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GAJEC – Ethiopian Martyrs Day Commemoration Notice

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Dear Fellow Ethiopians,

The Global Alliance for Justice – the Ethiopian Cause (GAJCE) is a not-for-profit organization that has been actively seeking an apology and equitable restitution from the Vatican and Italian Government for the atrocious genocide committed against the Ethiopian people during Fascist Italy’s invasion and occupation of Ethiopia from 1935-1941. GAJCE’s Board consists of highly venerated Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians committed to ensure justice is served to the Ethiopian people.
As the newly appointed Deputy Chairman of GAJCE, I would like to encourage all of you, especially, our global support group to continue our advocacy efforts on February 19, 2021 by appealing to the Vatican and Italian Embassies to acknowledge and apologize for the genocide committed against Ethiopians by Fascist Italy on February 19, 2021. I will send sample letters in a subsequent email as February 19th approaches that can be distributed, as well as slogans that can be recited outside of the Vatican and Italian Embassies in your respective countries for those of you planning a rally. In light of the global pandemic, GAJEC will be hosting a Zoom Conference on February 20, 2021. Please SAVE THE DATE as we have invited notable personalities to present on the complicity of the Vatican and the atrocious war crimes and genocide committed against Ethiopia and her people. Highly esteemed members from GAJCE Board will be present as well. I will send more information regarding details along with a calendar invite and Zoom Link as the date approaches.
In the meantime, please make sure to sign GAJEC’s petition – It is important we obtain at least 100,000 signatures. We must show the critical mass of our people is behind us. Also please check out our website to learn more about GAJCE’s mission and objectives –
We will continue to march forward in the spirit of our ancestors! More to come. Stay tuned!
Lij Nebyat A. Demessie
Deputy Chairman
Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause (GAJCE)