Exploit Obama's visit to Ethiopia – By Tefera Dinberu

2 mins read
Obama briefingSome of us think that Obama’s visit to Ethiopia would make Weyane recognized by the bigger World bodies. Yes, that is the purpose of the Weyane dynasty. However, we democrats must rally our efforts to expose both Obama and the corrupt and brutal Weyane regime. The recent release of a few political prisoners is to distract the attention of the people and cheat Obama. This also manifests the frustration of the corrupt regime. This is the time to show the people’s solidarity against tyranny, and for true democracy.  
It is this opportune moment that unites us to stand together against Weyane and demonstrate our genuine voices in Washington and Addis Ababa. We know that they will not allow peaceful demonstration in Addis Ababa. However, with all sacrifices to made, rallying a mammoth demonstration can be possible since all opposition organizations have and can use the opportune moment as a preemptive but remarkable situation that can change the attitude of the Western World led by the USA.
It will also expose Barak Obama for not being up to his own words against African dictatorial leaders. Remember what he said when he visited Ghana. We all know that without the financial and diplomatic assistance of the White House, Weyane cannot survive. And if the USA turns its face against this brutal regime, then, it will also save its face and the Ethiopian peoples.
So, please let’s coordinate this important issue. We have to show that we have a common enemy. Unless we use this opportune moment to show that we can tolerate our differences and stand together for our common national issues, then we would be forced to undergo more arduous struggle that may take a long time.