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Genuine Oromo Ethiopians Demand under Dilemma

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By: Meron Admasu/Norway

Meron Admasu
Meron Admasu

The current unforgiving punishment against enormous innocent Oromo students and others including torture, jailing and killing in connection with demand the right to stop the illegal displacement of poor farmers from their land shows that the obstinate plan of the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers to destroy the people of Ethiopia gradually as their determination to rule the country with iron fist and using brute force to every kind of conflict is a verification to their belligerent attitude.
At the same route, the saddest part is that even today some self-proclaimed Oromo politicians and activists are still obsessedwith baseless history and blame Amhara, while their house is robbed by the TPLF gangs. Seemingly, they are unable to see the reality behind the curtain and identify the sheep in wolves clothing character of TPLF gangs. Consequently, their core genuine freedom and justice demandhas been shaded. Apparently, these few confused individuals in Diaspora are driven by emotion and falsified stories as they are using this consequence to advance their tiny hatred against innocent Ethiopians in particular Amhara and Christian that has nothing to do with the crime that is being committed by TPLF.I am sure; if these individuals were honest they would blame those (TPLF gangs) who forced Ethiopians to face endless misery and sufferingandwho are sucking their (Oromos) blood and eating their flesh, and forced them to wretched of poverty in the mid of plenty.
Anyhow, no wonder that this is neither the beginning nor end of the TPLF methodical violence against innocent Ethiopians. It has been over two decades that deprived peasant farmers throughout the country have been forced to leave their land with gun point as the TPLF gangs are collecting million dollars every year by leasing those lands for foreign investors while the poor peasants pushed to the side without any hope and condemn to misery until the last breath.  It wasn’t long that thousands of Oromo students were rounded up and arrested, beaten, tortured, and some are even killed.Plus, massive reports reaching the international community confirms an increasing trend of new extra judicial killings, severe forms of torture and lootings of civilian property by the TPLF militias throughout Ogden, Gonder, Benshanguel, Gambella, Wallegga and other parts of Ethiopia.
It’s evident that the current suffering of Oromo students and other Ethiopians is a drop in the bucket compared to the large number of Ethiopians abused, killed and tortured by the TPLF gangs and having unspeakable suffering and agony every day. Hundreds and thousands of Ethiopians has been killed, tortured and jailed with fabricated and trumped-up charges of terrorism for the last few years and yet innocent individuals like Bekele Gerba, Eskinder Nega, Reyot Alemu, Andwalem Arage and others are still incarcerated behind bars and have been even refused to get basic access to families and medical care in connection to similar fabricated charges. So many of them killed without reason, raped in a daily bases throughout Ethiopia  including the vast number of Oromo students who are now being tortured in various known and unknown TPLF prisons as well as the large number Ogden’s who are being raped, burned inside their houses and other enormous atrocities. Thousands of Amhara Ethiopians have been persuasively evacuated from their property.
Despite the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers’ false claim and fabricated evidence against the accused there is no any kind of relationship between the incarcerated Ethiopians and the undemocratic nature of TPLF. The TPLF gangs are responsible for such horror and the suffering of our people.Of course it is not accidental that all accused individuals are not a member of the ruling group, but it is well-designed and deliberate schemes prearranged by the TPLF rulers to use fabricated stories as a scapegoat in order to annihilate the main brave, strong-minded and vigorous Ethiopians.Indeed, targeting some strong and dedicated Ethiopians for their own incompetency and malicious behaviour is a common act of the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers, but the good part is that their unscrupulous act is exposed and grasped by the majority of Ethiopians.
Again, the problem in Ethiopia is not these innocent students or other genuine oppositions that are shamelessly branded as terrorist, as the narrow TPLF elements always trying to portray as if every problem Ethiopia encounter is caused by oppositions, nevertheless the problem is lack of democracy, justice and freedom in the country. The problem is the ethno-apartheid government deliberately alienated the poor Ethiopians form the economic sector and forced them to starve in the mid of plenty. The problem is the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers using the state power to transfer the people’s money to their pocket as well as their village, while million Ethiopians children are dying in malnutrition and preventable disease as well as unaffordable ever increasing cost of living. The problem is not the innocent people who have using nonviolent protest to demand their rights, but TPLF who reject pluralism and establish one ethnic hegemony and obvious ethno-apartheid government.
On the other hand, individuals like JawarMohammed and his naive blind followersfrom Diaspora who are living in fantasy world are deliberately inflicting hate among Ethiopian tribes in order to misinform citizens. They are making a loud and illogical noise against Amhara and Christiansand have been creating more problems within the victim Oromo community. Because, they are screaming all over the planet to take advantage of this tragedy in order to advance their tiny-mini ethnocentric Islamic Oromia dream with the cost of innocent Oromo bloods. Apparently, most of their gullible followers are misled by this hatred rhetoric and echoing unjustified falsified stories day in and day out. They are still unable to re -evaluate their detested six century type tribal dogma in order to know that the current Amhara and Christian Ethiopians’ people are not responsible for what had happened hundred years ago. But what should matter it what is happening today ( the brutal crime of Weyane against Ethiopians), which is of course has nothing to do with the issue as it simply damages the popular struggle and endanger the survival of Oromo tribe Ethiopians.
Anyhow, regardless of the complex problem the struggle for democracy and justice would flourish as well as getting stronger whenever the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers use their brute force to suppress the voice of the people. Apparently, the TPLF gangs lie as well as divide and rule filthy game would never end, and of course they would dig every hole and climb every mountain to undermine and blackmail any opposition groups as well as individuals who are considered as a threat to the continuity of their racist agenda.  The only way to stop such kind of malicious and cruel schema is having coordinated struggle. The different ethnic and opposition groups should be able to compromise for the sake of the common good, and aim toward the common enemy (TPLF) instead of spending time fighting unnecessary and useless war among each other.
Therefore, at this critical time genuine Ethiopians should be happy to see collaboration among different tribal and opposition groups, because such coordinated struggle shorten the life span of the TPLF gangs who are using divide and rule as the main political instrument. Therefore, freedom lover Ethiopians should focus on the big problem which makes us to bleed inside and destroy our identity and country.Undeniably, there is no any individuals or group who is not affected directly or indirectly by the TPLF ethno-fascist rulers’ tribally prejudiced agenda, so instead of splitting words and spend our valuable energy to repair our minor difference it would be advisable to focus toward the common enemy which is killing us as well as destroying our country. Anyhow, the struggle should be focused on the common enemy. Apparently, we have spent so many times degrading each other as ANTE AMAHRA…ANTE OROMO…ANTE TIGRE and other similar type childish tantrum. It would not important to continue as such, because if we do so the enemy would benefit more than anyone of us.