Ethiopian Army will protect Ethiopia’s legislative order, senior official says


  1. Subject: “Ethiopian Army will protect Ethiopia’s legislative order, senior official says”, by ZeHabesha
    September 25, 2020

    Commentary, 25 Sept 2020
    It is sad;
    it is tragedy in its classical sense;
    it is wanton madness

    And then the greatest sadness of all is NOT the INITIATORS that sacrifice their LIFE but the COMMONERS; the lowly paid; the foundation of the few who sacrifice their dear Life for a peanut of daily survival. >>> the soldiers and poor civilians. They are the classical sacrificial lambs.

    The few who are comfortable in their offices and well guarded mansions; the lunatic few who are obsessed with the sacrificial lambs of millions; etc have nothing to lose but everything to gain at the expense of the lowly millions and millions of innocent people. Dear Reader: PLEASE, LOOK AT THE PHOTO OF THE SOLDIERS, INTENTLY. Where do you think they are ultimately heading???? And it is not their free choice!!!!! YOU can’t help concluding that LIFE IS NOT FAIR.
    And if we turn to the Almighty Lord whose wings surround us left to right; up and down all over us, the answer we get is simple and clear >>> “be patient —wait — have faith in ME, your Almighty — and you will be rewarded immensely by eternal life up in heaven. Amen. As the daily expression goes >>> ‘WE ARE SUCKERS.’ THE END

  2. I say Yes Sir, Yeeeeesssss Sir to General Berhanu Jula. A Dinagde reincarnate? Yes Sir!!! One of my Warra Chercher(Carcar) once told me a story about Dinagde. It happened when that stubborn Afro/Ethio-Centric great patriot told one British bigoted military official at a site on the border with Kenya. That British bigot was asking to move the border line well inside the current territory of the then Abyssinia(Now they heard me using the word Abyssinia those bigots in Minnesota and some here on this website are about to commit mass suicide like the Heaven’s Gate members). What Dinagde did was so telling and astounding. It was said that he picked up some stones placed them on the other side of a river and told that bully wannabe Brit ‘This is the border line. This line you shall never cross. Never!’ Hey bigots!!! That was Dinagde, my ever shinning Oromo!!!! That was the unrepentant Afro-centric you chose to call him ‘A Neo-Gobena, a carrier soldier, a mercenary’. Do you see now how you are walking around with a sick mind? Who gave you that admission to a bar to practice law anyway? Was that sympathy vote because you cried so much about the injustice done to your grandparents more than 100 years ago? You know what? I am gonna write a thesis myself on how your grandparents came to my Itu villages in Western Hararghe in the 19th century as part of the invading forces under the command of Wolde Abu Shaitan. That will fetch two PhD’s for me. Two? No, three spanking PhD’s!!!! Hayilikethat!!!!

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