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Ethiopians in New York Demand Their Citizens in Saudi Arabia to Return Home Safely !!!!!!

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H.E. Abdallah Y. Al-Mouallimi
Permanent Representative
of the Saudi Mission
to the United Nations
New York
Dear Ambassador,
Today, Wed. Nov. 13, 2013 we are appearing in your office as the “Ambassadors” of the  Voiceless Ethiopians residing in Saudi Arabia who have been targeted by street mob of  “Shabab” for death, rape and beating for the last ten days.
We want to make it clear to you that no single Ethiopian with or without legal paper would like to stay in your land after what they have been through.
It is out for public on Social Medias the crime committed against Ethiopians. The dead and badly beaten demand justice. We do believe the first thing is to document all these crimes committed in the name of deporting Ethiopians and demand protection for hundreds of thousands living in your country at present. Saudi Arabia will be Ethnically Cleansed  from Ethiopians for good  !!!
Ethiopian neighborhood were and are still targeted by Saudi Security. Braking homes apprehending the men and leaving our sisters and mothers to be gang raped by Shabab. What a shame and disgrace for Islam, the religion of peace.
We are also demanding foreign medias to tell the truth by interviewing the victims. Diaspora medias like Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) / Radio and Voice of America Amharic(VOA) interviewed the victims and these will help for future investigation by responsible authorities. We demand justice for our people. The anger is boiling under back home and in the Diaspora. We do not want street justice to be administered like it was done on Saudi soil against our citizens.
We are afraid the relationship of these two people is damaged and needs long time to heal if it does.Those of us who are living outside of Ethiopia  more than 2 and half million strong will continue to be the Voice of the Raped, Killed and beaten Ethiopians.Protests in Washington D.C. and other foreign countries are scheduled for this week and next week in front of Saudi Arabia Embassies. Back home Ethiopians will come out in force this Friday. Prayers for Ethiopian victims in Saudi Arabia is scheduled from Friday to Sunday all over our the world.
Ethiopians are mobilized to vent their anger on Social Medias too. For the last week the main agenda has been “crimes against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia”. Social Medias are telling this story vividly and so far more than 10,000 Ethiopians signed a petition in just three days on one site alone. The number is increasing as we speak. There are multiple petitions organized by different groups
The blessed people of Ethiopia, peace be on him Prophet Mohamed on his own word said, “Do not touch the Habesha/Ethiopians” is now violated on the Holy Land in our time. God/ Allah certainly will punish all, those who spilled the blood of  Habesha/Ethiopians and those who failed to protect them, on his own way.
We are attaching the photos of the dead and beaten with the link of the petition, Stop violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia with this letter.
Ethiopians in New York
Stop the violence