Ethiopia which was kept autonomous by our ancestors will ever remain autonomous by its present generation!!!

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By Syit DA
Those who dismantled and trying to dismantle Ethiopia, that was kept united by our fathers, will never escape from accountability either historically or physically.

Ethiopia is a country with the largest population in Africa second to Nigeria and it is also the only country in Africa which remained uncolonized during the colonization era. Historically colonizers were unable to invade Ethiopia and also Eritrea before its secession. But in recent time, withdrawal of Eritrea was done only by the agreement of the leaders of the two countries without involving participation of their people. In 1989, the TPLF reached agreement with Eritrea on handing over Assab to Eritrea. By this decision, Meles Zenawi singlehandedly reduced Ethiopia from a historical country with two ports to status of being landlocked. Finally, the dispute on demarcation of the border led to the 1998-2000 war between the two most poverty-stricken states of the planet. Afterwards, TPLF continued to hand over part of the fertile land of Amhara region called Humera to Tigrean people and to Sudan. The previous president and vice president of Amhara region called Mr. Ayalew Gobeza and Mr. Demeke Mekonne had been involved during this occasion.
Like the Port of Assab that Meles awarded Eritrea, huge agricultural lands in Amhara region have been passed on to Sudan step by step. Currently, TPLF had signed the agreement with Sudan government to give extra productive land of Amhara region called `Fashaga` and the size is confirmed to be 1600km in length and 40km in width. According to the news from Sudan Tribute, the handover will be carried out on March 30, 2014 by providing the reason that the colonial border between Northern Sudan and Ethiopia was not demarcated. Regarding the border, they have no any historical evidence which can indicate the demarcation drawn by representatives of the two countries except the one that was drawn by the British and Italian colonizers in 1908. On the side of Ethiopia, either TPLF officials or its media has not tried to inform the people regarding this issue and they continued keeping it secrete. They agreed to resolve all their border demarcation disputes only by themselves without discussion with Ethiopian people.
On the other hand, this is their mechanism designed to get geo-political benefit and to increase their shelf-life in power. There is no any possibility of clearly understanding of the nature and behavior of the TPLF regime. Whenever it is in trouble, it has been known to be putting everything on fire sale. Its aim is to merely jump as quickly as possible to safer ground.
TPLF became willing to erode the sovereignty and national territorial integrity of an autonomous country (Ethiopia) due to the following reasons or realities:
1) To accomplish their promise they gave for the treaty of Sudan`s help during their previous fighting time.
2) To make the Amhara ethnic group weak and fragile by displacing them from their fertile agricultural land.
3) To block the entrance of opposition forces through the border of Sudan. TPLF was selling the disputed lands to Sudan in return for peace on the common border. Therefore, Sudan will not allow its territory to be used by anti-TPLF armed groups.
4) To get the support of Sudan as tensions persist with Egypt over a giant renaissance dam. Due to this argument, TPLF will give also 100 kilowatt power of electricity to neutralize the Sudan over the dam.
5) To get access to Port Sudan when the Tigrean region become departed from Ethiopia, according to their long term plan.
Consequently the following things will happen soon: Lack of integrity of the country, farmers will be subjected to attacks during their resistance to take over their territory, war will be opened between Sudan and Ethiopia. In general, security of East Africa will be affected.
Therefore, any Ethiopians who think for his country and also all international community should give advice and make them stop from this miscalculated action of the dictatorial regime of Ethiopia.
Justice and freedom for our beloved country Ethiopia!!!


  1. This is a very good analysis. I could not agree more. We need to fight and reverse this trend. We Ethiopians are strong. We can not watch this happen in silence. We need to claim our rights. This our country, we should not let other people decide on our head. We need to fight.

  2. Libation to our ancestors who have transferred from the visible to the invisible. We were supposed to fulfill what they told us to do. Sorry we betrayed them but it is not yet to late. Mother Ethiopia will never ever be curved out, sliced out or be sold to the highest bidder.

  3. How can you have rights to a land where you do not live in and tell the inhabitants in that land they do not belong there? Let’s not forget, the Ethiopian King did allow the king of the Red Sea (Bahre Neguse) to be over ran by the Turkish Ottoman Empires. King of the Red Sea is back in and now you want part of it? This happened again with the Italians and English. Stop being a bully. Unite under truth

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