Ethiopian Oromos Responded Angrily to Jawar Mohammed Poisonous Statement

Oromo Ethiopians has said, Jawar doesn’t represent us. Jawar is just a representative of minority fanatics, Oromos has responded for his poisonous statement.


  1. Ok this guy was raised as an oromo with out his choice, yes indeed he can be an oromo but he continued to say he is ehiopian by choice ? kkkkkkkk This is the poorest logic I have ever heard. How did he choose of being ethipian? He might be a wester citizen by choice.
    He didnt want to be called oromo but he is proud ethiopian hahahhahahahhha..
    I think this guy has identity crises, he was raised as an oromo family by Gudifecha,.He should have thanked oromos for taking care of him.
    Viva Johar!!

    • Oromian Oromos supported Jawar. But Ethiopian Oromos (A.K.A Amharized Oromos) such as Abe Tokichawu, Fikre Tolossa, etc might have opposed him. So what? Ginbot 7 and other Amhara political organizations are doing their best to divide oromos as Ethiopian Oromo and Oromo. By siding with what they call Ethiopian Oromo/Amharized Oromo/ they try to fight oromos.

      • Hey Ethiopian oromos are already divided by tplf .each oromo tribe want to isolate itself from oromia. So no more one oromia

    • I can feel what mothers of innocent prisoners feel right now. Bravo Jawar!, you speak for those who couldn’t see the light of the day, in their own land. Ababya,(lol) the name you called on your comment is hard to pronounce Make it just Oromo. we have the right to be called by our own true name. I know you can’t figure out that, that is why …

  2. How more fool can Amhara activists be?
    I am an Oromo first and will not bow down to a Neftegna propaganda

  3. I love it when Neftegnas expose their stupidity. It took us 30 years of Fukera and empty rhetoric just to let Eritrea go free. I don’t know how much this guy was paid. We will soon expose him, by the way. He is not an Oromo as he claims. We can assure you that we will get to the bottom of who this idiot is.

    • it will take you forever to know him because most of what he is doing require you to go beyond your thinking. Update yourself, it feels like you were out of the system, how could one miss the hero.
      You need some time, take a rest, think again and you may wake from long hibernation

  4. Thank you so much patriot Oromos who stood firm to encounter those racist elements in public. Being Ethiopian doesnot offer special previlage for Amharas or Gurages,Benshangul Gumuz, Kembatas, Dorzeies,Afars and others excluding Oromos. It is a common identity and for the well bing of of the nation. OLF is totally anti-Ethiopia.

  5. These fake people who claim as if the r oromo,if u r oromo why don’t they speak afaan oromo then? Since some neftagnas born in oromomia knew afaan oromoo you can pretend as if you r oromo.
    But OLF is supported 99% oromos so what kind of moron you guys are talking about? Let me put it very clear to you habesha (Neftegnas) speaking against OLF you will never ever win Oromo people ,they more you habeshas speak agains OLF the more we stick to OLF period.
    Let me put it in a better way what Jawar has said On Al Jezeera I am first Oromo born as oromo die as oromo ,never ever Ethiopia which was Imposed on me.DOWN WITH ETHIOPIA.

    • If OLF is supported by 99% Oromos (I don`t know where you got this figure, or you r just throwing what you like it to be), why is it split in to three or more groups and has been here and there for forty years subjecting Oromo youth for hatred, imprisonment and killing. OLF and supporters need to be held responsible for the death, imprisonment of Oromo youth by Oromo community as they are preaching false/fabricated History. Oromo people need to stand together and put racist OLF groups to accountability; enough is enough.

  6. ofcourse, you can be an ethiopian oromos, we never denied that thousands of them, humilated on their own land, repressed &jailed, zs is fact,w’t does said jawar difference?y to be z 1’st an oromo w’t denying oromo’s victim by woyane.

  7. Be careful guys!
    This is a woyyane propaganda trying to keep Oromos and Amharar busy nagging each other. Don’t fall victim to the Woyyanes!

    • Just to cover ur weakness of justifying things on the ground , you want to put the crime of thinking on Weyane. To be frank , the existing regime recognized all rights of Ethiopian people and did it in practice. All ex-leaders lucked to administer the people and were civil war here and there. This is now over and people recognizes the right of each one and accept and respect the none group of the ex-ruling ethnic ones. Don’t undermine people . They know how to live with people with different culture and language. You hide the truth but try to make people to develop hesitation . This an old system of dividing people.

  8. Being born in Ambo or elsewhere in Oromiyaa does not authenticate these idiots are Oromos.

  9. I can understand from your accents …all of these are Amhara morons who were born in our sacred land …

  10. What a great response with Ethiopiawinet sprits supported with Ethiopian history to Jawar and others who wants division rather than unity. Ethiopia always needs people like you who knows the history of Ethiopia and talks sensibly and with open mind for the need of freedom,democracy and equality for all Ethiopians, not only for Oromo,Amhara or Tigrye.
    They have also high lighted the need of all Ethiopian to bring all the issues on the table to discuss together and have a unified plan to achieve fruitful out come for all Ethiopians. God bless you all.
    God bless Ethiopia, one people one country.

  11. The Amhara hardliners are their own worst enemies. How sorry that is! They are still living in the infamous past. The oppressed people of Ethiopia have marched on. No amount of your senseless rant and bura karayu will take you anywhere. I am really seeing the same old lies that viciously targets the Oromo people and other oppressed peoples. The days of the Neftegnas will not come back at all. My people have also gone through the same Neftegna oppression and humiliated for who they are.

  12. One more thing: why have you Neftegnas doctored the video and left out Jawar’s response? Why did you cut off the response of others who have a different views? Shame on you. How can you accuse the TPLF for denying us freedom of expression while you are doing even worse?

  13. I think the Amharas have a genetic defect that make them such unreasonable people with unreasonable beliefs and expectations. They sound as if they live on another planet. I feel sorry for them. Aba Mela and the other guy are typical representatives of the old and failed Neftegna mentality. They have never shied away from showing their visceral anti-Oromo sentiments that clearly exposed their undying wish for the destruction of Oromo identity. These despite knowing that the concerted effort by their Neftegna system to eliminate Oromo identity for last 120 years have been a complete failure.Today Oromo identity is built on the Qubee generation that lives and dies for their Oromo identity first and foremost. Oromia is already reborn and shaping itself up as a country. The strangest thing is that Oromos have never told the Amharas how to behave or which identity to take. But the Amharas have continued to undermine Oromo interest and tirelessly pushing ahead with their antagonistic behavior.

  14. If this guy is Oromoo and born in Ambo why he told us his name? Because I know most of west shoa region. Hundred percent he lying. This fake propaganda is prepared by Nefitegnas . 99% of Oromoo population are agree with Jawar. Let Habeshas and their political organization cheat themselves. If they confidence by themselves why they campaign on one person.I think you have anxiety. All abasha media stop crucify Oromoo intellectuals, your fathers killed millions Oromoos, now day your are killing our intellectuals. Go ahead you will see consequence.we are not in 18 century. Not make mistake this drama is prepared by Habeshas political organization. Anybody leasten believe or not Oromoo is mind is not different from Wayane. First accept what your fathers had done on our fathers. Don’t hide the truth.

  15. This is a response to fajii, u said down with Ethiopia. Ethiopia will not be dow.. Wddie for our emama Ethiopia. Always dosn to oromo. Tinbe gala, death to oromo

  16. The majority of Oromos support the idea of OLF and want freedom by their sons and daughters than the repression by anti-Oromos be it Amahara or Tigre or another body else. How can you, habeshas, listen to the voice of majority of OROMOS because you don’t want to listen even a single person. What did Jawar said wrong to other habeshas except telling his wish. How can we expect freedom of expression and democratic countries from those habeshas? As Naom Chomsky once said “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all” and hence we don’t expect freedom of expression from those persons and hence habeshas cannot build democratic country for Oromos and other oppressed peoples in that nation. Who gave them the right to speak our mind and determine for our future fate, everybody has equal right. We can determine our future and would like to thank habeshas for the messes and human right violations that has been there for the last 150 years. They have given a chance but they cannot manage it. So let they leave us and we can shape our future. The era of master and slave has to be ended!
    Oromia shall be free!
    “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves ” A.Lincoln

  17. ethiopian oromoo?OMG plz don tell our case we know our… LONG LIVE 2 MOTHER LAND #OROMIA#.from finfinee. Death 2
    absinian thinkers.galatooma

  18. The biggest problem with OLF’s radicalism is fear. Jawar and company has completely submerged in to fear of the truth. The truth is that Oromo is the largest ethnic group and played a very decisive role in the making of Ethiopia.
    Fear #1. Jawar and company fear to recognize that since Ras Ali of Gonder, many Oromos lead the country in to victories ranging from foreign invations to national administrations.
    Fear #2. Even in the Reign of Woyane, Jawar and company would like to talk about the non existing Neftegna. Ahiyawn ferto Dawilawin.
    Fear #3- Jewar and company fear to recognize Oromo is the majority, and has to raise a national question of not only freeing the Oromos, but Oromos to have a major role in transforming Ethiopia to a democratic nation.
    Fear #4- Jewar and company is in fear of calling the name Ethiopia while living in it. and afraid to recognize that other nationalities are also oppressed, and have the same democratic agenda like the Oromos.
    It is all about fear. The Politics of Fear. OLF=Fear

  19. I am Oromia first and the hate I have for the wicked country formed by wicked Minilik came back. Down with Empire called Ethiopia. Down with Colonization.

  20. Great thanks to all you the Real Mothers of the Oromo People. Oromo is a Great People. Oromos have never been bandas, traitors. They served their Mother Land Ethiopia and sacrified therir lives for Ethiopia a Great Nation. I am proud of being born from Oromo Mother who stands for Ethiopia.
    I would like to comment on jawar mohammad who has nothing to do with Oromos. Jawar Mohammad is not an Oromo:: Thank you, You Great Oromno Mothers.
    Ethiopia Prevails.

  21. Jawar is busted,What does G7( Dr Birhanu) has say about this embarrassment?,is G7 busted too?.what is going on here?.this fanatics are unfolding their evil agendas.the more they talk the more they expose their hidden agenda.OLF has to be condemned.thier apologists also must not be trusted any more.what kind of excuse will G7 tell us this time to trust OLF fanatics?this is huge blow for G7 far as Jawar is concerned,he is pathalogical lair.he said 9 out of 10 prisoners in Ethiopia are Oromos.what a joke.this guy has no shame at all.this guy’s honey moon among Ethiopians is over.if I ever watch this Lair(Jawar) on ESAT again.I am done with it, as a strong supporter.
    Long live Ethiopia,Down with OLF and their apologists.

  22. Yes Jewar is a single individual and most of his attudes are from the Islamist Oromo Libration Front group. We are always Ethiopians and Ethiopia is first, individual right first, humanity before identity.

    • Very True. He is in the camp of the extremist group IFLO. IFLO used to kill people with non- muslim names. They used to be active in the eastern part of Ethiopia. In the east if you are Oromo and happen to have a non-muslim name (i.e. if your name don`t sound like Mohamed, Abdela, Ibro, Issa, Fatuma…) they consider you as non oromo; In the IFLO days they would kill you. They had been setting up check points between Jigjiga and Harer and would stop buses, would ask names of passengers one by one. Any one with non-Muslim sounding names, they would cut your neck. This kind of group is what Jawar wants to resurrect. It will never happen. I will never allow such an individual to talk of representing Oromo. I am Oromo, I am Ethiopian!

  23. These days, the Abyssinian so-called elites are waging a cyber war against oromo nationalists, freedom fighters, and pro-Independence political organizations. This is actually not new, but it is started in a new dimension. It must be clear to all concerned citizens of the empire that waging a cyber war against the Oromo nation leads nowhere. Whether you like it or not, this is the fact: either you accept or understand the oromo question, or you will ended-up like ex-Yugoslavia or Soviet union. Nobody has the power to keep a nation of more than 40 millions for another century as a colony. Enough is enough. Oromos are tired of these dumb-Amhara and Tigrean elites. It is time to get united and do our homework! Every oromo must be united to crash the Abyssinian anti-Oromo campaign! As we see, it is impossible to sit and talk to Abyssinian elites based on equality and understanding. The Abyssinians only understand war! A war to completely liberate our beloved Oromo nation and our beloved Oromia. The same as Yugoslavia slowly lost Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina; the same as Serbia was forced to give up Kosovo, and later Montenegro, the Abyssinians (Tigrean and Amhara colonizers) lost Eritrea. It will not take long to see free Oromia, free Ogadenia, Free Sidama, … and at last, these barking and toothless dumb Abyssinian elites will be forced to call their Tigray and Amhara regions “Ethiopia”.
    We are Oromians, we are Ogadenians! You must recognize that or down with your old-fashioned Abyssinian suprremacy of “Ethiopiawinet”.
    Read this if you are concerned: .

  24. You guys, I think this discussion is a big distraction from the focus of our liberation struggle from tigrean domination. As such, it is foolish to think that this will help us in our struggle for freedom.
    So the main question we should ask is, ” is this helpful or harmful for our united struggle against the tigrean domination in Ethiopia?” any discussion which doesn’t pass this test doesn’t deserve our precious time and save our salvation.
    So, forget about being oromo or amhara or any other group… you all are slaves of tigrean masters. any thing else is sheer stupidity or vain egotism…to say the least.
    thank you

  25. This is the first time in history that the migrated People tries to displace the natives from their over 5000 years most probably millions of years when ever man observed Lucy (An Afari) in which her far Grand Kids even knows the flag of this beautiful great Nation (BYy the way does not include the proud Ethiopian Oromoes who are part of defending their mother land from the likes of Jawar and Obo Bulcha who believes to get momentum by woyanne politics with no knowledge of that the Love of the Tigrian peoples is not less than the other Ethiopians and ready to die and defend their motherland as you have witnessed after after arriving the Country with woyanne and do much harm to innocent Ethiopians by the Blessing of the late woyanne gang leader Zenawi ,you have been thrown back to your starting Point so to say it was the request of the brave Tigrians that the woyanne turns its firm bunch over you .Once again there is no place called oromia as it is only the wish of the west and a precondition put on the gang leader Zenawi by his enablers for their national interst to see a weaken Nation and stable at the same time by putting Illusion on those few lfits like the one called itself OLF with full fabrication.

  26. What is all these bullshit?
    If Jawar has the right to say, “I am proud Oromo, and I am Oromo first” while he is in the USA, why can’t he say the same thing in his supposed country, called “Ethiopia”? You guys are just morons.

  27. If you are an Oromo, you need the adjective ‘Ethiopian’, because you are suspected of not being Ethiopian. Nevertheless, if you are an Amhara, you don’t need that same adjective, because, Amhara = Ethiopia. So, now, I must confess that, I am Oromo ‘Ethiopian’. This is pure political discrimination at work.

  28. O! O! Jawar You lost everything you built for a few years forever like Lidetu Ayalew. You lost it!!! I am sorry for you! You screwed up big time in front of the world!! Waw!!

  29. this fellow is very immature. What is in question is who is behinds this topic. I think he was groomed to disrupt the strength of the opposition that came together to fight Wayne and the hodam supporters. We should ignore him and his likes and strengthen the struggle to remove Wayne with it’s roots. Long live the united people of Ethiopia and GOD BLESS those who are right by our people.

  30. Is these all tinb gala’s? Who act against him..kkk…..u guys have no place in addis ababa….finfune hahaha what kind of name u give to that beuty city of minilek…kebtoch

  31. It is all about people’s right. They have the right to stand for what they think have been taken away from them. I find it ironic the guy who said he is from Ambo says he is more Oromo than others. What a stupid thing to say.
    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the Oromo question is not going to go away because some loud mouth people are opposed to it.
    Please do not bring other ethnic groups into the discussion on their behalf because these other groups are not against Oromo freedom. I do not see Somalis ,Sidamas and Afars opposing Oromos struggle for freedom. I think they quite capable of to speaking for themselves.
    This kind of argument did not stop Eritrea from gaining its Independence from Ethiopia. Obviously we have not learned from our mistakes.
    I am sure the Tigrayans are watching too. One day they may have to choose What their cousins up North chose. It is only a matter of time. So cut the rhetoric and think realsticly. Ethiopia is very fragile.

  32. It is all about people’s right. They have the right to stand for what they think have been taken away from them. I find it ironic the guy who said he is from Ambo says he is more Oromo than others. What a stupid thing to say.
    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the Oromo question is not going to go away because some loud mouth people are opposed to it.
    Please do not bring other ethnic groups into the discussion on their behalf because these other groups are not against Oromo freedom. I do not see Somalis ,Sidamas and Afars opposing Oromos struggle for freedom. I think they are quite capable of speaking for themselves.
    This kind of argument did not stop Eritrea from gaining its Independence from Ethiopia. Obviously we have not learned from our mistakes.
    I am sure the Tigrayans are watching too. One day they may have to choose What their cousins up North chose. It is only a matter of time. So cut the rhetoric and think realsticly. Ethiopia is very fragile.

  33. fuck those who called themself oromo we dont care where you was born AMBO or hell. if you are oromo where you guys were when thousends of oromo students got prisons and murdered JAWAR said the right word let me tell you something JAWAR he knocks every and each oromo heart because he knows what oromo people need better than nafexegna. hara essa dhufu keessan kan hin beekne oromo ofiin jetu bitina’a nafixagna oromo harkaa muraa fi harmaa muraa abbootti keenya irratti gotan isiin ga’a kana booda namnii isiin dhaga’u hin jiru yookan nu hin taane yookan isaan akkuma bubbee umurii keessan gutu bubbistu fuck yoo dhugaa dubataan ta’e maaliif jawar wajjin face to face hin dhiyaatani mee yaala he gonna show you what does it mean politics.

  34. We are not Ethiopia. We are Oromo
    We have our own name
    We have our own language
    We have our own land
    Praise God.

  35. Oromo people strength unity.
    Don not stop till you win
    Victory to Oromo people
    Freedom to Oromia
    May the enemies of Oromo be destroyed.

  36. For get about Jawar. Forget about Oromo
    Choose the right answer.
    Who is more important to your?
    a) your parents/tribe
    b) your land/country
    d) You don’t know
    You are exist because of your parents, tribe.
    a) True
    b) False
    c) You don’t know

  37. BS, your accent tell that you are oromo, it is ok you can tell who you really are, you guys stop BS. there is no Oromo against OLF not even one, but some pretend, but we can speak of this and we know who you are and not who you pretend to be, stop your BS

  38. His logic is backwards. He only reps MUSLIM oromo. Btw oromo ppl in Ethiopia HATE this guy. The Diaspora is such and embarrassment to All Ethiopians. I also have an issue with Sell Out Ethiopians working with the Enemy (Eritrea) you guys seriously think Eritrea is a free country? And they will help you take Power? It’s all about power with you Amhara!

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