Ethiopian Airlines helps launch Ghanaian National Carrier

Africa’s largest airline, Addis Ababa based Ethiopian Airlines is entering into a partnership with Ghana’s government to launch a new Accra based airline. The Star Alliance member is due to send several Dash 8-400s to Accra later in 2019. The airline is yet unnamed but will begin by focusing on domestic routes.

With more than 30 million residents, Ghana is Africa’s tenth biggest country. It has a stable democratic government, a health economy and abundant resources, making the nation one of most profitable within the African continent.

Recently, there has been significant new infrastructure at Ghana’s airports. This has included a new terminal at Accra’s Kotoka International Airport, a new terminal at Kumasi, and expansion and development at Tamale, Wa and Ho airports.

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  1. The opening phrase in this article reads ‘Africa’s largest airline’. That is good and dandy but not far enough for me. It should have been ‘the best airline in Africa and possibly the world’ flown by one of the most capable pilots around.’ The latest BBC report on how those gallant and over qualified pilots were struggling to keep in line ‘the unguided missile’ Boeing gave them to fly. They kept at it trying every instrument there was on that ‘factory seconds’ craft that was uncontrollably flopping up and down in the open sky at almost supersonic speed until the very last second. They fought the missile with bare hands and tooth n’ nail until it slammed on the farmland. I call upon the officials of the current regime there to bestow the country’s highest honor to those gallant pilots.

    I keep saying ‘factory seconds’ because two aircrafts with faraway airlines crashed in identical ways. Just read the detailed BBC report that came out yesterday here:

    Like I said before I smell rats on those two crashes. EAL officials should press the DOJ here to conduct extensive and transparent criminal investigation into the entire manufacturing, TQC and certification process of these two planes in particular. The environment is so charged up these days that you never know.

    Many kudos to President Trump for grounding this dangerous craft saving lives.

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