on the sidelines. Dr. Abiy, forget this fake prize bait and save your country. What would it be to you if your country goes over the precipice and there will not be even an Ethiopian museum to showcase your Nobel Peace Prize? Imagine the caption in some foreign museum; “The first Ethiopian who ever won the prize was the very last leader, ever, of his country”. That caption is not something to look forward to.

  10. Well said Professor. As an Ethiopian I truly believe no single ethnic group is solely responsible for any wrong doing in Ethiopia. We are all proud of our shared history. We must work together to build on our strengths, similarly we must take responsibility for our shared short comings, learn from them and move forward. We are one people and as such we should never let outsiders divide us. God bless our people, God bless our country, God bless our leaders.

  11. One occasion I remember about this former public official was the press conference he held with international reporters in 1991 right after Mengistu cut and ran like a rabbit. It was in London after ‘the deal’ was all done. I noticed something that I thought was part of the ‘deal’. The rag tags marched into Addis(Finfine) and something that had been very difficult was carried out without a hitch. Then I started questioning the loyalty of this ‘mediator’. I remember him standing in front of a large crowd of international reporters assuring the world that ‘No democracy, no aid!’ I don’t think that was his only mission when I came to think of it after reading this article. It seemed that he had accomplished his other mission to haul away his precious cargo with no need of an official written approval. ‘No democracy, no aid’? I also think he must have felt a certain degree of remorse by his action then. His sense of guilt must be running so deep that he would say anything to justify the mess that followed. Until now I thought he averted further bloodshed then but I never knew he is such a bigot. The sad thing about this is he himself is a target of the most extremist brands of bigots. Neither me, any one of my merchant relatives including that poor farmer in Western Hararghe has any problem with the Amharas as an ethnic group. My(our) problem was with those who looted and oppressed in the name of the noble people of Amharas. Someone has been taking this lost soul for a long ride feeding him nothing but hatred. Still then I don’t want to believe that the State Department has been a den of hate mongers like this former official.

    Guess what bigots are doing now as we speak with what this hater said about our Amhara neighbors. Head to the social media and their news outlets and you will see it laid bare. They are telling the gullible what this ‘giant of diplomacy’ has said about Amharas who are all neftegnas. They are telling their easily aroused targets that what they were saying was not something they just made up. They are telling everyone around them that one of the highest US officials has confirmed that Amharas were and are your oppressors, every one of them. Just try to take a peek here, a peek there and it is everywhere for you to read all about it. Like the young generation says these days, he has gone viral!!! Bigots who have longed for a carved out territory to call it their own are running with it. What’s the matter with him?

    Dear Professor,

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this former official pulls anti this anti that card on you! You watch!!! Also, expect a call from his lawyers too!!!

  12. What is going in Ethiopia is really scary, it seems like everyone of us stuck in the moment and no one cares about what might happen in the future, as a Somali Ethiopian who were living in Mogadishu, I have seen it all, Siad Barre tribe ‘Darod’ who ruled different Somali governments for a while and owned almost anything in Mogadishu even though the Darod tribe didn’t belong to or from Mogadishu area. When Aidid (Hawiye) came to Mogadishu with the help of Mengistu, every single Darod knew what was coming and ran for their lives, almost all of their properties was taken and until now owned by Hawiye. Most of the people you you in the streets of Minneapolis/Columbus, etc are from Darod tribe who left Mogadishu and lost everything.

    My point is, God for forbid, if Ethiopia ever disintegrates, it won’t be like former Yoguslavia not even close to what happened in Rwanda. Even though we will all lose some, big or small, in my opinion without bias and considering what I just told you about Mogadishu, the biggest losers will be the Ahmara people, they literally live every village and town in Ethiopia and well established, on top of that imagine three plus million of Ahmara people who live in Adis Ababa who are going to be at the mercy of Oromo people who live almost every corner of the city and even some part of the city, while their brothers in Bahir Dar couldn’t do anything for them and reach.

    We have to start seeing the bigger picture and repercussion of war.

  13. Samma
    crazy hatemonger

    What Mr Alexander Petrovich Pescov and MR Herman Cohen said is right. Oromo and other tribes were brutally tortured, killed amputated and brought by superstiiously pagan amhara leaders as a sacrifice for their devilish sprits, locally called Zar.It was dangerous and forbidden to look up to th eyes of amhara police and leadres in the street during derg regime,who leader was Mengistu Hailemariam.

    You Bio son of Devil. Your political leaders from Amhara and you included are listed among the saddist killers’ list in East african history, perhaps in the world history of all time.

    Breaking news. Amhara regional court is ready to strip the amharan identity from Amhara emperors like Minilik known for their horrenous act of genocide and unspeakable brutality . Since they are becoming the very ground for amhara to be condmned by the whole international media including its former fans. Shame on Amhara and Amhara dictators .

    • Legese

      Fact is Mengistu Hailemariam was from the tribe KONSO as Hailemriam Desalegn was KONSO as the next leader after Abiy most likely will be from the tribe of Konso.

      We Konso people are paying too many sacrifices since we are determined to fulfill our obligation of leading Ethiopia.

  14. All comments and opinions are published as it should be. Shouldn’t we be a little civilized and express ones opinion in a constructive manner? I am not sure where everybody obtained their education? However, you all seem to suffer including me from calcification of the brain. One of you no doubt, you got your degree from the university of Italian Banda! Opinion is like an A** hole because everyone got one!

  15. Why delete my comment? ok then Ethiopians are reaping what you saw you bled us for decades now it your turn to burn burn Ethiopia burn!!!Sweet shinfila people!!

    • Wedi nakifa

      ye eritrea buchla min dinew mitelew stay away from ethiopians go and get burger if you are fed up of staying in shweden kimalam shabia

      you arer insulting and disparaging ethiopians. dropdead !!!

  16. The nutty professor is still trying to pretend that he is for Ethiopia/Amhara. just consider his fundraiser role commissioned by the very enemy of Ethiopia, abiy and his odp/olf, money to be used to quell dissent and devour Ethiopia and Ethiopians. almariam awaits judgement along with host of educated mercenaries such as berhanu nega and mesfin woldemariamfor their shameless collaboration with dictators of every era against Ethiopia and Ethiopians and this is not far away.

  17. “… misguided actions of a few disgruntled officials involved in an amateurish and doomed from the start coup d’état.”

    These disgusting words of yours make you a “Herman Cohen” of the latest tragedy. What moral authority do you have to rant at Cohen the merchant of death yourself being a cheerleader of a tyrant in the offing??????

  18. Al-mariam and co should be your title and not “Zehabesha”. You are good at censorship and go ahead with it.

  19. In my humble opinion, what makes an Ethiopian, Ethiopian is our being Amahara, Tigray, Oromo, Guraragie, Wolayita, Kembata, “WOZETERFE”

    Hence, division and name calling is not necessary. We were always better when we are together. We all know we love our beloved country, shouldn’t we have the responsibility of making her proud of her Sons and Daughters for fighting for their rightful freedom instead of bickering? One Western Journalist wrote “What Meles couldn’t do in seven years, Isayas did in TWO WEEKS” ‘Unite Ethiopia'”

    Regardless of our differences, we were together during the Badme war and we defeated the enemy. Therefore, I plead to you togetherness goes a long way to our unity. Let’s stop name calling and war mongering. It is about time!!!

  20. What I want to know is with the wall fence built, is the US hegemony over the world going to stop?

    Alemayehu Gebremariam is a US citizen trustee of the trust fund, Herman Cohen is another US citizen who is not a trustee of the trust fund, if these two like to discuss about hegemony, why do not they discuss about US hegemony?

  21. Thank you Ato Dagnachew for your positive comment. We need to be surrounded by people who think positive. Being negative does not only help but it eats oneself inside. Not good for or to anyone. God bless you and God bless ETHIOPIA!

  22. I am so surprised about the vitriol that is employed in these discussions. It makes me wonder whether people write to get their ideas across & convince their audiences or just scrabble for the sake of it? As a person of Eritrean origin, I wish our neighbors to the south peace & tranquil. I also wish that some remnants of the old guard Ethiopians would realize Eritreans achieved their destiny on their own (not because of but in spite of Cohen’s & his government’s desires). Peace & harmony between Ethiopians is good for Ethiopia & also for all of its neighbors, including Eritrea.

    However, Ethiopians must realize the time for making Eritrea a scapegoat of all their problems is long gone and debunked. Look internally, solve your own internal squabbles and make peace with yourselves.Eritrea & its citizens were never & will never be your enemies. Eritreans want to live in peace & harmony with you withing the confines of their internationally recognized borders!

  23. First of all I thanks Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam, for exposing what Herman Cohen did against Ethiopia and the Amhara people. From the comments, I see that most of the commentators are trying to gain political profit. All who make a hate speech on Amhara, is based on wrongly orchestrated narration. As a history student, I want to tell the truth. On the first place since the formation of a state in Ethiopia, all pre 1974 revolution, all Ethiopian kings ruled in the name of Solomonid dynasty. The roots of the dynasty , traced back to story of king MENILIK I, son of Queen of Sheba or Makeda and son of King Solomon of Ancient Israel, then following the fall of Axumit kingdom of northern Abysinia,present day Tigray, the Zagwe dynasty came to power after some political crisis in between 9th to 11th century, the dark age. The Zagewe dynasty too relate itself to the same Isreali king, Solomon, and starting from 1270 right up until 19974, Ethiopian kings were ruling in the name of Solomonid dynasty. But what most commentators forget is that as rulers, Tigrainan , Amharas, and even Oromos after 17th or kings whose ethnic back ground were from mixed race including Haile Selasie were ruling over Ethiopia. I donot see the reason why all wrong acts including what was done by the Tigrian emperor done is associated with Amhara. I think there are several historical and political issues that need to be reconstucted with an biased mind, in a balanced and objective way. Today, almost all the people that belonged to Amhara, is the poorest.If we have to talk about the reality, the Solomonid Kings, did nothing to it, because they were ruling over one nation and working. So all of us and those who want Ethiopia to continue as a nation, have to refrain from propagating a divisive narration. At present what the Amhara people wants, is equality, justice, fair representation in all levels of government. This people still loves ethiopia and dies for ethiopia. it is for this same reason that at the beginning almost all Amhara people supported the present Prime minister, not becuase he is an Amhara, rather because it is for he preached about one Ethiopia. Lastly, my idea/message for Heran Cohen, and who hate Amhara on the basis of fabricated narration, try to read Ethiopian history with critical eyes, try to understand, if you can try to see what life among the majority of the present day Amhara looks like, before giving your judgement

  24. “Herman Cohen is single-handedly responsible for the crimes and abuses committed by the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front in Ethiopia for the past 27 years.”

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