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Ethiopia-Oromia: Statement of the Executive Committee of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

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The Executive Committee (EC) of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) held its meeting from February 19th to 23rd, 2015. This meeting was the first for the newly formed Executive Committee at the reunification of the two groups – OLF Shanee Gimii and OLF-Transitional Authority.
At this meeting, detailed report and analysis on the general situation of the Oromo people’s liberation struggle and the Oromo masses, the situation of the regime and the region as a whole was presented by the OLF Chairman. In addition, the heads of the various departments reported on activities of their departments. Likewise, the chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the planed National Congress has presented detailed report on the progress of the work of the Committee. The meeting has thoroughly assessed the various reports and passed relevant decisions.
The EC conducted a thorough analysis and review of the performance of the organization and its leadership. Hence, it took important decisions aimed at transforming the day to day management of the work of the struggle. In addition, the EC addressed the situation of the Oromo people in general, the brutality of the Ethiopian regime against the Oromo people and others, peace and stability in the Horn of Africa and global issues and laid down vital directives to intensify the liberation struggle.
The EC discussed the recent detailed reports of a number of human rights organizations and government agencies on the violation of Oromo human rights. It is realized that in spite of the systematic human right violations being committed against Oromo individuals and the nation in general, the Western governments that are sustaining the Ethiopian brutal regime continue to provide military, diplomatically and financial support to it.
Particular attention was also given to the so called “Addis Abeba Master Plan” aimed at dismembering Oromia and the appropriation of farm lands and the destruction of virgin forests that house unique and rare animals and plants. Some of the areas include holy sites.
The EC call on members of the Front:
The meeting solemnly remembered all the martyrs and those members and other suffering in the hands of the enemy. The EC has commended the progress of our struggle and the steadfastness and dedication of the members. The EC asks the members, both inside the country and outside to redouble their efforts to bring to an end the sever oppression and exploitation of the Oromo people.
Call on the Oromo People:
We greatly admire and proud of the recent intensified mass movement of the Oromo people, particularly the struggle that lead by the youth(Qeerroo). As long as the regime continuous to violate the Oromo people’s right to self-determination, a right that is part of the international law, the Oromo people has only one choice – to intensify the liberation struggle.
The EC venerates those Oromo men and women working in the colonial administration for their awareness and resistance against the alien rule. We call on these Oromo nationals working in the police force, army and the bureaucracy of the ruling party, etc., to organize yourselves and actively participate in the ongoing liberation struggle of our people that is fast gathering momentum.
Every Oromo at home and abroad must be conscious of the danger facing the Oromo people at this moment and stand against it in all manners. In particular, the continued enemy sinister plot and manipulation to divide our society on regional and religious grounds so as to weaken our struggle and continue its brutal rule must be exposed to the international community. Therefore, the EC calls upon all Oromo at home and abroad to stand up to this, combat it and expose the atrocious intentions of the regime. We also continue to appeal to all friends and others concerned to show their solidarity with our suffering people.
At this junction, we call upon all Oromo political forces to join hands with us in the continuous effort to liberate our people. We are committed to peacefully resolve tactical differences that may existed between us.
Call on Neighboring Peoples:
The OLF has been making continued efforts to strengthen the friendly relations between the Oromo people and its various neighbors, and in particular to cooperate in the struggle against the common enemy and for freedom. The EC resolved to strengthen the organization’s relations and cooperation with those organization the OLF has already established working relations and continue to establish relations with others struggling for justice, democracy, self-determination and peace. On the other hand, those who openly express their hatred for the Oromo people’s struggle for justice and peace and wish to restore the old order, should see the reality of the present world and shed their old ideas. We ask them to work with the OLF for true democracy, peace, brotherhood and unity among peoples.
Call on the neighboring States:
The security situation in the Horn of Africa is worrying. As the largest state in the region, the situation in Ethiopia should be of a serious concern to the IGAD member states in particular. The instability in Oromia, which lies at the center of Ethiopia, could seriously affect the stability of the whole region. The EC calls on these governments to review their policies towards the brutal regime in Ethiopia and instead support the struggle of the Oromo and other peoples for freedom and equality which could bring lasting peace to the region.
Call on the foreign powers:
It has been widely reported that the Ethiopian government is committing genocidal actions against the Oromo people in front of the international public. We appreciate those persons, regional organizations and governments for their cooperation while calling for all the international community to put necessary pressure on the Ethiopian government to stop its tyranny.
Both in the past and at present, the role of external forces, including the West, has not been positive for the growth of democracy, justice and protection of human rights in Ethiopia. In particular, we call upon the U.S. and Western European countries to support the struggle for human rights, democracy and justice.
Victory to the Oromo people!
Oromo Liberation Front
March 3, 2015