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Ethiopians Human Right Violation in Saudi Arabia Boost up!

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By Seyoum Workneh
quetThe past few days immigrant Ethiopians residing in Saudi Arabia were inhumanily killed, tortured, humilated, murdered, massacarced, and raped by Saudi citizens and security forces publicly more than ever. Ethiopian mens were chased and stabbed, while womens were raped to death by 6 to 9 Saudi men infront of their family, friend, brother and sisters. This is great shame for Ethiopians according our tradition and morality of the society. How do you feel if this happen to your family? No matter what their religion, race, belief, political view and others they are Ethiopians. We need to stand for them.
Even though the Ethiopian government confirmed 3 Ethiopians killed and un known numbers injured according to Ethiopian Ministery of Foreign Affairs Dina Mufti, some sources and eye witness from Saudi Arabia revealed that more than 40 Ethiopians killed and hundreds of Ethiopians injured. The Ethiopian government has the mandate to protect it’s citizen from any human right violations where ever they are and what ever their legal status may be like any other government. Because they are Ethiopian and government of any country should represent and fight for it’s citizen. But our government refrain from it’s obligation and side the Saudis’ accussing our people illegal immigrant. This is something nonsense nobody expect from responsible government who represent more than 90 million Ethiopians. Shame on the EPRDF/Weyanne regime!.
The Ethiopian government denied the Ethiopian opposition political party like Blue Party and others request to make demonestration infront of Saudi Arabia Embassy (located at wollo sefer around Ibex Hotel) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Friday Nov 15, 2013 starting from 5:30 protesting to stop violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. The Blue party executive committee left the letter at Ato Markos office. This isn’t politics rather it’s life and death. Why the Ethiopian government denied their constitutional right to make demonestration for these concerned Ethiopians and the opposition political party? What does this mean to you as a person, let alone as Ethiopian? Who is the concerned organ to protect those Ethiopian citizens? What is the purpose of government? Where was the Ethiopian Embassy when all this cruel and inhuman treatment happened to it’s citizen? Why they don’t facilitate atleast temporary shelter for these immigrant? There are many more un answered question regarding the un elected Weyanne government who always work against the interest of the Ethiopian people and national interest of the country as a nation.
The current situation in Saudi Arabia isn’t politics rather it’s all about humanity. Our people threated inhumanily by Saudi Arabian citizen and security forces. This should be condomned not only by Ethiopians, the whole world have to do so. Ethiopians have to speak up loudly to the whole world. We don’t need to expect the world to speak for us even the existed cruel government not doing it. We all need to react with out watching any one to protect our people. We will be respected where ever we are when we show the world what we gonna do when our right is violated.
Finally, we all need to pray, support our people untill all of them come out from this inhuman threatment and return home safely. The Ethiopian biased and government based medias aren’t revealing the truth that everyone needs to expose the truth what is happening to our people. We all Ethiopians will be saved from democratic and human right violations after we bring Democratically elected government. Nobody should expect anything from the EPRDF/Weyanne government to respect the national interest of the country as a government.

The whole world have to condomen Human Right violations in Saudi Arabia against immigrant Ethiopians”