Ethiopia unveils new currency notes to curb financing of illicit activities

ADDIS ABABA, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) — The Ethiopian government on Monday revealed new currency notes in an effort to curb financing of illicit activities.

The announcement was made by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday as he noted that the East African country’s move in introducing the new currency notes is attributed to curb financing of illicit activities as well as corruption and contraband.

“Ethiopia today unveils new Birr notes for 10, 50 and 100 denominations, with introduction of a new Birr 200 note,” the Ethiopian Prime Minister said in a statement on Monday.

“Enhanced security features on the new notes will also cease counterfeit production,” Ahmed said.

The Ethiopian government also on Monday released pictures of the four new currency notes, each incorporating distinct features with due emphasis given to Ethiopia’s historical, cultural as well as natural endowments. Enditem


  1. From what I heard (Project X the changing of birr notes project) got launched at the same time Tigray region decided to hold an election by defying the Federal government. If this project was launched earlier the benefit of project X would have been tremendous.

  2. It is so important on this plan permitting to the Ethiopian government and people behind power to cease all the illicit activities of smugglers in the Horn of Africa and to put an end to counterfeit within the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. Moreover , it will reduce the inflation of the country in the economic field.

  3. Better late than never. PM Abiy should have changed the Birr notes at least 6 months after taking office. The Birr notes were printed in Khartoum of all places. Imagine how many Billions of Birr notes were illegally printed in the last two years in collaboration of Woyane and Egypt who are avowed enemies of Ethiopia. Abiy took this step because of the inflow of Birr notes from neighbouring countries. He has even authorized the military personell to confiscate monies caught at the borders and put them in the coffers of the military budget instead of into ministry of finance.

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