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Ethiopians have palpable love affair with G-7!

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By Biruk Nigatu
Ginbot_7_Logo_LIt is a bottom up organization that would embarrass all and has high regard by freedom loving Ethiopians. It is this people’s organization becomes nightmare to TPLF. TPLF thinks that it caught a bee without recognizing that they are activating millions upon millions of bees in unison because they don’t understand the mentality of Ethiopians. Now, TPLF will have multiple nightmares that would send it into insanity and destruction.
These TPLF individuals live in the bubble created by looting, corruption, kidnapping, torturing, genocide, and stealing Ethiopian people money. Historical events in the world inform us that dictators don’t read their environment because they think they are invincible. TPLF keep on dreaming because people power, the tide, has arrived to wipe you from the face of the earth. This current palpable love affair of Ethiopians to G-7 indicates that Ethiopians are not interested in political differences among opposition groups except to be free from the grip of apartheid system of this tribal junta (TPLF).
Meanwhile, all the public demonstration in everywhere in the world is good but its effect will not be enough to safe release of Andargachew Tsige because TPLF has gone long way to violate all international laws and conventions only to release him under the pressure of international community. I don’t think so, because TPLF don’t believe in diplomacy and roundtable discussion to solve the political issues in our country Ethiopia, which has been the long held behavior of TPLF.
We can baptize them in what ever way we want to permeate diplomacy, but they just don’t believe in it except Iron and Blood. All donor countries can withhold their support to TPLF regime, but TPLF don’t care weather they have received the donation or not because they don’t care about Ethiopia or Ethiopia interest. TPLF has already set up the back up economic base, EFFORT that would help them to sustain their apartheid system and they can play the anti-terrorist effort as a ploy to coax Westerns into sustaining their apartheid system. Ethiopia can be isolated and be like North Korea, who cares, TPLF, I don’t think so.
Thus, in my opinion what is left is that Ethiopians regardless of our ethnic identity should make dismantling TPLF regime our priority by any means possible and hasten its period of dictatorship. The political difference therein can be resolved through diplomacy and roundtable discussion; therefore, I call upon all opposition groups to convene internationally and form transitional government or some kind of front that embrace all soon. This would help to unify resources and push in one accord. Free Ethiopia from the grip of evil tribal junta (TPLF