Ethiopia needs Centralism not Ethnic Federalism: Yeharerwerk Gashaw (Audio)

Yeharerwerk Gashaw, Sociologist and Political Activist argued that Ethiopia needs centralism not ethnic federalism.

yeharerwok gashaw


  1. Are you campaigning for an election or are you setting the same agenda as in 1991? When are you guys going to grow up?

  2. this is crap and substandard argument. How on earth SBS Amharic gave air time to such non sence blabla. She is confussed and couldn’t identify between hisotry and kids story.

  3. Dear Yeahrerwork when our sisters participate in politics it makes me happy. Raise your voice sister. It does not mean I agree with what you are saying. I agree that ethnic federalism is not important but I do not agree with the idea of centralism also.By the way what do you mean by centralism? is that mean unitary? If it is about unitary style I can understand and I see it as an alternative. But cetralism is not good to exercise democracy. We need power to be dis centralized in most cases. Tell us more why you wanted power to be centralized. Thanks.

  4. Ma Sista u seems Insocent Person.
    Weyane is one of the world “ketafI” Ge`t .
    Please we Need your Know How .
    After we win the real Country.
    Please ma sista -have a “tegest”.
    Best Regards

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