Ginbot 7’s redefined view of Eritrea and Eritreans

By Ersasu Mere

  A couple of weeks ago Mr. Andargachew Tsgie of Ginbot 7 was on the air with his group’s freshest assessment of Eritrea as an accessory to wage an armed showdown with the undemocratic ruling party of the Ethiopian government. It was well rumored that G7 had become the newest addition to the Eritrea camp of opposition groups who chose to topple down the Weyane government by armed struggle. Yes, that had become a bone of contention and perhaps a cause to the alleged internal split of G7 leadership. Most genuine critics expressed their anxiety and vehement opposition to the idea of working with Shabia of Eritrea.  In their mind, Shabia is the most untrustworthy ally that had neither the will nor the means to see a united and democratic Ethiopia. Clearly, the foundation of such argument alludes to the past and recent dark history of Ethio-Eritrean relationship. This hotly debated topic has been marred with accusations of betrayal and warnings to severe allegiance and commitment to G7.   In the midst of all these, Mr. Tsegie’s interview with ESAT has created another buzz, and in some cases another flare up, to a whole lot of Ethiopians all over the world.

       This time, G7’s new doctrine is not about conducting an armed resistance using the Eritrean land. It is about creating camaraderie and an alliance with Eritreans and the Eritrean government to work for a common good by dismantling the Weyane government which they both agree as the real cause of problems in the region. One striking revelation we heard in the interview was that Shabia had given G7 a stern warning not miscalculate its gesture as being defined within ‘your enemy is my enemy’ framework. We were told Eritreans are eager to build a peaceful relationship with Ethiopia. They are way passed from scoring revenge against Wayane.  What is more striking, however, is G7 leadership has trusted what the Eritreans are saying. That sounds as a huge departure from the long held view most Ethiopians have about Eritrea. We all know why most Ethiopians do not have much faith left in their heart about Eritreans as a partner to restore the historical bond both have enjoyed in the past. It may well be said that Eritreans might have wounds to cure before resuming talks of co-existence with Ethiopians.  One can confidently say that Mr. Andargachew and his group fully comprehend how this ground breaking paradigm shift in the way we perceive our relationship with Eritrean evoke anxiety and be polemical. Thus, following that interview, there were calls for more clarification. Let us see how the G7 folks handled those calls.

One group asking for clarification is confined in the past history and kind of says, ‘History has taught us a lesson and let us not repeat the same mistake of the past’. They say Eritreans are back stabbers and Shabia always works against Ethiopian interests. The explanation was that it has been more than 20 years since separation, and even though history guides us we can also learn from it. So, G7 believes that the current circumstance is different from the past and right now the notion of working together and coexist peacefully are more palatable than before. Another group is a kind of a revisionist who just questioned the plausibility of armed struggle itself. For this one the response seems simple. Go ahead do what you think is good for the country. This is G7’s preferred choice and you go find yours. And yet another group says everything but do not bring in anything to the table. The G7 folks call this group the so called ‘Cyber Warriors’ who waste their time in Paltalks and a party that lives and dies as a web page.
Throughout this unfolding there was one important challenge G7 leadership has to face. It was so obvious to any observer that the Shabia government in Eritrea has a notoriously bad record in human right abuses and undemocratic governance. For those who live by principled values, the idea of collaborating with such government is immoral and would be unsuccessful. As one G7 supporter used to say that is good in theory and on papers. The practical world considers too many aspects of life and this particular shortcoming of Shabia can be compensated by its other marvelous records of corruption free government for example. How about working hard for self sufficiency? The well articulated comment that was coming from G7 leaders regarding this issue was much simpler than most us of have thought. Leave Eritreans internal problem for Eritreans and what G7 is looking for is a mutual understanding and cooperation that benefit the people of both countries.
In conclusion, the final outcome of this passionate, sometimes ugly and cynical, debate seems to be more favorable to G7. Now they lay down their proposal that has been judged by public opinion.  It can be inferred that this whole scheme of working with Eritrea is an idea G7 leadership has been eyeballing as alternative for a long period of time. Remember this group is not a bunch of political hacks and sensational political operatives that may be easy prey to a false trap. In spite of their critics, a vast majority of their core supporters remains intact and that is really what matters to them. Few of their supporters, though they disagree with the new strategy, they seem to stay loyal to the ultimate goal of G7. That shows a development of a new culture of embracing differences without causing separation. The opposition from the do nothing groups will remain a non issue. The G7 boys are marching for a long haul and they are ready to ramble. Nothing seems to deter them. They have developed a reasonably plausible, albeit devoid of full acceptance, scheme in a thoughtful and arduous process. Yet, there is one critical uncertainty G7 supporter have to live with. This uncertainty is to know what the Eritreans think about this. Are they really trustworthy as the G7 leaders have tried to portray them? Would Shabia use G7 as bargain chip to come up with terms against Weyane?  Until we hear confirming evidence from the Eritrean side, it sounds like this is the only risk the G7 boys are ready and willing to take.
By Ersasu Mere –  Can be reached at [email protected]


  1. What do you mean by Eriterians might have wounds to cure…?? If Eritrian government is undemocratic and crule to its people working with it might be working against the people. How do you feel when the USA government works with weyane? How can we be sure that armed struggle against weyane is supported by the Eretrian people? If not , our struggle will not be sustainable if shabia is gone. How can you be sure that shabia is not going to use G7 as a bargaining chipe? Does G7 has plan B if that is the case? What happened to those who went there before? What was their experiance? Why they fail? I heared poet Henok Yeshitila’s testimony regarding his friend’s misry in Eritera who joined ‘arbegnoch ginbar.’

  2. This is the most comprehensive analysis I have seen so far. Many thanks to Mr. Ersasu. I like the punch line where you said that there is always a risk any one has to live with. That is the reality of life.

  3. Dear Ersasu,
    You have simplified the march to Isayas Camp as; ” Let Eritreans internal problem for Eritreans and what G7 is looking for is a mutual understanding and cooperation that benefits he people of both countries.”
    As you wrote it, here lies the crust of the whole matter. Cooperation between the two countries. If my memory serves me right, Isayas had an understanding with TPLF when they marched to Addis together! Or is this wrong. TPLF benefitted. Is G7 trying to benefit from Isayas to get to Addis Abeba? Ethiopians for sure did not benefit from TPLF’s march to Addis. TPLF had and still has its army. G7 wants to have its own army. TPLF went to Addis and became the absolute ruler of the land. G7 wants to replace TPLF. Where does the Ethiopian people benefit?
    The question for me is not that G7 is waging an armed struggle in Eritrea or anywhere else. If G7 des exactly what TPLF did and it replaces it, is that what we consider liberation? If so then, did TPLF liberate the Ethiopian people?
    Absolutely NOT. The same goes to the effort of G7.
    The major issue of Ethiopians now is getting all the freedom fighters of Ethiopia to come to one front and have one army, one agenda, one organization and one struggle. Unless that is done, the path each and every organization is fighting for their organization and not for the people of Ethiopia.

  4. Friends, Ethiopia and Weyane (the curse of the nation) can not co-exist. One of them must go!! There will be no worse enemy to our mother land than the wicked weyanes who have brought so much of misery upon the peace loving, and freedom longing people of the land.Why waste the precious time in trying to convince those who chose to be ignorant?? Yes genuine concerns must be addressed and clarified, But you can’t stand toe to toe with those who have no goal and vision of their own except to oppose everything and prolong the misery of the people who are crying for help night and day!!
    Ethiopians have paid enormous sacrifice for the past twenty two years and they are still paying day by day and moment by moment!!
    When it is crystal clear that the Weyenes will not go away without being forced through armed struggle, some still hope that this curse will be removed by peaceful means?! that is what you call wishful thinking!
    Those who choose to be ignorant let them be ignorant!! The rest of us have to continue our march in removing the curse BY FORCE and until the people of Ethiopia see the day light! What does it take to bring Weyenes to their knees? Courage, Sacrifice and perseverance of Ethiopian men and women all fighting in the name of freedom !!
    I know one thing for sure that God in His sovereign will shall remove the curse from the land and shall heal the broken spirit of our people!! But in the mean time we are expected to fight the good fight as we wait for that sure victory which is ours because we fight for justice, for truth and righteousness!!
    Long live Ginbot 7 !!! and Every freedom fighter who is ready and willing to fight and fight to the end.!!

  5. hey hey take it easy children r u serious to topple down the government of eth. By eritrea backed army what a plan is this it must be a dream.Any ways to note u that ethiopia is the 28th military strong country with an army fuly backing by the wake up kids time is up

    • dont be a fool adama ta the time of menge(derg) ethiopia is number 1 in military things ,so u can call them children but the main idiology of shaebiya is to make one big countrie (tigray+eritrea) together u can see ther result of this the rebels are already replace eritrean soldiers so guys you have to weak up

  6. Let G7 attack Woyane and hide inside Eritrea. Woyane can go and attack its G7 target inside Eritrea. This is very real because Woyane went to Somalia in 2006 to destroy what it claims “terror on gathering”. Shabia promised to help Somalia but run away leaving Somalis on their own.
    G7 start of “armed struggle” will surley bring Shabia to direct confrontation with Woyane.
    War by proxy whatever name you gave it is sure to bring war between two dictatorship, Asmara and Addis. The writer should be honest about that. It is not G7 VS Woyane it is TPDM Shabia security guards VS Woyane. TPDM is Shabia and Shabia is TPDM/Woyane 2. G7 is a facilitator of Shabia’s final project before its death.
    G7 has no army and it is used by both Shabia and Woyane to mask the real issue. Shabia and Woyane can not survive unless one of them win this stalemate of more than a decade old.
    G7 “Orchestra” is a PR of Shabia. The Ethiopian Diaspora totally rejects G7 for its poor PR. They are trying their best to sell their “cheap” product called “ShabG7” with no customer except very few diehard G7 worshipers.
    The writer is on G7 leadership, it is exactly the copy of what we heard from Dr. Tadesse and Ato Madebo on Aba Mela Room yesterday. The G7 Orchestra is not getting better. The more they talk or write the more they loss their diehard worshipers.

  7. I support the idea that G7 must have plan B. In the meatime given the pain and misery the Eritrean people subjected to under the rule of Isias which is not sustainable I hope this man finally comes to his sense and do what it takes to support the idea of removing the common enemy to bring both the Ethiopian and eritrean people together for mutual benefit.
    If this man fails to do that he will be remembered as the most stupid leader the world has ever seen and I hope that is not what he wants. But G7 will do well by seriously thinking of Plan B. Simply put, please don’t carry all your eggs in one basket.

  8. Dear Ersasu,
    Thank you for an enlightening writing in the time of need. Here is my take on it, fight for librity and prosperity is complicated. The road to it will cost us life, trust with allies, money and many unexpected and incalculable struggle. On the other side, bigger side, these fighting roads to remove the current cancerous alike problem from the beloved land of Ethiopia will give all its citizens the right live freely in their country, to prosper in whatever way one chooses, to write with out fear of unjustified jail time, to build the country for future generation where everyone is equally granted justice under the law and live anywhere they wants in their country without out fear of death by thier goverment because the government’s choices who to place in that territory or wants to creat confilct for the sake of living another day. Those two are the choice of the future for better or worst, but to choose one from the other is another struggle because our people has ,understandably, gone cynical of any party. So the question is do we just sit down because we fear we might fell? Do we just let the current cancerous government finish off the beloved Ethiopia? Or do we ,the son’s and daughter’s of Ethiopia, try to find cure to our mother land by ANY MEANS necessary, weather by war or peaceful means?!
    For any citizen of Ethiopia the choice is clear, the road is not. So let us citizens of Ethiopia choice what road we want but please STOP telling us it’s impossible, because bringing the possible to life is no problem at all but what is courageous! Honorable! And needed to Ethiopia right now is bringing the impossible to possible.

    While we playing negative and Complaining and crying for every smallest things, Ethiopia is changing in unprecedented speed in positive direction socially Economically.
    What the opposition lacks is not only the political platform that make them authentic political figure, also most importantly lacks vision.
    Beside what good is to be opposition just for the sake of opposition while the opposition lacks the alternative idea or known direction ? ?

  10. Thank you my friend, it is the best and level headed analysis. It is about time we discuss such important issues without condemnation and name calling. I like the way you have presented the issue and it is up to concerned citizens to debate so we can add quality to this important and burning issue.

  11. You Ginbot7 people please think before you become instrumen for ethiopian enemies like Esayas of eritreans pleas do not full yoursefe .Eritreans they always trying to break up ethiopia which the almighty god keep eye on her annever let ethiopis to be destroyed by its enemies.

  12. It is an absolute idiocy to take shabia as a true friend. Shabia knows very well that any threat from Eritrea to the ruling regime in Addis would have a serious repercussions. I am sure the ruling regime in Addis will not let Shabia harbour its enemies cause problems. They know it will be a full scale war between Asmara and AA. And Shabia can’t afford this.

  13. viva ginbot 7 and death to the enemies of ginbot 7 including kinijit swiss pal room which is a weyane servant room and qale room

  14. Dear Eskemeche,
    If you really paid attention to what Andargachew had said you have got your answer there. He has been trying to get all the freedom fighters to come together and fight the Weyanes. You do that on the ground where all freedom fighters are operating….in Eritrea. Do you have better plans to bring all these freedom fighters together? Please let them know it might make their life easier:)

  15. If the Eritrean have a genuine interest for unity of Ethiopia they have to answer few questions
    1) how could they host different groups who have different agendas which is hard to reconcile . I don’t envision ONLF working with G 7 .They do that for obvious reason .what they want is the demise of woyanne and Ethiopia . they don’t really care about the outcome after that
    2) why a county so undemocratic like Eritrea want to care about the democracy of other countries like Ethiopia . the answer is obviously they want to score point and revenge for kicked out of Ethiopia . they are bitter because of the simple fact that they were not allowed to loot the wealth of Ethiopia
    3 the last question is if they are willing to work with any other group in Ethiopia why they don’t work with woyannes . I ask this questions because as far as Eritrea is concerned G 7 , ONLF or OLF shouldn’t be different from woyannes as they main goal is to benefit Eritrea’s interest . again the answer is obvious , they do that because they don’t care about the wellbeing of Ethiopia they do that because they are animosity with woyanne .
    In summary for me it takes big leap of faith or miracle to believe that shabia is there for Ethiopian interest . if the goal of any opposition party is to speed up the fall of woyanned at any cost without considering the final outcome it makes sense to work with Eritrean government .

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