“Farmer; sued for manure”

8 mins read

by Bizuayehu Tsegaye
farmerIn the land, where comes a new act of prizing what they call successful farmers, it is a bright sunny season suitable for harvest. The time to see the fruit of what has been planted; looking fresh and unspoiled. The tools for harvest seem has been in order by the time it starts. Now they both are at the same filed. Though, it is strange(in fact there are so many things strange) that the harvesters found to be drifted away form the issue they had at the start of their briefing. They are distracted. Most drown in their individual matters right at the presence of hundreds of audiences. For some, the event is a platform to talk for fun and get an allowance, to others a burden and for few a duty.
Here can be experienced a man spending time talking about one of the marshal art’s he has mastered during his stay in China. Tide his pant up on his bellies. Walking one side to the other, making fest and grabbing his pant together with his belt, even tighter puling them up to his ribs in the middle of his talks is strange; with out overstating, seen performing one of “tug” character which possibly could be observed in one of Hollywood films. There is also, relatively, younger one who enlightens the characters of different animal’s and impersonate them in his session of informing about change and resistant’s to it. This is better told; because, now it is possible to associate the character of the hippos, mouse, the rat and the rabbit’s, etc to the land lords insight. There are also land lords and knights in numbers talking.

Though the two individuals mange to caught attention by provoking emotions at the time, as any one would give when experiencing a violation of an expectation from a public figure and touched inside by portrayal of genuine facts, none of them could actually be able to make a mind memorize their personal behaviors and follow them throughout the entire period of exposure to them like one particular individual did.
The man has his hair cut short, though the retreats can be noticed. Has far looking eyes, yet look uncomfortable when they get teased by the smokes from cigarette at his finger tips. Has small genteelly down curved belly, may perhaps prevent him to get a sight on what is under. That is the look he could have for a person who by some reason stands at the veranda of the meeting hall; that the subject out side the meeting hall leaning, attached with a four-wheel drive by the shoulder, chatting and smoking.
Inside the hall, he is the only individual who is able to caught the mass audiences; motivated, charming, enthusiastic and playful. Yet, not different than his collogues, he too is not focused. Same man begins insinuating new way’s of doing things in his field, latter end up giving detailed explanation on how video surveillance’s are applied in seeking out individuals responsible for trespassing the sanitation of one of the European cities he has visited. None other than him choose to refer ethnic farmer, who is discomforted…not even properly dressed, and exercises the usual fallacy to challenge the question raised by the audience on unfair resource distribution in the land. He is sincere heard speck about his children. Tells the existence of big gab between his children’s generation and his. They even call him “Gere-Geberewo”, he said; Gebrewahid necked “The farmer”.
To the society, the defining word could mean hard working or also can be used to refer backwardness, other than it’s original meaning. It might probably be preferred to understand what he meant by that as he is not achieving expected standards or what is usual and common by most, nor does he show a sign of progress and development to others of compatible status.
But, it could not be denied that he can be hard working to the world he is confined with, because there it has been witnessed an incident that can possibly be used to point his achievement. It is during the time where the deceased Prim Lord began to prize farmers. October and November, the two months of year 2001 E.C, were also the pick for the “Farmer“. Geberwahid was prized as the beast and hard working one, of the season, and rewarded with the then Prim Lord’s framed wall picture. What else could possily be pined to him and be called “Farmer”?
Weeks latter, a group of new young hires came at his office; not less than seven individuals demanding an allowance for a task assigned to be performed in the capital Land. The group is financed, but it is done as the task to be performed out side the local area; in other fields and plots of the Land. That is what the official written records could show at the time. But, it actually is performed in the capital Land. To the new hires, this is the first corruption to experience with the initiation and guidance of senior personnel’s of the authority, to the extent of being assisted in providing false transportation recites. The act, seen committed in the knowledge of more than a dozen individuals, signifies beyond named corruption. It could be seen as scavengers settling allover a pray. Literally, corruption to the authority can be seen same as a fertilizer for a farmer; through which it makes a use of it’s exhausted filed. It also is customary to assume for an individual working in the authority, ordinarily, get wealthy soon; same as a plant at a filed nourished with manure to flourish.
Gebrewahid, once the vice director of ERCA, the revenue and customs authority, now is a prisoner on suspicion of corruption. Who’s expected standards or commons are not achieved by him and to who’s status does he show no sign of progress and development does puzzle. But, one thing is clear, the irony of being sued for manure in a land once prizing farmers.