The Statue of Sayid Mohamed in Jigjiga and the Silence Occupation

By Ahmed Abdi

Statue of Sayid Mohamed in Jigjiga
Statue of Sayid Mohamed in Jigjiga

The Ethiopian ruling party,Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front or TPLF favors the old-aged policy based on divide-and-rule that so often dominates not only the politics of Ethiopian highlanders but the Somalia politics as well.But Since Ethiopian dictator Ato Meles Zenawi passed away the TPLF found in itself an uncomfortable position when it comes to shifting a new direction to the regional politics -and modern politics.
The Tigray’s vision introduced so many problems that made the entire map and ethnic groups to distrust each other because of the TPLF’s decision.

Ethiopian authority built the Statue of Somali warrior,Mullah Mohammed Abdulle Hassan in Jigjiga,Is it a joke? No,It is not a joke,but why? The pressing question on the minds of many Somali historians is,does Ethiopia want to see the same man that resisted its occupation of the Somali soil of Ogaden Region be honored in Jigjiga which is still under its authority?
The same Somali hero that constantly waged a war against Abyssinian, fake Ethiopian highlanders? We somalis say,”La jiifiyaana banaan” which roughly translated two-way street.Ethiopian politicians do not want the school children in Jigjiga to study the history of the pious Mohammed Abdulle Hassan and to memories the poems that refer how evil are the Abyssinian highlanders, as the Somali politicians don’t like to learn the history of Menelik, the conqueror.
All that is understandable,Ethiopia is going to say that the great Somali hero,patriot Sayid Mohammed Abdulle Hassan was an Ethiopian nationalist that fought against European Colony mainly great Britain and Italy,a term which may our young generations that don’t read their history will easily accept without consideration.
The Puppet Regional administration is helping Ethiopia to loot the statue of Sayid Mohammed Abdulle Hassan without the consent of the Somali people merely for the benefit of their certain interests.I’d like to inform them that history differentiate the bad ones from good ones,Somalis say, “Waan baahanahay loo ma bakhti cuno” which roughly translated , Do not eat the body(corpse) because you are hungry.
When was asked Menelik the border of his nation by the European-which Abyssinia was part of colonies -said vigorously, “The Indian sea” meant Somalia Sea and when further asked, what about Somalis,he said boastfully,”They (Somalis) are my livestock herders”.Till today,Menelik’s vision is revived ten times a day in Ethiopian political life.
That’s why Ethiopia always attempts to influence the Somalia’s political affairs or internal Somalia politics. As it is the case now,Somalia will never ever stand its feet as long as Ethiopia’s silence occupations exists inside Somalia.
Ethiopia invaded Somalia in 2006 militarily with the help of United States but was dragged in the streets and defeated in the hands of Somali resistances.
There was rumors that Former Derg President,Mingiste Haile Marriam congratulated Meles Zewani of TPLF that he did impossible mission for walking the streets of Mugdisho, with his army.
Ethiopia has always been a big bad neighbor of Somalia and will always be as long as Ogaden region is under Ethiopian colony.To avoid a bomb that can explode anytime in the near future the people of the Ogaden region must be allowed to decide their own fate by holding UN-backed Referendum.


  1. Your article is self contradictory and confusing. What is there to gain from self determination? Misery and more misery. Take for example the breakup of Yugoslavia. That nation is now portioned off into six different countries. In this process no one gain anything except division. Hate is so high in these regions, any day a big conflict can erupt.
    As for the statue, TPLF does things a normal mind would not think off. They follow a very twisted and sadistic path. To call Ethiopia a bad neighbor is like forgetting to see the other side of the coin. Try to be objective in your writings.

    • First I would like congratulate zehabesha for letting your site being used for such hate propaganda. You are a real ethiopian or confused ethiopian. Some medias including you(if you call you a media) has confused about what independent media means. If support this kind of hate polities, you might as well let woyanne post their thoughts about the past and future Ethiopia. Because those who post in your site use the same fabricated lies to spread hate which brings nothing but misery to all Ethiopians. I think we have seen enough to know what is the ultimate goal of these hatemongers. You are knowingly or unknowingly participating in spreading lies and hate among Ethiopians. Be on the right side at this struggle to free Ethiopia from those who work day and night to create animosity among Ethiopians and want Ethiopians continue in a path is destruction. Because from hate and division comes nothing but war, suffering and poverty to our people.

  2. Are you trying to teach us the ABC of history or fabricating new history which I do not it before. My brother the more we stick to our past, we can not see the future. If we can not see the future, we can not make a progress. Better to write a history based on real facts and good judgement rather than trying to create hostility among the people who live in harmony. Even I do not understand why you write this fabricated history at this time. Why do not you stand to write what happen at this moment in the region under the TPLF regime rather than talking a lot about the past. Minilik is not alive at this moment. Are you afraid of his spirit? or are you awake at this moment? May be are you starting to write a thesis for your degree from the Dedebit night school and Civil Servant school.

  3. First and for most Somalies are the people who have been migrated to the eastern part of Ethiopia called Ogaden from their origin Somalia and the current TPLF regime that is tirelessly working to destroy the national integrity of Ethiopia for the last two decades has awarded them and branded the vast territory of Harerge as a somalie region. The unthinkable humilation brought to the people of Ethiopia by the TPLF regime.
    Somalies could and would never be a threat for Ethiopians at all. They are the most coward nation on earth they only talk and shout to make a chaos when it comes to real warfare they do not want to die rather they would lay down their arms and run away fast that is what we have seen during the Derg regime and even with the minority TPLF regime which lacks popular support from home.
    Anyways Somalies donot deserve respect they are ignorant and nomads alien from civilization. So every correcting measures should be taken by Ethiopians to teach Somalians a lessen that will last for life and they should be repatriated back to somalie. Harerge is not Somalie. They are outside invadors and illegal settlers in the territory of Ethiopia.
    The root cause of all these humilation is TPLF so that we should remove TPLF first and we will deal somalie case in a unified spirit with in days not months.

  4. Ahmed Abdi,
    You must be an Egyptian agent trying to portray non-existent animosity between the Somali people and the rest of Ethiopians. We know where such outright lie and wanton hatred come from. So, please get life!

  5. fake history and fake writer we ETHIOPIANS Unlike old regiems now in the era of EPRDF, we are testing our nationalities with out obligation. thanks to article 39 we will not allow any more for left over of old regiem to govern ETHIOPIA

  6. Thank you Ahmed for your article.
    Ambasel be cool my friend,it is only the neftegna amara who hide under ethiopia and talk about somali migration from somalia,oromo migration from madagascar bla bla…We are in our land and you are the invaders imposing to others nations your language and culture.Thats why you have probleme in all kilils .
    What is wrong if we write our history. You have your history and victories and we have our history of strugle any colonial invasion,of conquest of menelik,britain…
    As meles said we have not the same history.And we dont buy your church history,we have ours,oromo has its history,afar the same……
    Do you think Ethiopia would exist without TPLF? If TPLF did not impose the federation Ethiopia would split into 9 different countries and you would live in amara kilil. The root cause is your colonial mentality and this your lost.
    I have a good solution for all ,forget menelik ethiopia
    1) all local languages are official .South africa has 11 official languages thanks to struggle and mendela.
    2)draw new flag with stars or whatever which stand for nation and nationalites.

    • Dear , Amed Abdi I read your article but missed one point in it which is for oppressed people like us fighting the oppressors in unity with a common goal which is freedom and democracy for all, is the only way out which your article has unfortunately failed to point to.
      As we pull in different directions we simply help to prolong our misery and fail to help our self. My brother we will do justice to our land and favour to our people by standing together, try to see that big benefit in order to liberate yourself from the same divisive ideology our oppressors are using against us which you have properly mentioned.
      If we keep on walking along that path they want us to walk we will only help them not our self. We have to work together to build Ethiopia that is a mother to all of us. Please let’s stop helping our tormentors unwittingly.

  7. Getaw
    All the history we are learning depends on who writes it.In Ethiopia you know who were the writers before 1991.So i can say yours is fabricated. In our case with the statue of SAYID MOMMAD, it is the first time we write our history,in our language, with our hero.

    • Mr. Moha,
      History should not be written as you wish by ordinary people. History needs actions, figures, facts, witnesses, remains of bodies and destructed properties, photos, …..and more participants. History never fabricated in the office or you can not make history in a circle table just only using paper, talk and papers. Whether you like it or not Ethiopian history is already written long time ago and you can do even your thesis and if you want your dissertation as much as you can. It is already documented in the world heritage, in the book of well known scholars, universities,…and even given as a lesson in all African schools and colleges. If you have written a new history with facts, figures and documents, you are well come. Try to differentiate at least with a minimum measure, what history means and your dirty ethnic politics. This is what your problem is. Ask your master to tell you the difference between a history of a given country and ethnic politics? Leave alone with your muddle head to write the history of a given country, you can not write your own biography properly.

    Egyptian agents now have penetrated Ethiopias oppositions web sites in disguise (in Ethiopians pen name) and writing articles to creat divisions and mistrust between Ethiopians.
    The goal is to Undermine the Ethiopian government and to creat chaos within Ethiopia and among Ethiopians in order to interrupt the mega hydro dam project that is under construction on Nile.

  9. well said Mr.Ahmed.
    the article exposes a real perception of a citizen whose land is not his in many ways and whose history was negatively manipulated.those who hate us must know we will not be made love them by so

  10. There is something I do not understand Somali nationalist who call for the inde[endence of Ogaden. Ok, I would not have an issue with this logic had we all lived in a democratic society- I mean including greater Somalia.
    When Somali’s slaughter each other in greater Somalia as it is, cannot even keep together what they have, I just feel they are better off sorting that out first and when there is true piece and stability in Somalia, I am all for referendom. But for now, go easy on ” the highlander” racist attitude. Whether highlinder or lowlander what matters is where we go from here.

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