Ethiopians honor flag as TPLF fails – (By Abebe Gellaw)

By Abebe Gellaw
Hundreds of Ethiopians residing in and around San Jose, California, raised their historic tricolor for the ninth time last Friday at New City Hall in the presence of Mayor Charles Rufus Reed, Councilman Sam Liccardo and other city officials. But TPLF representatives’ effort to block the historic event unless its coat of arms was honored was rejected by the San Jose city council.

Organized by the Ethiopian American Council (EAC), the annual celebration attracted a record number of young people including the rising stars of Young Ethio Jazz, who entertained the crowd with their signature tunes.
Mayor Reed said on the occasion that the Ethiopian flag raising ceremony is an acknowledgement to the contribution of Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans in the vibrant city at the heart of Silicon Valley.  He thanked the community for making San Jose a better place to live and work.
Councilman San Liccardo said on his part that that the Ethiopian Flag made history in the city. He pointed out that it became the first foreign flag to fly over the city hall. He saluted Ethiopians for adding unique flavor and working hard to make positive contributions.
Abebe Hailu noted on behalf of the Ethiopian American Council that the Ethiopian heritage flag is a true embodiment of our unity regardless our diversity and differences. “The turnout from the youth is very successful and heartwarming.  Our youngsters want to keep Ethiopia alive in their heart,” he said.
This year’s celebration was particularly notable as Ethiopian activists and city residents got mobilized to overcome and defeat the lobbying of the Union of Tigrians in North America (UTNA) and the Tigray Development Association (TDA), backed by the Ethiopian Consulate General in Los Angeles, to block the celebration.
UTNA and TDA jointly petitioned the San Jose to stop the annual Ethiopian Heritage flag raising event unless it honors the flag that bears the coat of arms of the tyrannical and supremacist TPLF regime.  In a letter they jointly wrote to the city, they referred the historic plain Ethiopian flag that does not represent any political affinity as “illegal and obsolete.”“
“Please do the right thing and use the new flag that represents the current reality of the overwhelming majority or alternatively don’t raise the flag that despair and undermine the proud nation of Ethiopia and its people. Raising the illegal and obsolete flag will only invoke bad memories for many of our community members who suffer a lot under the old regime that is symbolized by the obsolete flag,” the letter stated.
The Ethiopian government’s Consul General in LA also pestered city officials to cancel the even unless the coat of arms of the current regime was raised, it was learned. The Deputy Consul General, Esayas Gotta, unsuccessfully petitioned and pressed the city to use the official flag of the tyrannical regime or else cancel the event.
“The Consul General requests the City Council of San Jose to oppose any effort by some disgruntled Ethiopian Diaspora to raise any defunct flag,” a letter sent to city officials pleads.
“It is sad to see that the TPLF always behaves like a snake in the grass. Though it is futile, its effort to divide people and impose its tyranny even in this land of freedom reveals the fact that TPLF is totally out of touch. Demanding Ethiopians to honor their symbol of oppression and tyranny is totally outrageous,” Dawit Tsega, a resident of Silicon Valley said.
After careful consideration the San Jose city council decided to use the plain Ethiopian flag that does not symbolize the current or past regimes.
Meanwhile, Congressman Michael Honda, on behalf of the 17th Congressional District, supported the annual ceremony with a letter he sent to EAC. “Beginning nearly a decade ago, the annual Ethiopian Heritage Flag Raising Ceremony symbolizes the successes of the Ethiopian American Council. The Council promotes the Ethiopian culture and lends a voice to the rapidly expanding number of Ethiopians within the United States,” Congressman Honda noted in his letter of support.
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    • My friend this are Ethiopian enemies in disguise. They can see the changes in Ethiopia. They do not want to hear either. Like you said they do not want to see the new Ethiopia and our flag and what it stands for. Why would anyone be against a flag that represents our diversity? I don’t get it. Anyway Ethiopian at home and the majority of Ethiopians in diaspora have moved beyond this except Abebe Gellaw and his accomplices.

        • I have few flags. You have accurately described the other two. The TPLF Flag, The Flag of the State of Tigray and also the Flag of our nation Ethiopia all represent me . The flag of the TPLF is something that I chose because it happens to be the cause under which Ethiopian Tigrians fought for the cause of Ethiopia but the other two are more of natural. I was born in them and I am very proud of all of them.
          By the way there is also another flag that you forgot to identify me with. The Flag of the EPRDF. Another Victorious Flag.

  1. The racist bastards are loosing these days. They have to prepare to loose more. Their demise is very nigh. Our for fathers defended our country under this beautiful and gracious flag. Wait, we are going to bury this pentagram demonic flag once for all. Kudos for brave Ethiopians in San Jose.

  2. The woyanne gangs (Ambasha carring)flag represents only those jungle like Sub humans in which they are titled to violate the Ethiopian People choice,Mohali +soloda (Most probably the same gugmangoog)like every woyanne cyber ferfari lekamis ) undermine the intelligence of our peoples and tries to tell us that Ethiopia is developed by These illitrate Group,poor dedebit Boys woyanne has collected over 40 Billion U.S Dollar on Ethiopias behalf only from donors and your so called devt is not worth of 5 Billion so as lay man and plain english let me ask you where is the tho rest? secondly Ethiopias devt is only better than the smallest Niger even in Africas Standard..Most probably the Emblem Shows the day time robbery of the gang in the eyes of 95%Ethiopian peoples.and the darkest time for Nation in history..

  3. The reaction of Woyanes drive any normal human being crazy. How did they dare to say our authentic flag illegal and obsolete? This shows how much they underestimate the mighty power of 80million people. That is the right flag for which millions lost their precious life defending our country from external invaders and neighbouring intruders. The same shameless woyanes are deafening our ears with bogus growth hiding huge amount of debt the Woyane government has borrowed from the IMF, World Bank China,India and others which left the current and up coming generation in crisis beyond belief. If someone borrows money from a friend and spend it on shopping spree, is that a mark of progress in private life? That is what woyanes are telling to us. Please let us remove them and show the world what debt free real growth where by citizens could feed three times a day look like in one or two years time not decades like Woyane.

  4. I think this guy is mentally disordered; whatever it is both flag is not representing all Ethiopian. So if it is not expressed all Ethiopian, we need some changes.

  5. The victors makes the law and rule, not losers, and it is in our blood we Ethiopians lover HEROS and winners.
    It is almost accepted rule of order among the civilized world that the winners always constitute the final say, not the losers.
    even the bible says the victors shall inherit the earth.
    The victors/ woyane made our constitution and made our laws which we all agree to abide, the of the flag is no different, the winners made it what it is, with glowing shining star, it is empowering symbol and we love it. If you can not be the sun at least be the star.
    The winers have

  6. @Melkamu and the likes, Who said the rebles ascends to power by gun has a mandate to adopt a constitution regardless of apporval of the entire nation. Especially complete ignorants like Woyanes who spent their entire life in desert Tigray staying away from education by no means be efficient to draft and enact a constitution for a big country like Ethiopia. Ethiopians never and ever abide to the barbaric administration of Woyane and if it is against your verses from the your bible(your religion under question) let it be. God never allows human beings to be subjected to barbaric law/rule

    The majority of Ethiopians (Non Amhara Ethiopians/Oromos,Tigre,Sidamo,Gambela,Afar,Harrer) castes their vote what amblem Ethiopias flag should be and the parliament had already approved it long time ago, that is why it is useless attempt to change the voice of the majority( non
    Amhara Ethiopians), and I am from genbe Wollega and I support the star flag just like every non Amhara Ethiopians, of course some Amharas would like to bring the old boor Oppressive Amara era with its dull flag symbol, the truth is Ethiopia will never be dominated by Amharas only as it used to be, this time Ethiopia is belong to all Ethiopians regardless of religion and region, the SHINING STAR FLAG represents the new inclusive sprit of Ethiopia, that is why we love the new Ethiopia.

    • @Demeksaa
      Why u brought about AMHAREA to this discussion…This discussion is about Ethiopian flag
      not about tribe. Oromo people have been more oppressed during TPLf time than
      AMHARA’s adminitation. More oromo are jailed now more than never. What we got now is not Ethiopian flag It is a TPLF .It is a matter of time we will abolish it.You can take that TPLF flag all the way to Genbe,Wollega. You are an idoit who is confussed about his idintity…

      • Woyanes would like to link every national issues with Amhara. whether they like it or not for us/wolloye+gondere+gojjame the Plain green,yellow and red flag is the only and original flag. If the rest of the minority tribes like kembatas,gurage,hadeya,wolayeta and others prefer the Woyane flag that is up to them and let them get away with it. Actually Wolloyes+gojjames+gonderes are not more privileged than others by being Ethiopian. However we will remain ethiopian under our original flag rejecting the Woyane’s one. It is Tigre who is looting the whole country to build their country but I couldn’t figure out why Amharas are to be blamed. We do not even care or we do not give a shit if others go in a separate path. For us there is no compromise with our Ethiopian nationality flying our original flag high in the sky. Others would regret very soon if they think otherwise but they should have to be ready psychologically to cope with economic,social and cultural consequences. Once we got separated from others we will never look back. We will move on, we have had enough in the last two decades.The people of three provinces (referred by woyanes as Amhara) will prevail against all the odds. These are the people who defeated Italy,somalie,shabia,woyanes and other Enemies of our nation.

  8. Melkamu (You are simply a fool and jele )to say the least .where did woyanne win what ?where is woyannes constitution? KKKKKKK Woyanne does not win
    a war rather some hidden groups which you can never sees and understands as you are simply jele.and constitution woyanne can not even abide for it .the best thing for you guys is amazon jungle to live with baboons.

    I do not have no problem with this beautiful star flag, my problem is why did not the ethiopian government put more stars on the flag just like america, why only one star ?

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