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Former Marxist Mirchaw Sineshaw should face Justice

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By Rosa Abadir ([email protected])

justiceFor the last few years Tigrian People Liberation Front (TPLF) regime in Ethiopia has been intensively engaged in disorienting and crippling the angry opposition from Diaspora Ethiopians, via its multimillion dollar investments that enabled it to bribe famed personalities, expand its propaganda out lets, and plant skilled infiltrators. As a result TPLF recently found out that there are a few individuals whom are the best tool to cripple the support group struggle in Diaspora such as Ato Mirchaw Sineshaw.
At present, a few Diaspora Ethiopians are apparently blind folded by the carefully crafted deceptive undercover TPLF cadres’ such as Ethiopiawint Radio in DC and Andent Radio in Sweden that are run by fake oppositions and their alike propaganda machinery, so much so that they are incapacitated to differentiate the patriotic Ethiopians from the enemies within Diaspora. TPLF often uses clever tactics to create loyal opposition groups, artificial heroes, fake dissenters; etc. and constantly adopt and improve strategies to keep Ethiopians in a state of constant confusion so that they could be tricked as needed or even misled to a level of anointing false messiahs like Lidetu Ayalew.
One of TPLF’s recent servants is Mirchaw Sineshaw who is the owner of Ethiopiawint Radio show and a revolutionary guard (Abiyot Tebaki) for the former Marxist Derg, illiterate self-interested and arrogant individual who had tortured and raped many young girls in suspect of the late EPRP. He had not been known by Ethiopians outside Washington DC until recently, popularized by the Weyane puppets, and some confused & retarded Ethiopians that play dirty propaganda and its surrogates.
Now, after a few weeks discussions among several patriotic Ethiopians around Washington DC area a special task force group is established and has been gathering some valuable information about Ato Mirchaw to understand what drives him to wage an all-out campaign against ESAT and genuine oppositions like Ginbot 7 and its leaders using his own uncontrollable ego. In fact, this task force is already striving day in and day out to collect every possible evidences and documents related to Ato Mirchaw’s former crimes against humanity when he served as a revolutionary guard to Derg Marxist regime. We will have more report later about his other activities and connections, including his close and wide-ranging family ties with high level officials of the TPLF/Woyane regime.
After his arrival in the US, Mirchaw’s first targets in the early 90’s were those patriotic youth Ethiopians who were united from all over the nation and organized a number of demonstrations to challenge the TPLF regime around Washington DC where Mirchaw frequently joined them and diverted and squandered over $10,000 during their first fund raising event. Apparently no further action didn’t take place against Mirchaw Sineshaw while most of the youngsters decided to move on and continue to focus on struggle against Weyane.
It was again around 2003, Mirchaw was known for taking substantial amount of money and other forms of assistance donated to famine victims in Ethiopia from Ethiopians in North America. Consequently, he has bought 5 Washington DC taxis, two personal vehicles and a big property which turned to a church. In fact, we haven’t seen anywhere in the US a part time cab/taxi driver could own this much property and run an over eight hours radio show per week unless there is some other supplemental unknown income.
As a result, Ato Mirchaw Sineshaw currently owns a church named ‘Urael/Rufael’ in Washington DC. Actually, what we uncovered is that Ato Mirchaw has been collecting money from his congregation for the purpose of buying a building for the church, and his members, mostly elderly ladies, have contributed generously. Then, he announced to the congregation that he bought a building and moved the church to the new address, from the Catholic Church where he was renting a room to run Urael. The building is a two story house, and doesn’t look anything close to a church. Yet the members did not mind since they thought it is better than renting.
Ever since Ato Mirchaw established Urael church a few years ago, he has branched out from driving a taxi to real estate investments, buying commercial buildings and rental properties. He has also bought a brand new $50,000 Hammer right after he was dissolving the money that was collected from his churchgoers senior citizen elderly Ethiopian ladies in the name of “Iqub” (a traditional saving mechanism among with various people who voluntarily join a group and make a mandatory contribution per specified time, usually per week or per month).
Mirchaw’s main objective is to kill the Diaspora struggle in the name of oppositions as long as he doesn’t have a control of the money as he did also play a filthy role during the destruction of Kinijit, as well. Hence, he has been working intensively to keep destroying the Diaspora support group struggle by pretending as if he portrays himself he is against Weyane and Shabia while the fact shows that he is a paid undercover cadre who receives a huge amount of money from TPLF to cover not only his long hours weekend’s radio shows expense but also his living expense. Bear in mind, this is an individual who had sold out a government property house (commonly known for Ye Kebele House) to two separate individuals a few days before he left Ethiopia to USA while his own younger brother was living in the same house.
Therefore, Ethiopians won’t give any more chance for mercenaries like Mirchaw Sineshaw who has a very limited knowledge that are under the skirts of fake oppositions to drag our struggle again. Just because we Ethiopians have been silent and focused on TPLF, doesn’t mean that we forgot the crimes that are committed by other arrogant criminals and insulators like Mirchaw who uses low life political discourse and name calling as a tool to intimidate others. Irrespective of his non-stop empty rhetoric, we will remain to gather all the lawful documents and drag him down to face justice.
Thanks the almighty Allah, the struggle has been massively reactivated from inside to outside once and for all to ultimately destroy the Weyane criminal group, as well as the poor and dead propagandist groups like Mirchaw Sineshaw and others. There is no way that a former Derg regime criminal ruminants like Ato Mirchaw leads their life in a democratic and peaceful country USA while his former criminal members like Kelebessa Negewo and others were being drifted to face justice and deported back to Ethiopia. He definitely deserves a speedy trial and we Ethiopians should say enough is enough and should stand tall to take the necessary measures against those criminals who are sitting near our noses.
Therefore we urge all Ethiopians to provide us any valuable information in regards whereabouts of Mirchaw’s former crimes against humanity so that we can expedite his trail here in the USA.