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Good Riddance

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By Engidu Woldie

Defections are expected in any armed struggle. Defections, spying, sabotage and all sorts of ploy are common. It is therefore not surprising that Mola Asgedom, former chairman of the Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement, had defected on the eve of the Ethiopian New Year. Mola, who was vice chairman of the newly formed Salvation Army at the time of his defection, had reportedly been not happy about the formation of one strong army. Reports say he stood against his comrades when TPDM executive committee made a decision to join the Salvation Army.
Mola asgedom copy
Mola’s defection is not astounding at all when you consider the fact that he had done it before. He was already a defector from the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the group formed by the brutes that are currently causing misery on Ethiopians. One could say he has the habit of defecting every time he loses control of situations. He was evidently not happy that his soldiers had joined the Salvation Army and hence has lost full control. Talk about a control freak.
I am actually happy the guy left early before he caused a lot of damage on the Salvation Army. The Army would be better off without the likes of Mola, who has no backbone at all. At this critical moment, Mola had chosen to be on the wrong side of history; and history will judge him, as Ethiopians would say.
In the meantime, the regime in Addis is trying to take credit of Mola’s defection saying it was the work of its intelligence apparatchik. The only government statement on Mola’s defection at the time of this post was the one released by a website run by a good for nothing “journalist” by the name Ben. This clown apparently gets the scoop before his “rival” EBC. A master of mendacity and intrigue, the TPLF will once again present its poorly scripted drama on the award winning broadcaster of lies, EBC.
The fight to free Ethiopia of the cancerous TPLF is not and will not be hampered by the defection of an individual. The Salvation Army and what it stood for is so big bad decisions by troubled individuals should not be a concern at all.